Professional Flash Kits for Canon Cameras in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Professional flash light

As any photographer knows, light is a crucial factor in photography. Even with new sensors and software improvements, having a flash kit for Canon cameras is an often needed backup. First of all, a flash will remove shadows when doing portraits and lighten up a face and a body. With a professional flash kit, you can also avoid the red-eye effect since the electronics will trick the eye with a short pre-flash. And with a flashlight used the right way, you can brighten up a room and give the picture more depth.

Why you should use a flash kit for Canon

There many other situations in a flash that are needed. Just think about macro photography, where light is often an issue and the speed of an object. A flashlight in sync with your Canon camera will ensure the bee landing on a flower is well lit. And when you are an advanced photographer, you know how you bring a night shot to life with a second, delayed flash. No software can create that kind of action pictures.

We focus in this review on Canon cameras since this is a widely used brand for professionals and consumers. We reviewed many flash kits for Canon cameras and created a shortlist of the 10 best kits for you. For us, a flash kit needs a high-quality flashlight with a Canon shoe. It needs to be adjustable, works with other flashes, and provides different flash modes. Some of the kits have accessories like a remote control, a stand, and diffusers. We tried the kits in different light conditions and situations, from studio shots to sports events.

Our top 10 professional flash kits for Canon cameras

10. NEW: Godox V1-C TTL Flash Speedlite Kit

Godox V1-C TTL Flash Speedlite Kit 


The Godox V1-C Speedlight kit provides you with a powerful flash and an extensive list of accessories. It supports Canon E-TTL technology, be it an auto setting or manual flash. With an impressive  1/8000s High-Speed Sync, you are covered when photographing sports events or fast-moving objects. For artistic night action shots, the flashlight supports the second curtain sync.

With one battery charge, the Godox V1 Speedlite can fire  480 flashes. With only 1.5 seconds of recycling time, you are immediately ready for another shot. Recharging the flash takes on average 3.5 hours, so a second battery is recommended. You will find a white range of diffusers, color filters, a stand, and a bag in the kit. They all fit the round shape of the flashlight, something that is a signature design by Godox.

Key features
  • Universal compatibility with all Canon DSLR cameras
  • Extensive accessories kit
  • Fast sync and recharge
  • 1/256th power to full power in 1/3 stop

9. Voking VK750III Remote TTL Speedlite Slave Mode Flash

Voking VK750III Remote TTL Speedlite Slave Mode Flash


If you are starting with photography, you may want an easy to use flashlight kit for Canon cameras. The Voking VK750III is exactly this: an easy to use and inexpensive model that suits your needs. It works with TTL sync, a standard mode used by professionals, and is supported by most camera manufacturers. You can choose between different flash modes like a bounce mode when creating indirect light or a second curtain flash for a delayed shot.

If you are getting creative of you work with fast-moving objects, the stroboscope mode supports you. The color temperature is 5600 K, which is still considered daylight. You can also add diffusers and filters, although not part of the kit. A wireless sensor enables sync to the camera flash and other flashlights when creating different light sources.

Key features
  • E-TTL Flash adjusts automatically through the camera lens
  • 90 degrees vertically and 270 degrees horizontally
  • Memory function and temperature detection
  • Accurate brightness control

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8. Neewer NW565EX E-TTL Slave Flash Speedlite Kit

Neewer NW565EX E-TTL Slave Flash Speedlite Kit



This Neewer kit is clearly made for professionals and ambitious photographers looking for a wide range of flash options. It comes with two flashes, as well as wireless slave units and remote controls. This makes it a perfect setup for a small studio. The flashlights can cover lenses from 18mm to 180mm. Additionally, the automatic zoom adjusts the flash intensity according to the lens setting.

Both lights recharge in less than 3 seconds and provide eight pre-sets to choose from. Two soft and two hard light diffusers give you even more options regarding the light’s intensity and color. You can move the flash unit up to 90 degrees up and 180 degrees horizontally. Nice additional features are the voice prompt and overheating protection. The kit works with most of the Canon pro models, including the Rebel series.

Key features
  • Comes with a super-fast 2.9 second recycling time
  • two flashlights and slave units included
  • features overheating protection and voice prompt
  • 3-in-1 wireless remote control

7. NEW: YONGNUO YN568EX III flash kit for Canon

YONGNUO YN568EX III flash kit for Canon


One of the cheaper solutions, but still providing good quality, is the Yongnuo flash. Equipped with a universal shoe, it connects to Canon cameras and other models without a problem. All settings are shown on the amber light display, something we prefer over green and blue displays. The upper part of the flash rotates 90 degrees vertically and up to 270 degrees horizontally, good enough for most shooting situations. If your camera has a built-in flash, the flashlight can be operated as a slave flash. You can also fire it up remotely when connected to the stand.

The Yongnuo flash kit for Canon supports a shutter speed sync up to 1/1800 and a focal length from 24 to 105mm. What we liked was that we got not only a battery warning but a pretty accurate display of the remaining battery power. The flash recharges fast; you are up and ready two seconds after a shot. It supports TTL, ETTL, and iTTL, and you can upgrade the software via a USB-Port.

Key features
  • Amber backlight with battery indicator
  • Master and slave function
  • Max focal length supported 105mm
  • Short recharge time, just 2 seconds

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6. Neewer NW-670 TTL Speedlite Flash

Neewer NW-670 TTL Speedlite Flash


Designed for Canon DSLR cameras, the Neewer NW-670 TTL combines flexibility and wireless performance. The flash kit contains the speed lite, a remote control, a wireless adapter, and diffusers for hard and soft light. You also get all the cables you need and as an extra a lens cap holder.  The 2.4GHz wireless flash can trigger any slave flash and studio lights and other cameras as long as they are nearby 328 feet.

If you are using the camera on a tripod, the remote control for the flash will also trigger the camera, something that can be handy in studios or during low light photography. The flash can also sit on a stand, with or without a trigger attached. Neewer gives customers a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

Key features
  • Master and slave, camera trigger function
  • Hard and soft diffusers, the lens cap holder
  • Has a wireless trigger sensor
  • Automatic temperature detection

5. ESDDI Flash Speedlite for Canon DSLR Cameras

ESDDI Flash Speedlite for Canon DSLR Cameras


One of the handy and easy to use flash kits for Canon is this ESDDI model, which also comes with a low price range. It’s the perfect backup and travel flash, but also a good solution when you need a second slave device. While not really rich in accessories, this flash does its job just great. What we liked the most was the intuitive LCD-Display with easy to use buttons. Bright enough to show the settings in daylight, it still doesn’t disturb you in darker settings.

The manual settings reach 1/128, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1 for the advanced photographer, and additionally, you can use the multi-strobe settings for several fast pulsed flashes. You will get with the kit a hard light diffuser and a small pouch for protection as well as a manual.

Key features
  • The ultra-fast recycling time system
  • Hard Flash Diffuser and Power saving mode
  • Many manual sync options
  • Clear and well set LCD-display

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4. Neewer – 10081310 – NW670 E-TTL Flash

Neewer - 10081310 - NW670 E-TTL Flash


Sometimes simple is better. The Neewer NW670 is a perfect example of a flash that comes in a compact design without all the frills. We love its wireless function that lets you use the flash without having to touch your device. This flash is a good choice if you are into nature photography. Despite the compact design, this camera supports various modes, including multi-flash, TTL, and manual mode.

The display shows you all the settings, and a few buttons are needed for changing the functions. You have a sound indicator switch that you can turn off, and the flash can be used as a slave with two more devices connected. Charging is easy with an external power source, and the display lets you know the recycling time.

Key features
  • Easy to carry a flashlight
  • Great display and standard functions
  • Can be used as Slave and Slave 2
  • Support Multi-flash and TTL

3. Altura Photo AP-UNV1 Bundle

Altura Photo AP-UNV1 Bundle


When you know how to operate a flash manually, the Altura AP-UNV1 is a good choice. While it fits through its shoe to your Canon camera, it does not exchange much data. That is the main reason why it has such an affordable price range. Besides that, you get a fully functional flash kit for Canon and even some extras.

Altura gives you a two-sided reflector (white and silver), one of our favorite accessories for flash photography, and remote control. With this, you can fire the flash (and the camera) from a distance. That comes in handy when you don’t want to disturb an object or space is limited. The flashlight operates with four standard AA batteries; we recommend to use rechargeable models since they save you more money over time.

Key features
  • Universal compatibility, allowing it work with all Canon DSLR cameras
  • No TTL support, but an LCD display for manual settings
  • Remote control and free reflector
  • 90 days satisfaction guarantee

2. NEW: Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit for Canon with external trigger

Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit for Canon with external trigger


While one of our Altura flashes is a simple manual model, the AP-305C flashlight is the opposite. It is feature-rich in hard- and software. What makes its difference is the RT-305 manual wireless Trigger. What looks like a little radio is a communication device with 16 channels to set up your flash wireless. No worries, the AP-305C supports the TTL mode from your camera. But there are situations where you need to set up the flash manually, and then the remote trigger is a great help. You can also attach it to the camera, and it will then fire up to three separate slave flashlights.

The basic numbers are impressive: the range 36m/118 ft. at ISO 100, so even outdoors at night, you can cover a good part of the background. It also works with all Canon cameras, from the Rebel series to the Pro D models.

Key features
  • TTL and manual as well as a strobe mode
  • Versatile remote trigger for manual mode
  • Amber light display
  • Pro-model can support two more flashes.

1. Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite


Another manual flash kit for Canon is this Neewer model. This is made for the purist and old-fashioned pro, who want to control the flash intensity and set up a scene carefully and with intention. Missing the TTL connection means you have to know your camera settings and adjust the flash accordingly. This gives you actually more creative space.

The kits include the flash itself and a pouch, and a stand. A small LED indicated recharging and low battery. The functionality is pretty good, and it’s easy to set up the flash to the desired light. You can even pull out a small white reflector and rotate the flash 270 degrees and tilt it up and down 90 degrees.

Key features
  • Compatible with all Canon cameras with a standard hot shoe mount
  • Manual settings available through buttons and display
  • Powered by four AA-size batteries
  • all manual setup for purists and photo enthusiasts

Factors to consider when purchasing a flash kit

To get the most out of a flashlight and the best light support, you should know some of the specific terms and functions before purchasing a flash kit for Canon cameras. We summarized the most important terms.

  • TTL

The TTL is the abbreviation for Through the Lens. This feature shows the camera’s ability to communicate and manage the flash settings according to its requirements. Your camera will use a pre-flash function to determine various parameters before deciding on the actual flash it needs to throw. For this reason, this is a must-have feature for most use cases.

  • Modes

Another feature to consider is the mode. We recommend going for models with as many modes as possible. The modes include a strobe mode firing rapid flashes, a modeling mode for soft light, and a second curtain mode for delayed seconds flashes.

  • Recycle Time

If you are looking to take shots one after another almost continuously, you need to get a camera flash with a short recycle time. This feature prevents the mixed lighting condition that can ruin the sequence of a complete shoot.

  • Temperature Control

Additionally, you should not forget about temperature control. Sometimes, you may need to use the camera for an extended period. This may make the unit extremely hot. Going for models with a temperature control system ensures that the system does not fizzle out or shut down unexpectedly.


When using a flash in most situations, you should get a TTL model that can also support slave mode. Our favorites are amber light display models because they are more eye-friendly. One of the best options is actually the Neewer NW565EX E-TTL Slave Flash Speedlite Kit. It comes with two flashes, wireless triggers, and some diffusers. If you want to learn flash photography from scratch, we recommend the manual flashes. They are not only cheaper and work with every kind of hot shoe camera. You will also learn the basics since you have to set the flash up manually and according to camera settings.

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