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If you are a serious reader, you probably know that reading a long book from your laptop, phone, or tablet may feel tiresome. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to carry a hardcopy of your favorite book. With the best kindle E-reader, you can say goodbye to the issues that come with carrying loads of books and suffering eyestrain from light glare from phones and other devices.

The Kindle E-readers are designed to offer you the convenience of reading and storing thousands of books with ease. These models will ensure maximum concentration since you do not have to deal with emails, social media texts, and calls.

If you would wish to be part of the eBook age, you shouldn’t hesitate to grab one of these amazing products. This product will also save you the time and energy of having to go to the library to borrow books.

Besides, they are compact, cheaper, and practical to use almost anywhere. Here is the list of the top ten best Kindle E-readers available on the market.

The 10 Best Kindle E-Readers in 2020

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Have a look at more detailed reviews of each product below:

10. Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather Charging Cover

Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather Charging Cover

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Passionately crafted for the avid readers and beginners, this Kindle reader comes with a balanced ergonomic design and high resolution. The kindle reader boasts of a remained design making it one of the thinnest and lightest Kindle ever.

In fact, this unit weighs about 20 percent lighter than any other kindle available. The model also comes with a tapered ergonomic handgrip designed to shift the gravity to your palm making it feel as light as a paper.

Kindle oasis comes with a high-resolution display that allows the user to enjoy the crisp and laser-quality text. Measuring about a 6-inch display, the model will enable you to read documents easily.

The model also comes with a dual battery charging system that allows for several months of battery life. Also, this unit comes with a premium leather cover that ensures that it remains in top condition.

Key features
  • Longest Kindle battery life
  • Incredibly sharp display
  • Premium leather cover
  • Read comfortably with one hand

9. Kindle Paperwhite, International Version

Kindle Paperwhite, International Version

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Being one of the easiest to use Kindle reader on the market, this is a perfect choice for everyone looking for a professionally designed Kindle reader. With this model, you are going to get a high-resolution eBook reader that has exclusive fonts. This makes it super easy to read. The unit also comes with a portable design making it easy to use almost everywhere.

We also love its durable construction and long-lasting battery life. With this unit, you can say goodbye to the hassle of recharging your kindle reader before every presentation.

The model also comes with the anti-glare technology that has adjustable brightness. This is a great feature for individuals with the eye problem. Besides, the adjustable light makes this kindle E-reader one of the most practical to use the model in all lighting conditions.

Key features
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Adaptive front lighting
  • Higher resolution display
  • Lighter than a paperback

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8. Kindle Voyage E-reader

Kindle Voyage E-reader

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The Kindle Voyage E-reader is an outstanding model that comes with the high-end build quality, a slick user interface, as well as the crisp screen. Looking at the features that come with this model, we can comfortably classify it as one of the most feature-rich e-readers available on the market.

The unit also offers you great reading experiences for all readers. This model is engineered to come closer to the use of a sheet of paper. This is facilitated by the streamlined design, and flush front bezel.

Additionally, the Kindle Voyage comes with a magnesium back well as specially reinforced glass front making not only sleek but also durable. We also love the page flip feature that makes it easier to find the chart, pictures, maps as well as other notes and highlights from various parts of a book.

Key features
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Highest resolution e-reader display
  • Sleek yet durable designs
  • Remarkably thin design

7. Certified Refurbished Kindle Voyage E-reader

Certified Refurbished Kindle Voyage E-reader

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You can now forget about the heavy books to carry around to keep yourself informed on different disciples. With this Kindle E-reader, you will get a portable companion, which carries all the books you need. This is a portable model that allows you to travel light, read your favorite book as you travel as well as access various books all in one place.

For user convenience, this model comes with a   high-resolution display and adaptive screen that offers you with laser-quality text. The model also comes with an auto light adjustment that allows you to read your books in different lighting conditions. Besides, you will love the page press feature that enables to turn the page without lifting your fingers.

Key features
  • Effortless page turns
  • Adaptive front light
  • Read more challenging books
  • Affordable price

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6. Kindle Oasis E-reader

Kindle Oasis E-reader

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 Featuring one of the biggest and brighter displays, this Kindle reader has the capacity to fit thirty percent more words. This will allow you to access more words per word, for fewer page turns. The display also ensures that the user accesses crisp and laser-quality texts. This makes it read like a real paper without any glare despite the lighting condition.

The model also comes with an ergonomic design that rests in your hand like the hard copy. With the dedicated page, turn buttons or touch display, turning the page of your book has never been easier.

Another great feature that comes with this unit is the adaptive front light that allows it to adjusts the light to fit the surrounding. This will ensure that you read a book well when you are out in the sun or in poorly lit areas. You can also fine-tune the settings for a more customized look.

Key features
  • Larger storage capacity
  • Designed to feel light as paper
  • Export and share notes
  • Allows you to adjust your text size

5. Kobo Aura Digital Text Reader

Kobo Aura Digital Text Reader

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Combining the brand’s experience and feedback from passionate readers, this Kindle reader is crafted to offer the user with the best reading experience. To ensure that the users get what they need, the brand invited a group of the esteemed customers to work with their engineers from start to finish. This allowed the manufacturer to design the Kindle reader in a more practical design.

The model comes with front light technology, practical screen size, and simple access to what the user needs. With access to over five million titles, you can be sure to get whatever you want.

This kindle reader also comes with more storage that allows it to hold up to twice the number of books the other kindles holds. The model also comes with an extended battery life that lasts for up to a month.

In addition, you can also read your favorite books on your poolside without having to worry about water damage. This is facilitated by the unique water protection.

Key features
  • Large screen and crystal clear display quality
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Waterproof design
  • ComfortLight PRO allows you to adjust the light

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4. Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

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Smartphones, tablets, and PC are great multipurpose devices that come handy in our lives. However, sometimes, it is hard to concentrate on what you are reading while using this device.

The numerous social media sites or phone calls while using the latter can easily carry you away. With this Kindle reader, you can concentrate on your reading without any distractions.

Designed specifically to allow you to have the best reading experience, you can now read without the glare of light under different lighting conditions. Another benefit of using this unit is that it comes with a long-lasting battery. Unlike the other devices that you need to charge constantly or even carry a power backup, a single charge in this model can last up to six weeks!

Key features
  • Higher resolution display
  • Built-in adjustable light
  • Free cloud storage for all Amazon content
  • Lighter than a paperback

3. Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

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By design, this model is designed to offer you a sanctuary that lets you lose yourself in a book. Featuring a sleek, durable, and compact design, you can read your favorite book everywhere you are. The model guides the light towards the display surface. This will eliminate the eyestrains that are often common when using other devices such as a Smartphone.

The device also comes with a smart lookup feature. This will allow you to look up for a word from the Oxford dictionary, Wikipedia, and X-ray. Besides, this model comes with an instant translator. With this feature, you simply need to highlight a section you need to translate, and you can have it in another language instantly. The translation is offered by the Bing translator and is available in various languages, including Spanish, German, Japanese, French and much more.

Key features
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjust your text size
  • Translate passages instantly
  • Sharp and dark text

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2. Amazon Kindle E-reader

Amazon Kindle E-reader

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For individuals looking for something that is a bit easier on the wallet, you should not hesitate to go for this model. This is a 6-inch   kindle reader that comes with great technical specs and a premium feel.

We love the thinner and lighter design that allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand. Unlike other models, this Kindle reader uses actual ink particles, proprietary as well as a hand-built font to create crisp text similar to those on a physical book. To ensure a better reading experience, the model also ensures that the black and whites on the screen are uniform.

Similarly not like the reflective  Smartphone or tablet screen, this reader comes with a high contrast touchscreen display that doesn’t have glare regardless of the lighting condition.

Additionally, this unit doesn’t require power to maintain a page of text. This will enable you to read your favorite books for several weeks on a single charge.

Key features
  • No blue light to disturb your sleep
  • Long-lasting battery
  • No glare in bright sunlight
  • Read comfortably with one hand

1. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

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With an exclusive new design, this kindle reader comes with a contemporary and warm design that will please you. The reader offers the user with the best fonts in the modern print books to ensure higher readability at any font size.

This model has customized in a way that it lays out the words in the exact way the author intended to ensure the best reading experience. This is made possible by using the improved character spacing as well as the addition of justification, hyphenation as well as kerning.

Besides the high resolution and decent-sized screen, the user can read the book with more ease thanks to the larger font sizes. The reader also comes with an automatic page layout and margin that will adapt well regardless of the font size.

Additionally, there are typography and layout improvements to suit your needs. With large internal storage, this model can hold more than a half a million Kindle books

Key features
  • No glare in bright sunlight
  • Charge monthly, not daily
  • Adjust your text size
  • Allows you to look up a word instantly as you read

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Considerations to make when purchasing the best Kindle E-readers

A while ago,   the only available Kindle E-reader was from Amazon. However, today we have various models from a different brand. To help you choose the best model, you should have the following consideration in mind.

  • Screen and display

We have various screen sizes ranging to smaller models with less than five inches and bigger models with over ten inches screen size. We recommend a Kindle reader with an at least 6-inch screen. This ensures you to read the text without much struggle. The E-reader should also have a crisp and high definition display to allow you to read with ease.

  • Text size and font

This is another great feature to consider when purchasing the best Kindle E-reader. For the best experience, you should go for models with a handmade font that mimics the look of those found in hardcopy. The user should also have the ability to adjust the font size to suit their unique needs.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Connectivity to the internet is also crucial. Once you have a model that can connect to the internet, it will be easy to download your favorite book. Some of the models with these features also offer free cloud storage, which is great when you need additional storage space. Besides, this model also offers other crucial features such as instant translation to another language as well as word lookup. These are all facilitated by internet availability.

  • Look and feel

First, you should ensure that the Kindle E-reader comes with a sturdy design. Besides a durable design, you should also ensure that it feels comfortable in your hand. Here you should pick a model that is lightweight so that you can operate using one hand.


Each of the above best Kindle E-readers is great for everyone who wouldn’t want to lug around a stack of books. They are also convenient than contemporary devices such as your phone which cause eyestrain. Before making your choice, start by noting what you would want (our buyer’s guide will help you with that). You should also think of any other preference you need. After this, go through the models listed above and select the model that suits your needs.

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