Get the Best Apple Watch Charging Stands in 2021

Your Apple Watch is a precious accessory that needs the best care. While it comes with a simple charging cable, a better solution is a stand. Those Apple Watch charging stands will keep your watch upright next to your bed while charging them during your sleep. If your watch battery runs low, you can also use them at your work desk or in the living room. Some models even charge your phone and other accessories like Airpods and support wireless charging.

Furthermore, they come in great designs, making a charger a decorative element. An Apple Watch charging stand keeps your gadget safe in one place. We had a look at a wide range of stands and condensed our research into a list of the 10 best Apple Watch charging stands.

Below are some of the top-rated and bestselling charging docks for your Apple Watch to try out.

These are the best Apple watch charging stands you can choose in 2021

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10. JingooBon Wireless Charger Stand


This multi-device stand is a well-designed accessory for your Apple Watch. Just place the watch at the top charger while at the same time recharge your phone and your iPods. The stand supports three connections. One advantage is wireless charging of your phone, two times faster than with other models.

This stand puts an end to tangling cables on your nightstand. It sits neat and clean next to your bed or on your desktop, with the cables hidden in the back. You can turn on a night mode as well on this stand.

9. Press Play One Dock Power Station Dock – APPLE CERTIFIED

Press Play One Dock Power Station Dock - APPLE CERTIFIED


Do you want high quality and reliable Apple Watch charging stand that can accommodate up to four devices at a time? In case you need a reliable and convenient charging dock, then this is a great choice.

The charging dock is Apple MFI Certified; hence you don’t have to worry about faulty connectors or overcharging. You can charge not only your watch but also your iPhone because it has a lightning connector. Additionally, the device offers two USB-ports for other accessories like a loudspeaker or Bluetooth headphones.

8. NEW: Sokusin Charger Stand with Airpod Holder

NEW: Sokusin Charger Stand with Airpod Holder


One of the smallest chargers units for Apple Watches comes from Sokusin. The designer’s ideas were to keep the dimensions as small as possible so that the charging set won’t take up too much space on your desk. Therefore, the charger is a flat cylinder, where the watch charges lying on the side. On top of it, you can recharge your AirPods too.

The charging is done through the original Apple Watch and AirPod cables and a lighting connector. It goes through the inside of the case, so you don’t have to worry about wires on your desk. It is a perfect stand when you are using your watch as an alarm clock. The material is durable PVC.

7. Oittm Apple Watch Series 3 Charging Stand

Oittm Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand


Say goodbye to a bunch of chargers and cable occupying your desk or nightstand. With this 3-1 solution, you can feed all your devices with power while you sleep or work. It features an Apple Watch charger and additional USB-ports.

The charger has a compact design, where the watch rests on top of a round cylinder. On the side, three USB ports offer to charge for your FitBit, tablet, or wireless speakers. Note that this accessory supports only Apple Watch Series 3 models.

6. Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 4


If you want to keep your watch and phone in perfect order, this stand is just perfect for you. The watch rests secured on the charging connector while your iPhone stands in an upright position. This makes it much easier to read messages or notifications while charging.

Furthermore, you have three more USB ports for additional devices. Whether it is a second phone, your Airpods, or any other gadget, they can get fed with power from just one device.

5. Mercase Apple Watch Stand Charging Dock

Mercase Apple Watch Stand Charging Dock


If you want to be consistent in your device’s designs and you own a Macbook, then this Apple Watch Charging stand will impress you. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and cut in the same way as Apple Notebook with CNC technology. The durable material makes a stand sturdy and heavy enough to carry a watch and an iPhone.

While the watch charges on a top stand, the phone can be placed in landscape orientation on the bottom. This way, you can watch a movie or TV series while the battery is recharged. What we liked it that the stand supports iPhones with covers. Even with thicker protection, it can remain in the stand while charging.

4. Tranesca Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand

Tranesca Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand


Sometimes less is more. The Tranesca watch stand follows this design principle without compromising on the functionality. The cute rose gold frame is made from aluminum through a modern molding process. Its molding is highly precise, hence the good quality of this stand.

The watch rests at a 40-degree angle, enabling you to catch the time while sleeping or sitting on your desk. When the watch automatically switches to night mode, you can still see the time without getting dazzled by bright light. To get it operating, you just need to insert your watch charging cable into the back of the stand. The multi-layer spraying made the stand scratch-resistant; the weight keeps it sturdy.

3. ZVE Universal 2 in 1 Aluminium Desktop Charging Stand

ZVE Universal 2 in 1 Aluminium Desktop Charging Stand


This Apple Watch charging stand follows the rose brushed metal design like some other gadgets. With its curved edges, it fits well into the Apple design line. This stand holds not only your watch but also your iPhone. Furthermore, when you are not charging your Apple Watch, you can use it as a phone or tablet stand. Doing this, you can actually turn your tablet into a computer monitor.

Since the stand works with the original cables, it is not limited to apple products. You can charge other phones or E-readers as well. The viewing angle of 60 degrees allows you to watch videos or work with a keyboard, and anti-skidding rubber pads keep it on the desk.

2. NEW: BoxThink Bamboo Charging Stand

NEW: BoxThink  Bamboo Charging Stand


For nature lovers who like to use sustainable products, this stand made from bamboo will fit their needs. It is carefully carved from eco-friendly bamboo. This kind of wood is extremely durable (it’s used for scaffolding in Asia) and doesn’t leave a carbon footprint.

The box is clever in design, with a cable compartment at the bottom. The watch charger is attached with a magnet, while the main box charges your iPhone. Furthermore, at the back of the box, you will find three USB outlets for additional gadgets. And one more thing: You can charge your Airpods thanks to a small cavity on the top.

1. Spigen Apple Watch Stand Charging Dock

Spigen Apple Watch Stand Charging Dock


At the top of the list, we recommend another more simple approach to Apple Watch charging stands. It holds your watch tight at a slight angle, so you can have a look when a message appears, or a phone call comes in. What we liked is the foot of the stand. We encountered the problem that we tried to reach our watch from the bed, and the stand just skidded further away.

This watch stand has a Nanotac foundation, keeping it in place, even if your hand crawls along with the nightstand in the dark. The stand has a precisely carved out opening for the charging panel, and it is advised only to use the original Apple Watch charger.

Benefits of Apple Watch Charging Docks

Even though Apple watches can survive a day or two with its long-lasting battery, eventually it has to be recharged. This is best done with a stand, either at night or during the day, to keep your watch safe and at the right place.

  • Charges Multiple Devices at Once: A number of the Apple Watch charging stands support multiple devices, from your iPhone to Airpods and headphones. You can avoid dangling cables and get the charging done in one place.
  • Prevent Scraping of the Apple Watch: Once your Apple Watch rests in a stand, the risk of scraping is much lower. You also always know where the watch is, keeping you from skidding it unintentionally.
  • Highly Durable: The stand we reviewed are made from high-quality materials, usually either aluminum or durable TPU plastic. You can even get environment-friendly bamboo stands.

Apple Watch Charging Docks Buying Guide

The perfect stand for your watch is the one that fits your requirements and habits. If you charge your watch usually at night, you may need a different accessory than for charging on your desktop.

  • Compatibility: Most Apple Watch charging stands use the original charger unit. Hence they are compatible with the most recent Series 1,2,3,4 and special editions like the Sports Watch and Nike+.
  • The number of Charging Ports: How many devices can your charging dock accommodate at once? It is quite handy to have a stand which charges your watch, phone, and Airpods at the same time.
  • Durability: Aluminum and bamboo are the most durable materials, but the TUP plastic is very close. Also, consider if the stand has anti-skidding protection like rubber feet or similar features.


Charging an Apple Watch with the provided cable works but is a bit of a hassle. The watch can get scratches, the cable is dangling, and it is easy to oversee the watch and drop it. With Apple Watch charging stands, you not only avoid those problems but also get a better solution.

The stand allows you to have a peak on the watch at night, thanks to the angle of the stand. You can also charge multiple devices with some models, and the watch sits safe and secure on your desk and nightstand. And to be honest, it just looks great to see the watch resting on a modern stand. It becomes almost a decorative element to your home.

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