Best Air Purifiers for Large Room in 2022 | A Comparison & Reviews

Best Air Purifier for Large Room

Humans need basic requirements, such as food, water, and clothing, to survive in life. Above all, they need air to breathe and stay alive. The air we breathe could be a complimentary resource provided by nature, but we are ruining it in every way possible effortlessly emitting unwanted gases into the atmosphere. We welcome a host of toxic pollutants and now stand at a threshold where air pollution is a leading cause of diseases.

Inside our homes, we might feel comfortable and cozy with the air conditioner, but do you know that some pollutants are 2-5 times higher in concentration inside our homes than outside? This includes pollutants such as smoke from wood-burning, tobacco, building construction materials, mold, dust mites, and more. Prolonged exposure to these results in lung problems and early death too. To end this irony, we have selected ten of the topmost air purifiers to use in 2022. Please check out the reviews and buying guide below for choosing your preferred one.

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers That You Should Buy

Read about the best purifiers using the buying guide below to make the best choice for your home.

10. Vremi Air Purifiers with HEPA Filter

Vremi Air Purifiers with HEPA Filter


The Vremi purifier has a 3-stage filter that traps 99.97% of pollutants and airborne irritants and runs on one filter for 180 days straight before requiring changes to it. The three filters include an ultra-fine pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter, which can trap particles even 0.3 microns in size.

Its size is ideal measuring about 16 inches in length and 9 inches in diameter, almost like a night lamp sitting sleek and suitable for any of your rooms.

This purifier can kill germs and viruses and many other pollutants, ensuring a safe atmosphere for all-babies, young adults, and the older adults who wish to breathe in some fresh air. Vremi is also a pet-friendly purifier as its 360-degrees aerodynamic air clears away pet dander, odor, and hair.

Key features
  • 3-stage filtration
  • On/off option possible with the press of the same button
  • Live air quality indicator with color codes representing different air quality-blue (very good), green (good), orange (unhealthy), and red (hazardous).
  • Auto sense and sleep modes
  • It comes with a built-in timer for the convenience of the user with three different options-2, 4 and 8 hours
  • Sleek, compact and elegant
  • The 3-stage filter ensures filtration of 99.97% pollutants, even those as small as 0.3 microns
  • Warranty
  • Performs it’s job quietly without disturbing others-in their sleep or while awake
  • Designed for suitable performance in your living room, bathroom, bedroom or ideal for office use too
  • Built-in air quality sensor with color-coded options displaying live air quality
  • Ideal for those living with pets as it clears out pet odor, danders and hair
  • The constant sound that disturbs users
  • Doesn’t display live air quality very clearly which doesn’t help users

9. Medify Modern Air Purifier 

Medify Modern Air Purifier 


Air purifiers require to be placed in the living room, which brings about the need for making it look modern and elegant too. This Medify purifier is a great choice when it comes to design and performance, as it is one of the modern air purifiers launched. The purifier is provided with a medical-grade H13 filter that’s even better than your True HEPA filter with an ability to clean the air in a 1300 sq. Ft. room in 60 minutes, 800 sq. Ft. room in 30 minutes and 400 sq. Ft. room in 15 minutes.

The elegance is from the use of tempered glass panels that kicks off the elite look, which does well with an in-built timer and a 4-speed fan.

The medical-grade filter filters out particles as small as 0.1 microns, and the carbon filter does away with odor and smoke. Medify has an ionizer function that helps in trapping unwanted particles, which could be turned on/off according to user needs.

Key features
  • Medical grade H13 filter that can eliminate particles as small as 0.1 microns
  • The tempered glass panel that’s easy to clean
  • Air quality indicator lights
  • The product looks like a smartphone with the tempered glass covering adding sophistication and ease of clean
  • Four auto timer modes possible (1, 2, 4 and 8 hours)
  • Filter life indicator
  • Replacement filter
  • Replacement air filters are hard to procure
  • Short life

8. hOmeLabs True HEPA Air Purifier 

hOmeLabs True HEPA Air Purifier 


This purifier uses a 3-stage filtration process, which includes a pre-filter, HEPA, and an activated carbon filter to eliminate particles as small as 0.1 microns in size. The life of the filter is also long-lasting up to 2100 hours before requiring a change. The design and features enable effective cleaning of air when the room size is less than 200 square feet.

Firstly, this is a compact device ideal for your office or any room within 200 sq. Ft. provided with LED lights that are visible even in the night to make it comfortable to use. But if you don’t want a light constantly blinking at your face while you sleep, it also provides you with an option to turn it off.

Key features
  • Effectively removes pollutants such as pollen, dust, mold, cooking odor, pet dander, pet hair, and most other common allergens
  • True HEPA H13 filter that strains out even 0.1-micron particles
  • Compact and elegant
  • Low noise levels
  • Free return policy up to 30 days from purchase date and 1-year warranty
  • Operates quietly without disturbance
  • True H13 HEPA filter
  • Lightweight
  • Too noisy
  • Stops working in a few months sometimes

7. LEVOIT Purifier for Bigger Rooms

LEVOIT Purifier for Bigger Rooms


The primary feature that attracts your attention with this purifier is it’s Energy Star certification meaning that it has met the energy efficiency guidelines set by the US EPA. The device comes with a 3-stage filter (HEPA, ultra-fine pre-filter and activated carbon filter) which work in perfect coordination with each other to trap 99.97% of fine particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The purifier uses the Vortexair technology that brings about dense fresh air to a room that’s within 215 sq—ft filtering out unwanted pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, and more.

LEVOIT might be the most noiseless air purifier with only 24 dB during sleep mode, which has been designed using QuietKEAP Technology for a relaxing sleep experience even while the device is on. The purifier never relies on UV light, which has the potential to harm the atmosphere even more. There is an option for filter lifetime indication and a timer (2, 4, 6, or 8 h) that could be set during the night for undisturbed sleep.

Key features
  • Compact design with a glossy finish
  • 3-stage cleaning system with an airtight sealing strip that helps to filter 99.97% particles
  • Provided with four replacement filters from which one could choose the filter that would fulfill his/her needs
  • Extremely quiet while functioning
  • Affordable and a great buy for its specifications
  • Certified by Energy Star and CARB
  • Absence of smart sensor

6. LEVOIT P350 Purifier

LEVOIT P350 Purifier


Cylindrical in shape, compact in design, and with a glossy silver color option, this purifier is a great value addition to your room in terms of design and performance. The device is made especially for using it in the bedroom with a bottom-to-top airflow system concept, which brings about clean air to the user.

The P350 purifier comes with a 3-stage filter design consisting of a pre-filter, pure HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter that excels in straining out odor, dust, pollen, virus and bacteria, pet dander and more.

This air purifier caters specifically to the needs of those suffering from pet allergies helping every member of the family have an enjoyable time with their pet. The purifier comes with an exclusive ARC formula in the carbon filter that helps in destroying pollutants by converting them into harmless molecules.

LEVOIT is a pet-friendly device as it has an option for a pet lock button that prevents your furry friends from harming themselves or the device.

Key features
  • The QuietKEAP technology minimizes sound levels
  • Covers rooms that are smaller than 215 sq. Ft.
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Auto timer and filter lifetime indicator
  • Perfectly noiseless facilitating a good night’s sleep
  • Pet lock function
  • CARB-compliant and CA PROP 65 certified
  • Good device life
  • Helps in trapping dust, odor, pet dander, pollen, airborne particles, and smoke
  • Absence of smart sensor
  • Quite expensive

5. PARTU Fragrant Purifier 

PARTU Fragrant Purifier 


How about getting your air purified as well as filling your room with a fragrant smell? This is what the PARTU purifier is all about. With a 3-stage filtration system, it eliminates pollen, dust, odor, and pet dander up to 0.3 microns in size. It has an in-built lockset that protects children and pets from danger. The three fan setting allows for controlling the speed of the fan depending on the air pollutants in the room.

PARTU is a compact and sleek air purifier that comfortably sits on your desk, covering a room area of 107 sq. Ft. Adding a drop of some essential oil below the purifier outlet helps you enjoy a great sitting/sleeping experience in your room.

Key features
  • Replace filter every 6-9 months
  • Adds fragrance to the room
  • Eliminates PM 2.5
  • Pet- and child-friendly
  • Compact fit
  • 100% ozone free
  • Filters need replacement frequently
  • Not good for smoke

4. Coway Eco-friendly Air Purifier 

Coway Eco-friendly Air Purifier 


Wow! The Coway purifier comes with a 4-stage filtration mode consisting of washable pre-filter, odor filter, True HEPA filter, and a vital ionizer that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollutants, allergens, dust, and pollens. So, this is rightly called an Eco purifier as the fan stops spinning if there are no pollutants detected for 30 minutes continuously. Otherwise, there are three different fan speeds available which run based on the indoor air quality.

Auto timer mode helps the device to run for 1,4 or 8 hours before turning off, and there is a filter lifetime indicator prompting the user to replace filters when required.

The Coway purifier comes with a light sensor indicating live air quality with the help of different LED color lights and runs perfectly fine in the auto mode depending on air quality. The device helps in purifying the air for a room as big as 360 sq. Ft. and assists you sleep in peace with an auto cut-off timer.

Key features
  • Air quality indicator
  • Four-stage filtration with an ionizer
  • As quiet as it could be
  • Auto fan mode
  • A light constantly keeps blinking in the device.

3. Germ Guardian HEPA Purifier 

Germ Guardian HEPA Purifier 


Germ Guardian is a pet-friendly air purifier benefitting those with pet allergies. The 3-filter (HEPA, UV-C light, and charcoal filter) technology eliminates up to 99.97% germs, airborne allergens, and odor. It circulates room air up to 4 times and has a CADR rating of 107 for dust and 116 for a smoke.

The purifier offers an ultra-quiet sleep mode with an auto cut-off timer that helps the user rest in peace. The purifier is advantageous in homes with pets as an antimicrobial agent added to the filter prevents the growth of molds and bacteria.

The activated charcoal filter reduces odor from pets, and the pre-filter eliminates pet hair and dust. The UV-C light fights and kills airborne allergens, bacteria, and mold spores. Above all, the purifier is Energy Star certified, CARB compliant.

Key features
  • Pet-friendly
  • Filters 4 times per hour are covering up to 153 sq. Ft.
  • 3-in-1 filter
  • Noiseless
  • Removes airborne allergens and odor from pets
  • Becomes noisy over time

2. Winix Odor Reducing Purifier 

Winix Odor Reducing Purifier 


Winix is a 3-stage air purifier with an advanced odor-control carbon filter, True HEPA filter, and PlasmaWave technology that eliminated the odor, vapors, and other pollutants. It has a smart sensor that detects air quality and an auto fan adjustment option for fine-tuning purification.

The purifier is CADR rated and can clean rooms as big as 360 sq. Ft. making it suitable for large living spaces or bedrooms. It provides a noiseless purification experience with a sleep mode option that allows for quiet night-time operation.

Key features
  • 3 stage cleaning filter with PlasmaWave Technology
  • Effective for large-sized rooms
  • 4-fan speed
  • Filter replacement indication option
  • Replacement filters are expensive

1. Hamilton Beach Air Purifier 

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier


The Hamilton Beach purifier offers the user with True HEPA filters that permanently rest in the device and capture 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, and allergens without needing any replacement. It has an extremely quiet 3-speed fan, which reduces air allergens in larger rooms covering 160 sq. Ft.

The purifier has a clean whisper mode that helps it function quietly through the night. The design is such that the device can be positioned vertically or horizontally in your living room or bedroom.

Key features
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3-speed operation
  • Permanent HEPA filter
  • Affordable
  • Saves time and money with a permanent filter in place
  • No display on the control panel

Factors to Remember Before Buying a Purifier

Getting a purifier is no big deal as all you have to do is shell out money, but getting a reliable one needs some background work. It’s ideal to satisfy these requirements before choosing a purifier for your purpose.

  • Filter: This is extremely important as it holds the top place in filtering out unwanted particles serving your goals. Ensure that your device has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter (physical filter), which is recommended by the American Lung Association itself as this traps 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or more prominent. Choose a model that boasts of using a HEPA filter.
  • Some also have additional filters that trap gases, PM 10, pet dander, and other compounds helping you resolve air quality if your family members smoke or you have a pet. Pick a purifier that has optimal activated carbon. Some others specify that they use ionizers or UV light for filtration, which is not much useful.
  • CADR Rating: Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is what helps individuals pick an excellent air purifier as it conveys the effectiveness of a purifier is doing its intended purpose. It is the volume of purified air that could be expected from your device in an hour. Higher numbers indicate more significant efficiency.
  • Size of the Room: This is yet another essential point to keep in mind as buying a small filter for a considerable room would be a waste of money. Analyze your room size and figure mow much space you would want for your purifier to do its job. You can do this by checking the ‘air changes per hour’ that are available in the specification list. The higher the number better is performance.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind for Better Air Purity

It is better to maintain air quality by following the points given below:

  • Limit or quit smoking
  • Ensure that chemical factories or anything that emits pollutants are safely outside the city limits
  • Try carpooling and use public transportation to limit the release of pollutants into the atmosphere


Air purifier remains an essential device in today’s world with rising pollution rates worldwide. Choose the best purifier, keeping in mind filter options, room size, and your budget. The top 10 purifiers review and buying guide would surely help you finalize on the best air purifier for your space.

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