The Best Portable Kitchen for Camping

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When it comes to camping, sitting around an open fire and doing some cooking is among the highlights of your entire trip. There is nothing better than a hot meal under the stars. But that is only possible if you have the best portable kitchen for camping.

You might be thinking a perfect recipe might not be possible in the outdoors! But the reality is quite the opposite. With a good quality portable kitchen for camping, you can manage a great tasting recipe even on the trails. And we are not talking about those camp kitchens running on single gas burners running on a small tin. Portable kitchens for camping of the modern age can easily rival your home kitchens.

These portable kitchens will provide you with a place for cooking and keeping all your kitchen gear well organized on the trails. You won’t need to involve in any hassle to find where you have placed your meat fork or spatula. You won’t misplace your tomatoes with your portable kitchen, either.

Portable Kitchen for Camping

What to consider when buying a portable kitchen for camping?

There are different types of portable kitchens for camping available on the market. Choosing the right one can be difficult, with a plethora of options available. Here are some important features that you need to consider when buying a good quality portable kitchen for camping.

  • Durability

One of the most important features of a portable kitchen for camping is its durability. Of course, anything associated with the outdoors needs to be durable because it will be exposed to different elements. You don’t need to invest in a kitchen table that is going to collapse when you place something on it. It’s inconvenient and dangerous too.

  • Materials

With durability come the materials. These materials will determine how durable your camping kitchen is. As it needs to be well protected from various weather conditions and of course how heavy it is to transport from one point to another. Most of these portable kitchens for camping are made of MDF. It is an inexpensive and lightweight material, but it is not water-proof. Lightweight aluminum tables are great, and they feature legs with powder coating for better durability.

  • Storage

Storage is another critical feature for any outdoor gear, let alone the portable kitchens for camping. Of course, a table without these features is just a table. A good quality portable camping kitchen will feature a heat resistant table that can also hold a grill or even a hot pan. And it will also come with plenty of storage for all your groceries, ingredients, and utensils. Look out for those useful hooks and holders for your utensils and paper towels. Some portable kitchens for camping also feature hooks to place your lights for low-light conditions.

  • Easy storage and transportation

There is no point in buying a kitchen that is too cumbersome to transport. Go for the tables that can down very easily and can be set up equally as quickly. You should be able to fold them up very easily, and they shouldn’t take much space for storage, either. Most of the portable kitchens for camping come with their carry cases, which is a huge convenience.

  • Equipment

Don’t forget to consider the equipment that you already own. For example, if you already have a camp stove, you need to go for a portable kitchen for camping that comes with a stovetop. Some of the camping kitchens don’t come with a stovetop. You will also find some designs that will feature a separate space for a cooler.

The gear that you own must be compatible with the camping kitchen you are considering. There needs to be a separate space for food preparation, as well. You might also use this table for dining as well. So a good option is to go for an ample amount of stable space. And the height of these tables should be comfortable enough for you to use them while sitting or standing.

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  • Features

These portable kitchens for camping come with plenty of features. And you need to choose one based on your preferences. If you need a spacious workspace, then the camp kitchen needs to come with a large-sized countertop or multiple work areas. If you use several condiments, then you will need ample storage.

Some camp kitchens also come with a separate cleaning space like a basin or a sink, while others have special linings in their storage bags. You can also go camping kitchens that have a windshield for the stovetop or a lantern hanger.

  • Water-proofing

You can go for water-proofing if you want, but that is not mandatory based on the design of your portable camping kitchen. Furthermore, you might use water around your camping kitchen for washing food or maybe in the rain. You can consult the owner’s manual and see whether you can add more water-proofing to your kitchen or not.


Everything boils down to what your preferences are and how you like to cook when camping. Some people prefer to use a full kitchen for camping so that they don’t have to compromise on anything. They just want to cook like the way they cook in their homes.

But going for a full kitchen can be troubling when it comes to transportation and storage of your kitchen. Some people prefer to clean their food, especially meats, before using them. And for that, you will need a camping kitchen featuring separate storage with lining or a sink.

The features you need in a portable kitchen for camping depend upon how you use them. There are different types of portable camping kitchens available on the market, and you can go with any kind according to your preferences and requirements.

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