Best Camera Backpacks Recommended By Photographers in 2022

Best Camera Backpack

Whether you are outside on a photography adventure or you visit friends for a shooting: having a camera backpack for your gear keeps the equipment safe at all times. Those backpacks are designed for photographers’ needs, and you won’t meet a pro without one. They not only keep the cameras and lenses protected, but you can also organize your stuff, and most importantly, you have your hands free. Similar to a computer laptop, padded compartments protect what’s inside the bag. They can also be rearranged in some models.

There are sling bangs and other camera bags with a shoulder strap, but they are a hassle when working and carrying the equipment with you. The camera backpack rests comfortably on your shoulders, and you have all the space you need to set the camera up. Many are waterproof or repellant, so working outside when the weather is getting bad is still possible. Just think about the sports photographers at sports fields and wildlife photography.

We talked to photographers about their requirements for camera backpacks and researched the market for appropriate products. We selected what we think are the 10 best camera backpacks recommended by photographers. Some models differ from each other due to their material and features. But all of them will keep your camera safe and make your life as a photographer easier. 

The Best Camera Backpacks in 2022

As there are many different styles and types of camera backpacks available in the market, here is our review of the top 10 best camera backpacks of 2022 so that you can pick the right one for you.

These are the 10 best camera backpacks we recommend you to buy:

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Read our detailed reviews of each product to find the best one that fits your requirements as a photographer.

10. Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-shock Backpack

Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-shock Backpack for DSLR and SLR Cameras


If you have a lot of gear to carry around and you want to keep everything in order, this model is right for you.  Abonnyc spent a lot of time on details to give photographers a backpack they can use in any environment. You can store two DLSR with lenses attached in the basic setup, 3-4 additional lenses (depending on the size), filters, a tripod, and other accessories.

You also get a free rain protection sleeve in a bright color so that you will be seen from afar. While the back compartment stores the camera equipment, the front part keeps your smaller items, from phones to pens and paper notebooks.

The dimension of this backpack is 20×12.5×6.5 inches.

  • Great design with olive and bright green color
  • It is lightweight as it is only 3.5 pounds in weight.
  • Free rain protection sleeve
  • Cannot hold a laptop that is more than 15.6 inches.

9. NEW: Large Professional Camera Backpack 22L

Large Professional Camera Backpack 22L


This camera backpack is best for those who go out in nature or hiking and need to carry personal staff and camera equipment. It is, compared to other models, quite huge, the volume is 22 liters. But it stores much more than just a camera and a lens. You can carry your laptop and tablet as well as chargers and cables. 

On top of the backpack, you have a compartment for some clothes, in case you need to change a wet shirt or pants. Below is the storage for the photography equipment. Even bigger lenses like a Canon 200mm will find enough space here. Outside on the left and right, you can attach walking sticks, your tripod, and it has a pouch for a water bottle or tumbler. This pouch can be removed. We like the free rain cover and carry ways to use the backpack as a normal bag. 

  • Huge volume, up to 20L
  • Stores equipment and clothes and laptops
  • Free rain cover
  • Pouch for your tumbler
  • Very big and heavy for normal use

8. Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag

Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag for DSLR Camera, Lens and Accessories


This camera backpack from Vivitar can hold up to 2  DSLR camera bodies plus  2-3 lenses and a flash in the main compartment. It comes with a 90-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you get a free  MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning cloth. For those who do street photography and don't need to carry around too much stuff and want to reduce weight, this backpack will make you happy. The hidden safety feature is that it doesn't look like a professional camera bag. 

While you have only one compartment, you can store some items in the front flap's mesh pocket. The order of the paddings can be rearranged depending on your gear. Your tripod rests perfectly on the right of the camera backpack; hold tight with extra straps. Without the tripod, you can use the pocket for a water bottle. 

  • It comes with a tripod/monopod holder.
  • It can also fit and protect gaming consoles and controls.
  • The backpack has 2 side compartments to store extra accessories.
  • It is compact (15.7×7.6×7.6 inches) and lightweight.
  • It cannot hold a laptop (on the front lid) that is more than 10 inches.

7. Acuvar DSLR Camera Backpack with Rain Cover

Acuvar DSLR Camera Backpack with Rain Cover


This camera bag is from the manufacturer Acuvar, measures  10x5x14.75 inches inside and 11.5x7.2x15.6 inches outside. You can easily store and protect 2 small camcorders or 2 DSLR camera bodies along with accessories like filters, flashes, and around 3-4 lenses.

It is made of nylon and polyester fabric, which makes this backpack strong and durable. A touch of blue is added with the basic black color to give it a trendy look. The rain cover provided with this backpack can be stored on the underside of the bag.

  • The interior has customizable thick foam paddings providing excellent protection.
  • The backpack comes with padded shoulder straps, waist belt, and chest belt, which allows comfort.
  • It is only 2 pounds in weight.
  • No space for laptops or tablets

6. Lowepro Flipside 300 DSLR Camera Backpack

Lowepro Flipside 300 DSLR Camera Backpack


LowePro is something like the gold standard when it comes to camera bags in general. They produce some of the best shoulder strap bags and camera backpacks on the market. This model is very common with professional photographers because of its durability and high-quality material. 

You can fit in a DLSR and one of the smaller DJI drones as well as lenses, a flash, and protectors. A small pouch on the top for storing the cables and SD cards. You can remove it if you need more space inside. Depending on how you arrange the padding, you can keep batteries there as well. LowePro gives you a bright rain cover as well.

  • The accessory pouch is removable to give more space.
  • It has a front storage panel for extra storage.
  • The SlipLock attachment can expand the bag.
  • Adjustable sternum strap and waist belt for even weight distribution.
  • Water-resistant.
  • No pockets for smaller items beside the top pouch

5. AmazonBasics DSLR and Camera Backpack

AmazonBasics DSLR and Camera Backpack


This camera backpack is another one from AmazonBasics and comes with carrying a 17-inch laptop along with small accessories, 3-4 lenses, and 2  cameras. The backpack also has side straps that can be used to secure tripods or any other big-sized accessories.

This model has a bright orange interior giving it a stylish and unique look. The outer dimension is 13.4x8.8x17.7 inches, whereas the interior dimension is 12.6x7.8x16.5 inches.

  • This backpack comes with a customizable padded interior.
  • Dividers are movable, which aids in optimal storage.
  • Adjustable chest and waist straps.
  • Made of nylon and plastic 
  • Rain cover.
  • It is around 4.2 pounds in weight.
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4. USA Gear Digital SLR Camera Backpack

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack


This camera backpack from USA Gear can hold a DSLR or 2 smaller camera bodies, a laptop up to 15.6 inches, and some accessories like lenses and flashes. You can rearrange the paddings. The front panel has two mesh pockets with zippers for SD cards, the same cards, and cables. You can use the extra pockets for bottles, your tripod, or other stuff on the left and right.

The interior (11x10.5x6 inches in dimension) is well padded for extra protection. The front panel has some store options as well, and a quick-access zipper to reach inside even when the backpack is closed. It comes with a rain cover, so you and your gear are safe when outside 

  • Only 2.47 pounds in weight.
  • Customizable Velcro dividers.
  • Padded shoulder straps can be changed to be worn on one shoulder also.
  • Has space to hold your tripod as well.
  • There are some complaints about the stitching.

3. Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras

Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras


This backpack is made to hold different Canon DLSRs and lenses for those photographers who are in the Canon team. But you can use it with other camera brands as well. You will see from the design that it's intended for heavy outdoor use, hence the urethane coating, making the backpack waterproof. The side pocket has an overlapping lid so that you can store a bottle or smaller items

The best thing about this backpack is that it is water repellant and urethane coated. It also has padded shoulder straps and back to provide comfort. The front webbing lets you store a light jacket or a small helmet when cycling. 

  • It is durable and water-resistant.
  • Weight is not an issue.
  • Comes with a tripod strap on the pack bottom.
  • Black with green accent, good for outdoor use. 
  • It is not designed for laptop storage.

2. AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories


Sometimes you need to look professional and serious when attending an event, and this black camera backpack by Amazon Basics will support you. It looks like a laptop bag for business people but has a different inside setting. Still, padding is what keeps the content safe. 

The internal dimension is 10x5x14.75 inches, whereas the outer dimension is 11.5x7.2x15.6 inches. The padding is, by default, arranged to store a DLSR body, lenses, and flash, but you can customize it in case you have more cameras or a small drone. 

  • It is made of polyester/nylon, which makes the camera backpack durable.
  • Adjustable padded compartments provide excellent protection.
  • Can hold a 13-inch tablet in the front pouch.
  • It is 2.7 pounds in weight.
  • It is not waterproof.

1. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras


This camera backpack is from Altura Photo and is designed in a sling backpack style. So it gives you the option to get access to the camera without even taking off your backpack. Even though it is compact, it still can hold and protect a DSLR camera with one standard zoom lens and 1-2 extra lenses or flash units (depending on the size). It provides great value for the low price. 

It comes with a Digital Goja 90-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We really like the front access and the top pouch to store additional equipment. 

  • Comes with a tripod/monopod foot holder.
  • It is designed for quick side entry.
  • This backpack is lightweight (1.1 pounds) and compact (16×8.8×5.5 inches).
  • It also features mesh pockets to hold additional accessories or personal items.
  • It does not have space to hold a laptop.
  • No rain cover is provided.


We did our best to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the best camera backpacks available in 2022. We updated all information, so you have the current facts about each product. The backpacks will keep your gear safe and organized so that you can focus on the shooting.

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