Top 10 Best Dog Car Seats in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Dog car seats

Why dog car seats important? In a moving car, a dog which is unrestrained can be dangerous even if it doesn’t hop around, howl, bark, or sit on your lap. This is because the unrestrained body of a dog can be catapulted out of a moving vehicle in case of an accident. As a result, your life, as well as the dog’s life, is put at risk. Even if you have a small dog, a frightened dog can also become aggressive and agitated during driving. That is why using dog car seats provide an easy way of controlling and protecting your loyal pet.

A majority of dog car seats come with straps that can be attached to the seat belt system, the base of the seat, or to the center and seat console of the car. Furthermore, a harness at the chest keeps the dog from moving around. If your car gets involved in an accident, the harness functions similarly to a child restraint and distributes weight to keep your pet safe.

A list below will uncover the top 10 best dog car seats in 2022 for you to consider.

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10. Petsfit Booster Seat

Petsfit Booster Seat


The dog car seat by Petsfit comes with a plush liner which is removable. It is also machine washable for ensuring cleanliness. The seat also features a reversible lining so that on hot days you can use the smooth and light side and on cold days, you can use the dark and fluffy side.

The featured pet seat is comfortable and safe, which makes traveling easy. The seat belt keeps the pet safe, and the buckle of the seat belt gets through the booster easily.

  • It is very spacious
  • It can accommodate different sized dogs
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with pockets to store dog treats
  • The leash might not be strong enough
  • Does not come with instructions

9. Pettom Pet Car Seat

Pettom Pet Car Seat


This dog seat comes with an easy to clean fabric, durable material, and stylish designs. The seat features mesh panels that keep the dog comfortable and relaxed while holding the pet down comfortably. The seat can be folded flat so that it can be stored conveniently.

The safety lead inside prevents the dog from jumping out. The tether allows the owner to get access to their dogs without risking their escape. This seat can be attached to the front seat as well as to the back seat of the car.

  • Assembling the seat is really easy
  • Comes with an adjustable strap
  • Convenient for storage
  • Zipper allows easy entry
  • The leash connector is a bit short
  • The zipper’s quality could have been better

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8. HDP Car DELUXE Lookout Booster

HDP Car DELUXE Lookout Booster


Dogs have the urge to have their face hang out the window in a moving car, and this seat is the ultimate solution for such dogs, due to its design. Also, this seat can be folded into a compact and easy storage.

The metal frame of the seat does not let the seat collapsed. It also features extra pockets to store items like dog treats, leash, etc. It attaches quickly so that your pet has a comfortable ride.

  • The material used is easy to clean
  • Attaching and removing the seat is really easy
  • Quite durable
  • Suitable for various sized dogs
  • The strap can be a hindrance when taking out the dog
  • Might not be too comfortable for some pets

7. Petego Pet Tube Kennel

Petego Pet Tube Kennel


The tube kennel can be secured to the standard car seats. There is enough room for your dog to move around while the tube is secured to the seat. It is made using claw proof fabric which makes the seat durable.

The tube kennel is made using super-strong fabric and is lightweight. The tunnel provides a stylish and smart travel solution for your dog.

  • Portability
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Well-built design
  • The oval shape isn’t the most efficient

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6. Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat

Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat


This dog seat comes with a lifetime warranty and can hold up to 30 pounds. It is ideal for dogs who love to glance out the window as it can elevate the pet 9 inches more so that the dog gets a clear view.

It can be easily installed on all the vehicles and doesn’t require a headrest. The washable and removable liner keeps the seat fresh, as well as, clean.

  • Sufficient space to move around
  • Gives the dog the required comfort and support
  • Can be put together easily
  • Safety leash might be a bit short for some

5. Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat

Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat


The deluxe dog seat can be attached securely and quickly so that the seat remains anchored safely. Since a majority of dog car seats are made using cardboard, they end up losing their shape in a short time.

On the other hand, this dog seat has a collapsible frame made using metal. The seat has the ideal size and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Good quality canvas
  • Very sturdy
  • Solid base
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of space

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4. Kurgo Skybox (TM) Dog Booster Seat

Kurgo Skybox (TM) Dog Booster Seat


Since the company has complete faith in its products, it offers a lifetime warranty on its dog car seats. Furthermore, this dog seat can be secured easily to various types of seats like bucket seat and back seat. The tether attaches to the dog harness easily, so that the dog stays in its seat.

The waterproof and strong design provides waterproof exterior and structural integrity. It happens to be one of the best pet seats you can go for.

  • Provides dogs with a snug fit
  • Secure
  • Very stable
  • Needs a headrest for more comfort

3. Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat

Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat


This seat is designed in such a manner that the support is placed underneath the seat so that the pet gets an unobstructed view. As a result, no straps agitate them or come in their way. It is ideal for small dogs and can be connected to the seat belt system of the car. The washable and removable fleece liner keeps the seat fresh and clean.

  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Provides exceptional security
  • The fleece inside isn’t of the highest quality

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2. Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat


The insides of this pet car seat are made of comfortable foam and simulated lamb wool. It comes with a connection strap that joins the harness to the seatbelt. Moreover, it comes with various options for fabric so that your dog remains extremely comfortable. This dog car seat doesn’t fail to provide the dog a safe and cozy environment while the car is in motion.

  • It is quite secure
  • Provides adequate space
  • Fits in the car seat perfectly
  • Can be a bit expensive

1. K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Pet Seat

K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Pet Seat


Coming to the last entry in our top dog car seat list, this dog seat by K&H elevates your dog, inside a car, giving it a better view. It keeps the dog restrained, so it doesn’t distract while you drive. Apart from being easy to install, as well as to uninstall, the seat can be fitted in the front and the back seat as well.

The cover is removable and washable while the exterior is durable. It comes with a one-year warranty and a pair of security leashes.

  • Provides sufficient amount of space
  • Well built
  • Keeps the dog comfortable
  • Some people might think it’s taking up too much space in the car

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What to Look for in a Dog Car Seat – Buying Guide

It is vital that the dog seat you choose has at least the following features:

  • Setup, usability, and storage: This is the first criteria you should consider when purchasing dog car seats. It should be easy to set the said car seat for your pet. Picking it up should be quick as well. A majority of dog car seats use buckles. This is why they are easy to fold and store. Dog car seats that are on the cheaper end don’t provide much ease regarding foldability and usability. When cheaper seats do have buckles, they tend to break in a few weeks.
  • Protection and safety: Two features must be present in the dog car seats you are considering for safety purposes:
  1. The way the seat attaches to the car seat
  2. The way your dog is restrained in the said dog car seat

The dog seat you are purchasing must come with a robust locking system so that it can be attached to the seat of the car. The seat should work not only with the back seat but with the front seat as well.

The majority of pet seats allow the seat belt to pass and lock the seat in a safe position. Some of them come with an extra belt that can be attached to the headrest of the car seat. The dog seats should also have adjustable security leashes so that the dog stays seated safely while the car is moving.

  • Comfort and size: The dog car seats shouldn’t only be comfortable, but they should also be spacious enough so that the dog stays still and calm. The dog should have enough space in the seat to lay or sit up straight. If the seat is not spacious enough, the dog can become overwhelmed and agitated. Some dog seats let the dogs see through the car window. Make sure that you choose a dog seat accordingly. It needs to be spacious and safe.


Your dog deserves to be safe while traveling in the car. That’s why to ensure that their life isn’t put at risk, go for reliable dog car seats that have been mentioned above.

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