The Best Women’s Memory Foam Bootie Slippers for Winter in 2022

Women's Memory Foam Bootie Slippers

Winters are harsh on feet unless you buy a pair of memory foam bootie slippers. The swollen fingers in chilly weather need maximum cushioning and warmth. That makes these fuzzy bootie slippers the right choice for your daily wear at home. If you are looking for a nice pair of memory foam bootie slippers, we can help. We have gathered some of the best available options and have ranked them from one to ten depending on their quality, price, and performance.

These are the Best Women’s Memory Foam Bootie Slippers for Winter in 2022

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Let’s look at each option one by one.

10. MERRIMAC Women’s Memory Foam Bootie Slippers

MERRIMAC Women's Memory Foam Bootie Slippers


Merrimac booties are perfect for chilly weather. These booties are designed to provide maximum comfort and warmth. The multi-layered foam inside the boots contoured them to fit on the feet perfectly. The plush lining inside the boot offers heat in icy weather. You can wear them with or without socks as per your preference.

The soft suede upper of these bootie slippers provide comfort all day to both your in-heels and ankles. The boots feature a fuzzy faux collar that not only hugs your ankles but looks beautiful as well. It’s a great combination of style and comfort.

The Bootie slippers mule is easy to maintain. You can clean it very easily with a damp cloth, or simply throw them in a washer for a quick wash. It’s a great option for comfort, warmth, and convenience. Each step is like you are putting feet on pillows. Its anti-skid sole is perfect for walking on slippery and any floor.

Make sure you choose the right size. These are made with thick foamy layers so you should order one size bigger than your actual size for the right fit.

9. Dr Scholl’s Women’s Gigi Bootie

Dr Scholl's Women's Gigi Bootie


We have this stylish and comfortable option for number nine. These are warm slippers excellent for your daily wear in extreme weather conditions. The microsuede material of slippers has a knitted upper that looks great and provides an extra warm layer to your booties.

The booties come with a fluffy shaft that looks beautiful and provides heat to your legs a little above the ankles. The soft to touch shaft is like you are pampering yourself with these cozy slippers. The internal lining of bootie keeps your feet dry and prevents sweating. The absorbing material keeps your feet dry.

The Gigi bootie comes with a pull-on silhouette that makes them comfortable for putting on or to wear. The booties are a perfect choice to keep your feet warm and comfortable in the cold. Its outer sole is non-slippery and keeps you stable while walking. A little drawback we can mention is that it does not provide much cushioning from inside the boots. They may also not be as durable as you want them.

Overall, they are good for everyday wear. It seems affordable than other foam slippers of this kind.

8. Dailybella Women Warm Plush Slipper Boots

Dailybella Women Warm Plush Slipper Boots


Here is a pair of nice and elegant boots that are excellent for both indoor and outdoor home use. The abundance of wool used in its making makes these boots very warm and comfortable. They are lined from both inside and outside.

The lightweight boots are comfortable to walk around leisurely. You have snug feelings like wrapped in a quilt. The outer sole is made of rubber and waterproof. These are perfect for your daily use and are very easy to maintain as well. You can wash them easily with hands, or put them in the washing machine as well. Make sure you don’t tumble dry them.

The slipper boots are available in grey and camel colors. You can wear them with or without socks. It remains comfortable to the feet even without socks. It’s a great option for daily wears. Make sure you choose the right size. With their ultimate luxurious material, the booties look great as well. It’s a good combination of style and comfort.

7. LongBay Women’s Chenille Knit Bootie Slippers

LongBay Women's Chenille Knit Bootie Slippers


Here is a pair of beautifully knit bootie slippers that will warm up your days with their soft touch. With a very trendy look, these slippers make sure you look great in these booties. The Chenille knit style makes it look stunning. The velvet-like material from outside and fuzzy plush fleece lining from inside make these booties a very graceful and functional option for your everyday use.

The slippers come with long-lasting 80D memory foam layers inside the sole that feels warm and comfortable under your feet. The ultra-softness makes you feel as if you are walking on clouds.

Its supportive arch relaxes your feet even when you are standing or walking for quite some time. It also relieves any pain if you have them in your insoles. The extra cushioning and padding under feet become therapeutic for problematic feet as well.

The bootie slippers have a nice rubbery outer sole that is water-resistant and allow you to make use of these comfortable booties for strolling outside. The fuzzy color enhances its beauty and comfortability. Overall, it’s a great option for your everyday wear inside or outside the house. The bootie slippers are a bit expensive than our previous choices, but its good quality offers great value for your money.

6. mysoft Women’s Comfort Winter Bootie Slippers

mysoft Women's Comfort Winter Bootie Slippers


It’s a nice and soft option for your everyday use. An excellent solution to dropping the temperature, these booties are designed to ensure your comfort and convenience. The inside lining is comfortable and warm; the only thing you care about in the winter season. It prevents a soft and snug feel the moment you feel slides inside the slippers.

The cozy slippers have a fur that wraps your legs well past ankles. You can feel the warmth as long as you wear them. The soft sole made of the high-quality memory foam gives a stable base to your feet and supports its arch.

You don’t need to wear socks at home when you are wearing these warm booties. But even if you want to use them, it snuggles your feet comfortably with socks as well. The bootie slipper has soft soles and overall looks great for indoor. They are not made for outdoor use. We certainly miss a rubber base.

Overall, it’s an elegant piece of bootie slippers that works well indoors. It keeps you warm and comfortable even when the temperature drops. It is a bit expensive, but then it provides a better quality memory foam and wool as well.

5. Women’s Comfort Warm Faux Fleece Fuzzy Ankle Bootie Slippers

Women's Comfort Warm Faux Fleece Fuzzy Ankle Bootie Slippers


This one is another pair for only indoor use. The warm and soft plush bootie slippers wrap your feet up to the ankles. The balance of material makes these booties soft and warm but not over-heated. Unlike some other slippers, it does not make your feet cold with its furry insoles.

The flexible and high-density memory foam inside the slippers makes them extra-comfortable. The tube-like structure of booties makes it easy to slip-on. It locks the temperature and prevents your feet and even ankles from getting cold. The anti-skid outer sole is stable. The outer sole is non-slippery and remains secure on any indoor surface.

The slippers are fit on most standard and full foot sizes. These are convenient to maintain, as well. You can wash them in the washing machine. The bootie slippers provide a comfortable base to your feet, but it does not offer arch support. The slippers are great for only indoor use. They do not have any rubber sole and are not for outdoor use.

4. PajamaGram Fleece Slippers for Women

PajamaGram Fleece Slippers for Women


These booties are another blend of beauty and comfort. Excellent for some quality time at home in winters. It’s a premium quality design that is made of a plush bed plush fur with a cushioned bed. The use of plush makes them soft both from inside and outside.

PajamaGram fleece slippers keep the feet warm while providing a snug feel up to the ankle. The little details of designs make to their beauty. The little pom-pom and a satin ribbon look very adorable.

The booties are simple to wash and look great even wash after wash. The slippers are excellent for pampering yourself. Each step feels like you are walking on a bed of cotton and foam.

Though, the slippers do not have a rubber base that is a bit disappointing. You can’t wear them outside and not even on a wet surface. The pair will make an excellent Christmas gift to your loved ones. These are excellent for cold weather. Slippers are a bit pricey, but they offer great warmth and a cozy feel. Overall, these are good for your everyday wear.

3. ONCAI Fluffy Faux Fur Slipper Boots

ONCAI Fluffy Faux Fur Slipper Boots


Even in looks, these pair of booties seem durable than many of our previous options. The boots are a pull on shoes and provide maximum warmth in cold weather. It has a well-knitted outer covering that makes it very durable. Unlike some fuzzy slippers that won’t last even a season, this one seems good for a long time. The knitted upper is thickened with floppy faux fur liner that makes it a skin-friendly touch.

The blend of breathable velvet and yarn makes these bootie slippers extra-warm, comfortable, and airy. You won’t be feeling sweaty even when your feet are warm.

The best part is its thick and non-slippery base. The rubber sole is made of three-layer of elastic rubber that make it waterproof as well.  A deep flex texture adds up to its grip and makes it non-slippery on shallow water.

The inside base of bootie is padded and very soft in touch. Its flat bottom keeps the boots stable and produces no noise while walking. The premium quality of material these slippers makes them very durable. The finely woven pattern won’t mold or change shapes. A fuzzy collar adds to the beauty of these booties. The high top design and buttons on the sides make them look very elegant.

It’s an excellent option in memory foam bootie slippers. The variety of available colors allows you to choose your favorite one.

2. Zigzagger Women’s Memory Foam Bootie Slippers

Zigzagger Women's Memory Foam Bootie Slippers


On number two, we have these bootie slippers with an elegant design and a comfortable feel. Its high-density memory foam sole gives a warm and soft feel to your feet. It’s like walking on pillows. Even in extremely chilly weather, the foamy base keeps your feet comfortable and warm. The wool-like upper collar keeps your legs warm too. Its makes the shoe easy to slip on as well. You can also fold the collar to get a different wearing style.

The rubber sole makes it non-slippery and also allows you to wear the booties indoor even on the wet surface. The waterproof base will enable you to use the slippers for outside use as well as a walk-in yard, or for fetching the mail, etc.

The slippers have a durable design. The double inseam on edges makes it last many years. They won’t crack easily. The breathable material keeps your feet dry and odorless.

You can easily wash them in a machine. They won’t shrink or lose shape after washing. The high-density memory foam used in its making offers shock absorption EVA that gives you a unique feel.

The slippers are very reasonably priced. Despite the good quality, these are priced lower than many of our previous options.

1. Women’s Comfort Woolen Yarn

Women's Comfort Woolen Yarn


On number one, we have these slippers that combine style, utility, and convenience. The outer cover is knitted into a nice and sturdy pattern. The woolen yarn material gives a soothing comfort. The breathable material allows air to pass through the knitted pattern. The flow of air prevents sweating or any bad odor forming up inside the booties.

The bootie slippers are lined from inside with padded memory foam. Its soft material cradles your feet in a snug hug. Three extra layers make these booties extra comfortable. A high plush color sends warmth right up past the ankle. As it is soft from inside, the exterior is made durable with a rubber sole.

The anti-skid rubber sole also keeps you stable on the ground. It won’t slip, and also won’t allow any moisture getting inside your comfortable booties. Make sure you choose the right size. As these booties have a padded insole, you may feel a snug fit at first. The stretchable material will stretch with time and use.

The first concern about this type of bootie slippers is their life span. They tend to lose their grace and feel with time and may not look very great after daily wear and tear. These slippers offer excellent durability. They would stay in good shape all season and even beyond. And you make a good fashion statement as well with their elegant design.

The price is a bit higher than our last option, but then it offers better quality. It’s a good investment and the best way to pamper yourself this winter.

Buying Guide of a Memory Foam Bootie slippers for Women

Before we look at some of the best options lets, take a quick look at the things you should consider while buying these slippers.

  • Design: There is a great variety of designs and colors. You can select your favorite color and design. Only make sure the brand you are choosing offers a choice in color and designs.
  • Material: The bottom line is that booties should be warm and padded from inside and durable from outside. Different materials are used like plush, wool, velvet, and other fabrics. You should choose one that gives a soft touch on the skin as well.
  • Make sure you choose a breathable material or your feet may get sweaty, and they can develop a bad odor easily.
  • Insole: The insole should be padded, but it should also feel soft and stable under your feet.
  • Outer sole: A rubber sole is a must. Even indoors, there can be shallow water on the floor. So a rubber sole prevents your booties from soaking in water. Also, make sure the sole has patterns that make it anti-slippery.
  • Collar: it depends on the design you are selecting. The high collar provides more warmth to your legs well past the ankle.
  • You can choose a low collar, or even some options allow you to fold the collar as well. So it boils down to individual needs.
  • Easy to Slip on: make sure the design and material of booties allow you to slip in effortlessly.
  • Quality: These fuzzy slippers are very delicate and easy to lose shape and warmth.

Choose a well-knitted design that keeps on working at least the whole season. Buying another pair for the same season is quite frustrating, so invest in a good and durable pair of slippers.


All option in our list of best bootie slippers for women promises excellent comfort and warmth this season. Still, we choose Women’s Comfort Woolen Yarn as the best available option because of its durability. These are excellent for daily use, convenient for washing from time to time, and stay in good shape for long.

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