The Top Best Coconut Oils of 2023 | A Comparison & Ultimate Benefits

Oil from the coconuts has a lot of benefits for the human body. Coconut oil is very versatile and can be used for baking, cooking, skincare, medicine, and hair conditioner. Coconut oil has saturated fats that are harmless and don’t cause heart diseases. Furthermore, coconut oils contain vitamin E which helps to keep your skin nourished and moisturized.

Unfortunately, they are many different coconut oils out there, and it can be difficult for you to choose the type of coconut oil that will work well for you and your needs. To assist in finding the best coconut oil, below we have listed and reviews the top 10 best coconut oils in 2023. Let’s take a look.

Check Key Benefits of These Products
  • Hair and Skin Care: For healthy and shiny hair growth, coconut oil has been found to be the ultimate solution. It is because coconut oil will aid in reducing the protection loss, which brings causes an unhealthy and unattractive quality of hair. It is also the best for skincare.
  • Perfect for Weight Loss: Some of the essential nutrients found coconut oils are the medium-chain fatty acids and short fatty acids. These are essential for the reduction of excess weight, hence aiding to cut your overall weight. Apart from this, the oil is easily digested into the body to boost the functioning of the endocrine and thyroid system. Lastly, it helps in increasing the body’s metabolic rate by removing stress on the pancreas.
  • Prevention of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure and heart disease are some common diseases that affect mostly the elderly. The coconut oil has been found to be the ultimate oil you can use to prevent such conditions. This is a natural saturated fat, which aids in increasing the healthy cholesterol as it converts the LDL into good cholesterol.

Apart from the above benefits, coconut oil also has other benefits like; cures kidney infection and UTI, prevents and treats cancer, boosts the immune system, and reduces inflammation and arthritis among others.

List of the Best Coconut Oils in 2023

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10. BetterBody Foods Organic Refined Coconut Oil-28oz

BetterBody Foods Organic Refined Coconut Oil-28oz


Are you looking for the best coconut oil for cooking, baking, or deep-frying? Then, the BetterBody Foods coconut oil is the best option for you. The BetterBody Foods coconut oil works in any kind of dish because it features a neutral aroma and flavor. This oil won’t change the taste or aroma of your food.

One of the benefits of this oil is that it contains about 60-percent (MCTs) energy-driving Medium Chain Triglycerides which help to boost your energy level. Furthermore, this oil is Kosher certified and cholesterol free which means it is safe and healthy to use.

Key Features:

  • Size: 28 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Neutral flavor and aroma
  • Ideal for baking and cooking
  • Works in high temperatures of up to 425°F
  • Made from fresh coconuts
  • It is cholesterol-free
  • Comes at a friendly price
  • It boosts your energy
  • None found

 9. Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil

Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil


The Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil is perfect for cooking and skincare.  It has a distinct coconut flavor and smell. This makes it perfect for foods where a coconut smell or flavor is not desired. It boasts 63% medium-chain triglycerides, which is perfect for adding more MCT benefits to your diet.

Unlike other coconut oils on the market, the Nutiva Coconut oil is processed and extracted using steam instead of dangerous chemicals. This is a safe product and doesn’t contain any preservatives, chemicals, or flavors. Overall, this versatile coconut oil is suitable for cooking, hair use, and skincare.

Key Features:

  • Size: 128 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Contains 63-percent medium-chain triglycerides
  • Ingredients: Pure Coconut
  • Coconut flavor and smell free
  • It is very healthy
  • Doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals
  • Perfect for cooking and skincare
  • It offers many health benefits
  • Cons:
  • None we could find
  • None

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8. PURA D’OR Coconut Oil for Face, Skin & Hair

PURA D’OR Coconut Oil for Face, Skin & Hair


Soften your skin with natural coconut oil and even use it for hair treatments. This oil is non-greasy and doesn’t any greasy feeling on your skin. You can use it as a skin moisturizer on the nighttime or daytime for extra skin protection. It also assists to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This oil is extracted from fresh coconut and it is completely odorless. On top of that, it contains a variety of antioxidants that help to encourage thicker, stronger, and healthy hair. The PURA D’OR coconut is well packed in a small size bottle which makes it easy to carry anywhere you want.

Key Features:

  • Size: 16oz
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Non-staining and colorless
  • Its bottle has a nice press pump
  • It is simple to apply
  • Perfect for all hair and skin types
  • Doesn’t causing any dryness and irritation
  • It is made in the USA
  • Comes at a friendly price
  • The pump fails sometimes

7. Island Fresh Coconut Oil

Island Fresh Coconut Oil


When it comes to texture, taste, and aroma, the Island Fresh coconut oil is the best. This oil is perfect for baking, cooking, and using on your hair and skin. This oil is extracted from natural coconuts to create a 100% pure product. It is very delicious and you can use it in soups, smoothies, bread, soups, stews and more.

Furthermore, this product doesn’t contain any chemicals or cholesterol. It is also simple to apply on the skin.  This oil is designed to soften and smooth the skin. It has a long shelf life and you just need to apply a small amount. Another benefit of this oil is that is also ideal for metabolism and weight management.

Key Features:

  • Size: 54 Ounce
  • Non-GMO and Organic Certified
  • Item Dimensions: 5 by 5 by 6.5 inches
  • Non-irritant and cholesterol-free
  • Ideal for cooking and skincare
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Perfect for weight loss
  • Simple to apply on the skin & hair
  • Healthy for drinking or cooking
  • Pricey compared to others

6. Nature’s Way Virgin cooking/skin Coconut Oil

Nature's Way Virgin cooking:skin Coconut Oil


This Nature’s Way Virgin Coconut Oil is another great product that comes at a very reasonable price. This coconut oil is completely natural and it is good for cooking and skin treatment. It has great aroma and taste compared to other oils.  This coconut oil is a perfect replacement for butter and cooking fat.

Nature’s Way Virgin coconut oil can also help to boost metabolism, weight loss, and energy. The price of this product is very reasonable for the amount of oil you get. What’s more, this oil is also perfect for massage. Another thing you like about this product is that it doesn’t contain any preservatives or chemicals chemical.

Key Features:

  • Size: 32 Ounce
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Contains 62% MCTS
  • Hexane-free & gluten-free
  • The oil has great taste
  • Makes the hair silky and smooth
  • Perfect for cooking and hair & skincare
  • Many size(amount) options
  • Has nice fragrance of fresh coconuts
  • None we could find

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5. Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Viva Naturals Organic is one of the bestselling and top-rated coconut oils out there. This coconut oil is made from organically grown coconut, which means that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. It can be used for cooking or cosmetic uses.   This product is nutritious and flavorful compared to other low-quality coconut oils on the market.

It is simple to use and no refrigeration is required.  This oil absorbs fast in the skin and leaves you feeling soft. Aside from that, it is safe on all skins and does not cause any swelling, irritation, or itching. This product can also be used as a massage oil, hair conditioner, or lip balm.

Key Features:

  • Size: 54 Ounce
  • It is USDA-Certified
  • Cooking temperature up to-350° F
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals
  • Perfect for cooking, hair, and skin
  • It is odorless and flavorful
  • Made and extracted from coconut
  • Free of preservatives, bleaches, and harmful chemicals
  • A bit had to open the lid

4. BetterBody Refined Coconut Oil

BetterBody Refined Coconut Oil


The BetterBody Coconut Oil is a versatile product that can be used for cooking, skin moisturizing, baking, hair care, removing makeup, and more. This product works well in any type of dish since it has a neutral aroma and flavor. It does not charge the flavor and taste of your dishes. This coconut oil is the best option for cooking in terms of quality and taste.

On top of that, this oil features 60% MCTs which assists to boost up your energy. The BetterBody oil is USDA certified and 100% organic, so you should not worry about adding it to your dishes. Lastly, this oil comes at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Size: 56 Ounce
  • It is gluten-free
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Contains 60% MCTs
  • Cooking heat: up to 425°F
  • Perfect for many uses
  • It has no odor or flavor
  • Packed in BPA free container
  • Has many health benefits
  • None we found

3. Nutiva Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Nutiva Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil


Nutiva is a company that makes high-quality coconut products and the Nutiva Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is no exception! This oil is extracted from fresh, non-GMO coconuts. It is therefore not bleached, deodorized, or refined. It has a sweet flavor and rich aroma that makes it great for cooking, sautéing, and baking.

The Nutiva coconut oil is also a nutritious addition to whole food, vegetarian, gluten-free foods, vegan and whole foods. Along with that, this oil can be used as a hair conditioning treatment, make-up remover, or skin moisturizer. The Nutiva Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is a great product to add to your kitchen or cosmetic regime.

Key Features:

  • Size: 54 Ounce
  • Cooking heat up to 350°F
  • It is cold-pressed &unrefined
  • Keto-friendly
  • Organic and USDA-Certified
  • Great for beauty and health use
  • Protects the hair and skin from damage
  • It is odorless and colorless
  • Contains many useful vitamins
  • A bit pricey

2. Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Garden of Life oil is among the most versatile and healthiest coconut oils on the market. This coconut oil can be used for skin, hair, baking, and cooking. It is produced from organically grown coconuts without the use of any harmful and dangerous chemicals. This oil is not deodorized, refined, hydrogenated, or hydrogenated.

Another nice feature about this oil is that it contains medium-chain fatty acids that help to burn body fats and weight-loss. What’s more, this oil is packed in 14 Oz reusable container for easy storage and use.

Key Features:

  • Size: 14 Oz
  • USDA & RAW certified
  • Boost your body energy
  • It is 100% chemical-free
  • Made from fresh coconuts
  • Perfect for cooking and skincare
  • The oil has great taste
  • It is odorless and flavorful
  • Bulky size container

1. Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil


Our top pick for the best coconut oils is the Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil. This product very versatile and can be used as cooking oil, body lotion, butter, hair treatment, or massage oil. It is made from fresh coconuts that are proven as organic and non-GMO by USDA. This is a 100% organic product and does not contain any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

The product is available either in liquid or solid form. When applied to the body it assists you to achieve smooth, better-looking, and healthy skin.  The Viva Naturals Organic oil can also be used to strengthen and nourish your hair. Finally, it comes at a friendly price compared to other low-quality coconuts oils on the market.

Key Features:

  • Size: 16 Ounce
  • Boling point up to 350°F
  • USDA & Organic Certified
  • It 100-percent organic
  • Pesticide and chemical-free
  • Has great taste and flavor
  • It is perfect for skin and hair care
  • None we found

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How to choose the Best Coconut Oils-Buyer’s Guide

Below are the factors you should consider before buying coconut oil. These factors include: Let’s take a look.

  • Is Oil Organic?

This is the most important factor you should first consider. You should check where the oil is made from. The best coconut oil should be made from organic, Non-GMO coconuts. On top of that, you should make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals.  You should also make sure that the oil is USDA and 100% organic certified.

  • Extraction Method:

Coconut oils are extracted using different methods: either expeller-pressed or cold-pressed extraction. Cold-pressed is the best extraction method because it does not destroy any nutrients or vitamins from the coconut. The expeller-pressed process involves heating which can destroy the nutrients and vitamins. Hence, you should choose coconut oils that are made using cold-pressed extraction.

  • Quantity:

Coconut oils are available in different sizes. They are available in small and big sizes. The big size lasts longer than a small amount of oil. However, the big sizes of coconut oils are a bit expensive.


We hope after going through our article, you know the best Coconut Oils on the market. Before buying any product, make sure that you go through the buyer’s guide and the list we provided above to ensure that you get the best product. All the oils that we reviewed above are currently the top-selling and top-rated oils on the market.


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