Find Out What Digital Alarm Clocks You Can Buy – Reviewed 2020

Alarm clocks have come a long way from their standard dial-clock and buzzer design, now equipped with many interesting features. They’re made to meet different sleeping habits and needs, so many users are recommended to go through self-assess and then choose accordingly.

As a smart buyer, you have to take several factors into accounts such as battery type, display quality, multimedia/Aux/USB support, noise levels and exclusive qualities such as projectors, wheels, shockers and much more.

The 10 best digital alarm clocks for you to choose in 2020

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Have a look at more detailed reviews of each product below:

10. Awakelion Wake Up Light Clock Premium Digital Display Model

Awakelion Wake Up Light Clock Premium Digital Display Model

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The Awakelion Wake-Up Light Clock is an excellent choice for homes with kids because of its color changing ability. The clock is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as it glows with 7 kinds of circularly changing led-light colors, and it just looks really cool, especially at night.

Children seem to love its compact and orb-shaped structure so it’s no surprise some may mistake this for a toy, but don’t be alarmed (pun intended) because its ABS polymer material is quite durable and will survive any torture at the hands of children.

Moreover, it’s triple battery operated offering a reasonable lifetime, tap-sensitive, has snooze capability, plays 8 different soothing alarm sounds that mimic natural environments, and display the time(12 and 24-hour format), date( 2000 to 2099) and environmental temperature (°C or °F).

It’s a unique alarm clock that helps you go to sleep just as effectively as pulling you out of it. It may not be suitable for adults or those with deep-sleeping habits.

9. Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock

Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock

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The Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock keeps everything as simple as possible as a digital alarm clock, but does not in any way compromise in its quality. It’s a powerful alarm clock that’s incredibly effective in waking you up. It’s effortless to operate, with all its adjustable settings at the back, a large digital LED-numerical display, a snooze button (9-minute snooze).

This alarm clock is an excellent partner for a late night reader or kids scared of the dark since it features a large nightlight as well. It even lets you adjust the brightness of the display with a dimmer-slider, as well as the alarm volume with another slider.

The alarm can run for 5 minutes at a really loud maximum volume, so even given the small chance the clock doesn’t wake you up, someone else will. It’s AC electric powered with an AAA battery back-up, making it perfect for any bedside table.

8. OnLyee Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock

OnLyee Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock

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The OnLyee Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock is so incredibly versatile that it’s not fitting to call it simply an alarm clock. That’s because it has a built-in speaker as well with Bluetooth capability to connect to most devices and phones. You can listen to music throughout the day, and even answer hands-free calls with the help of its mic.

The LED multicolor nightlight with adjustable brightness gives the beautifully designed spherical clock a brilliant aesthetic. If that isn’t enough, it has dual-USB charging ability to charge devices and even an AM/FM radio.

The power is AC charged but also has a big battery back-up. It’s a gorgeous device that has everything you couldn’t ever expect from an alarm clock.

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7. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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This is one of the most expensive and luxurious alarm clocks on the market, and there’s just one word to describe it: ‘graceful’. It stimulates the conditions of sunrise to wake the user up in the most natural way possible using light therapy and 5 different natural sounds, leaving the user refreshed, instead of confused and disoriented like other abrupt alarms sounds.

Similarly, it induces sleep by stimulating sunsets as well. The display operates on a non-replaceable, low-power LED light(240 V) that varies in intensities to create that effect, remains cool to touch and is claimed to last 10,000 hours.

Although it’s a beautiful alarm clock, it lacks multimedia/aux/USB support (although it has an FM Radio) and is not recommended for deep-sleepers or college students.

6. BeautyFlower Sunrise Simulation Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

BeautyFlower Sunrise Simulation Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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This is almost the same as the last one but has some more features and costs a lot less than the Philips Light-up clock. It also helps to wake the user up with gradual sunlight simulation with 6 natural sounds that begin 30 minutes before the alarm. It similarly also has an FM radio built in with speakers.

Additionally, it has a LED(240 V) lamp feature with 7 different beautiful colors with 4-level adjustable brightness. The settings are configured easily, and it also features Touch-control and a snooze function. It charges with a USB charger but also has a battery backup. It’s a great addition to homes that don’t break the bank either.

5. Kitchenismo Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Kitchenismo Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock also lets users wake up to the gentle stimulation of sunlight that increases with intensity and sound. The alarm tones feature 6 relaxing nature sounds, so it gives you the experience of waking up in the outdoors in the embrace of Mother Nature.

The clock also has a nightlight mode with 7 radiant colors that can also be changed with touch control. It’s easily chargeable via USB cable and power adapter with AAA batteries as a backup source.

This one’s also suitable for deep sleepers since the alarm tones are quite loud and give the user the option of waking up to the radio. Overall, it’s a decent alarm clock and a tree-hugger’s dream.

4. Mesqool Digital Dual Alarm FM Dimmable Projection Clock

Mesqool Digital Dual Alarm FM Dimmable Projection Clock

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Don’t like the same old way of waking up to the ringing of the average alarm clock and your phone/clock display burning your eyes as a good morning message when you try to check the time?

Well, then the Mesqool Digital Dual Alarm Projection Clock is the clock for you, which projects the time clearly on your ceiling or wall with the help of its 180-degree swivel projection.

A blessing for the vision-impaired, it’s also equipped with an AM/FM radio and a 1.8-inch ultra-large LED display with adjustable brightness. It can also charge your devices while you sleep.

However, although it has battery support, it needs a constant AC power input to project overnight as the battery doesn’t last long by itself.

3. Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

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The Electrochrome projection alarm clock lets you stay at ease when waking up in the morning by constantly displaying the time on the walls or ceiling facing you so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of squinting at your device screens to know what time it is.

The Display is a large 3.6” crystal blue LCD with the adjustable brightness that shows the time, indoor temperature (so you can prepare your clothes accordingly) and date.

The alarm includes an AM/FM radio along with aux input to allow the users to play their music. It’s a good recommendation to people with weak eye-sights or anyone who hate the generic way of waking up in the morning.

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2. Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

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If you’re a real deep sleeper and none of those mentioned above models were any good, then how about something close to a natural hazard as your alarm?

The sonic bomb, true to its name, provides 113 decibels of sound (adjustable), loud enough to shake the mount of Olympus. If that isn’t enough, it comes with a 12V bed-shaker, so it’s understandable if you proceed to earthquake protocols when you use it for the first time.

It comes with a large explosive-red display, pulsating lights, and a 9V backup battery. If this doesn’t wake you up, we’ll assume you’re either dead or knocked out.

1. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

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The top rated alarm clock on our list is RCA Digital Alarm Clock. Why is this one the best? The RCA Digital Alarm Clock is as simple as they come with a 1.4-inch large display that increased visibility and adjustable brightness. The snooze and settings buttons are extremely easy to operate, and the backup battery is reliable.

It’s power-efficient and quite effective. The RCA’s extremely simple interface makes waking up even easier, and being the most affordable model in the list is a great plus. This alarm clock is suitable for every consumer type, which is why it has received such excellent customer feedback.


You would be amazed to find out what alarm clocks are capable of nowadays, so a list of the top 10 models mentioned-above available to give you an idea, and help you pick your ideal sleep-slayer.

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