Top 10 Best Watches for Men in 2020 | The Insightful Tips

Generally, men do not wear jewelry that much, so the watch is probably the main accessory they wear. Similar to the women’s necklaces say about their character, a watch will say a lot about Men’s style and personality. This means that the watch you choose should be an extension of your style. For this reason, it is crucial for you to find a model that is the real reflection of you and your need. Besides the look, the best watch should offer you the features you need. Luckily, technology has improved so much that the smartwatches are built to support people with many different things.

Nowadays, watches are integrated with miniature features that are responsible for reading the weather, direction as well as tracking the health. While these features make a watch a great buy, you should not forget the basic feature that the watch should offer. Below are the top-rated men watches that are easy to read, simple to read and water-resistant.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men in 2020

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10. Casio Men’s ‘Pro Trek’ Resin Outdoor Smartwatch

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Casio Men’s ‘Pro Trek’ smartwatch gives you the freedom of trying different things, getting the most of your active life. Boasting of advanced GPS functionality coupled to the unique specifications, this watch gives you the convenience you need whether you are out hiking, mountain climbing or jogging around your neighborhood. The watch combines a host of miniature sensors that measure altitude, direction, and atmospheric pressure. These sensors will also display the changing natural phenomena on a full-color map, keeping you prepared.

Furthermore, you will get to enjoy the Casio Moment link feature, which is a location information communication app for connecting and spreading the fun. This app is linked with GPS function allows you to see where each of your friends is even while moving.

Key features

  • Comes with a Full-Color Map Display
  • Inbuilt Lower Power GPS
  • Has a Location Memory of the current position and writes a memo on the map
  • Super accurate sensors offer you real-time notifications of the barometer, altimeter, and compass reading
  • Classic and modern look
  • Water-resistant
  • Multifunctional android smartwatch
  • The durable battery lasts for up 25 hours
  • Available only in one color, however, this is not a big deal considering its stylish look and functionality

9. Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Glacier

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The Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Glacier watch is a high-performance sports watch for the modern man. This timepiece offers you with just the right amount of classic appeal mixed with an exclusive and timeless touch. To start with, you will get to enjoy the power of Google Play where you can download fitness Wear OS applications such as Strata and Google Fit. This will enable you to discover endless possibility in one place. Next, this watch is IP67 water-resistant and dust resistance, meaning that you can use it in a different environment without any problems.

Also, the watch boasts of an inbuilt GPS that lets you map out your jog with GPS sensor and Glosnass. The watch also enables you to track your performance statistics such as steps, calories burnt, speed, and distance. Best of all this watch comes with a heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate in real-time thanks to the inbuilt PPG sensor. Last but not least, the watch lets you stay connected and updated as it notifies you of the messages, incoming calls, and emails.

Key features

  • Allows you to access Google play where you can download your favorite apps as well as watch faces
  • Bring Google Assistant to your wrist, making your life easier
  • Durable construction boasting of IP67 water resistance and dust resistant
  • The inbuilt PPG sensor Let you track heart rate in real-time accurately
  • Allows you to enjoy music from your wrist
  • Notifies you of incoming calls, emails, and messages
  • Lightweight & Stylish
  • Has an inbuilt GPS
  • This is an android watch so it is not compatible with Apple devices

8. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch

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Bringing things a notch lower, this gorgeous men’s watch is an excellent choice for men looking for functionality without digging deeper in their pockets. In our View, the Citizen watch is a legendary brand that is built on the idea of offering divers top-notch timepieces at an affordable price. With this watch, you can dive, swim, and snorkel without having to worry about water damaging your watch.

The watch boasts of Eco-Drive technology that is powered by natural light. This means that you will never have to open your watch’s case back as this would compromise its functionality. Again, this unit comes with a stainless steel case, dark blue dial, and a dark blue polyurethane strap, giving it a modern yet timeless appeal.

Key features

  • Features an Eco-Drive technology that is powered by a light that doesn’t need a battery
  • Stylish Molded polyurethane band with an adjustable buckle closure
  • Features a solid 48 mm stainless steel case that features a mineral dial window
  • Has Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal that ensures clear display
  • Impressive water resistance performance
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Built to last
  • Reasonably priced
  • Since it doesn’t have an operating system (such as Android), the functionality is limited although it is a pretty great timepiece

7. Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver Analog Swiss Chronograph

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Boasting of convenient features of a modern sports watch and classic elegance, the Invicta Men’s 6981 Chronograph is ready for active daily life and business wear. The watch has a black dial and white dial that indicates the hours. The sleek display also has stylish sub-dials with date information and full chronographic functionality. On the other hand, this timepiece uses a precise Swiss Quartz movement that ensures accurate time reading as well as a classy appeal.

Crafted from high-quality materials similar to those found on high-end models, each chronograph is carefully made and rigorously tested to ensure exceptional performance. Ranging from the exclusive gold layering to skeletonized movements this watch will surely make you stand out.

Key features

  • Offers the user with high tech and high style making it stand out
  • Utilizes Swiss quartz movement and analog display ensuring a timeless appeal
  • Comes with Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Impressive water resistance of up to 330 feet
  • Great for swimming and snorkeling
  • Sleek modern design
  • Solid battery last for long
  • Fashionable design makes a bold statement
  • Although the watch is water resistant, it is not recommended for divers

6. Casio Men’s G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 Military Series

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Living up to its reputation, the Casio Men’s G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 is not only designed to withstand use in a tough environment but brings you a reliable service. This watch comes with all the attributes that represent the G-shock series. This includes electric shock, low temperature, gravity, water, and vibration and shock resistance.

The watch comes with a durable composite construction body that has a rugged design. We love its water resistance (up to 200M) making it great to participate in water activities including shallow diving. Other significant feature that comes with this model includes the preprogrammed calendar until the year 2099, LED light and 29 time zones.

Key features

  • Impressive 200 Meter Water Resistant and Shock Resistant
  • Comes with an Auto LED Light with Afterglow
  • Full Auto-Calendar that is pre-programmed until the year 2099
  • Includes 29 times world zones with 48 major cities includes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Rugged design makes it durable
  • Water and shock resistant
  • 2 years battery life
  • Plastic case, however, the case is made of composite plastic, which is durable and shock resistant

5. Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

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Are you ready for the weekend outdoor activities? Well, the Timex Weekender watch makes you feel like being yourself and enjoy life. It gives you fun options to customize your outfit depending on your mood. We love its comfortable, stylish, and versatile design that allows you to do more over the weekend. The watch is designed with an interchangeable quick release strap that let you swap them depending on what you need.

This award-winning watch comes with a 41mm case and classic design making it a great example of the few watches that emphasizes contemporary style. Another reason why you probably should go for this model is that it comes with durable construction, giving you a reliable service for many years. Also, this watch is water-resistant and dustproof allowing you to use in a different environment without any problem.

Key features

  • Features a seamless Quartz movement and Indiglo night-light
  • Has a Protective mineral crystal dial window extending its gorgeous looks
  • Comes with easy swap straps with adjustable buckle closure
  • Decent water resistance of up to 99ft
  • Iconic Versatile Design
  • Inexpensive yet highly functional
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Durable construction
  • Lacks advanced technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity

4. Timex Full-Size Ironman Classic 30 Watch

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Go beyond the basics and add some fun with the Timex Full-size ironman watch. This watch will allow you to do the expected and make a suit feel less stuffy. This makes it a great companion for the office, outdoor adventure as well as your morning run. It boasts of a 100-hour chronograph design-featuring split and lap times with the capability of counting up to 99 laps.

Thanks to its distinctive 30-lap memory, you do not have trouble reviewing your workout. The watch also comes with a night mode, simplifying its operation in the dark. Besides this watch is crafted from lightweight and comfortable resin that you will barely when it on your wrist.

Key features

  • Innovative Sports Stopwatch featuring 30 Lap Memory
  • Lightweight Resin strap with an integrated buckle closure
  • Impressive 100M water resistance
  • Has a Countdown Timer as well as an Alarm
  • Easy to Operate
  • Multifunctional allowing you to get more
  • Lightweight and sealed for water resistance
  • Beautiful design
  • No apps, meaning it has limited functionality when compared to other higher-end models

3. Casio Sport Watch

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 The Casio watches are undisputed favorites when it comes to sports watches all over the world. Crafted with a lightweight yet rugged design, you can use this watch without having to worry about the predisposing weather or another element. The watch boasts of impressive water resistance of up to 200M. This means that you can use it when participating in various water activities including snorkeling, shallow diving, and swimming.

It also comes with simple controls that give access to all the timers, alarms as well as the night light. Additionally, this unit comes with a comfortable and customizable wrap strap so you don’t have to worry about any inconveniences when it comes to wearing.

Key Features

  • 24Hr stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Pre-programmed calendar
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet
  • Shock resistant; el backlight with afterglow
  • Available at an affordable price
  • The rugged design makes it durable
  • Backlight makes it visible even in the dark
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Doesn’t track health or weather but works great when it comes to its primary role, letting you know the time

2. Samsung SM-R800NZSAXAR Galaxy Watch

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Live a smarter and happy life with this Samsung Galaxy watch. This timepiece is designed to let you stay active and relax thanks to the Bluetooth connection and health-tracking sensors. Also, you can get a balance in both the body and mind thanks to the sleep cycle tracking, calories tracking as well as a guided meditation. Unlike other models on the market, this unit comes with a strong battery that ensures nonstop performance for days

Looking it closer, this unit comes with a military-grade construction to ensure durability, regardless of where you use it. This is facilitated by the impressive water resistance coupled with the Corning Gorilla screen that prevents scratching of the display. Moreover, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, this watch will let you respond to texts, pick calls as reply emails.

Key features

  • Comes in three colors and two sizes allowing you to pick the model that works best for you
  • Inbuilt health tracking coupled with Bluetooth connection ensures everything is at your fingertips
  • The powerful battery ensures that you nonstop for days without recharging.
  • Pairs with both Android and iOS Smartphones through the Bluetooth connection
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stylish and modern design
  • 4GB internal storage
  • High-speed processor
  • Higher price tag but this is something you would expect when considering its functionality

1. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) 44mm Smartwatch

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This is a terrific watch from the mighty Apple. While other models listed above try to maintain a contemporary styling, Apple took a different angle in trying to make this smartwatch friendlier and engaging to people. Despite the innovative design, the watch features several features that are hard to find on other models. First, we have the dual-core S3 processor. This fast speed processor enables the watch process information at lightning speed.

It also boasts of a durable battery that doesn’t need recharging for up to ten days. We also love its water-resistant performance that lets you take part in shallow water activities. Additionally, the unit boasts of new streaming capabilities that enable you to enjoy music as you jog or hike.

Key features

  • 50M water resistance allows you to use for shallow water activities
  • Comes with built-in GPS as well as super fast 64-bit Dual-core S4 processor
  • Good smartwatch battery life
  • Equipped with the new Apple Music streaming capabilities
  • The screen is still vivid and bright
  • Stylish and modern appeal
  • Tons of useful features
  • Clear and bright screen
  • None that we could find

Factors to consider when finding the best 10 watch brands for men

When it comes to choosing the best watches for men, you should not only look for a model that looks great bit also considers the functions you need. Below are some of the considerations that you should have in the back of your mind.

  • Battery life

When choosing the watch, you should ensure that it has long battery life. The best watch should work on a single charge for several days. Remember, watches that uses GPS or receives calls drains the battery fast so you should ensure that you get a model with a high-quality battery.

  • Water resistance

While most watches today are water-resistant, their capability differs. Some will withstand light showers while others will remain safe even in deep water. When it comes to choosing a watch depending on the water resistance, you should think of the activities you intend to participate. Generally, a model that withstand a depth of 50M is a great choice when looking for an all-around watch.

  • Lighting

This is another crucial feature to consider. Remember we don’t wear watches only during the daytime. For this reason, you should pick a watch with a backlight. This will enable you to read the time and other statistics easily even in the dark.

  • Extra features

Again, this will depend on your budget and how you need to use the watch. Watches with exciting features tend to cost more. However, these functionalities are a lifesaver for some of us. Start by thinking of what you want from the watch and then choose accordingly.


While ages ago people used to depend on pebbles functionality and simplicity in telling time, technology has revolutionized how we live. Today, a watch is not only meant to tell time. They also come with features that tell the weather whereas tracking our health. Depending on your needs, we hope that you will find a model that suits your needs in those mentioned above.

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