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Do you really need wooden file cabinets? A clean, tidy and organized office does not only reflect how professional you are but also helps you to get more work done. The more organized your room is, the more productive you are most likely to be!

Smaller offices and cramped studies can get quite difficult to manage especially if you have paperwork lying all over the floor. However, with just a couple of storage tools and the perfect layout, you can get the most out of your study and office! And that’s where wooden file cabinets come in.

Filing cabinets are the best option for you if you wish to store your files and paperwork securely and conveniently. These cabinets can easily be included into your office despite how small your office might be. Furthermore, these wooden file cabinets are your best friend if you happen to be someone whose job requires you to have all of the documents on hand.

The last thing you want to do is just randomly stuff papers and documents into your desk drawers and then never be able to find them on time! You’ll only end up making a huge mess, both figuratively and literally as well. Simply get a hold of one of these file cabinets and see how easier everything gets!

Best Wooden File Cabinets for 2019

Here are some of the top wooden file cabinets of 2019 for you to consider:

10. Small Natural Wood Office Storage Cabinet / Jewelry Organizer

Small Natural Wood Office Storage Cabinet

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The last item on this best wooden file cabinets list, this small natural storage cabinet is a wooden one which has a natural finish to its surface. This storage cabinet has a rustic design that combined with the natural finish makes it quite a piece to have in your office.

It features 1 bigger drawer and 2 smaller ones. It is simple and classic wooden file cabinet that almost every office needs!

9. Hirsh Industries Lateral Combo File Cabinet

Hirsh Industries Lateral Combo File Cabinet

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This combo wooden file cabinet features two 12″ file drawers, one with a fixed shelf and the other with an adjustable shelf. The drawer features precision ball-bearing suspension, an interlock system to provide security, some core-removable locks and some dual lock bars.

The design of this particular wooden file cabinet is unique; it is not only a lateral wooden file cabinet but also features a bookcase and a printer stand design as well.

8. Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection 4-Drawer File Cabinet

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection 4-Drawer File Cabinet

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The Glacier Country Collection wooden file cabinet is probably the best option you could opt for. This cabinet has four drawers, and these drawers feature full extension, ball bearing slides on each of the drawers.

These wooden file cabinets have full depth drawers, which mean that you can store tons of paper work and legal sized documents in here. The cabinet itself is quite good looking; this is definitely one of those wooden file cabinets that give the office a touch of elegance and professionalism!

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7. Belham Living Cambridge Filing Cabinet

Belham Living Cambridge Filing Cabinet

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This type of wooden file cabinet is quite sturdy and durable. It features a light oak finish and has 4 drawers. These drawers are quite spacious and can fit legal documents and letters easily. This is one of the best options for your office or study.

6. Bestar Office Furniture Embassy Collection Lateral File and Bookcase Set

Bestar Office Furniture Embassy Collection Lateral File and Bookcase Set

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This is a brown colored wooden file cabinet that has a durable work surface. It has a melamine finish to it which prevents the wood from getting stains, from burning and even from scratches as well.

This type of wooden file cabinet is perfect for storing letters and legal sized documents. It is a stylish piece of furniture that will not only store a good amount of paper work but will also look quite stylish in your office as well.

5. Sauder Costa Lateral File in Chalked Chestnut

Sauder Costa Lateral File in Chalked Chestnut

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This wooden file cabinet has a chalked chestnut surface. This cabinet features drawers that have full extension slides which can hold letters and legal sized hanging documents.

It also features a patented lock system which makes this wooden file cabinet extremely secure as you can only open a single drawer at one time. The cabinet also features a framed and slat-front detail.

4. Sauder 414721 Salt Oak Finish Barrister Lane Storage Credenza

Sauder 414721 Salt Oak Finish Barrister Lane Storage Credenza

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This wooden file cabinet features quite a sturdy design; it also features safety-tempered glass doors as well. The cabinet self-has two adjustable shelves; you can easily store all your paper work in here. Its design gives the room a bit more character!

3. Sauder Orchard Hills Entertainment Credenza, Carolina Oak

Sauder Orchard Hills Entertainment Credenza, Carolina Oak

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This can also accommodate your desktop or a TV as well. There are two adjustable shelves in this wooden file cabinet; the storage area that is behind the door also has an adjustable shelf. It features an easy-access door that swings open.

This wooden file cabinet also features metal runners, and safety stops patented T-lock drawer system for secure storage. This wooden file cabinet offers a design that is softened by its fine detailing and the brass-finish hardware.

2. Sauder Orchard Hills Corner Entertainment Credenza

Sauder Orchard Hills Corner Entertainment Credenza

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This wooden file cabinet has two adjustable shelves where you can place your desktop or even a 50” TV. It has two adjustable display shelves on the corner. Since this wooden file cabinet features a corner design, it doesn’t require that much space which makes it a good option for smaller offices.

The cabinet has drawers that feature easy-glide metal runners as well as safety stops that include a patented T-lock system.

1. IRIS 3-Door Wood Storage Shelf

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The bestselling and modern design wooden storage shelf.This stylish wooden file cabinet has three drawers, perfect for storing files/books, paper work, and even some personal items as well. The cabinet features magnetic-close door with versatile verticle or horizontal storage options. The cabinet itself takes a limited space which makes it the perfect option for your office.

It features a modern design and is very durable as well. It also features metal veneer legs, and metal drawer pulls that enhance its aesthetic appeal and gives your office quite a contemporary look!

Different Types of File Cabinets to choose from

  • Lateral: Lateral file cabinets feature drawers that can be extended from the longer side of the cabinet. This type of cabinet provides a wider drawer; however, it doesn’t offer the same depth as compared to other models. This layout is ideal for smaller spaces where there isn’t enough space to be able to extend a longer drawer. With such a layout, you can easily sift through files without having to get up and searching through it.
  • Vertical: Vertical cabinets have drawers that are extended from the shorter side of the cabinet. This way, the cabinets are able to offer greater depth. These cabinets, compared to lateral cabinets, are taller and require a bit more space so that you can easily access the files.
  • Flat: Flat file cabinets are designed specifically to accommodate larger documents that mustn’t be rolled or folded. These cabinets are basically used for storing blueprints, canvases, etc.

What to Look for in Wooden File Cabinets

  • The size of your cabinet

When choosing the right sized wooden file cabinets, you need to consider how much office space you can spare for your cabinet. Understand how much paper work and files you need to store, and how often you will use the cabinet. Also, when buying wooden file cabinets, you must remember that your storage will continue to increase over time. Therefore, buying one that meets your current needs only will simply be a waste of money and space. Select an ideal spot for your cabinet, measure the space you can spare, and then make any purchases.

  • What material to opt for

While there are many different kinds of cabinets available for you to choose from; however, wooden file cabinets are most suitable for small offices and studies. These wooden file cabinets are more attractive than the metal ones. The scratched look gives the cabinet an overall character. These wooden file cabinets offer a homey feel to the room; they are extremely sturdy and are as durable as metal cabinets are, but they do offer a warmer look and feel to the room as well. You can opt for different types of wooden file cabinets and can choose one that fits your office design.

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