Top 10 Best IKEA TV Stands in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

IKEA TV stands

Are you trying to get your new house to leave a lasting impression on your guests or want to redecorate your home for a more refreshing look?

In that case, the usual thing to do is to buy and decorate your house with the most excellent household items, such as lights, art-pieces, electronics, furniture, etc. When it comes to furniture, the first things to consider are things like beds, dining tables, and chairs, while in the electronics aspect, you need to buy a decent tv for starters.

Even though you can get the most high-end and technologically advanced tv sets on the market, you need to present the collection with elegance as well by showcasing it in proper view and hiding the unruly mess of the mesh of wires, cables and media devices that accompany the tv. The solution to that problem is a good tv stand that can support your tv size as well as other accessories.

Buying these TV stands isn’t as easy, but you could rely on big name manufacturers when deciding your purchase. The IKEA TV stands are manufactured by ‘IKEA’, a multinational company that’s the leading producer of furniture, so you can bet that they’re tv stands are top of the line as well.

Which IKEA TV stand should you buy?

You may be surprised that something as simple as a TV stand could require a lot of speculation and research to make a purchase. There are a lot of factors to consider leading up to the ultimate decision, mainly the tv dimensions and size, the preferred height of the tv, the build quality of the tv stand, its extended features and its ability to hide the messy mass of wiring.

After you’re done sifting the possible candidates through your criteria, you need to match it with your prescribed budget and whether or not you can comfortably afford it.

Still, you never know how good something is unless you have the first-hand experience, which is why customer feedback is so valuable in the consumer market.

Pick the Best IKEA TV Stands to Buy in 2019

Hence, to make your decision making all the easier, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best IKEA tv stands on the market based on popular demand and ratings to ensure that you get your money’s worth, no matter how much you’re willing to spend.

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Starting off this list is the very sleek and stylish Ikea GETTORP tv unit, capable of accommodating tv’s up to a size of 50 inches, making it all the more suitable for spacious living rooms. Its simplicity makes it easily incorporable into any kind of interior, so matching with the overall room look won’t be a problem whatsoever.

The bench is made of tempered glass and metal, making it look aesthetically pleasing in addition to being durable and easy-to-clean. The cable management accessories and shelves make the management of your cables, DVD’s and devices extremely convenient, making it one of the best IKEA TV stands out there.

9. IKEA Brusali TV Stand

IKEA Brusali TV Stand


The Brusali tv stand is an excellent pick for a customer with a more subtle style preference, as the bench is made of brown wood and maintains an entirely simplistic appearance. The adjustable shelves are free to be varied according to your liking, with enough space to hold an ample number of books, DVD or media devices such as gaming consoles or DVD players.

The bench itself is stable and spacious enough for big tv’s and can hold up to 55 lbs, and even has a cable outlet for hiding the jumbled-up wiring. It’s a budget model and is highly recommended for someone satisfied with this price range.

8. IKEA 8-drawer dresser

IKEA 8-drawer dresser


Being a dresser, this Ikea table is more suitable for bedroom sets where it serves as a multi-purpose tv-stand capable of providing a significant amount of storage space simultaneously. It’s tall enough to give an elevation to the TV making it viewable from the bed as well.

The build material is mostly wood, so it’s sturdy enough to carry supplies and hold other items on top as well with ease, making it one of the best Ikea tv stands for bedrooms.

7. IKEA Expedit Entertainment Center Tv Stand

IKEA Expedit Entertainment Center Tv Stand


If you’re looking for a modern tv stand to add to the aesthetic of your living room, look no further than the Ikea Expedit Entertainment Centre. A considerable tv stand that’s capable of accommodating TV sizes up to 55 inches, while still saving space for decorations, speakers or whatever you may want to display.

It’s quite durable and an excellent recommendation for homes with big families. It’s got everything you need to save space, make your home look great and leave a lasting expression on guests, proving it to be one of the best Ikea tv stands of 2023.

6. IKEA Expedit Bookcase / Tv Stand

IKEA Expedit Bookcase / Tv Stand


They’re a lot of household furniture that boasts versatility by offering multiple purposes. The Ikea Expedit Bookcase / Tv Stand is an excellent example, acting as a multi-purpose solution to your living room.

It’s durable, stylish, easily affordable and spacious enough to act as a library once standing upright, and as a multi-slot tv stand when laid down, although it does need a wall-anchoring device. Easily one of the best Ikea TV stands regarding versatility.

5. IKEA White Cabinet Tv Stand

IKEA White Cabinet Tv Stand


One of the lighter background living rooms out there, the Ikea white cabinet tv stand is another multi-purpose space-saving solution, with ample tabletop space for tv and other display items.

It’s easy to clean, and its cupboards let you store whatever you please, with the comfort of knowing they can be key-locked for extra security. Cords are easy to gather and manage the outlet, and the tall legs compliment easy cleaning.

4. IKEA Red Cabinet Stand Multi-Use Lockable

IKEA Red Cabinet Stand Multi-Use Lockable


Belonging to the low-budget range of Ikea’s tv stand range, the Ikea Red Cabinet Stand is also a tv bench with lockable cabinets to secure your personal belongings with ease. The bench can comfortably hold up large tv’s while still having room for more.

The thin-gauge metal table can be used for practically anything, all the while adding vivid colors to your living room. It’s extremely lightweight and portable yet surprisingly sturdy, a great addition to any living room

3. IKEA 902.432.97 Lack TV Stand

IKEA 902.432.97 Lack TV Stand


Sometimes, it’s better to keep everything as simple as possible, because that may be all anyone may need. See for yourself with the Ikea Lack Tv stand. It’s the perfect addition to your living room if you happen to be running out of the room, making it one of the best Ikea TV stands when it comes to space-saving.

The lack of high-quality build material may not deem it very durable, but for the astonishingly low price, it’s a grand bargain nonetheless and thus immensely popular. Although assembly is required, it’s quite easy for one person to complete. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Ikea TV stands in the low-price range.

2. IKEA Modern Lack Coffee Table White

IKEA Modern Lack Coffee Table White


Why would one spend so much on an expensive tv if they could buy a cheaper one and hence a better tv? The Ikea modern lack coffee table is the answer to that question, coming at a very reasonable cost, without compromising on quality.

It may be used as a table for holding drinks, but it’s good enough to hold entire tv-sets as well, with ample space in the shelf to hold other items as well such as magazines or CDs. It’s one of the most space-saving and budget-friendly options on the market, easily one of the best Ikea tv stands as well.

1. IKEA TV Bench Stand Unit

IKEA TV Bench Stand Unit


Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for! The Ikea TV bench stand unit is one of the best Ikea TV stands available, if not the best. The customers prefer it as their first choice since its exquisite design and color complement the room’s beauty like nothing else, while the sturdy table can hold the biggest of tv’s along with consoles, DVD players, CD’s and display items with ease. It’s easy to assemble and clean as well. There’s no doubt this TV bench gives its money’s worth, and then some.


In the end, your choice boils down to your requirements and budgets. Some people may want the best there is while some people just want their tv stands to do the job. Some households may have yards of free space such as in villas, while some people find it hard to fit big tables in small compact apartments.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration, so even if you were to put your faith in this list, you won’t be disappointed since it’s a compilation of the best Ikea tv stands based on the majority view, making it your safest bet.

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