The Top Best 4K Smart TVs in 2023 | Excellent Choice for Smart Home

Technology has redefined the TV-set. It has developed a new generation of  TVs with super high resolutions and brilliant image quality — we are talking about the 4K smart TVs. They are stuffed with 8M+ self-illuminating pixels for a crisp, clear display. With integrated in-screen technologies like High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG), the 4K smart TVs have taken a big leap in home-entertainment. And because of its popularity and quality, the 4K imaging concept is also used extensively in designing and manufacturing gaming consoles. The same is true for Blu-ray and video in the streaming industry.

With the appearance of 4k Smart TVs, connectivity is now as important as antenna reception was before. These days, you can get quite a large selection of Smart TVs. We have a look at the best models available.

These are the best 4K Smart TVs in 2023 you can trust

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10. NEW: Insignia NS-65DF710NA21 65-inch Super Smart TV

Insignia NS-43DF710NA19 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


By: Insignia

This is one of the latest models of 4K UHD TVs in the market. Insignia comes with an integrated Fire TV Edition and a voice remote control with Alexa. It provides access to all your favorite TV shows and movies channels, all rendered in a true-to-life 4K UHD picture quality. The voice remote control with Alexa allows easy movie title search, app launching, and playing music, among other related functions. It is also compatible with other smart home devices.

With some 8M+ pixels, Insignia provides high-quality 4K Ultra HD pictures with deep contrast, vivid color, and stunning clarity. Built for unrivaled HD performance, this 4K smart TV comes with some high-end specs for unparalleled picture quality. For instance, it is powered by a multi-core GPU and quad-core CPU for outstanding responsiveness. Insignia 4K smart TV connects easily with dual-band Wi-Fi and comes with multiple input/output ports for fast and fluid data transfer.

Key features:

  • Picture quality: true-to-life 4K UHD picture quality
  • Pixels: 8M+
  • Special inclusion: Fire TV experience
  • Seamless integration: Fire TV edition integrates with live over-the-air TV and streaming channels.
  • Control: Voice remote control with Alexa
  • 65 inch screen
  • Input and outputs: 3 HDMI including 1 with ARC, USB, composite input, antenna/ cable input, digital output, and Ethernet port.
Pros & Benefits
  • Insignia 4K ultra HD smart TV supports voice remote control with Alexa. This feature allows you to launch apps, search movies titles, and play music among other functions with simple voice commands.
  • It has an inbuilt Fire TV Edition that seamlessly integrates live streaming and over-the-air TV channels on a single screen for an exquisite viewing experience.
  • Insignia 4K UHD TV gives access to numerous TV channels, apps, Alexa skills like Netflix, HBO, Starz, etc.
  • It comes with an 8M+ pixel 65-inch screen for deep contrast and vivid color display.

9. Home Office X322BV-SR Scepter 32-inch Class HD (720P) 4K Smart TV

Home Office X322BV-SR scepter 32-inch class HD (720P) 4K smart TV


This is one of a few 4K TV sets with a QAM tuner for quick cable connectivity. If you want to enjoy watching your favorite movies on a 32-inch crisp clear display with splendid color variety, the Home office 4K smart TV is all you need. It comes with a set of HDMI ports to connect to other devices like media converters or TV boxes. It has a USB port that comes in handy when you want to play music or videos from compatible peripheral devices. What’s more, this smart TV comes with VGA, component, and composite input ports to attach other supported devices.

Key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 13.45pounds
  • Dimensions: 32” x 20” x 5.2”
  • Channels: integrates live streaming and over-the-air TV channels.
  • Display: HD picture quality
Pros & Benefits
  • This TV comes with HDMI ports for unbeatable videos and crisp clear audios.
  • Its USB port allows access to stored music and video files from compatible devices.
  • It has a QAM tuner for super-fast cable connectivity whenever you want to access contents from external storage or peripheral devices.
  • Its high pixel display guarantees splendid color quality and deep contrast for an impressive viewing experience.

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8. Vizio V505-G9 50-inch class 4K HDR smart TV

Vizio V505-G9 50-inch class 4K HDR smart TV


By: Vizio

Not many 4K smart TVs offer 60-day free tech support. The Vizio V505-G9 4K HDR smart TV does. Its crisp, clear, 50-inch display lets you watch movies and TV shows in HD and HDR quality. This TV features live streaming and Pluto TV for free. Together with that, you also get access to numerous non-premium channels, including River Monsters 24/7, Gordon Ramsey, Forensic Files, etc. Users can also enjoy watching content on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and the like. An integrated Chromecast allows access to movie and TV show channels in high resolution, 1080P, 720P, and 480P. There’s just more than enough variety to enjoy with Vizio V505-G9 4K TV.

Key features:

  • Display: supports different picture qualities; 1080P, 720P and 480P
  • Channels: integrates on-air-TV channels as well as streaming channels.
  • HDMI and USB input/outputs: these ports facilitate easy access to contents in external storage. The HDMI port also supports HD video quality and crystal clear audios.
  • Warranty: a 60-day warranty and a 24/7 free customer tech support.
Pros & Benefits
  • Vizio V series comes with a 50-inch screen for crisp clear picture quality.
  • Its HDMI ports support the projection of contents from compatible devices onto the TV screen for better display.
  • Vizio V505-G9 class 4K HDR TV comes with 60-day free technical customer support.
  • It has a USB port for easy sharing of contents like pictures, music, and videos from external storage discs and other supported peripheral devices.

7. NEW: LG 49NANO85UNA Nano Cell 4K Smart TV

LG 49NANO85UNA Nano Cell 4K Smart TV


By: LG Electronics

The LG Electronics 4K UHD Smart LED 49 ” TV comes in a sleek design, perfectly suited for a modern home and a real nano cell display. You can expect crisp colors, but more importantly, one of the deepest blacks on the market. Its intelligent voice remote control lets you explore different aspects and features of your smart TV. You can flip through your photo gallery, launch apps, get news, and weather updates with simple voice commands. This 4K smart TV uses an α7 GEN 3 processor for enhanced responsiveness and minimal video noise.

Moreover, the processor enhances image sharpness and balances color for crisp, clear video quality. You can enjoy videos in multiple display formats of HDR, including HLG, HDR10, etc. And all the supported formats are optimized with the scene-to-scene picture adjustment technique.

The LG Electronics 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV supports an easy line-up of TV shows and movies. Just toggle between the selections on an impressively intuitive interface. Using the LG Magic Remote, playing music, watching movies or TV shows is simply controlled by voice instructions.

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 43.10 x 9.10 x 27.40 inches
  • Artificial Intelligent control: supports ThinQ voice control for easy app launching, music play, movies or TV show title searches, etc.
  • Supported formats: Multi-format 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) supports HLG & HDR10.
  • IPS technology: for rich color quality and strong contrast ratio
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 RF, 1 composite, Ethernet, optical and audio ports.
Pros & Benefits
  • LG Electronics 4K UHD Smart LED TV comes with multiple input and output ports for exquisite picture and audio quality.
  • It has an integrated IPS technology that uses in-plane switching for a rich color variety and strong contrast ratio.
  • Supports scene-by-scene optimization thanks to the integrated advanced LG tone mapping technology.
  • It comes with Artificial Intelligence ThinQ that supports voice control. Therefore, you can get weather updates, play music, and even launch apps with simple voice commands. The AI ThinQ feature is also compatible with other smart home devices.

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6. TCL 49S517 49 inches 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 49S517 49 inch 4K ultra HD Roku smart LED TV



This is the only 4K smart TV with NBP photon technology for wide color space coverage. It also supports the Dolby Vision HDR imaging technique that combines a wide range of colors for an exquisite display. On this 4K TCL 5 series Roku TV you can access countless on-air TV channels and streaming. YouTube, Netflix, River Monsters 24/7 are other additions. It also comes with an intuitive and simple interface and a sleek, attractive modern design.

The TCL 49S517 4K Ultra HD has LED backlighting for a crystal clear display. Its dynamic contrast feature produces deep blacks for exquisite picture quality. Besides the above mentioned, this 4K TV also features 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, 1 USB port, headphone jack, Ethernet, and optical audio output.

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 43.1” x 25”  x 2.9” (without stand) & 43.1” x 27.1” x 10” (with stand)
  • Ruko TV channels: thousands of TV shows and movie channels
  • Display: combines 4K Ultra HD picture quality with Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range for image contrast and color enhancement.
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, 1 USB port, composite, Ethernet port, and optical audio port.
  • Backlighting: Edge LED backlighting
  • It comes with Edge LED backlighting with dynamic contrast for deep blacks and superb picture quality.
  • This 4K TV has a smart function that allows access to thousands of streaming channels, movies, and TV shows.
  • Combines 4K UHD picture clarity with Dolby Vision high dynamic range contrast and color detailing for lifelike pictures.
  • The 3 HDMI input ports support better projection and display of content from supported devices on big screens.

5. Samsung QN75Q9FN 75-inch smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV

Samsung QN75Q9FN 75-inch smart 4K ultra HD QLED TV


By: Samsung

Redefine luxury and comfort at home by watching your favorite TV shows, Movies, and games on Samsung QN75Q9FN HD QLED TV. It comes in more than a billion shades of select phenomenal colors and a complete array of backlighting. Its design is irresistibly cute, featuring clutter-free cabling. The 100% color volume feature rejuvenates picture quality for a brilliant visual experience. This set also includes a Microsoft Xbox X so that you can use the TV as a display for gaming.

Key features

  • Color variety: 100% color volume for excellent picture quality.
  • Q Contrast EliteMax: Direct Full Array LED and an anti-reflective screen.
  • Ultra-Black Elite reduces screen glare.
  • Q HDR EliteMax: built exclusively for Q9’s premium picture quality.
  • The Q HDR EliteMax is essentially a maximum High Dynamic Range that utilizes HDR 10+ for premium images.
  • The Ultra-Black Elite provides an additional layer of antiglare protection. This feature is also responsible for deeper blacks.
  • The Q Contrast EliteMax comes with a full array of LEDs and an anti-reflective screen that delivers pristine picture details.

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4. Sony XBR65A8F 65 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Bravia OLED TV

Sony XBR65A8F 65 inch 4K Ultra HD smart Bravia OLED TV


By: Sony

With more than 8M self-illuminating pixels, the Sony 4K UHD smart Bravia OLED TV delivers incomparable image quality. Enjoy watching fantastic TV shows, movies, and even games in Hybrid Log Gamma, Dolby Vision, and HDR 10 HDR formats. Its X1 Extreme processor regulates the pixels for high-grade picture quality. And all images come in unprecedented attractive contrast and typical OLED style.

What’s more, the 4K UHD smart Bravia OLED TV comes with a tri-luminous display and 4K HDR super bit mapping for vibrant and smooth colors.  Sony’s Acoustic surface blends perfectly with its video and audio quality. You will also appreciate the smooth integration of the 4K UHD image quality with high contrast ratio and other High Dynamic Range (HDR) details for lifelike images.

Key features:

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Fast action capability: OLED panel integrated native 120Hz refresh rate enhanced by Motionflow XR.
  • Supported formats: HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision
  • Input ports: 4 HDMI, 2 USB 2.0 & 3.0, and composite
  • Control: voice remote control (RMF-TX220U)
  • It supports a wide range of display formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG for high-quality videos.
  • It comes with a smart voice remote control compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • The inbuilt Motionflow XR function enhances the OLED panel’s native 120Hz refresh rate. This renders a smooth watching experience by eliminating motion blurs during fast action scenes.
  • Sony XBR65A8F smart TV combines 4K UHD picture clarity with High Dynamic Range (HDR) contrast and color detailing for lifelike pictures.

3. TCL 43S425 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV

TCL 43S425 43-inch 4K Ultra HD smart Roku LED TV



TCL is one of America’s leading TV manufacturers with a good reputation for quality. The Roku LED 4K UHD TV is one of its latest models. This is essentially a simplified version of the 4K UHD TV and guarantees unparalleled picture and audio quality. Because it is compatible with HDR, users get to choose from more than 5000 streaming channels with the latest movies and TV shows. Also, you can watch your favorite sports, news, and weather updates. For enhanced picture quality, this TCL  4K TV has a direct-lit LED screen.

Like most 4K TVs, this one also combines 4K UHD picture clarity with color and contrast of the High Dynamic Range (HDR) for exquisite picture quality. It comes with up to 3 HDMI 2.0 ports for easy projection and displaying pictures and videos from other peripheral devices.

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 38.2” x 22.4” x 3” (without stand) & 38.2” x 24.5” x 7.6” (with stand)
  • Display formats: supports 4K UHD and HDR picture qualities
  • Screen Lighting: direct-lit LED for exquisite picture quality
  • Warranty: 60-day free tech support
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, 1 USB, RF, Composite, Headphone jack, optical audio port, and Ethernet port.
  • The smart functionality allows access to some 500,000+ movies and TV show channels. And all these are accessible on Roku TV’s simple and intuitive interface.
  • For lifelike picture quality, this 4K TV combines UHD picture clarity with the contrast and color quality of High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • It has a direct-lit LED screen lighting technology that further enhances picture quality.
  • This 4K smart TV comes with 60-day free tech support. Get assistance on all issues and queries related to this television from its experts.

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2. Samsung electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32” 1080P Smart LED TV

Samsung electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32” 1080P smart LED TV


By: Samsung

Watch your favorite games, movies, and TV shows on a vibrant full HD 32-inch 4K smart TV screen. With 1080P, this is undoubtedly a high-resolution smart TV with very intuitive features. If you want to enjoy a more connected and interactive home entertainment experience, the inbuilt WiFi feature takes care of that. Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA 1080P smart LED TV adds life to your media contents with its vivid ultra-clean display. This makes it easier to analyze original contents with a much advanced visual algorithm.

The Samsung remote control offers a more accessible and more intelligent way to experience quality entertainment. The micro dimming pro feature enhances picture colors. You get to appreciate deeper black and pure white colors even more.

Key features:

  • Full HD 1080P: 2X the clarity of standard HD TVs
  • Variety: enjoy watching your favorite games, movies, TV shows, and other media content.
  • Other additions: inbuilt Wi-Fi & micro dimming pro
  • It comes with amazing processing speeds, refresh rate, and crystal clear moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 60.
  • Processor: Its quad-core processor guarantees users fluid browsing experience and quick control switching between apps and other functions.
  • Provides media contents in vivid full HD 1080P display for an exquisite entertainment experience.
  • The Samsung remote control ensures smooth and easy access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and games channels.
  • The quad-core processor facilitates super-fast responsiveness for a fluid content browsing experience.

1. New: Toshiba 50LF621U21 50-inch 4K  Smart LED TV (2020)

Toshiba 50LF621U21 50-inch 4K  Smart LED TV (2020)


By: Toshiba

The Toshiba 50LF621U21 HD Smart LED TV is a new generation 4K TV with an inbuilt Fire TV Edition. It supports a voice remote control with Alexa. With simple voice instructions, you can launch apps, search movie titles, play music, switch inputs, and even control other smart home devices. The installation of the Toshiba smart LED TV is effortless. Just plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and enjoy it.

The integrated Fire TV Edition delivers 4k resolution. This feature also enhances the viewer experience by creating exceptionally deep black and pure white aspects of your favorite videos. This 4K smart TV allows access to thousands of movie and TV show channels, apps, Alexa skills, including Hulu, HBO, Netflix, Showtime, etc.

Key features:

  • Control: voice remote with Alexa
  • Dimensions: 11.50 x 44.30 x 28.20 inches
  • TV channels: Fire TV Edition seamlessly integrates live over-the-air TV with streaming channels on a unified home screen.
  • Display: 50-inch display.
  • It supports voice remote control with Alexa. This lets you launch apps, lay music, switch inputs and even control other smart home devices with simple voice commands.
  • The Fire TV Edition seamlessly integrates live over-the-air TV and streaming channels on a common home screen.
  • It comes with a remote control to launch into Prime Video and Netflix with quick access buttons.

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Why Do You Need to Use a Smart TV for Home?

  • Easy to Connect: Smart TVs are known for easy internet connection as they can connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or direct connection. Therefore, this implies that they will enable you to stream all your favorite movies and music.
  • Easy to Operate: Smart TVs are very ergonomic as they come with different software and graphical presentation.  Since the interface is close to what you have on computers and smartphones, operating and navigating is easy. You can also use voice control to start a movie or search for titles.
  • Software Update Regularly: Unlike other TVs, the 4K Smart TVs will regularly update its software with the new features. This is because most of the sets are powered by different platforms like Android TV and Roku, among others.


That marks the end of our review of some of the best 4K smart TVs in 2023. We have provided a detailed description of each television brand to help you take the guesswork out of shopping. Use our list as a guide and reference whenever you go shopping for a dream smart TV set. These are the Top 10 Best Smart TVs Reviews in 2023 for you to consider. They are the high quality and excellent Smart TVs that will offer you the best services ever. Also, be sure to check out the Amazon links provided for details on price and other product features. All the TVs are available online where you need to make your order, and it shall be delivered within the estimated time.

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