Top 10 Best Single Cup Coffee Makers in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Single cup coffee makers

For several years, making an excellent cup coffee was such an effortful job. Thanks to the rise of single-cup coffee makers as they make your drink ready by the touch of a button. They are ideal for home use, office as well as for business. Most of these coffee makers will not have you waiting as they brew within minutes.

There are a variety of brands in the market, but we have researched and compiled the list of the top 10 best single cup coffeemakers. Additionally, we have prepared you a buying guide for extra help. These will assist you in picking the choices that optimally serve your requirements. Below is the list of the top 10 best single cup coffee makers in 2023.

Top 10 Best Single Cup Coffee Makers in 2023

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#10- Mixpresso – Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Mixpresso - Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker


Are you looking for the best single cup coffee maker that you can use in your home, office or while traveling? Then, then you cannot go wrong with this coffee maker machine from Mixpresso. This machine has a quick-brewing programmable technology, which allows you to make your favorite tea or coffee only in 30 seconds. Besides, it has various brewing options including 4, 10, 6, 12 and 8 oz.

Furthermore, this personal coffeemaker machine is compatible with all K-cup brand including 1.0, and 2.0 K-cups.  This makes it a perfect option for those people who don’t want to feel restricted to one K-cup brand. The Mixpresso coffee machine also has a large 45 OZ water reservoir which allows you to make 6+ coffee cups before refill. On top of that, it has an auto shut-off system that shuts down the machine automatically after 15 minutes of brewing to save energy.

Key Features:

  • 45 oz large water tank.
  • 1420 Watts heating element.
  • It has the Auto Shut-off feature.
  • Space saving model
  • Compatible with popular K-Cup brands.
  • BPA free materials.
  • It brews fast.
  • Brews great-tasting coffee
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Easy to refill and clean.
  • It has a large water tank.
  • Maintenance required- But it is easy to clean & maintain

#9- Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Coffee Maker


If you are searching for a budget-friendly coffee maker machine, then the Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee machine is a perfect choice for you. This machine brews hotter and better-tasting coffee than most single cup coffee makers out there.  It is straightforward to operate compared to other machines. It comes with a mesh scoop filter that works with any kind of coffee grounds.

 Moreover, it has different boldness settings which allow you to choose whether you want bold or standard coffee. This machine is made from a stainless steel material which makes it durable and stylish. On top of that, this unit has a built-in adjustable stand that holds both large and standard-size cups. Lastly, this machine has a wide drip tray on the base that acts as a spill-resistant drain for the excess coffee.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 8.35 by 6.7 by 8.67-inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 5.47 lbs.
  • Brews up to 14 ozs.
  • Regular and bold coffee settings.
  • Brews good flavored and hot coffee.
  • Automatically shuts off after brewing.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Have clear marked measuring options.
  • It is very price friendly.
  • None we found

#8- Hamilton Beach (49976) Single Serve & Full Coffee Machine

Hamilton Beach (49976) Single Serve & Full Coffee Machine


The Hamilton Beach (49976) is a versatile coffee machine that allows you to brew a single cup of coffee or a full pot of coffee for your family or friends. It takes less than ten minutes to prepare a full pot (12-cups). This machine is programmable, and you can brew regular or bold strength coffee, depending on the option you choose.

This unit is compact which makes it a perfect choice for small offices or kitchens. Additionally, this machine has the auto shutoff function to avoid the risk of fire or scorching. It also features removable parts for easy cleaning. This unit is also compatible with ground coffee, and single serve pods. Hence, you can choose your favorite coffee blend. Lastly, this personal coffeemaker has a timer that allows you to set your brew time for up to 24 hours in advance.

Key Features:

  • Brews up to 14 oz.
  • 2 hours auto shutoff.
  • Two ways to brew.
  • 12-cup pot machine.
  • Weight: 6.37 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.42 by 12.24 by 13.66 inches.
  • Quiet brew technology.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • Large water capacity.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Faster brew time.
  • Pricey.

#7- Keurig K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Machine

Keurig K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Machine


Looking for a functional, quality, elegant, durable, and reasonably priced single cup coffee maker for home or Office? The Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee machine is a great pick for you. This coffee machine has a 75-ounce water reservoir which allows you to brew 8 cups of coffee before refill it again. The water reservoir is removable for easy refilling and clean. Besides, this machine gives you the flexibility to choose from 5 different brew sizes including 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12oz.

Also, the Keurig K-Elite coffee maker offers different boldness of coffee. This allows you to choose the strength and bold taste of the coffee you prefer. Another great feature of this machine is the brewer maintenance reminder, which alters you when it is right time to descale the coffee maker. The descaling is an essential process that removes all built-up calcium deposits, to ensure you have best- tasting coffee possible. On top of that, this unit utilizes the quiet brew technology to minimize noise when the machine is in use.

Key features:

  • 75 oz capacity water reservoir.
  • Has iced coffee option.
  • Brew sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12oz
  • Boost quiet brew technology.
  • Dimension: 13.1 by 9.9 by 12.7-inches.
  • Adjustable temperature from 187 to 192 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Super-fast brewing.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • Brews high-quality coffee.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Compact, lightweight and easily portable design.
  • None

#6- BLACK+DECKER Personal Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER Personal Coffeemaker


BLACK+DECKER is one of the top-selling and top-rated single-serve coffeemakers on the market. This Personal coffeemaker machine has a space-saving design, which makes it ideal for small kitchens, offices, dorm rooms, and apartments. It comes with a permanent mesh metal filter which works with soft and grounds pods. So, you don’t need to buy expensive paper filters.

This coffeemaker also heats water to the optimal brewing temperature for perfect flavor results. Therefore, you will get great results when you use this machine.  Also, this personal coffee machine turns off immediately after brewing to prevent overheating or damage. It is also easy to use and comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • Water capacity: up to 16 oz.
  • Removable and dishwasher safe parts
  • Color: Black.
  • Dimensions: 7.4 by 5.9 by 12.1-inches.
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • It comes with a 16-oz travel mug.
  • Brews high-quality coffee.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Stylish and compact design.
  • One color option

#5- Keurig K155 Commercial Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker [Silver]

Keurig K155 Commercial Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker [Silver]


Under an urgent situation, you will not miss your favorite cup of coffee, iced beverage, tea or hot cocoa. This is ensured by the Keuring K155 Coffee Maker. It prepares you to drink within one minute by the press of a button. It features a distinguished LED control panel where you can set your preferences. The touch screen allows you to program the drink temperature. It also enables you to turn it on and off as well as setting up your preferred languages. The available languages are English, French, and Spanish.

It can accommodate gives four selections of cup sizes. With a removable drip tray, it makes it possible to adjust a drainable internal hot tank and travel mugs. Additionally, it comes with a 12 count K Cup variety box. It is essential to be aware that K155 Office Pro is not to be plumbed to a water pipeline.

Key features:

  • Control panel: full-color LCD touch screen.
  • Water reservoir: extra large 90oz.
  • K-Cup Variety Box (12 counts)-bonus.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • 4-cup size choices.
  • Dimensions: 14×10.4×13.8 inches
  • Weight: 6pounds.
  • Color: silver.
  • Constitutes programmable features such as timer and language.
  • You can easily adjust your brew’s temperature.
  • Blends within a minute.
  • The brew technology is noiseless.
  • Drains easily for storage and transport.
  • None that we could find.

#4- Mr. Coffee One Touch Coffee House Espresso Maker & Cappuccino Machine

Mr. Coffee One Touch Coffee House Espresso Maker & Cappuccino Machine


Minimize the amount of queuing time to brew your favorite drink. The Mr. Coffee One Touch CoffeeHouse maker is fast and convenient. Apart from making espressos, it contains a cappuccino machine. With the 19-bar Italian pump, you will use it to extract vigorous coffee flavors. Also, it features a thermocouple heating system that warms water evenly. The heated water is therefore piped for hot drinks.

The machine has that turns any milk into a creamy, light froth for Cappuccinos. It has a removable milk reservoir which you can quickly fill and clean. Sometimes there can be milk leftovers on the reservoir, but you should not worry about this as you can refrigerate it. Also, it comes with an adjustable cup tray that accommodates short and tall mugs.

Key features:

  • It comes with a cappuccino maker.
  • An adjustable cup tray for tall and short mugs.
  • It comes with a removable milk reservoir.
  • 19-bar Italian pump
  • One-touch control panel
  • The removable milk reservoir is easy to clean.
  • The cup tray can accommodate short and tall mugs.
  • The cleaning cycle requires one touch of the activation button.
  • Thermal couple systems heat water very fast.
  • The machine is a bit pricey.

#3- AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug


Maybe you are that person who likes conserving the environment in every means possible. The AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker is eco-friendly. It features a permanent filter that not only helps you cut out waste but also save money. This will eliminate paper filters that you keep disposing of after every use and thus minimizes the level of littering around.

The machine’s design can hold various sizes of mugs and cups including the travel mugs. Moreover, it is built to last with hard and durable plastic. You will use it for years to warm your tea or coffee with no future buying expense worries. It also saves power as it shuts off as soon as it fills the mug. Also, it is easily portable from one point to another especially among rooms under one building. Last but not least, the coffee maker comes with a complete package of what you need. These include holding basket, travel mug, and internal filter.

Key features:

  • Materials: Hard plastic and stainless steel.
  • A permanent filter.
  • Dimensions: 6.7×5.1×10.1 inches.
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds.
  • It has a travel basket.
  • Lightweight with handle for easy portability.
  • Durable hard plastic and stainless steel.
  • An easy-to-use design.
  • It comes with everything you need.
  • Permanent filter that helps you conserve environment.
  • Saves power as it automatically shuts off as soon as the mug fills.
  • None that we could find.

#2- Mueller Ultima Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Machine

Mueller Ultima Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Machine


Are you looking for a versatile and compatible coffee maker for your home or workplace? Well, the Mueller Ultima is both! It can fill most of the single cup pods such as 1.0 and 2.0 K-Cup pods. Moreover, don’t worry about the most specific and limited type of cups to use while preparing your coffee. You can now see that not only at home you can use this coffeemaker but also for commercial needs. Its versatility comes where you can program it to brew five distinct sizes of brews. These brews include 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 oz cups.

No more cold coffee for your breakfast as the brewing technology in this machine rapidly prepares your coffee at an incredible temperature. The brewer also has a removable water tank which is 45oz large. With a wide opening, it is so convenient to fill the water and as well as easy to clean. You can prepare several numbers of coffee cups without having to refill the water tank over and over. With UL and ETL certification, this then assures you quality and safety while using the coffeemaker.

Key features:

  • Large removable water tank (45 oz).
  • Dimensions: 15.2×13.7×9.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.2pounds
  • Has ON/OFF LED button.
  • Has a rapid brewer tech that quickly warms your coffee.
  • The detachable water-tank is comfortable to fill and clean.
  • Compatible with most cups.
  • Versatile as it supports five distinct sizes of oz cups.
  • We found none.

#1- Keurig K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker [K-Cup Pod]

Keurig K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker [K-Cup Pod]


Basically, everybody would like an excellent tasting and quality brewed coffee. The Keuring K-Classic coffee maker will prepare you the most excellent flavored coffee. The 48ozwater reservoir will allow you to brew 6-10 cups without needing to refill it. It is ideal for urgency as it saves time. The reservoir is removable: you can clean it then placed back when needed.

The coffee maker has an auto-off feature that shuts it down after 2 hours of being idle which saves energy. It has a cleaning system that cleans your brewer. This system removes impurities that build up inside the coffee maker. This process is called descaling. It is simple to operate the machine as it has a simple button control system. By the help of these buttons, you can select your preferred brew size.

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 9.8×13.3×13 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds.
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Color: black.
  • Features an Auto-off function.
  • Flexible as it can make many flavors.
  • Easy to operate by the help of control buttons.
  • It processes at a fast rate.
  • Saves energy due to its auto-shut feature when idle.
  • Produces the finest and tasty coffee.
  • A bit noisy

How to Choose the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker- Buying Guide

Below are the essential factors that you should consider before purchasing a personal coffeemaker.

  • Water Reservoir Capacity: The first factor you should consider is the capacity of the water reservoir. If you want a machine that can be used by 3 to 5 peoples, water capacity of 40 to 50 oz is excellent for you. But if you want for personal use, only you can choose a machine with less than 40 oz. Water capacity.
  • Brew Strength: The other important factor you should check is the brew strength of the machine. The brew strength affects the quality and taste of the coffee. If you want to brew strong coffee, you should choose a machine with bold strength coffee option.
  • Ease of use: The best coffee maker should be easy to operate. Furthermore, it should be easy to refill and clean.  The tank should also be removable for easy cleaning.
  • Option and capacity for different cup Sizes: The best machine should be comparable with all cup sizes.  You should not go for a model with limited cup size option.


Getting a personal coffee maker in your office or home gives you the ease of preparing great tasting coffee any time you want. We hope with our buyer’s guide and reviews of the best single cup coffee makers in 2023 you can easily get a good product. Also, we hope that our list above will help you pick the best product.

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