Protect Your Apple Smartwatch with Best Apple Watch Cases | New 2020

While the latest apple watches comes with a sturdy construction, they are not indestructible. Similar to other Apple gadgets, the attractive and sleek look comes at the expense of a relatively fragile design. If you are an adventurous or clumsy type, you need to protect the watch from accidental bumps and water damage. These cases will also give you peace of mind as they prevent scratching the screen. Additionally, these cases come in beautiful design making them a cheap way to accessorize and add color to your device.

Watches are all about individuality. However, a few years back, this was not the case with the Smartwatches because of the limited case and screen variations. Thankfully, today we have many Apple accessory manufacturers that are busy making a huge range of cases, allowing you to make your watch truly unique. While Apple itself has also come out to help in a number of straps and cases that help you customize your watch, you can go further than this.

Today there are various models from other brands that come in exciting design and of course a cheaper price than Apple models. Regardless of the reason, you need these cases, whether, for extra protection or customization, we got you covered. Below is the list of the best Apple Watch cases available on the market today.

The 10 best Apple watch cases you can buy in 2020

10. GONJOY Apple Watch Series 4 44mm Case Protector

GONJOY Apple Watch Series 4 44mm Case Protector

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The GONJOY Apple Watch Series 4 case is an ideal choice for individuals looking to protect their watches without compromising the sleek and attractive design. This protector comes in a slim and clear design that offers 99 percent transparency. This ensures that you can show off the fine details of your watch while still benefiting from the extra protection. The case also comes with a four-color combination that allows for easy customization of your watch look.

Unlike other models, this case will provide extra protection without compromising the screen sensitivity or accuracy. This is facilitated by the advanced design that features a shock resistant construction plus precise cutouts that allows for easy access to buttons. Designed to fit the newest apple watch, series 4, this case is made using flexible and rugged TPU material that provides superior protection. Plus, it comes with a raised bezel that offers a buffer on the screen preventing scratching and chipping. What’s more, the case also comes with reinforced corners to ensure optimal protection.

Key features
  • Slim and lightweight design that doesn’t add bulk to your watch
  • Available in four color combinations that allow you to customize your watch look easily
  • Crafted from sturdy and premium TPU materials for simple installation
  • Slim case with 5H hardness and 99 percent transparency

9. SUPCASE Apple Watch 4 Case 44mm 2019

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Well, New Apple 4 smartwatch is designed to bring you exciting features to make your life easier. Unfortunately, it remains a delicate gadget, therefore it requires extra protection. This is where the SUPCASE Apple watch 4 comes in. The sleek, modern, and classic design isn’t just for the show: It packs serious shock resistance that protects your watch from the hardest falls.

The most exciting feature is that the case brings this ultimate protection without getting in the way of using your watch. The case retains a slim body that doesn’t add any bulkiness to the watch and all the cutouts are done perfectly to allow easy access of buttons and sensors. Combining this to the fast installation and full compatibility is sure to have your watch performing at peak levels.

Key features
  • A versatile design that allows you to access all the watch’s features, sensitivity, and buttons
  • Has a UB pro Bumper that creates a rugged shock absorption plus a raised bezel that protect the screen
  • Includes a scratch-resistant and full adjustable inbuilt watch band
  • Rugged design plus super simple installation
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7. Caseology Apple Watch Series 3

Caseology Apple Watch Series 3

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The Caseology Apple watch series 3 case features best of both worlds. Having been made using high-quality TPU materials, this case has an attractive look while still retaining a rugged design but a more refined touch. The TPU material offers rugged impact protection against dents, bumps, and scratches. Users love the incredibly thin vault that offers unbelievable protection.

This design also ensures that it adds minimal bulk to your watch while still ensuring full corner and screen protection. More so, the case maintains an attractive look thanks to the sleek matte finish combined with a carbon fiber details. Actually, it is very hard to tell that it’s an additional case as it complements your watch beautifully. Besides its aesthetics and high-quality build, the TPU material is flexible allowing for easy installation and stays securely on the watch to offer a daily protection you can rely on.

Key features
  • Comes in a slim protective TPU bumper case that offers shock absorption
  • Lightweight and flexible thanks to the easy fitting and taking off
  • Has a raised front lip that prevents the screen and full corner protection
  • Stylish sleek design designed to fit the needs of individuals with busy lifestyles

6. BRG Compatible with Apple Watch Band with Case

BRG Compatible with Apple Watch Band with Case

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 Stylish, sporty, and breathable, the BRG apple watchband with case is not only built for workouts but also a great choice for daily wear. It features a ready design that is ready for anything. First, we love the water resistance that makes it resistant to damages caused by rain, sweat, and water splash. However, this case is not waterproof so you shouldn’t go swimming or shower with your watch on. Secondly, the case is made of durable and flexible elastomer, giving it a sporty yet sleek look. This makes it a great choice to wear during the day while working out, at night and beyond.

Plus, its attractive color and modern design bring a fashion sense to live making it a great accessory to wear for any occasion. When it comes to protection, the case has an elevated bezel that protects scratching of the screen and reinforced corners for superior protection. Moreover, the soft TPU is shock absorbent protecting the watch from accidental falls while remaining flexible to put it on and off.

Key features
  • Sporty and stylish design yet designed to offer excellent protection
  • The case is shock resistant to protect the watch from accidental falls
  • Made using durable elastomer materials that are adjustable for a clean fit
  • Water resistant design that is splash, rain and sweat proof

5. BRG Compatible with Apple Watch Band

BRG Compatible with Apple Watch Band

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BRG apple watch case is a tough and a sleek case that comes with a sturdy design that withstands the biggest drop. Don’t let the sexy and gorgeous look deceive you. The case is built with soft TPU materials that are shock absorbing ensuring edge-to-edge protection. For added protection, the corners are reinforced and have a raised bevel to protect the screen from scratches.

We also love the elegant design that gives you quick access to all buttons, screen, and sensors ensuring that the performance of your watch is never compromised. Additionally, you will have the choice of either picking the case with the band or the band only. With over fifteen attractive color choices, this is a unisex model that allows you to choose the model that suits your style. You can even pick several units in different colors to change the look of your watch and suit your style. This makes it a great choice for the night, daily as well as workout wear. Besides, the case is compatible with various apple watches including Edition, series 1, 2 and 3.

Key features
  • Available in over sixteen color choices to allow you to choose the model that suits your needs
  • Durable and shock absorbing material ensure all-round protection
  • Compatible with various iWatch series from series 1 to series 3
  • The case is designed to protect all corners, side and has a raised bevel to protect the screen
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4. Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case

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If you are looking for a model that offers solid protection to your Apple watch, more than just scratches and scuffs, the Spigen rugged armor watchcase might be your best bet. This case is not only designed to provide top-notch rugged protection but compatibility with all the Apple Watch series. It boasts of a signature design that embodies precision while leaving all the features accessible. More to this, it will offer topnotch protection for scratches making it a great choice for individuals who are always on the go.

The case is made shock resistant TPU material, which is also flexible to allow for easy installation. Another main selling point is that the case has just enough raise that ensures proper protection without a bulky feel.

For user convenience, the case is also fitted with an aluminum button that allows for an easy press and solid feedback. Additionally, users love the slim and stylish design that doesn’t compromise your professional look.

Key features
  • Offers Full edge coverage that prevents all scratches
  • Built using high-quality TPU material which is not only flexible but also shocks absorbent
  • Precisely engineered to offer an accurate fit and extra rugged look
  • Has exact cutout that enables you to access all the buttons and charging ports easily

3. Julk Series 3 42mm Case for Apple Watch

Julk Series 3 42mm Case for Apple Watch

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Would you want to keep your Apple Watch looking just the way it did when you bought it? Well, the Julk Series 3 Apple watchcase is designed to do this exactly. The case comes in a transparent jacket that is made of flexible and soft material that absorbs shock for ultimate protection. It is not only smooth but also clear, exposing all the fine details of your watch.

As a bonus, this case comes with a screen protector to ensure the screen is not scratched or chipped in case of a fall. The TPU materials also offer superior anti-collision performance that ensures all the four sides of the watch are well covered. Additionally, the simple yet stylish design gives the watch a nice look, making it a great choice for all occasions.

Key features
  • Has a smooth crystal clear TPU constructions that shows off all the fine details of your watch
  • Offers unmatched protection on the four sides and screen
  • Superior Anti-collision and scratchproof performance allows you to use the watch at a gym and sports activities
  • Includes a wet and dry cloth to wipe down the fog in case of high precipitation
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1. Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Apple Series 4 Watch Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Apple Series 4 Watch Case

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Apple series 4 does not come cheap, and unless you are a millionaire, you wouldn’t risk exposing this delicate timepiece to scratches and other damages. The Spigen Rugged Armor Apple case is designed to bring 360 degrees full protection. It will not only add daily durability but also ensures a polished look to your watch. Designed to protect your watch from bruises and bumps the raised edges ensures that your watch retains its new look for a long time.

Similarly, this elegant and smart case has a matte finish that brings a modern flair to your watch. It’s also has a convenient and flexible TPU construction that allows for fast installation. More to this, the corners are reinforced for added protection while the straps are adjustable and come with a simple yet secure lock. Therefore, if you are looking to give your watch the protection it deserves without compromising its looks, this might be your best bet.

Key features
  • Precise cutouts give you full access to sensors and buttons
  • Features a raised bezel that offers superior screen protection
  • Made using shock absorbing and flexible TPU materials
  • Modern and stylish design that doesn’t add bulk to your watch

Factors to consider before purchasing the best Apple Watch cases

You wrap your iPhone with a protective cover so why shouldn’t you cover your Smartphone. As mentioned previously, there are various apple watchcases on the market. In this review, we are going to look at the features that should help you select the best case for your apple watch.

  • Quality

Apple watches do not come cheap, so you would want to ensure that you offer optimal protection against any kind of damage. The first thing to consider when selecting the cases is the quality. We recommend going for a model made using TPU materials. This material is not only shocking absorbing but also easy to install. You can also go for other models made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel or leather especially when it comes to straps.

  • Compatibility

Whether you are thinking of purchasing the brand new Apple watch series 4 or you have a previous model, you need to ensure that you pick a case that is compatible with your current model.

  • Personal preference

Another primary concern is your personal preference. Remember, besides offering edge-to-edge protection, apple cases are also about comfort and aesthetics. For this reason, you should ensure that you pick a model that not only complement your watch but also stand out from the crowd.

  • Size

When it comes to selecting the cases that comes with a strap, you also need to check the size. Here you need to know the measurements of your watch, whether 38mm or 42mm. Next, you need to measure your wrist. After this, it will be easy to choose a model that suits your needs.


While choosing any of the above Apple cases will give you peace of mind, you need to consider your needs. Start by determining the look that you need and the protection you need depending on where you want to use the watch. With this in mind, go through the models listed here and make sure that you get the right size before hitting that buy button.

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