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Convection microwaves, also known as combo ovens are the ideal household appliance each home should have. Unlike conventional microwave ovens, they are multi-purpose and versatile. With the combo you can bake, grill and also use the quick heat up microwave functions. Additionally, these ovens are efficient in energy utilization. And for smaller kitchen they safe a lot of space.

If you are still utilizing your conventional microwave, it’s time to upgrade to convection. With significant space saving and energy, they will make cooking and warming up your lunch or dinner more convenient. Also, despite their combined functionalities, operating them is quite simple. These appliances make your life easier and save you valuable time.

The Best Convection Microwave Ovens in 2023

For your convenience oft buying the right product, below we present a list of top 10 best convection microwaves in 2023 reviews. So, let’s have a look at some of the top considerations.

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10. Samsung Countertop Scratch Resistant Oven


When you need to get fast cooking results, a convection microwave gives you upper hand than regular ones. One of the best you can have is this Samsung MG11H2020CT convection oven. Featuring classic and superior construction, it is some of the best appliances for cooking various food.

The inside has a ceramic enamel construction to improve performance. Also, the surface is smooth which makes cleaning a piece of cake. When cooking, it utilizes sensors to heat your food optimally. So, if it’s last night leftovers, they will be amply heated.

The convection technology utilized in this oven makes it perfect for your overall cooking. Designed to heating food from all directions, it ensures power conservation and fast cooking. This helps to keep food with crispy texture while improving efficiency 20 percent.

Moreover, the variety of preset functions ensures cooking is at your fingertips. Boasting Eco-mode feature, it means even if left unplugged, no power consumption. This microwave has a power of 1300 watts and comes with a super-efficient heating grill.

9. Farberware Black FMO12AHTBSG, 1100W


Give your kitchen a sleek and efficient microwave oven, all you need is Farberware Black FMO12AHTBSG. Featuring expert designing, this oven brings more than cooking.

With an elegant black finish, it is perfect for complementing any décor. Unlike many microwaves on the market, this model gives you the freedom to cook your favorite meal with just a press of a button. That is because it is available in 9 preset cooking modes which enable quick operations. You can preheat, defrost and add cooking time by just pressing a button.

Most of the microwaves on the market you have to set each time when cooking. But, with Farberware Black Oven no more hassles. It comes boasting built-in memory function which remembers your last cooking setting.

With an interior capacity of 1.2 cubic feet, it ensures that you cook right quality without strains. Also, it’s versatile whereby it makes possible for convection cooking, frying and steaming for mouthwatering meals. The microwave is backed by an extended warranty for quality assurance.

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8. Sharp R1874T 850W Microwave Oven

Sharp R1874T 850W Microwave Oven


Sharp R1874T 850W Convection Microwave is among the top rated microwave ovens that are worth every penny. With a power output of 850 watts and an over the range convection mode of operation, this device is the best and most affordable way of preparing roasts, crisps, boils, and bakes.

The display unit is 2 color, 7 digit which makes it interactive, thanks to the comfortable and smart sensor settings. The interior is easy to clean due to the stainless steel material used inside. The exhaust system is design to keep any bad smell away. The turntable is 13 inches long to provide uniform heating. Just plug the oven in and you can start baking immediately.

7. Samsung MS11K3000AS Countertop Microwave Oven

Samsung MS11K3000AS Countertop Microwave Oven


With its fully featured design, this microwave oven has become a kitchen necessity for many. Its price is affordable, and still, the product remains top rated. Everyone knows the excellent reputation Samsung has in the production of various devices, and so you can trust the quality of this microwave too. Sensor technology checks automatically the perfect mode for preparing your food, so no temperature or time guessing needed.

A dial control help you for fine tuning. The ceramic interior is easy to clean and durable. Whether you want to prepare your Sunday roast or make some muffins, warm up soup or defrost some burger patties – this model is a great kitchen helper.

It includes a durable turntable on a roller ring, so heat is distrubuted equally in all modes. With its brushed steel look and modern design it fits in every kitchen. The device is pretty easy to clean, thanks to the special designed anti-grease surfaces.

The LED is large enough for operation even when your eyes are not the best. Sleek and lightweight design lets you easily store and relocate the oven to any place that you want.

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6. Emerson MWG9115SB Microwave Oven, 1100W, Touch Control

Emerson MWG9115SB Microwave Oven


Emerson MWG9115SB, 1.2 cubic feet microwave features an innovative design. It helps you operating with just pressing a few buttons. With well-programmed cooking presets, you can prepare popcorn, defrost vegetables or warm any other food you want.

By just a single push of a button, your food will cook as per the preset power function. Safety is a guarantee with this microwave, and it will shut off when the door is opened or when its close to overheating. This is particular important when you have children in the kitchen.

The turntable is entirely dismountable for easy cleaning and storage. Other useful features include the time and defrost feature which helps the device to automatically set the optimal defrosting time as per the weight of the food.

A LED display and a digital clock enhance the convenient use of this device. Furthermore, this oven is energy efficient and powerful as the power output is 1100 watts.

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5. RCA RMW1182 Stainless Steel Microwave and Grill

RCA RMW1182 Stainless Steel Microwave and Grill


For your culinary requirements, RCA RMW1182 Stainless Steel Microwave and Grill performs similarly to a regular full-size oven. The microwave comes in handy in preparing dishes and also heating leftovers whether refrigerated or at room temperatures. The build in grill is perfect when you want to prepare some Mac’n’Cheese or heat up sausages. It’s also great for preparing fish dishes.

This microwave has a stylish design that looks good in any kitchen, whether modern or classic. The oven is made from a stainless steel material which makes your food healthy and also prevents rusting. Cleaning is easy as well.

RCA RMW1182 has a safety child lock feature to prevent accidents if kids tamper with it. For efficiency, this microwave has a glass turntable with an additional grill rack which makes it easy to prepare dishes and popcorn.

4. Panasonic NN-SD372S Stainless Countertop Microwave, 950W

Panasonic NN-SD372S Stainless Countertop Microwave, 950W


Panasonic delivers kitchen friendly appliances which are great in fulfilling your cooking dreams. Now, one of their popular product is this Panasonic NN-SD372S Stainless microwave oven. It’s a great product which is ideal for multiple purposes. Featuring invert technology, this oven gives you fast cooking and delicious food.

Moreover, the invert turbo defrost enables faster food defrosting. With a stylish design, this oven makes a perfect selection for a contemporary kitchen. Created with 0.8 cubic feet, it is a good deal when you have to cook a large amount of food.

Equipped with a broad range of features and functions, the oven is simple to use. The auto cook function is great in automatically detecting cooking duration. Therefore, there is no more guessing when cooking. Further, it excellently auto reheats your food whether refrigerated or at room temperature. When the microwave is off, it has a child safety lock to avoid any accident. The control panel is easy to use with timer and labeled buttons for smooth operation. This microwave is ideal for cooking a variety of foods like eggs, meat, vegetables among others.

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3. Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwaves Oven with Grill

Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwaves Oven with Grill


Cuisinart has been, and continue to be your kitchen friend. Manufactured to bring elegance and high-performance, cooking is not stressful anymore. The combination of features in this oven makes it ideal for all kitchens. With 1.2 cubic feet, this convection microwave provides space and it comes with a high-quality commercial-style grill. Additionally, with 1000 watt power rating, it means that cooking is fast while maintaining low meter readings. The exterior features a stainless steel cover which complements your décor.

Regarding functionality, the Cuisinart CMW-200 is very easy to use thanks t a well arranged control panel. Boasting 9 preset options, you just need to press a button and switch to preferred mode. As a result, this oven can cook various foods like vegetables, potatoes, or roast chicken. Besides preset options, the oven comes with 8 functions. You can set convection roasting, fast baking, grilling and also configure to keep food warm. The dual defrosting modes ensures quick food defrosting by either time or weight. Once you buy this microwave, it comes with a bonus recipe book.

2. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven


Having been in the industry of household appliances for long, Toshiba is a famous company for many electric devices. This microwave from the Toshiba company is designed to provide a high power oven with state of the art technology from Japan The sleek design adds elegance to your home while saving the storage space.

With a power rating of 900 watts, you can use this oven for quick preparatin of food and defrosting dishes from the freezer. It features 10 different power control levels which enhance the operation of the cooking temperatures as per the needs of different foods.

Besides, there is a memory function that recalls the last cooking settings so that you don’t have to keep adjusting the system when warming up ypur coffee several times a day. There is a large LCD which shows a clock and timer so that you cook with perfect timing.

Also, the multi-stage means that you can set the system so that it adjusts during the cooking cycle. This way you can get delicious results without any interruptions.

1. Panasonic NN-SN651B Microwave Oven, Inverter Technology

Panasonic NN-SN651B Microwave Oven


The Panasonic NN-SN651B Microwave is one of the best convection ovens you can get today. Manufactured featuring a combination of Japanese technologies, it makes your cooking easy and amazing. With integrated inverter technology, this oven cooks like no other on the market.

The design ensures the constant stream of waves reaches evenly all parts of the food. Very handy if you have kids are the popcorn buttons: Place the corn in a bowl, add oil and just press the button. Additinally, this model can steam, broil, and pouch food.

Besides having high performance, with this Panasonic microwave, operating is simple. Its control is user-friendly with touch buttons and four digits of digital display. The 12 cook options allow you to cook your favorite food using the appropriate setting.

For foods like vegetables, they remain warm until the serving time when cooking is over. Quick food cooking and reheating functions makes this microwave ideal for the whole family. Moreover, delayed start and child locking features improves prevents accidents. It has a power rating of 1200 watts and 1.2 cubic feet capacity.

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What to consider when buying convection microwave ovens:

  • Technology: When purchasing a microwave oven, the buil in technology is vital. You should look for sensors and auto functions. The times when you have to guess the preparation times are over. Nowadays a good product gives you several options and detects the readiness of the dish.
  • Power consumption: In the current market, microwaves come in a range of power rating. Basically, the available ones are between 800-1300 watts. The power usage depends on the size of an oven. If it is small, it utilizes low power, while big ones use a significant amount of energy. On the other hand, regardless of size, the number of programs also determines the power usage of a microwave.
  • Size/ Capacity: The intended use determines the capacity and size of an oven. If it’s for a large family, a big capacity oven is mandatory. But, when buying a microwave, target an average one since it is ideal for many households. On size, it is perfect to measure your bench top accurately. This prevents you from getting an oven which is larger than your bench.
  • Ease of cleaning: Cleaning a microwave should be easy. Even when there is food and oil spillage, it must have a facilitating way to ease cleaning. Ovens with retractable grills are quite easy to clean than fixed ones. Moreover, the wall curved interior walls give you the ability to clean with less hassle.
  • Automatic programs: For efficient cooking, a microwave with automatic function is ideal. Currently, most of the available ovens come with integrated timers. Upon, the elapse of set time, they have automatic shutdown which prevents food from burning. Also, others can calculate the required time automatically hence eliminating greasing hassles.


In summary, convection microwaves are a convenient choice for every kitchen. Whether large or compact sized kitchen, they are ideal for all your cooking needs. Therefore, there is no reason to cling to your power meter hiking microwave. Get a convection oven and cook like a professional chef with a peace of mind.

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