Top 10 Best Women’s Soccer Cleats in 2021 – Soccer Sport Shoes

Whether you are new in the beautiful game of soccer or a seasoned player, you need to have the best soccer cleats to become the best in your team. A good cleat is the one that protects your feet from blisters & injuries, cushions your ankle against twists and knocks, and gives you the best grip on the ball.

To get a quality and affordable soccer cleat could be difficult especially for women as most of those available in the market are designed for males’ feet. As such, we have tried to factor in as many factors as possible in order to come up with the best cleats that there could be for a soccer queen like you are.

The products discussed in this review article are mostly made of leather or synthetic, they are affordable, friendly to a variety of pitch options, comfortable to the feet, and most importantly, modern & durable.

The 10 Best Women’s Soccer Cleats in 2021

They are from different brands, and of different color patterns. Now read ahead to see which products made the cut for our top ten best women’s soccer cleats in 2021.

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Read our detailed reviews of each product below:

10. Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 17.3 Fg W Soccer Shoe

Adidas Performance Women's Ace 17.3 Fg W Soccer Shoe


Step into the pitch with the confidence that comes with this feminine-looking, lightweight, multicolored, and perfectly fitting soccer cleat for women. The cushioning in this shoe is excellently done to give your feet a comfortable feel, as well as giving you an improved grip on the ball. Proper cushioning also means that the shoe doesn’t bend nor will your feet be prone to injuries on impact.

If you are buying this for your daughter, you will not be worrying about her feet’s health because the shoe has an ultra-thin, water-resistant film. As for the synthetic sole, on the other hand, it is firm and has evenly-positioned spikes, meaning that this cleat will give you enough stability on both natural grass and artificial grass pitch so that you make all the soccer skill moves that you desire.

Since its dominant color is black, this shoe will look good on many soccer uniforms- unlike those mono-colored pinkish or purplish shoes that sometimes look off tone. The stitching is well done for increased durability.

Although the overall quality of this cleat is good, its width leaves a lot to be desired. If you have wide feet, this shoe might be too narrow for you. With the adjustable laces, however, those with narrow feet can fit in pretty well.

9. Nike Women’s Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleats

Nike Women's Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleats


Steal the show in any and all soccer tournament in the future with these stylish women soccer cleats from Nike. They are blue in color giving you the brightness that befits a shining star that you are. Comparing the quality of these cleats and their price, you will definitely appreciate that it gives you the real value of your money.

To give it an even more vibrant femininity, the show is lightweight and the spikes are standardly long. The outsole is smooth and water resistant while the inner soles are of microtexture to give you a champions’ comfortable feeling. As for the shipping time and packaging, you won’t believe how fast and well that is; you will get the package in perfect condition and in a time shorter than you expected.

The major undoing for this shoe is that it is narrower than it ought to be and therefore you will be forced to purchase a size larger than you’re actual size so that you fit in well. If you are 6.5, for example, you will need to order a size 7 and so on.

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8. Nike Womens Tiempo Legend V FG Soccer Cleat Blue Lagoon/ Volt

Nike Womens Tiempo Legend V FG Soccer Cleat Blue Lagoon/ Volt


Are you getting ready for an important soccer tournament? Or are you planning to give your daughter/girlfriend/sister some soccer cleats for her recreational use? This water-proof, kangaroo leather outsole, and an extra comfortable shoe are good for the job.

It is lightweight, easy to clean, and looks modern & stylish. Blue doesn’t absorb much heat so if your area is too hot, you will not have to worry about blisters or sweating too much.

All the sizes are designed to fit perfectly well, leaving no gaps around the toes for a better grip on the ball. Being a leather shoe, and with the extra cushioning, this shoe is durable and incredibly soft.

If you intend to give them out as a gift, you will definitely appreciate the good packaging that they come in as well as their speedy delivery. The cleats look more expensive than they actually are so you can be sure that your gift recipient will appreciate you more.

Just like many Nike soccer cleats, these shoes are a bit smaller and narrower than those from other brands. It is therefore advisable to order a size slightly bigger (0.5 or 1 up) than your correct size.

7. Leader Show Women’s Performance Soccer Shoe Outdoor Athletic Football Cleats

Leader Show Women's Performance Soccer Shoe Outdoor Athletic Football Cleats


Train comfortably and safely execute the masterclass, high-intensity soccer skills on the pitch with these elegant and super comfortable cleats. The cushioning in this shoe is expertly done to give you all the protection that you need for your feet and your ankles, as well as to exaggerate the power of every shot you make at goal.

For a contemporary, feminine look and feel, this shoe has a mixture of four different and bright colors. The shoe comes with adjustable shoe laces so if they don’t fit in as well as you would prefer, you can tighten or loosen them a little bit- the cleats are wide enough for standard-sized female feet.

They are easy to get in and are lightweight enough for young girls. As for the price, you won’t believe how much these cleats will save for you, especially comparing them with their quality. The only negative thing about these cleats is that if you dislike them after delivery and wish to send them back, you will have to pay a “restocking” fee.

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6. Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.4 Tf W Soccer Shoe

Adidas Performance Women's Ace 16.4 Tf W Soccer Shoe


This striped white synthetic women’s soccer cleats are simply adorable. Their short spike gives you stability and makes them lighter than most Adidas cleats. As short as they are, the spikes give you an extraordinarily strong grip on both natural and artificial grass so you will practice and compete at the top level and with your maximum speed. What’s more, short spikes adds versatility to the cleats- you can use them for both soccer and softball.

The inner soles are well padded for an added comfort and to reduce your chances of getting blisters. Although they are not removable, the inner soles are easy to clean and are ultra-thin to create room for an insert in the sole.

The white, black, and yellow colors make this shoe not only elegant but also an excellent match with almost all uniforms that there is. You will easily break these cleats in regardless of the shape or size of your feet. They are delivered fast enough and the return process isn’t as hectic. The price is also reasonably fair.

There are two negatives for these cleats. First, they fit a little bit tighter than they should around the toe box. Secondly, synthetic isn’t as durable as leather.

5. Puma Women’s Evospeed 4.2 Firm Ground Soccer Cleat

Puma Women's Evospeed 4.2 Firm Ground Soccer Cleat


The innovation of this product is simply awesome. From the beautiful yellow and blue color combination & modern graphics to the unique speedCELL design to the creatively bladed conical studs, and to the cushioned EVA midsole, everything about these cleats will blow your mind away. This is probably the only soccer shoe that brings fashion into the beautiful game, particularly at such an affordable price.

The sole is synthetic and ultra-thin to make it lightweight and modern. They have a nice grip on the pitch and the ball and are well sewn to give it an extra durability.

With these cleats, you will never get your ball control wrong. If you play rugby as well, these shoes are good for the job. The delivery is fast, comes with a beautiful packaging for a gift, and the after-purchase customer service is excellent.

You will need to order between 0.5 and 1.5 sizes bigger than your actual size because they are a little bit shorter in length than they should be. However, they are wide so you can be assured of comfort if you wear thick socks. The cleats are also a little too hard to break in but once done, you will enjoy every soccer session you take part in.

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4. Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.4 FXG W Soccer Shoe

Adidas Performance Women's Ace 16.4 FXG W Soccer Shoe


This shoe gives you all the comfort, stability, flexibility, and confidence that makes a great soccer player. Being synthetic, the outsole is sturdy yet flexible enough to enable you to play on a rough pitch, natural grass, or synthetic artificial grass.

Unlike most women’s soccer cleats, this particular one doesn’t run small so you can be sure that when you order your exact size, they will fit true to size and width. As for the coloring, the three electricity stripes compliment the ever elegant black and white combination.

You will be surprised at how easy to wash these cleats are because even being white, they don’t stain easily. They are easy to break in and once done, you will practice in them day in day out, 90 minutes per day, and they will last for a year if not more. They aren’t hard and you won’t tear up your feet if you wear them for a prolonged playing or practicing session.

Although they fit well, they are a little bit narrower than other Adidas women’s soccer cleats so if your feet are too wide, you will need to acquire thin soccer socks to feel comfortable. However, the toe knuckle area isn’t as thin as you would imagine.

3. Puma Women’s Evospeed 3 Fg Soccer Cleat

Puma Women's Evospeed 3 Fg Soccer Cleat


If you are tired of paying more for poor-quality cleats, then its time you tried putting your dollar to a better use by purchasing these cleats- their quality will beat your expectations and their affordability will amaze you.

They are comfortable, fits well, and are extremely easy to break in. With these cleats, you will run at full speed on either concreate, artificial grass, or natural grass without fearing that you might slide.

The conical and bladed molded studs provide your feet with a firm grip on the ground for an increased stability. If you are looking for a versatile cleat for both soccer and rugby, this one will serve you well.

They are lightweight and well cushioned inside making them a perfect choice for you if you are new in the game. The TPU-injected external heel counter, on the other hand, protects your feet from unnecessary moisture whenever you play in the rain. Holds up well even after months of use.

The only disadvantage of these cleats is that they don’t protect the ankles as a quality soccer cleat should.

2. Diadora Women’s Maracana Md Pu Soccer Cleat

Diadora Women's Maracana Md Pu Soccer Cleat


Are you starting out on playing soccer? This comfortable, high-quality, and beautiful leather soccer cleats will be great for a start. You will not spend any time trying to break them in because the cushioning inside is like none other.

The kangaroo leather top is sleekly designed for an added durability and uniqueness, easy to wash, and doesn’t fade or stain. They are double-cushioned to fit well as well as to give you a good grip on the ball. If your feet develop blisters after a prolonged playing session, these cleats give you all the protection that you need such that you might even forget that you were wearing any shoes.

The outsole, on the other hand, is flexible enough to enable you practice and execute all the magical moves that define a great soccer player. The dominant color in this shoe is white, while purple laces break the monotony to give it a completely magnificent feminine look.

A breathable mesh lining, an elastic-secure-strapped lace cover, and an extra padding at the collar are some of the special features that set these cleats apart from other cleats from Diadora. The only con for these cleats is that they run smaller.

1. Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe

Adidas Performance Women's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe


These women’s soccer cleats made it to the first position due to their ability to hold firm on both soft and hard surfaces, stylishly combined colors, and super-soft inner and outer lining. It combines the traditionally elegant black and white colors with the contemporary frozen and flash green colors to give you the beauty a soccer queen like you deserves.

The outsoles are flexible and will help you get the right elevation on the ball when on the pitch. They are easy to clean and their durability will definitely amaze you. If you play under extremely hot conditions, these shoes are good for you because they don’t absorb too much heat. Your feet will be as fresh as they were before the game even after 1.5 hours of play. These cleats are a little too hard to break in and sometimes run small.


The secret to becoming the best player in your soccer team is wearing the right cleats that allow you to practice and compete comfortably, confidently, and that protect your feet from injuries and blisters.

Although good women’s soccer cleats are rare to find, the ten products we have discussed herein will do the job perfectly well. With that in mind, always make it a point of taking good care of your cleats to avoid destroying them.

Always clean & dry them well after the game, avoid using them on the hard regular floor, and avoid knocking it against stones. That way, you are assured of durability and maximum feet protection.

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