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Microphones come in different types (dynamic or condenser) and have different polar patterns (omnidirectional, cardioid, etc.), but there is also a difference where they are used. Modern studio microphones are great for recording performances in a controlled setting. Additionally, they are common for broadcasts (for news organizations), communication (video conferences, teaching lessons, or interviews), speech recognition, or voice command, especially for the disabled.

They are also versatile and flexible to use – you can perform other useful tasks like cooking or taking in a call without the need to reach out your mobile phone’s inbuilt mic while talking.

Want to record your golden voice? Or you need a device to communicate with? Whether you are in a semi-pro or professional environment, or even a home studio, the type of mic you use is critical to getting the best combination possible. However, microphones come in different shapes and sizes, and shopping for one is not easy. This is made even worse considering the complexity of audio recording.

Knowing which microphone is perfect for your situation or needs is important,  even if you already have some sound knowledge. For instance, dynamic mics are perfect for live shows, while condenser microphones are mostly used for studio environments. Apart from these two, many other types include Ribbon, Electret, Piezo or Ceramic, vacuum-tube, large-diaphragm, small-diaphragm capacitor, etc. These types have different applications, but the most important factor when choosing one is how they sound in the required application.

These are the Best Studio Recording Microphones to buy in 2022

With that in mind, here’s a list of the Top 10 Best Microphones in 2022 reviews:

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Read more detailed reviews of each microphone below:

10. NEW: Rode NT-USB Studio Mic

Rode NT-USB Studio Mic


The NT-USB is a versatile microphone suitable for home-recording singing and musical performances and spoken words such as podcasting and voice-over. You can connect it to any PC or Mac, and it works well with major recording apps and software, like Garageband or Audacity.

The stand of the Rode NT-USA is sturdy and has a pop filter added. This way, even close recordings and many p-words will not disturb the listening experience. With the zero-latency headphone jack, you monitor exactly what you record in the same sound quality.

Rode is one of the leading manufacturers of microphones for video cameras, studios, and professional recording. The bring a decade long experience to the table.

9. Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone

Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone


Make outstanding recordings with the Samson Meteor Microphone. It is undeniably a universal recording solution for podcasts and voice-overs and is suitable for home studio, Skype, voice recognition software, and iChat.

With large condenser diaphragms (25mm), cardioid pickup pattern, and smooth frequency response, you get professional audio results no matter what you are recording. The headphone volume knob and no latency monitoring headphone output give you complete sound control.

Thanks to the integrated microphone stand, now you can mount the Meteor Mic comfortably on your desktop stand. Alternatively, the Meteor USB Microphone can be plugged right into your iPad using Apple’s USB connector. No need for a powered USB hub.

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8. Samson Go Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson Go Portable USB Condenser Microphone


This studio microphone is ideal for performers, audio professionals, educators, and recording artists who often change recording locations. The Samson Go Microphone is a portable recording microphone perfect for field recording, plus recording music and podcasts. If you are recording an interview in an office but want to ensure good sound quality, the Samson mic is a great companion.

It’s also an excellent solution for webcasting, voice-overs, iChat, and voice recognition software. The Go Mic is meticulously engineered with high-quality components to offer remarkably clear and professional audio production. It comes with a foldable stand. 

You can also use cardioid mode and omnidirectional mode to capture vocals and musical instruments. Plug-and-play operation is compatible with any modern computer. The mic has a custom, compact design; you can sit it unobtrusively on your desk or clip it onto your computer.

7. Fifine K669 USB Podcast Condenser Microphone

Fifine K669 USB Podcast Condenser Microphone


Take your music, TikTok, or podcast to the next level with the Fifine K669 USB Microphone. It’s no surprise that this microphone made it to this list of the Best Mics in 2022 Reviews. Perfect for podcasts and voiceovers in addition to recording musical and singing performances, K669 is an affordable and easy to set up mic.

Obviously, you want something that gets the job done to focus on your creative work. This USB microphone offers high-quality recordings, plugs directly into your computer, and works with the most common communication platform or recording software.

The microphone is easy to use, making it an ideal for recordings in offices, outside settings, and in your home studio. You can create your video audio and record vocals and instruments without any sound distractions by utilizing the cardioid pickup pattern. You’ll also like the portability and durability of this product.

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Looking for an all-around microphone? Look no further; the Fifine USB Microphone is ideal for recording music and singing recordings plus spoken applications like voice-overs and podcasting.

With the Fifine K668, you’re not limited to home studio recording; you can also use the microphone for Skype, gaming, Google Voice Search, and recordings for YouTube or Instastories.

The microphone is great for picking up vocals and filtering out background noise from the recorded audio,  thanks to the omnidirectional pickup pattern. Furthermore, this product comes with a tripod stand for hassle-free setup during recordings and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS platforms.

5. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone


Another product we think is worth mentioning is the 10 best home studio microphones in 2022 reviews is the CAD U37. Undeniably, CAD Audio is a significant player in the audio industry, delivering instrumental, high performance, cost-effective and innovative studio- and live recording mics.

And CAD U37 USB Microphone is a testimony to this; it brings studio-quality audio to your home studio session, gaming, and social media. Unlock your experience and creative edge! The U37 has an extended transient response, frequency response, and smooth interpretation, making it excellent for speech, singing, and recording instruments.

The switches minimize distortion and feedback from loud sound sources. The bass roll-off switch can shift between “Normal Bass” and “Bass Reduction” modes. Additionally, the U37 is simple to use and versatile; plug the mic into your computer and start recording.

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4. PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone

PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone


Enjoy your recording experience with Lavalier microphones, perfect for recording clear and clean sound for professional results. Whether you want to record Youtube, interviews, podcasts, video conferences, or your song, the PowerDeWise omnidirectional microphone is the device to use! The mic cancels noise for sound recordings and is compatible with your PC, laptop, mobile phone, and cameras that don’t require an active microphone.

This clip-on mic doesn’t need a battery or a USB port. You can connect it to the mic jack of your laptop or recording device. You’ll like the 79-inch Velcro wrapped extension cord, which enables you to move around the room or studio without unplugging the microphone, and the extra storage case that ensures your microphone is safe wherever you go.

3. Floureon BM-800 Condenser Studio Recording Microphone

Floureon BM-800 Condenser Studio Recording Microphone


Undoubtedly, Floureon BM-800 is a good deal because it not only includes a high-quality condenser mic. You also get a professional mic arm, which you can fit on any table, plus a pop filter. It can be used separately or connected to a desktop computer. However, you’ll need to use a 48 Volt phantom supply or connect the microphone to an electrical outlet for clearer and higher sound if you choose to use your laptop.

With low self-noise and cardioid unidirectional pickup pattern suppress feedback, the Floureon condenser studio microphone is suitable for broadcasting stations, recording studios, computers, and other closed environments performances.

The high signal-to-noise ratio is boosted by the microphone’s crispness, vocal intelligibility, and, more importantly, the neodymium magnet feature. That’s not all; the shock mount also helps to reduce handling noise.

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2. Blue Microphones Snowball USB 

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone


Another excellent product from Blue Microphones, the Snowball USB Microphone, offers exceptional sound capture capabilities. This award-winning dual-capsule mic produces clean, crisp recordings that have no distortion or feedback.

Perfect for vocals, podcasting, voiceovers, musical instruments, interviews, conference calls, field recordings, and more, Snowball has a plug-and-play design compatible with Mac and PC. The recording is more flexible thanks to the unique pattern switch that allows you to shift between 3 different settings (Cardioid mode, the Cardioid mode with 10 dB PAD, and Omnidirectional mode).

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti USB Microphone


Blue Yeti is the king of podcasting and dubbing.  You get a high-quality microphone that connects conveniently through USB to your laptop or PC. Whether you record vocals, podcasts, interviews, or instrumental music,  thanks to Yeti’s multiple pattern selection (cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional), the sound will always be excellent.

 With its tri-capsule technology, you don’t need multiple microphones to do standard recordings anymore.  You can plug in your headphone to monitor the sounds, and you can control gain with a simple knob.  It comes with an excellent stand, and you can change the mic’s angle by adjusting the two screws on each side of the stand. This mic is suitable for recording interviews because both parties can speak while it sits in the middle.

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Other factors to consider when purchasing a studio microphone

  • Connectivity – There are a few ways to connect your mic to whatever you are recording into including USB, XLR connector, and 3.5mm cable. For better sound quality the XLR-to-audio interface is more preferable, but USB is more convenient. 
  • Your intended use – If you want to record vocals, the large-diaphragm cardioid polar pattern is the best option. Dynamic mics, on the other hand, are versatile for performing or recording anything.
  • Additional Accessories – Cables, travel pouches, mic stands, pop filters, and windscreens are some of the accessories to check for.
  • Your budget – Dynamic microphones are cheaper compared to top quality condenser microphones. Telex wireless microphones are extremely secure and have long battery life, but are extremely expensive.


Your search for a mic for your recording, performing, or communication is now easier than ever. Thanks to the Top 10 Best Microphones in 2022 reviews, you can now narrow down your long list of microphones to a single mic that is perfect for your needs.

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