The Best Touch Screen Monitors in 2023 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Touch Screen Monitor

Touch screen monitors offer us a natural method of interacting with electronic devices. Based on the human instinct to reach out and touch, these monitors make it easier to use specific software applications. They may not be great for excel spreadsheets, but they are perfect for children’s programs, viewing photos, videos, and browsing the web.

There are two major types of touch screen monitors. Some function based on their pressure sensitivity, called resistive touchscreens, and others that function based on their sensitivity to electric charge, called capacitive touchscreens. The resistive touchscreen was initially in use, but capacitive touchscreens have taken over, and are now the industry standard.

Capacitive touch screens work by detecting the area of the monitor that lost an electric charge to a human finger. A software program then calculates the position and carries out the needed operation.

Most monitors can track many positions based on capacitive technology, with some monitors being able to track up to 10-finger positions at once.

Benefits Of Buying The Touch Screen Monitor

There are numerous benefits of buying touch screen monitors. Below are some of them.

  • The touch screen monitors replace the mouse and keyboard. Without them, you can easily access the monitor by touching areas of the screen. It makes it easier to operate and relocate without the mouse and keyboard.
  • Touch screen technology creates a more intuitive and more straightforward interaction.
  • You get a wide variety of space for other things and can operate it efficiently with no other tools.
  • Icons can be used with touch screens, and it will increase the speed of the user to manipulate the system applications.
  • Also, touch screens have the potential to last longer than devices with keypads.

Top 10 Best Touch Screen Monitors in 2023

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Read the information-rich features of the top touch screen monitors.

10. VIOTEK LINQ Touch Portable Monitor 

VIOTEK LINQ Touch Portable Monitor


The product features an A-grade IPS screen and full-HD resolution. It can connect to a wide variety of devices via USB-C. The hyper-fast 10-point capacitive multi-touch is available on this device along with USB-C DP ALT-mode support. For added connectivity, LINQ also features a mini-HDMI port. This feature is usually not found on other portable monitors. It is very lightweight, making it a good travel companion. The brand offers a 3-years warranty for the product.

LINQ portable monitor has many unique features. All you need is a USB cable to connect to a wide variety of devices. The 2-in-1 cover allows you to either have a flip cover or use it as a stand when required. You can activate AMD FreeSync during gaming on it to have a liquid-smooth motion without distortion of the image. The flip cover will protect the monitor from dust and the stand will give you pixel perfection from any angle. Enjoy the 3-year long warranty service for the product.

Key Features
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Metal and glass build
  • Hyper-fast 10-point capacitive multi-touch
  • Ultra-slim
  • Color-rich display
  • Easy to use
  • Travel-ready
  • Feature-heavy
  • Lightweight
  • Connected versatility
  • Brightness reverts to 30% brightness

9. G-Story 15.6 Inch IPS Ultrathin Touch Screen

G-Story 15.6 Inch IPS Ultrathin Touch Screen


As clear from the name, the monitor has an ultra-thin touch screen. It features 5 mm of thinnest part, and 9 mm is its thickest part. For an excellent gaming experience, G-Story is equipped with FreeSync technology, and its HDR function eliminates the image shuttering and tearing to give a better experience. The 1080P Full HD monitor has a stylish design and delivers stunning colors. Equipped with Low Blue and Flicker-Free technology, it prevents damages to your eyes and reduces fatigue.

You can adjust different settings of the monitor, such as contrast, language, color, etc. with the OSD menu or remote included in the package. The built-in speakers are of high quality to offer you a great movie and gaming experience. G-story optimizes your life with just one monitor where you can combine work, entertainment, and playing games. With an IPS panel, you can adjust the viewing angle of the monitor. The Auto Portrait mode rotates the monitor screen automatically when it is placed vertically.

Key Features
  • 178 degrees viewing angle
  • 10-point touch function
  • Autoportrait mode
  • Built-in dual speakers
  • FreeSync technology
  • Slim and light in weight
  • HDR technology
  • Flick free and low blue technology
  • Adjustable settings
  • No cons

8. Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Monitor

Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Monitor


Raspberry Pi has engineered this portable monitor with unique features. It presents a 178 degrees viewing angle horizontally and vertically. The integrated dual speakers deliver crystal-clear sound to provide pleasant audio enjoyment. The touch function and speakers are drive-free. Lebula monitor has two micro USB ports and 1 HDMI port for power and touch and signal. The display comes with two stands of 60 degrees that are easy to install and remove.

You should consider this product for buying as it perfectly fits in a briefcase and is easy to carry on the go. The package includes top-quality cables and comprehensive accessories to meet your needs. Along with the vivid image, it has a responsive touch screen and plug and plays wiring to make it the best choice for people. You can easily connect it to the computer and follow the given instructions on the manual to operate the monitor through shortcut keys.

Key Features
  • Easy to mount Pi
  • Extend PC screen
  • Drive free connect to Raspberry Pi
  • Top-quality display
  • Plug-n-play ports
  • IPS 178 degree panel
  • High resolution
  • 5-point capacitive touch screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Not such cons

7. Planar Helium PCT2235 Touch Screen

Planar Helium PCT2235 Touch Screen


It is designed by Planar, which features projected capacitive touch technology. This monitor works extremely fast, with ten touchpoints, and is accurate for the office work to swipe through the emails. The stand of the Helium monitor can be easily tilted from 15 to 70 degrees allowing a passive view to full-screen interaction. The Planar PCT2235 offers you a 3-years of warranty period and two days for a replacement.

The Planar PCT2235 is a touch screen monitor of 22 inches with high resolutions. Its unique features with 10-point multi-touch interactivity make it easy to use. For viewing comfort for an extended period, it incorporates blue light reduction. You don’t need to load the drive in it as Windows 10 is already installed in it. The sleek, easily adjustable, and ergonomic design creates an ultimate touch experience. It boasts multiple video inputs and integrated speakers that provide high-quality sound.

Key Features
  • Planar helium stand
  • Multi-touch technology
  • Built-in inputs and connectivity
  • Incorporates blue light reduction
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • 10-point multi-touch interactivity
  • Integrated speakers
  • An adjustable helium stand
  • The monitor takes time for processing

6. Planar PCT2485 Helium 24” Multi-Touch Monitor 

Planar PCT2485 Helium 24” Multi-Touch Monitor


This model of Planar Pct is of 24,” while the above was of 22”. They don’t differ much in their features. It also has 10-point multi-touch interactivity and is USB OS compatible. An integrated HD webcam and microphone connect the people through the internet. A USB hub is built-in the monitor to allow users to connect other devices directly to the Planar. It has a sleek design with a smooth edge-to-edge glass surface.

Here, you can switch between portrait and landscape orientation as it supports both of them. An easy-to-use Helium desk stand can be adjusted up to 70 degrees to have a good experience of movies and gaming. The best feature of the PCT2485 is it incorporates blue light reduction presets according to the ongoing task. An HD webcam, a USB hub, and a microphone are integrated into the monitor to connect the peripherals directly.

Key Features
  • Flexible stand
  • Blue light reduction
  • Built-in inputs and connectivity
  • Supports two different orientations
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Top grade material
  • Ergonomically-friendly
  • The speakers do not offer crystal-clear sound

5. EVICIV 7 Inch Portable USB Monitor

EVICIV 7 Inch Portable USB Monitor


EVIVIC is equipped with an IPS screen with HD resolution. It has excellent sensitivity capacitive technology and multi-touch capability that allows you to swipe, zoom in, zoom out, scroll, select, and move the cursor in just 3-5 ms. The auto-rotate function automatically rotates the screen and gives a more precise view. Its integrated speakers are loud enough to enjoy movies and games without headphones. Moreover, the brand provides lifetime service with professional tech support.

If you want to experience smoothness and solidness in one structure, you must go for EVIVIC. The multiple interfaces like HDMI, micro USB, increase productivity at work. It has built-in dual speakers that offer loud audio and crisp sound to you. You can view the stunning colors of the monitor at any angle. It features 178 degrees viewing angle, which is ideal for doing multi-tasks on a screen. Furthermore, EVIVIC allows you to mount your Raspberry Pi project to the exposed backside with four holes.

Key Features
  • Retro-gaming monitor
  • Dual integrated speakers
  • Professional Pi display
  • Widely compatible
  • High resolution IPS monitor
  • The stunning color at any angle
  • Prop stand
  • Portrait and Landscape mode
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • The monitor does not work well with Pi 4

4. ViewSonic TD2421 Dual-Point Screen Monitor 

ViewSonic TD2421 Dual-Point Screen Monitor


Engineered by ViewSonic, the 24 inches portable monitor features versatile connections and an ultra-wide viewing angle. It is ideal to use for POS displays, public kiosks, and other commercial applications. With a stylish look and black color, it can be adjusted to forward or backward tilt and has a 6H scratch-resistant surface. However, TD2421 is compatible use for windows only. The brand offers a 3-year warranty for this product.

Looking at its unique features, you will like to buy this monitor. It allows users to execute two-finger pinches, taps for fast navigation. With SuperClear MVA panel technology, ViewSonic delivers stunning contrasts and brightness with incredible screen performance. To help you relieve fatigue, the brand uses Flicker-Free technology and a Blue Light filter to eliminate eye strain, increasing the productivity rate.

Key Features
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Dual-Point optical touch
  • SuperClear MVA Panel technology
  • Versatile connectivity
  • 3-years of warranty
  • Stylish design
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Built-in speakers
  • Ideal to use on laptops and desktops
  • The monitor gives a response when placed in sunlight

3. Acer T272HL Bmjjz Wide Screen Monitor

Acer T272HL Bmjjz Wide Screen Monitor


Acer is an intuitive and fun LCD that allows you to paint and play games, flick through photos with your fingertips. The 10-point touch screen offers you to navigate web pages and take advantage of touch features. The large 27 inches widescreen display brings the best viewing experience. It can be connected with VGA, DVI, and HDMI input to view your smartphone or tablet on a Full HD display. The T272HL is wall-mountable that allows the monitor to place easily in tight places.

Due to its impressive performance, the images on the screen appear flawless from all angles. It delivers about four times higher resolution than the standard HD. You can tilt the monitor from 30 to 80 degrees that will enhance most of the touch capabilities. The Acer can be easily connected to your smartphone or tablet to view it on a full HD display and enjoy the movies on a widescreen. The sleek design and black color make it perfect to fit in any decor.

Key Features
  • 27 inches widescreen
  • 10-point touch feature
  • High resolution
  • Flexibly compatible
  • Durable
  • Wall mountable
  • Impressive performance
  • Positioned perfectly
  • 30-80 degrees tilt
  • After-sales service is not good
  • No warranty provided

2. Dell P2418HT Touch Monitor

Dell P2418HT Touch Monitor


This touch screen monitor has a screen size of 24 inches. The touch screen features 10-point touch and responds within 6 ms. It allows you to tap, slide, swipe, and pinch in a snap. With two-handed touch control, smoother navigation can be enjoyed across the anti-glare screen from edge to edge. Dell monitor allows you to work from any position with the feature of downward 60-degree orientation. The P2418HT has swivel capabilities and supports extended tilt.

Just to protect the touch screen monitor from bumps, a protective cushion has been built-in. The State-of-the-art Advanced In-Cell Touch technology delivers an anti-glare surface that reduces distracting fingerprints and reflections. You get a seamless view with an ultra-thin bezel. A 178 degrees angle enabled by In-Plane Switching technology effectively collaborates and allows viewing consistent colors. The Dell Display Manager software saves your time by offering you to do multi-tasks.

Key Features
  • Outstanding usability
  • Ideal for multiple layouts
  • Extensive connectivity ports
  • Freedom from clutter
  • Stunning views
  • Multitask
  • Work comfortably
  • Intuitive touch
  • Work from any position
  • 2 cables are required for the touch to work

1. ASUS VT229H 21.5 Inches Monitor

ASUS VT229H 21.5 Inches Monitor


ASUS has designed this full HD monitor with a 10-point multi-touch capacity. It is suitable for any application that involves a multi-touch or keyboard. The IPS panel offers a stunningly 178 degrees viewing angle and colorful displays. The brand also thinks of eye care for the users. It uses eye-care technology with flicker-free backlighting and a blue light filter, which further minimizes eye fatigue. VT229H is known for its versatile conductivity.

This brand was established in 1989 and has gained popularity for its unique featured products. The monitor supports 10-point touch for multi-touch applicants and virtual keyboards. It is compatible connect with HDMI and VGA ports. You can have a perfect view of your movie or game due to its frameless design that is perfect for seamless multi-display setups.

Key Features
  • Eye-care technology
  • 10-point touch
  • Frameless design
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Durable
  • Flicker-free backlighting
  • No warranty provided

What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Touch Screen Monitor?

All touch screen monitors vary in their features. So, make sure to check before buying. Choose the one by considering some factors to buy the best touch screen monitor.

  • Size: First of all, consider the size as a factor before buying the touch screen monitor. Monitors are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from few inches to 52 inches. Choose according to the work for which you need the screen. For the conference room, a large touch screen would work the best. But for individual workstations, a smaller monitor will be enough.
  • Ports: Check the types of ports the touch screen has. For connecting peripherals to it, you need an HDMI port. If the screen does not feature the required port, you won’t connect the peripheral with it.
  • Touch Technology: Touch screens vary in the way they identify the commands. Either resistive or capacitive touch technology is used in them. In resistive, the multiple layers are separated by an inert “space” layer of air or gas. The upper and bottom layers make contact when touched. In capacitive, monitors identify the touch by a change in capacitance.
  • Display Quality: This refers to the quality of the pictures produced by the monitor. Closer pixels create sharper images, larger resolutions and accurate colors reproduce more impressive images. Although display quality is not the major concern when it comes to touch screen monitors, it still cannot be overlooked. Another quality issue is the monitor’s response time. That is, how quickly the system reacts to a touch of the monitor.
  • Viewing Angle: Viewing angle refers to how a wide away monitor’s image can be viewed. Most monitors are very clear when you look at them straight on, but when you start shifting to either side, many monitors begin to lose their clarity. A monitor with a wider viewing angle is, therefore, more valuable than one with a narrower viewing angle.
  • A-Frame Stand: When deciding on a touch screen monitor to purchase, check to make sure that it comes with a stand. Most manufacturers will fit their monitors with a form of A-frame stand, which allows the monitor to stand at a more inclined angle. Without such a stand, the user will have to keep raising his hand repeatedly to touch the screen, leading to a painful condition referred to as Gorilla-Arm.
  • Design & Bezels: A display monitor should also look good. The overall style and the thickness of its bezels matter. Bezels are those plastic areas on the edges of the monitor. Most people find thin monitors with thin bezels attractive. Whatever happens anyway, just make sure you like what you see.
  • Extras: When a touchscreen monitor comes with extra features like USB ports, a speaker, or a card reader, then it becomes more valuable. You should focus on extra features only when the specific feature is important to you, or if it could be in the future.
  • Future-Proof Monitor: A future-proof monitor is usually more valuable, than otherwise. This simply means that the monitor incorporates new technology that may become the standard of future devices. Such technologies also include updates to already existing technologies like HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, Thunderbolt, e.t.c. Since technology is changing ever so quickly, nobody ever knows the future.


You have gone through different brands featuring various screen monitors. They are user-friendly and have many benefits for daily users. The right monitor can increase the productivity of your work by providing more space to you and reducing eye fatigue. Choose among the top 10 best touch screen monitors enjoy the long-term benefit they provide.

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