Top 10 Best Touch Screen Monitors in 2020 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Touch screen monitors offer us a natural method of interacting with electronic devices. Based on the human instinct to reach out and touch, these monitors make it easier to use specific software applications. They may not be great for excel spreadsheets, but they are perfect for children’s programs, viewing photos, videos and browsing the web.

There are two major types of touch screen monitors. There are those that function based on their sensitivity to pressure, called resistive touchscreens, and others that function based on their sensitivity to electric charge, called capacitive touchscreens. The resistive touchscreen was initially in use, but capacitive touchscreens have taken over, and are now the industry standard.

Capacitive touch screens work by detecting the area of the monitor that lost an electric charge to a human finger. A software program then calculates the position and carries out the needed operation.

Most monitors can track many positions based on capacitive technology, with some monitors being able to track up to 10-finger positions at once.

These are the Best Touch Screen Monitors in 2020

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Read our detailed reviews for the best Touch Screen Monitors in 2020 below:

10. Acer T272HL 27-Inch Wide Touch Screen Monitor

Acer T272HL 27-Inch Wide Touch Screen Monitor

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Acer’s T272HL is a 10-point touch screen system, which can simultaneously track up to 10 different finger movements at once. It is a great innovation for those who use multi-track software, like music producers, although the software has to support the feature. It features a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, which is High Definition, or HD, in a 27-inch space.

There are DVI, VGA, and HDMI ports. The HDMI features MHL, a technology that allows you to connect your smartphone to this monitor, and enjoy your multimedia data straight-away. There is also an excellent contrast ratio, plus a 5ms response time.

9. Toguard 10.1-Inch TFT LED Touchscreen Monitor

TOGUARD 10.1 Inch IPS Touchscreen Monitor

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Toguard’s touchscreen monitor is designed to be used for nearly anything. Featuring a 1024 x 768 pixels resolution, with a 400:1 contrast ratio, this monitor also offers a wide range of input methods, including USB, VGA, and HDMI ports.

It runs on a 12-Volt power adapter, which is included, and supports both PAL and NTSC display protocols. You can use this monitor for watching movies, monitoring security cameras, browsing the web, and playing games.

8. GeChic 1303i 13-Inch Portable Touch Screen Monitor

GeChic 1303i 13-Inch Portable Touch Screen Monitor

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If you need a stylish and portable touchscreen display, then this one here should impress you. Packed into a 13.3-inch display, is a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. It makes this monitor a top-quality display, with crisp and clear images.

It even features a 10-point touch system and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. GeChic 1303i includes VGA and HDMI ports. It is sleek and lovely and displays up to 16.7 million amazing colors.

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7. Planar PCT2235 10-Points 22-Inch Touch Screen LCD Monitor

Planar PCT2235 10-Points 22-Inch Touch Screen LCD Monitor

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The Planar PCT2235 is a Full HD LCD monitor, which offers simultaneous touch recognition up to 10 points, plus HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort compatibility.

This monitor also features blue-light reduction technology, which aims to promote eye health. It’s included ergonomic stand, the Planar Helium Stand, can be tilted easily between 15 and 70 degrees. This allows you to either view the monitor passively or to get into the interactive mode. Planar supports this monitor with a 3-year warranty.

6. ViewSonic TD2230 10-Point 22-Inch Touch Screen Monitor

ViewSonic TD2230 10-Point 22-Inch Touch Screen Monitor

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ViewSonic TD2230 is a Full HD (1290 x 1080) pixel resolution. It offers a myriad of features, including a 10-point simultaneous touch system, a 178-degree viewing angle, 2 built-in speakers, a scratch-resistant surface, and multiple input options.

It will accept DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and USB 3.0 inputs. In addition to this monitor’s VESA mount compatibility, an adjustable stand is included, plus a USB 3.0 cable, HDMI cable, audio cable, power adapter and quick-start guide.

There is also a 3-year warranty from ViewSonic, with options for 24- and 27-inch models. Resistive and optical-touch based options are also available.

5. ELO 1515L Commercial Touch Screen LCD Monitor

ELO 1515L Commercial Touch Screen LCD Monitor

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The ELO 1515L is different from the other monitors in this review because it is a commercial grade touch screen display. Designed to withstand the rigorous use of business settings, this monitor features a resistive touch technology designed to last a long time.

The 15-inch monitor features energy-saving LED back-lights, a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, and dual USB/serial interfaces for connection. The stand is removable, and the monitor has a VESA mount option.

The stand also features holes for screwing it unto a table for stability. The monitor can either be run on an internal or an external 12 Volt power supply. ELO also supports it with a 3-year warranty.

4. ASUS VT168H LED Touch Screen Monitor

Asus VT207N LED Touch Screen Monitor

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ASUS VT168H is a 15.6-inch HD touch screen monitor. It features 1366×768 pixel resolution and will accept VGA, DVI, and USB inputs. The back-lit LED monitor also features a 10-point touch system, which allows you to make the best of the 15.6-inch system.

Asus Touch Eye-care monitor is an integrated technology, which tries to reduce blue light from the monitor, thereby preventing the eyes from getting damaged. This monitor’s design is clean and modern. It offers 8 video modes, and a 5 ms response time.

3. ViewSonic TD2220 Dual-Point 22-Inch Touch Screen Monitors

ViewSonic TD2220 Dual-Point 22-Inch Touch Screen Monitors

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The TD2220 from ViewSonic features only a dual-point touch system, meaning it will only monitor up to 2 points simultaneously. Asides from that, the TD2220 spots a high-quality 22-inch display, covered in a topaz-class 8H protective glass.

With a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, this monitor is Full HD compliant. It supports plug-and-play USB HID, built-in SRS premium sound effects with built-in speakers, and an Eco-Mode which can conserve up to 50% energy. The viewing angle is 170/160 degrees, response time is 5ms, and it is VGA compatible.

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2. Acer 232HL 23-Inch Wide Touch Screen Monitor

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Acer’s 232HL is a 23-inch monitor. It comes with a distinctive stand, which allows it to be tilted anywhere between 8 and 60 degrees. This monitor delivers Full HD (1920 x1080 pixels) images.

It features a 10-point touch system and includes Adaptive Contrast Management(ACM) technology for whiter whites and blacker blacks. There is a USB 3.0 port, 16:9 aspect ration, a 5 ms response time, and a 178-degree viewing angle. The package includes a power cord, a VGA, HDMI, and USB 3.0 cable.

1. Dell S2240T 21-Inch LED Touch Screen Monitor

Dell S2240T 21-Inch LED Touch Screen Monitor

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Dell’s S2240T is a very energy efficient monitor, typically using only 20 Watts to operate. It is an LED monitor with a Full HD resolution, and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. With a maximum viewing angle of 178 degrees, this monitor delivers quality images via HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports.

Dell includes an ergonomic stand with it, which can tilt as much as 60 degrees, preventing arm pains. An integrated display manager offers the user a choice between different color profiles, with the edge-to-edge glass cover giving this monitor a clean and trendy look.

Touch Screen Monitor Usage Tips
  • Avoid operating your touch screen using wet fingers
  • When dirty, use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen
  • Learn to use gestures like tap, tap & hold, double tap, pinch, e.t.c.
  • Understand that on-screen keyboards will never replace physical keyboards

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Factors to consider when buying a Touch Screen Monitor

There are major features of a touch screen monitor which need to be understood if you are to purchase the right device. Following are these features and why they are helpful.

  • Size: The size of any monitor is very important because it determines how far away the monitor can be viewed. With touchscreen monitors, anything above 15 inches is significant, although a larger size does not necessarily mean better here. This is because a touch screen still needs human interaction, and for that reason, 19 to 21-inch large touch monitors are okay.
  • Display Quality: This refers to the quality of the pictures produced by the monitor. Closer pixels create sharper images, larger resolutions and accurate colors reproduce more impressive images. Although display quality is not the major concern when it comes to touch screen monitors, it still cannot be overlooked. Another quality issue is the monitor’s response time. That is, how quickly the system reacts to a touch of the monitor.
  • Viewing Angle: Viewing angle refers to from how wide away monitor’s image can be viewed. Most monitors are very clear when you look at them straight on, but when you start shifting to either side, many monitors begin to lose their clarity. A monitor with a wider viewing angle is, therefore, more valuable than one with a narrower viewing angle.
  • A-Frame Stand: When deciding on a touch screen monitor to purchase, check to make sure that it comes with a stand. Most manufacturers will fit their monitors with a form of A-frame stand, which allows the monitor to stand at a more inclined angle. Without such a stand, the user will have to keep raising his hand repeatedly to touch the screen, leading to a painful condition referred to as Gorilla-Arm.
  • Design & Bezels: A display monitor should also look good. The overall style and the thickness of its bezels matter. Bezels are those plastic areas on the edges of the monitor. Most people find thin monitors with thin bezels attractive. Whatever happens anyway, just make sure you like what you see.
  • Extras: When a touchscreen monitor comes with extra features like USB ports, a speaker, or a card reader, then it becomes more valuable. You should focus on extra features only when the specific feature is important to you, or if it could be in the future.
  • Future-Proof Monitor: A future-proof monitor is usually more valuable, than otherwise. This simply means that the monitor incorporates new technology that may become the standard of future devices. Such technologies also include updates to already existing technologies like HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, Thunderbolt, e.t.c. Since technology is changing ever so quickly, nobody ever knows the future.


We have come to the end of this 2019 touch screen monitors top 10 reviews, and the turn is now yours to make a choice. We have shown you our number #1 recommendation, but feel free to make your choice, either based on your needing a gaming, a browsing, a graphic design or a commercial touchscreen monitor.