Best Snowboard Gloves for Winter in 2020 | A Buying Guide

Are you a skiing enthusiast? Well, you have to get the best snowboard gloves that can assure you on skiing comfortably and safe. The best gloves not only keep you warm but also ensure that you stay toasty and safe at all times.

The right snowboard gloves can guarantee years of service without a single glitch. In this article, we are going to guide you with the 10 best snowboard gloves to make your purchase easier. Additionally, we will also provide some factors and a buying guide which you need to consider before purchasing any of the options available on the market.

These are the 10 best snowboard gloves you can buy

Take a look of our top 10 picks for the best snowboard gloves on the market!

10. MCTi Waterproof Windproof Women’s Winter Ski Snow Snowboard Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Windproof Women's Winter Ski Snow Snowboard Gloves

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If you are looking for a glove that you will not need to remove when picking up a phone call, then this is an excellent choice. They have a special touchscreen feature that can help you control your smartphone without taking them out.

The leather palm will help you grip onto things without slipping. The reinforced PU leather located between the thumb and the index finger prevents wear and tear even when you apply excess pressure.

Additionally, these gloves are water resistant. If you pour water on them, they will not absorb any of the liquid. This ensures that your hands are warm throughout.

The warm cotton insulation retains heat even though the glove is still slim. The multifunctional wrist will help to achieve firmness. You will also not have a difficult time to clean the gloves.

Key Features and Benefits
  • The glove is windproof and water-resistant
  • Made of polyester
  • Comes with comfortable lining fabrics
  • They are slim but very warm

9. Padida Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

Padida Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

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The pouches on the back part of these gloves make them stand out. These pouches act as good storage facilities for keys, cash, or even cards. The wrist strap is adjustable. You can tuck in your jacket or sweater into the glove.

When skiing, you must ensure that you have a strong grip to prevent unnecessary slipping. The glove has a leather palm design for this purpose.  Once you wear the gloves, you will feel the warmth and the comfortability that comes with them. If you fall into a pool of water, for instance, do not worry because water will not get into the glove regardless of the amount of water that gets on it.

Other than skiing, these gloves are suitable for many other activities including sledding, biking, hiking, cycling, hunting, and so on. You can also wear them at home on a cold day or night.

Key Features and Benefits
  • They are breathable
  • Suitable for men
  • They are thin but very warm
  • They have a stronger grip

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8. XTrops Waterproof Snow Ski Gloves for Men

XTrops Waterproof Snow Ski Gloves for Men

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Having sweat on your hands can be uncomfortable especially when you have put on your gloves. With this pair, it has a fabric that absorbs sweat from your hands; hence, you become very comfortable.

Both the outer and inner fabrics will protect your hands from getting in contact with water or moisture. The inner layer contains a layer of plastic that protects the user from frostbite attacks. PU palm material prevents wear and tear; also it helps the user to hold different items with a stronger grip.

The material is easy to clean. You will not spend hours scrubbing off dirt from it; therefore, suitable for outdoor use.  Other than skiing, these gloves are suitable for most outdoor activities.

Key Features and Benefits
  • The gloves are durable
  • Accurate size for most men’s fingers
  • Inner fleece lining ensures maximum warmth
  • Flexible movement

7. MPHABON Ski Gloves

MPHABON Ski Gloves

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This pair of gloves is excellent for many other activities other than skiing. If you want something you can use for shoveling, then you just found the right pick. They have enough space for all fingers; hence, they will not limit movement and flexibility. Additionally, you are free to wear them when you are going to the office during a cold day.

These gloves are thick. Therefore, warmth will never be a problem anymore. For some gloves, you will have to remove the glove to pick a phone call; for these gloves, you do not have to do so. As thick as they can be, these gloves are comfortable and very light. You will also not accumulate any sweat that causes discomfort because they are breathable.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Has an awesome grip
  • The inner material is made of polar fleece
  • Wrist strap holds the glove in place
  • Very warm during cold temperature
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6. REDESS Women Waterproof Windproof Ski Gloves

REDESS Women Waterproof Windproof Ski Gloves

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After a long day of exercise and activities, you would want to clean up all your sporting gear. With these snowboard gloves, you only need clean water with soap. Do not wash it with acid or bleach.

The glove has a TPU wick to keep sweat away. This ensures that your hands are dry when you have them on. If water pours on the glove, your hands will remain warm because the water does not get into the glove.

Since you will use it during skiing, the premium PU leather palm will facilitate the necessary grip to help you hold everything firmly. They also protect the glove from disintegration. If you want to control your touchscreen when you have the gloves, let that not worry you because the soft fleece lining will make picking your call possible.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for women
  • Wrist buckle is adjustable depending on the size of the arm
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Good for skiing and daily exercise

5. Tough Outdoors Winter Snow & Ski Touch Screen Gloves

Tough Outdoors Winter Snow & Ski Touch Screen Gloves

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These are unisex gloves for both men and women. Whether you are going to go for a hike or you want to go skiing on the mountaintop, you are sure that your hands will remain warm when experiencing those extreme weather conditions.

Her hands remained very warm regardless of the outdoor cold. The palm region of this glove consists of synthetic leather palm, which enforces durability. These gloves ensure that you are warm and protect you from the wind.

If you need to take photos with the gloves on, it is possible. They are touch-compatible; hence, your fingers will stay inside the glove regardless. The straps are also flexible. Both adults and children can fit into the gloves easily.

Key Features and Benefits
  • The nylon shell is windproof
  • Suitable for most activities
  • Control your phone without taking them off
  • They are durable
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4. REDESS Men’s Waterproof Windproof Ski Gloves

REDESS Men's Waterproof Windproof Ski Gloves

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These snowboard gloves have an extra zipper pocket on each glove to store extra cash, coins, cards, or even glove warmers. The wrist strap is adjustable depending on the size of your hand. The inner compartment contains 100 grams of cotton that provide the needed warmth while in them.

The PU leather palm provides the needed grip and the durability that the gloves need. They have a very soft lining; thus, very comfortable when you wear them. Also, you will not have any joint pain after you work while in them.

Once you put the gloves on, you will not need to remove them. This is because you can use them to do whatever you are doing including picking a call on your smartphone.  If you have sweating problems, then this glove will keep your hands dry. Also, the gloves are waterproof.

Key Features and Benefits
  • They are thin but have great insulating properties
  • You can adjust the wrist strap
  • Consists of a soft fleece lining
  • Suitable for many activities

3. Black Men Waterproof Thinsulate Winter Cold Weather Ski Snowboard Gloves

Black Men Waterproof Thinsulate Winter Cold Weather Ski Snowboard Gloves

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If you have been looking for comfortable snowboard gloves, then this would make sure that all your fingers are cozy and warm when you wear them. To add on to the grip, these gloves have a sure grip material that rests on the thumb and fingernail section.

For those who love to wear stylish things, then this is the perfect glove because it consists of a rubber logo that adds to its appeal.

The gloves contain moisture-wicking layers, which keep your hands warm. They have an extra membrane that prevents water from getting into the glove. If you are one of those people that get skin irritation when you wear gloves, then this product contains materials, which are skin friendly.

Key Features and Benefits
  • No stress to put or remove them
  • PU leather on the palm section
  • Suitable for men of different hand sizes
  • Perfect for different activities
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2. Men Waterproof Thinsulate Ski Snowboard Gloves

Men Waterproof Thinsulate Ski Snowboard Gloves

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Some people can be careless when it comes to storing these gloves. If you feel that you have that problem, then these gloves solve the problem for you. Once you remove them, use the lock clips to store the gloves together.

They have a knitted cuff, which prevents any snow from getting into the glove. The zipper pockets provide an extra storage facility to store your coins, cards, and cash.

Additionally, these gloves are skin-friendly, comfortable, and very soft on your hands. You will not develop any skin problems when you have them on.

The gloves have an extra waterproof layer, which prevents water from getting to it. The buckle also adds to the comfort and the warmth that one would experience when you have these gloves on.

Key Features and Benefits
  • They are breathable
  • They have a strong nylon shell
  • The zipper does not allow water to pass through it
  • Uses soft polyfill lining

1. MCTi Waterproof Windproof Men’s Winter Snow Skiing Snowboarding Snowmobile Ski Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Windproof Men's Winter Snow Glove

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To start with, this glove has a sleek design. When you have them on, everyone will want to buy them as well. The zipper compartment is large enough to carry keys and glove warmers. These gloves are very soft to touch. With the buckle, which is adjustable, you will prevent cold from reaching your hand. These gloves are suitable for all winter activities.

They have a PU palm and rubber fingers to enhance the grip. The PU palm also ensures that they do not wear and tear. Some material used to make these gloves can irritate the skin hence causing bad allergies. Nonetheless, for these gloves, your skin will be comfortable and soft. This pair of gloves are suitable for anyone; therefore, a good gift for family and friends.

Key Features and Benefits
  • It has a nose wipe fabric
  • You can use it for multiple purposes
  • It is waterproof and windproof
  • The manufacturer uses 3 grams of Thinsulate to keep the glove warm
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Factors you need to consider before making a purchase:

Because we have so many gloves in the market, you have to consider the following option before you buy the best gloves.

  • Insulation properties: One reason for buying gloves is to make sure that you are warm. Therefore, the material used to make your desired glove should have these qualities. They should also be waterproof, sweatproof, and windproof. They should keep your hands dry regardless.
  • Good fit: You want something that will keep your fingers comfortable. You should be able to use them when doing different tasks. For instance, during skiing and picking up the phone while you still wear them.
  • The material should be skin-friendly: Know the type of material used to make the gloves so that you do not end up itching yourself when you wear them. They should also be comfortable and breathable. Breathability ensures that sweat does not form during use.


It takes a good glove to keep warm. In this list, we have taken our time and examined most of the options provided. We hope that you get the snowboard gloves which best suite your requirements.

Some of the factors you have to consider include the size, design and the material used in the construction. Armed with this information, we believe that you will get the best products easily.

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