Top 10 Best Zero Turn Mowers in 2022 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Top Zero Turn Mowers

A lawnmower is a machine which utilizes one or more revolving blades that cuts a grass surface to a uniform height. Nowadays, zero-turn mowers are used widely. A zero-turn mower is a standard riding lawn mower which has a turning radius that is zero. Different models and brands use various methods for attaining this. However, each drive wheel having hydraulic speed control is one of the most common ways.

Most of the zero-turn mowers don’t come with a steering wheel. They possess two levers that control two motors connected to each rear wheel. These mowers are developed for both commercial and small use. While some mowers are appropriate for large commercial and industrial applications, some are small enough to be useful as well as reasonably priced for residential areas.

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Based upon the different types of zero-turn mowers available in the market, it becomes quite challenging to choose the best zero turn mower suited to your need. To help you reduce the confusion, we have enlisted top 10 best zero turn mower available in the market, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Following Is The List Of The 10 Best Zero Turn Mowers in 2022

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Read details about each Turn Mower below:

10. Ferris F400Z Zero Turn Mower

Ferris F400Z Zero Turn Mower


This zero-turn mower from Ferris is a gardening tool which is best in providing speed as well as toughness. Compactness is substantially attained through its use, and navigation is also easy. It possesses an entry-level body which without compromising its attributes, effortlessly maneuver around the tight areas. The mower is rich in offering better traction on dry and wet areas. This possesses above-average fuel capacity that allows longer trimming jobs.

The engine of this tool can handle debris management, which helps the mower to move over bumpy terrain and also has enhanced dust and particle filtration system. It possesses an independent rear coil-over shocks which help in easy moving across the uneven areas.

Why Buy This Product?

The powerful engine helps in mowing about 4 acres area in one hour, and the result is very useful. The fuel used helps the mower to go up to a maximum speed of 10 mph forward and five mph in reverse. As the mowing deck is foot-operated, it can be used to set the cutting height as per choice. The manual effort to operate the blades is eliminated as they are electric.

The seat is very comfortable, having a seat belt and roll-over protection that protects the lawnmower from rolling over. It is very durable as the spindles are made out of casting aluminum. The mowing deck is made up of 10 gauge fabricated steel. The inclusion of massive bumper ensures the protection of the engine against accidents.

Key Features
  • Possess Kawasaki FS600V engine
  • The engine has the power of 18.5 HP and a total displacement of 603 cc
  • Can store fuel up to 5.5 gallons
  • Made of 10 gauge fabricated steel
  • Mows 4 acres per hour based on 80 percent efficiency
  • Has patented suspension system
  • Possess heavy wheels that improve traction on both dry and wet soil
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with user-friendly features
  • Convenient
  • Accessory attachment is achieved through the fabricated bumper
  • The Hydro gear system eases the trimming job
  • Does not work efficiently on slopes with high angles
  • The deck seat vibrates a lot when trimming speed is high.

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9. Troy Bilt Mustang Zero Turn Mower 

Troy Bilt Mustang Zero Turn Mower


Tro-Bilt Mustang mower is guaranteed to provide reliable and consistent power and is one of the best choices. This 25 Horsepower is built with strong and sturdy materials that ease the work making it get done quickly and effectively. The mower is powered with an impressive Briggs and Stratton engines, which is one of the most powerful engines. It considerably decreases the cut downtime due to the high powered engine. The presence of Power off technology allows one to start and stop quickly. The fuel capacity is 2.8 gallons.

Why Buy This Product?

Many reasons drag one towards buying this product. The presence of the powerful 25HP Briggs and Stratton engine provides effortless and effective operation. The time of mowing is reduced as the cutting downtime is minimized. It is ideal for professional landscapers. The presence of a 54-inch cutting deck makes an impact on the rate at which your landscaping business can grow.

Key Features
  • Powered by 25 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek Twin Cylinder engine
  • A floating front axle and fuel site gauge provides convenience
  • Operates at a forward speed of 7mph and reverse at 2.5mph
  • Possess high back seat with dual suspension springs
  • Possess a 25 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Has a 54-inch cutting deck
  • Possess Power-off technology
  • Limited Warranty
  • Packing is poorly done

8. Snapper 2691319 Zero Turn Mower 

Snapper 2691319 Zero Turn Mower


It is best to haul dirt, carry the flowers and the primary function of cutting the grass with the 360Z zero turn mower. All the power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 RPM per SAE J1940. The mower comes with a versatile cargo bed for added utility when one is out on a lawn.

Why Buy This Product?

This zero turn mower is equipped with all the features that are expected in any high-quality lawnmower like thick-walled front axles and completely welded steel frame. Enriched using heavy-duty fabricated mowing deck, this mower is extremely easy to use as it is the foot-operated height of cut adjustment. Durability is ensured using ball bearings in the caster spindles. Possess 50 lbs capacity.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty fabricated mowing desk
  • Easy to use foot-operated
  • Possess welded steel frame and thick-walled front axle
  • Have ball bearings in the caster spindles
  • Adjusts the mower deck between 13 height of cut positions from 1.5 to 4.5 inches
  • Durable, strong and sturdy
  • 52 inches moving deck
  • 5 to 4.5 inches cutting height variations
  • 25 HP, 725 cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Possess integrated 50 lbs cargo bed
  • Bit expensive
  • The armrest comes under an optional accessory.

7. Husqvarna MZ61 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower 

Husqvarna MZ61 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower


This zero turn mower offers a unique cutting system with the triple-blade which guarantees not to abscond any stray grass blades. Its engine has a 27 HP designed as a V-twin, which indicates smaller sized motor which vibrates lesser compared to the others that come with dual cylinders. The full deck of 61 inches along with this V twin engine of 27 HP helps the user in blowing through the harshest situation without slowing the speed. The 12 V battery makes it extra sturdy.

Why Buy This Product?

The mower coalesces with a pedal-control high-speed auto-drive transmission that makes the process of mowing very simple. The lever is quite responsive, and it completes the entire mowing task in very less time. This is recommended for those having large yards of about 4 acres and for those who want to complete the job fast. The 3-in-1 system collects or discharges or mulch the clippings with high-performance cutting deck.

Key Features
  • Possess 3 in 1 cutting system
  • Hydrostatic gear transmission
  • Integrated with Air Induction mowing technology
  • Provides choke-less start
  • Have straightforward controls along with a powerful engine
  • Foot-pan can be removed
  • High speed and efficiency
  • The extra-wide cutting deck
  • Provides accurate mowing and driving
  • Has a comfortable seating
  • Possess a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine of 27 HP
  • A bit expensive
  • There are no deal breakers

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6. Troy Bilt Riding Zero Turn Mower 

Troy Bilt Riding Zero Turn Mower


This mower is designed with an 18-inch turning radius possessing 13*5 inch front wheels and 16*6.5 inch rear wheels. The mower has a manual power take-off for fast and easy blade management. This neighborhood mower is recommended for standard land owners with a medium-sized landscape and relatively even terrain. The fuel tank capacity includes a 1.3-gallon tank with a fuel sight window, which allows the check the level of gas.

Why Buy This Product?

The zero-turn mower is powered by a 382cc Auto Choke OHV engine having a speed of 4.25 MPH and a six-speed transmission. The 30-inch cutting deck is featuring five adjustable settings couples the benefits of a standard riding mower with the size of a wide cut walk behind mower. It can be stored in a garage or shed and is ideal for medium-sized landscape. Also, the seat raises to mid-back, and the steering wheel is a 13-inch soft grip wheel.

Key Features
  • Powered by a 320cc auto choke OHV engine
  • The forward speed is 4.25 MPH and 6-speed transmission
  • The front wheels are 13*5 inch, and rear wheels are 16*6.5 inches
  • Requires manual power for blade engagement
  • Holds 1.3 gallons of fuel
  • Two different hoses make it perfect to be used upon both small and large areas
  • Rechargeable battery with long life
  • Cart for easy transportation
  • Drain tank makes it easy to remove the liquid
  • Two different wands with respective handles
  • Poor Quality Material Used
  • Unclear assembly instructions

5. Ariens 915213 Zero Turn Mower

Ariens 915213 Zero Turn Mower


Superior performance and power is something promised with this mower. The 4 point commercial hanging deck offers good leveling when cutting or when mowing it over uneven ground. The mower comprises of three blades which covers a 42 inch. Cutting width. Durability is ensured as it is made up of fully welded steel tubular frame. The zero-turn mower is designed in a manner to provide flexibility to pick up from up to 13 cutting positions ranging from 1½ to 4 ½.

Why Buy This Product?

The zero turn mower by Ariens has an adjustable high-back seat as well as armrests. The 19 HP V-Twin Kohler engine delivers outstanding performance for all the tough jobs. The mower possesses an electric start which provides very easiness. The fuel tank has a capacity of 2.0 gal. The maximum speed attained is six mph in forwarding and 3mph in reverse. The engine features an iron cylinder that provides durability.

Key Features
  • 19 HP Kohler engine
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • Capable of heavy-duty tasks
  • Fuel capacity 2.0 gal
  • The overall length is 64 inch, and width is 45 inch.
  • Durable design
  • Easy to set up
  • Does not have headlights

4. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Riding Mower


The manufacturer provides a zero turn mower that is the right choice for those looking for performance, power, and style. The mower comprises of an air induction technology. This high technology is quite useful as it will draw in air from the bottom and the top and of the deck that enhances the grass lift and provides an excellent cut. This also offers an automatic choke system that makes the starting the mower easy.

Why Buy This Product?

The device has a 54-inch cutting width, and blades are manufactured from reinforced steel. This makes it last longer and is very durable. The inclusion of 26 HP Kohler engine makes the work very smooth. Moreover, it also has a maintenance-free transmission. The maximum speed attained through this is 6.5 MPH. Many other exciting features like automatic park brake system and rear engine guard comes with it.

Key Features
  • Engine: 26 HP Kohler
  • Cutting Width is 54 inch
  • Possess electric clutch
  • Comprised of air filtration system
  • Maintenance-free transmission
  • Very high quality
  • Fast
  • Easy to install
  • None

3. Kubota Z700 Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

Kubota Z700 Zero Turn Lawn Mower


Kubota Z700 Zero Turn Mower comes with mower decks which provide the most exceptional grass-cutting performance demanded by the people. A quick clean cut is ensured by a 6-inch deep deck and anti-scalp rollers throughout the day. The mower possesses an ergonomic design which gives easy access to controls, hour meter, and other indicators. There is a hands-free parking brake installed within it where it is located above the foot pan, it can be easily locked and releases with the foot

Why Buy This Product?

There are several luring factors about this mower. The inclusion of sliding seat is much appreciated where the seat has a thick cushion, is high about 19.6in, armrests that are adjustable and slide adjustments. The cutting height can be easily adjusted with a turn of dial and press of the medal. The comprehensive and angled operator platform provides ample legroom that allows one to work comfortably. As the access to all the vital components is easy, it becomes easy to maintain.

Key Features
  • Possess ergonomic design
  • Hands-free parking brake
  • Possess prompt dial height adjustment system
  • Levers and deck lift panel are adjustable
  • Reverse wing spring operator
  • Easy maintenance
  • The battery can be accessed easily
  • Handy storage box and cup holder
  • None

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2. Ariens IKON-X Zero Turn Mower 

Ariens IKON-X Zero Turn Mower


Ariens mower provides excellent performance. It’s 4 points commercial hanging deck offers a right level when cutting, particularly when moving over an uneven area. It is made up of welded steel tubular frame that allows the machine to stay for long. There are three blades which cover a 52-inch cutting width. A lot of flexibleness is provided with this mower to pick up to 13 cutting positions which come ranges from 1 ½ to 4 ½

Why Buy This Product?

The mower comprises of a movable high back seat as well as armrests. The 23HP V-Twin Kawasaki FR Series engine delivers excellent results. The high back seat is cushioned. The inclusion of a powerful air filtration system enhances the overall performance. It has a good capacity fuel tank, which is about 2.8 gallon. Its ergonomic design makes it durable and sturdy. Also, the installation process is straightforward, which is helpful for those who are beginners.

Key Features
  • 23HP/726 cc Kawasaki FR V-Twin Engine
  • 52inch fabricated deck is 4 ½ inches deep
  • Made of 10 gauge steel
  • High-back padded seat with armrests
  • Durable and strong
  • Has Ergonomic design
  • Installation is effortless
  • There are no headlights

1. Ariens Zoom 34 Zero Turn Mower 

Ariens Zoom 34 Zero Turn Mower


This is one of the smartest investments that a residential homeowner can make. This Ariens Zoom Zero Turn Mower is best suitable for medium-sized areas. It comprises of 19HP Kohler 6000 series engine. There is a 34-inch cutting width which is perfect for squeezing through gates and doorways. Another useful inclusion is of the mechanical foot lift. It requires hassle-free maintenance.

Why Buy This Product?

This great mower from Ariens is one of the best among all in the list, which is a composition of all useful features. This mower manages a 6mph max forward speed at any time which helps us by reducing the mowing time to half. The presence of the hanging system offers a very stable ride. The mower possesses huge hydraulic and cooling fans.

Key Features
  • The engine is 19HP KOHLER 6000 Series Engine
  • Fuel capacity is of 2 gallon
  • Possess electric start
  • Has hydrostatic transmission
  • The maximum attained speed is 3 MPH
  • The cutting width is 34 inch
  • Cheap
  • Cuts well and promptly
  • Lightweight
  • Has electric start
  • Has a small engine

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Benefits Of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers have proven extremely useful, and the benefits offered by them are enormous.

  • Helps In Attaining Professional Striping Look: A zero turn mower allows you to cut the property more effectively when everything is equal. This is possible because of its ability to turn 180 degrees at the mowing row’s end. The tractor possessing full turning radius leaves the strips of uncut grass that needs traditional maneuvering. It creates a mowing pattern, raising the overall time required to mow a very ineffective property.
  • Mowing Time Reduces To About 50 Percent: Using zero turn mower cuts down the mowing time in half.
  • Fast Speed: When compared to the traditional lawn mowers which cut the grass at 3-4mph, zero-turn mowers cut the grass with double speed, i.e., 5-8mph.
  • Single Pass Mow: Unlike the traditional mowers which require to back up and cut the grass strips, these zero turn mowers can spin 180 degrees and come back directly straight.
  • Maneuver Around Obstacles: This allows mowing trees, flower beds, and issues more quickly as compared to steering wheel vehicle.
  • Follow-Up Trimming Elimination: These mowers eliminate the need to trim hard-to-reach areas with a string trimmer and push mower.
  • Easy To Drive: Driving a zero turn mower is similar to driving a shopping cart. A same amount of pressure is applied to each lever. They are also equipped with an emergency brake.
  • It Is Cost-Saving: Though it is costly as compared to the traditional mowers, the benefits gained with its use are cost-saving. As the mowing time is reduced, the use of gas is reduced. There is less wear and tear on belts and pulleys due to less mowing time, which results in longer machine life.


Above mentioned are the top 10 best zero turn mowers available in the market. We have tried to incorporate all the information about the product and hope that the information helps you make the right purchase decision.

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