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Do you remember your first bike? Most people can vividly remember their first bike as those two wheels are usually the first taste of independence for kids. The first bikes for kids typically give them that liberating and carefree feeling of riding along with the wind.

Choosing the best bike for a kid is quite crucial. The first rule in selecting the best bikes for kids is to know the right size. Most bikes for kids usually range from 12-24 inches long.

best bikes for kidsDon’t ruin your kid’s best gift by buying a bike of a bigger size so that it can last for long. This is a common mistake most parents make when buying their kids a bike. The bike will be too big and challenging to ride. The best kid’s bike should be lightweight and with hands-brakes. The saddle of the bike should also be comfortable for the kids and a bit concave.

This article reviews the top ten best bikes for kids in 2020. These are the top ten best kid’s bikes in the market today, giving consumers good value for money. They have been highly rated and recommended for kids by previous customers.

The 10 best size bikes for kids you can buy in 2020

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10. Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

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The Chicco Red Bullet is the best balance training bike. It helps kids learn how to ride a two-wheeled bike which makes it quite easy for children to ride a real bike. The bike comes with puncture resistant wheels that help create a smooth ride for your child.

The seats are comfortable with pads for extra cushioning. The bike was designed with comfort and safety in mind. It is an ideal option for children aged three years and above.

Key Features
  • It is lightweight and sturdy
  • The seats are height adjustable and reach the ground easily
  • Quite comfortable with padded seats and rubber handlebars
  • Sturdy metals ensure the bike holds kids weighing up to 55 lbs.

The balance feature is one of the best that has made the bike quite a hit among small children. The Chicco has well rated making it a good purchase. The handles are rubber and soft for small kids. It is sturdy and holds up well making it one of the best kids bikes in 2020.

9. Razor Angel Girls’ Bike

Razor Angel Girls’ Bike

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If you need a great bike for your girl this year, the Razor Angel Girls’ Bike is your best pick. It is a decent bike coming at a great price. The Razor Angel looks cute and ideal for girls with 20 inches rims and 48 spokes. It comes with two pegs, and an allow seat clamp. It has a great design and looks perfect for girls.

Why should you buy this bike?
  • This bike is really nice and cute for your daughter
  • It is quite sturdy with a strong steel frame
  • It is a high-quality bike

The Razor Angel is a great pick when you need a decent girl bike. The bike is quiet and matches the quality of the things that girls love. The seats are durable and made of alloy steel clamp. It is well rated but be prepared to do some assembly once you buy it.

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8. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

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Does your little prince love pink? Get her this lovely Titan Girl’s Flower Princess Bike today and make her a day. The Titan Girl’s bike is the only bike that comes with a doll seat, a basket and training wheels. The bike is 16-inches long and ideal enough for older girls. It comes 85% assembled making the work of assembly easy for you. Features of this bike are creatively designed with the love of girls in mind. The pink color is a great choice as this is the favorite for most girls.

Key Features
  • Quite cute
  • Easy to assemble
  • The bike comes with great accessories
  • Includes a doll seat and basket

It is a great kid’s bike with a basket, a doll seat and training wheels to get your daughter started. This bike is a perfect choice for a 3-4 feet mine kid and easy to assemble with most of the work already done for you.

7. Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

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The Kent is a big boys bike with great features that make it easy for boys to roam outside. The Kent Super Boys bike comes with fully welded suspension frame. It is quite easy to control in a steep place giving you a smooth ride. It features seven-speed gearing and easy seat adjustments. This Kent Super boys bike is a great boy’s bike built to ensure safety, comfort, and durability on the road.

Key Features
  • Quite strong and durable
  • Comes with a downhill suspension fork for easy riding on steep areas
  • Has a great design

If your boy is all grown up, the Kent Super is an ideal option this year. It is quite strong and ideal for riding in areas with a steep gradient. It gives a smooth ride and easy to adjust.

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6. Dynacraft Magna major Damage Boys bike

Dynacraft Magna major Damage Boys bike

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The Dynacraft bike is one of the best kid bikes when it comes to great finishes. The Dyna has a high gloss finish that makes it lovely and appealing for small boys aged between 4-8 years.

The bike comes with adjustable training wheels, a coaster brake and handlebar pad. Everything is aimed at making the kid get it comfortable with the first ride.

The Frame and the Fork come with a lifetime warranty making the bike every penny worth. It is a great pick with the bright yellow color being highly noticeable as the boys ride on the streets.

Key Features
  • The bike is comfortable and great for stability
  • The coaster brakes make stopping quite easy and smooth ideal for young boys
  • The bright BMX frame is ideal for boys
  • The training wheels are removable and easy to adjust
  • The custom frame has a deluxe paint finish that makes the bike appealing

The Dynacraft is a great product that is quite easy to assemble and comes with a great warranty on the frame and fork. It is quite easy to assemble with your small boy helping. The training wheels can be removed and adjusted with ease. The bike is highly rated and recommended for young boys between 4-8 years.

5. Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl’s bike

Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl’s bike

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Let your little angels be the star you want them to be by riding on this great Dynacraft Magna bike for girls. This bike has clear love colors for the girl. The bike has pink, white and purple making it look gorgeous from a distance.

The frames come in pink and purple decoration with a beautiful pink seat. The seat is padded and easily adjustable to suit the height of your girl. There are coaster brakes that make stopping quite easy and smooth. We can remove and adjust the training wheels to offer stability and extra balance.

Key Features
  • The steel frame ensures you have a sturdy bike that will last for long
  • The coaster brakes ensure a smooth stop
  • The great colors make the bike beautiful and appealing
  • It is easy to ride a bike with removable training wheels

Other than the front fork being too narrow, this is an excellent choice for your daughter that comes at a bargain price. It is a great choice and one of the best 16-inch kid bikes you can get at such a low price. The training wheels ensure the child gets some easy time on the bike.

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4. Razor 62042 High Roller BMX Bike

Razor 62042 High Roller BMX Bike

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The Razor 62042 BMX Bike is another great kid’s bike that makes it into the top four best bikes in 2020. It is a durable option that made of a steel BMX frame and a four bolt stem. The seat comes with a post clamp for quick release. The quality and assembly are great with the only tedious part being the adjustment of brakes.

Key Features
  • The assembly is quite easy
  • It is durable and of high-quality

The Razor 62042 is a great pick for big kids as the weight is not ideal for small children. It is a durable product that can stay long without damage or rust. Order with confidence and give your kid a great gift.

3. RoyalBaby Stargirl Girl’s Bike

RoyalBaby Stargirl Girl’s Bike

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This is our third RoyalBaby bike on the list and one with the best features that will give you value for money. This is the newest RoyalBaby Stargirl bike for girls.

It is a great product with good reviews on markets in more than 40 countries. The design and its quality are outstanding. The RoyalBaby Stargirl Bike is one of the sturdiest bikes for the kids in the market currently and a great bargain for girls.

Key Features
  • The design is one of the best
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Looks cute for girls
  • Great colors
  • Quite easy to assemble

The Stargirl bike is a great choice to take the second spot on our list. It remains highly rated with great reviews and recommendations on the internet. The Stargirl is worth every penny and a great value for your money.

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2. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bikes for kids

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bikes for kids

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The RoyalBaby takes the number two spot on our list leading the way as the best kids’ bike for the year 2019. It is an excellent pick with great features making it a bestselling bike. RoyalBaby is a sporty bike for boys and girls and comes in three different sizes of 12inch 14inch and 16 inches.

The bike comes with a water bottle, training wheels, bell, and a quick release seat post. You can easily adjust the height of the seat with ease. The BMX Freestyle is quite easy to put together with over 95% already assembled. You only need to install the training wheels, the pedals, saddle, and handlebar.

Key Features
  • Quite easy to assemble
  • The training wheels are long lasting
  • Several options for leaning stop
  • Features a sturdy steel frame
  • The height of the seat can easily be adjusted

The RoyalBaby Freestyle is a great option that is highly recommended and well rated. It is a bike designed with style and safety in mind.

The training wheels dampen the soil keeping the noise down and improve the hearing capability. Go right ahead and keep your child off the TV and other computer games by ordering this bike today.

1. X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

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The X-Games Freestyle Bicycle is our number one bike for kids with great features that make it an excellent choice for kids. The frame and fork of the bike are tig welded for added stability. It comes with rear and front brakes for secure stopping.

The X-Games bicycle is an excellent quality bike and gives users good value for money. The tires are grippy and allow kids to ride for long without any punctures. The tires are grippy and allow kids to ride for long without any punctures.

Key Features
  • It is quite durable
  • Grippy street tires for strong rides
  • Has a sturdy steel frame for durability
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Cool and stealthy

The X-Games bike is the best kid’s bike in 2020 and makes a great gift for any kid. You can order yours today and stand to benefit in a great way. It is a great quality bike and a good value for money.


Lastly, if you are looking for a great bike for kid; these are some very awesome choices that will make your kid’s day.

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