The Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Adult in 2022

Electric mountain bikes

If you love cycling, but you hate the tedious work of constantly paddling, especially when going uphill, we have a solution. Unlike the traditional bicycles, electric bikes allow you to enjoy a smoother ride and lesser peddling. Also referred to as e-bikes, these bikes come with a motor assistance that offers the user a break from having to peddle constantly — a rechargeable battery powers the motor, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the constant replacement of the battery or fuel refills.

There are numerous benefits of owning an electric bike over conventional bicycles. To start with, since you require less effort to peddle, you can carry a larger load without having to worry about being overly fatigued. These bikes also do not emit gases that are harmful to the environment. This is why they have become favorites to people who love the environment.

Additionally, these bikes will help you save money, as they are easy to maintain and don’t require you to purchase gas now and then as you usually do for your vehicles.

The Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Adult in 2022

In this article, we will review the best electric bikes for adults available on the market. By taking your time to compare the following product, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.

A list of top ten high-performance electric bikes for you to select now:

Read more detailed reviews of each bike for adults below:

10. Speedrid Electric Mountain Bike

Speedrid Electric Mountain Bike


No matter if roads, trails, or hills: with the Speedrid electric mountain bike for adults, you can manage each terrain. The strong 500W brushless motor lets you reach a travel speed of up 23 mph. It supports you also when riding uphill. The bike offers 5 levels of pedal assistance and a 7-speed professional transmission system. One full battery load can bring you as far as 22 – 40 miles, depending on the riding condition and how much you use the pedals yourself.

The double-layer aluminum alloy wheel rims and high-strength carbon steel front fork shock absorption let you ride comfortably also offroad. The mountain bike comes with front and rear disc brakes for a more precise braking power. A modern LCD display informs you through your tour about your battery level, mileage, and riding speed.

  • 3 riding modes: full muscle power, full electric riding, or pedal assistance.
  • Pedal assistance levels from 1-5.
  • 300 lbs of load capacity.
  • 6 – 8 hours recharge time.
  • The bike cannot handle long slopes exceeding 40 degrees in electric mode.

9. NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike


Going on a bike tour will be even more fun with the NCM Moscow electric mountain bike for adults. Reliable brand components like Shimano and Tektro were used to build this sturdy and reliable E-bike. The solid aluminium alloy frame weighs only 55 lbs but can take up to 275 lbs weight. The powerful 500W hub motor assists to reach speeds of up to 22 mph for riding distances of 30 up to 60 miles depending on the conditions.

The included Das-Kit L7B display shows multiple information simultaneously to set the power output of the battery and motor with its 6 levels of pedal-assist. With the SR Suntour XCT front fork, you pre-adjust and customize your travel based on your weight and riding preference for a smoother ride.

  • 21 speed Shimano drivetrain.
  • 624wh DeHawk 48v 13AH lithium-ion battery.
  • Schwalbe Smart Sam allrounder tires.
  • Tektro disc brakes with an added brake sensor.
  • The mountain bike still needs some assembling after delivery.

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#8. NAKTO Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike


NAKTO is a trusted name in the field of the best electric mountain bikes for adults. It is the most economical electric mountain bike in 2022. It is made from high-strength carbon steel, making it lightweight and durable. The front fork is made of high-quality carbon steel material and fitted with a shock absorber so that you have a comfortable and pleasant ride. Also, it comes with a smart multifunction LED anti-light digital dashboard for easy monitoring of speed, battery charge left, distance covered, and time.

This electric bike has an iron frame and aluminum alloy hub that adds to its durability and strength. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs making it perfect, making it perfect for large riders. It comes with a high-speed 500 Watts brushless motor and a long-lasting battery to deliver high speed up to 35MPH and distance up to 35-50 miles per single charge. The braking system includes full suspension and dual disk brakes for a flawless and efficient stoppage.

Key feature:

  • High-quality SHIMANO 6-Speed-Gears system
  • 500W rear hub brushless motor
  • Front V brake and Rear Expansion brake system
  • 3 working modes: Pedal only, Twist Throttle and Power Assisted
  • Comprises high-quality materials
  • It requires minimal assembly
  • The motor is noiseless
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Can be used as a full e-bike or assisted bike mode
  • The Battery takes long to charge-but long lasting battery life

#7. ECOTRIC Fat Tire 500W Electric Mountain Bike


Are you looking for the best electric mountain bike that is highly suitable for rough terrain? Then, the ECOTRIC Fat Tire 500W electric mountain bike is the best option for you. It has a 500 W motor, making it the most powerful electric bike on the market — the powerful motor is perfect for any terrain and any weather condition. It comes with a powerful 36V rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can ride up to 45 miles on a single charge at 23 MPH of speed.

The bike also features 7 speeds gear for various riding speeds on different surfaces. Furthermore, it is made from a lightweight aluminum material which makes the bike long-lasting and heavy-duty. This bike can support up to 260 lbs of weight.  This bike comes pre-assembled, making it perfect for both intermediate or beginner riders.

Key features:

  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Rear Disc Brakes
  • High load capacity: up to 260LBS
  • Shimano 7 Speed, ½ Twist Throttle
  • Maximum speeds up to 23 MPH
  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Large tires for any road conditions
  • Very easy when changing speed gears
  • High-quality aluminum frame making it lightweight and durable
  • Limited weight capacity

#6. Tomasar Power Electric Bike


Tomasar Power Electric Bike was designed for great performance on various terrains. It is constructed from heavy-duty materials to withstand the harsh weather conditions and rough terrain. The frame is made using lightweight yet sturdy aluminum material for durability and easy handling.  It also features a high carbon steel damping fork to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg. Furthermore, the bike has a lightweight and foldable design for easy storage and transport.

The mountain bike features a high-capacity 24V lithium battery that lasts up to 25 to 50 km. This bike also comes with a 250W motor which enables you to ride at a top speed of 15.5mph on E-Bike mode and 31mph on assisted mode. The bike has a 21-speed Shimano transmission system which makes it perfect for long-distance rides and uphill climbs. For added safety at night, this bike is equipped with a horn and bright LED front light.

Key features:

  • Dual suspension mechanism
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Real and front mechanical disc brakes
  • 26-inch diameter all-terrain wheels
  • The 24V battery is durable and long-lasting
  • Ultra-lightweight and strong aluminum frame
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • The battery charges fast 4-6 hours
  • It looks sleek and nice
  • Anti-slip large tires for better on snowy and wet surfaces
  • Fordable and lightweight design for easy transport and storage
  • A bit expensive

#5. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike


The Cyclamatic bike is one of the sturdiest electric bikes for adults on the market currently. It is made of a high-quality steel material that is lightweight but very sturdy. The frame is also painted using anti-rust and anti-exposure silver paint. This electric bicycle comes with a powerful 250W motor and a large-capacity removable lithium battery that can take 21 to 31 miles.

Moreover, the battery has a quick charge time of 4 to 6 hours. The bike is also fitted with a suspension fork, 26-inches aggressive tires to absorb bumps. The tires are anti-slip resistant and thick, making the bicycle perfect for riding on snowy and rainy days.  The Cyclamatic electric bike is safe to ride with high-quality front and rear disc brakes. Also, the bike features 21-speed transmission for easy pedaling and smooth shifting.

Key features:

  • 250W high-speed motor
  • Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
  • 2 working mode: Assisted and E-bike
  • Minimal assembly is required
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Easy to maintain and assemble
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • It is expensive
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#4. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike


Another great electric bike for adults on the market is the Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike. This bicycle constructed using high strength carbon steel fork and a 100% aluminum alloy metal frame. The bike is equipped with a shock suspension fork and aggressive tires for added comfort even on rough roads. It also features front and rear disc brakes for safety.

The brushless gear motor offers a high speed of 30km/h, and the large capacity battery can run up to 50km.  It also features a 21-speed transmission system to make your ride comfortable and more. The bike has two working modes, including Assisted and E-bike, that you easily switch. Lastly, the bike also comes with other great features, including a horn and bright LED headlamp for night riding.

Key features:

  • High-quality lithium tire
  • 3-speed smart button
  • High capacity 36V Lithium Battery
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • 100% aluminum alloy frame
  • Has horn and LED headlamp for safer rides at night
  • Comprises high-quality materials
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Requires minimal assembly and it is easy to setup
  • The Battery takes long to charge-but has long lasting life
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#3. ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike


Among other mountain bike manufacturing brands, the ANCHEER is very popular for its powerful and high-quality electric bike manufacturing. This bike has a 250W high-speed brushless motor that offers a high speed of 20 mph.  The long-lasting lithium battery provides a great mileage of 22-40 km on a single charge only.

This bicycle can carry a maximum weight of up to 150kg. Also, the front fork of this bike has been constructed using high-strength carbon steel that provides it great comfort and strength. This bike has quiet operation, making it ideal for both trail and urban environments.

Key features:

  • 350 Watts powerful motor
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • The 20 mph maximum speed limit
  • 2 working modes: Assisted bicycle & E-bike
  • It is ideal for uphill riding
  • Long lasting battery life
  • 1-year-limited warranty
  • Comes with a bright LED headlamp for night riding
  • Speed control is limited

#2. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike


Do you love biking but hate the strenuous task of tackling the trails? Add more fun to your biking experience by purchasing Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike. This bike comes with a premium battery pack that offers a nice boost as you peddle. What makes this bike stand out from the rest is the double switch feature. With this feature, you can either switch on the pedal-assist mode to ride like a standard bike or use a full motor assist that lets you enjoy the ride without having to break a sweat. This is not all: below are some of the features that make this bike unique.

Excellent Build and ControlsPerformanceAll-terrain ridingEnhanced Safety
Different from other electric bikes, bikers are surprised with its sleek and no fuse design. Featuring a light yet sturdy aluminum frame, this bike has less drag, ensuring a faster ride. It weighs around 48 pounds, and although it is not easy to carry, it is easy to maneuver, particularly compared to the competitors. This bike comes with decently sized wheels (26 inches) and a front fork to boost its performance. Notably, the bike also comes with an intuitive control panel that enables the riders to switch between three-speed settings.
Pairing a 36V battery with a 250W brushless motor, this bike has enough torque to let the rider enjoy a comfortable ride over different terrain. As mentioned, this bike lets the user choose between the pedal assist and full e-bike mode. By doing so, you can discover new trails leisurely or put some effort and enjoy the trails as you exercise. Enjoy the thrill of speed by taking advantage of the three-speed modes with the 21 speed Shimano gears. However, for the best experience, it is recommended not to pair the highest mode with high-level gears. Doing so will result in resistance-free regardless of how hard you pedal.
Equipped with ultra-strong 26-inch bead spoke wheels, you can ride on almost all trails. The wheels are made of aluminum alloy and fitted with an anti-slip and wear-resistant tire. Besides riding on all terrains, these wheels perform well in harsh weather conditions, including rainy and snowy mountain trails.
Safety is crucial at all times. To ensure the best possible safety for the rider, this bike is equipped with LED lights and a horn. This lets you ride in crowded places day and night. Best of all, the bike is fitted with a rear and front mechanical disc brake that ensures a fast stoppage to prevent accidents irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions.
  • The premium battery offers a decent runtime on a single charge
  • Two riding modes for increased flexibility
  • Strong frame paired with all-terrain wheels
  • Equipped with a bright LED light
  • A bit heavy

The Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike is a versatile electric bike that offers you a decent capacity to tackle tough terrains irrespective of the weather condition. This makes it an excellent choice for both expert and beginner riders looking for a no-frill electric bike that excels well where others don’t. Happy riding!

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#1. MOTAN M-560 P7 power plus electric bicycles

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycles


Addmotor M-560 electric bike is one of the top-rated electric bikes on our list.  This bike has a 1000 motor that provides it great power to use less energy while riding. It features a high-capacity 48V Panasonic battery that is removable for easy charging. The high capacity battery and powerful motor provide high speed at the smallest amount of effort.

The Addmotor MOTAN electric bike offers a maximum speed of 23 MPH.  This bicycle can run for up to 40-55 miles on a single charge.  Furthermore, this bike has an adjustable seat which makes it perfect for different rides.  And has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lb. The tires of this bike are anti-slip and have great traction. They are also durable and wear-resistant.

Key features:

  • 6061 Aluminium-Alloy Frame
  • Variable Speed Control – 1/2 Twist Throttle
  • Shimano 7 Speeds system
  • 1000W high-speed motor
  • A maximum speed of 23 MPH
  • Minimum storage space.
  • The battery charges fast 3-4 hours
  • It is perfect for All-Terrain.
  • It expensive but comes with great features than other E-bikes

How to Choose the Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults – Buyer’s Guide

Electric bikes are the greener way to ride. Today, very many people appreciate the benefits that come with these bikes. They will not only help in saving costs involved in using gasoline-powered vehicles but also save the environment. Regardless of where you want to use the electric bike, the following features should help you find something that works best for you.

  • E-bike range

This is one of the most considerable factors to look at before popping out your money. If you commute on hilly terrains, you need a bicycle that will not cut power when you are halfway. Without power, it can be frustrating as an e-bike turns out to be heavy. Therefore, depending on the riding range, choose a bike with a bigger battery to enhance a longer range. Further, to boost your bike range, pedaling will make it achieve an extended range. Overall, get a bike with a longer range than you need as the battery will deteriorate as it ages.

  • Motor

The motor capacity often determines the speed of the electric bike. Although other factors affect the speed, such as the wheelbase diameter and the rider weight, the motor’s power will greatly affect the speed. Luckily, the manufacturer will indicate the capacity of the motor in Watt and RPM. Going for the model with more wattage will mean that you get more power.

  • Batteries

There are various e-bike batteries available on the market. Each of these batteries has its pros and cons, and it will depend on your needs and budget. However, models that come with LI-ON batteries should be your preferred choice. This is because they are maintenance-free, budget-friendly, easily available, and offer high performance.

  • Performance

Various features contribute to bike performance. These include things such as the suspension, frame, braking system, and wheels. Although we might not all have the same preference for bike design, we can agree that no one would want a hard to maneuver model. For this reason, you should ensure that the bike offers the best suspension, braking system, as well as high traction wheels. Besides, ensuring that you pick a lower center of gravity model will be an advantage as it provides better balance, especially when riding downhill.

  • Bike style

The most electric mountain bike on the market features conventional mountain bikes, flat bars, and hybrid bikes. As with other types of bike frames, in electric bikes, frame designs also aim at increasing the mobility and maneuverability of a bicycle. The combination of the large wheel and narrow tires is perfect for use on smooth surfaces. However, smaller wheels and wider tire allows the e-bike to maneuver perfectly on rough terrains while knocking road portholes.

  • Cost

Like purchasing all the other products, the cost is a determinant factor in purchasing the best electric bikes. Before making your purchase, you should find the right balance between quality and price. For this reason, going for the cheapest model is not a great idea, nor is it going for the most expensive choice. To make the right choice to ensure that you pick a model that comes with the features you want and a competitive price.


Whether you want to get an electric bike to ride around town or get to work, you can currently purchase these top 10 best ones on the market. They also come with more advanced features than others. Order the one that you will love most and enjoy the best riding experience.

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