Best Wireless Phone Chargers in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Although smartphone batteries are getting better and better, eventually, we have to charge them. Usually, at night, we need to find the cable outlet and check which side is up and down. This problem can come to an end if your phone support wireless charging. The new wireless phone chargers are a convenient way of rejuvenating your phone without tangling cables around.

Wireless charging works like an induction stove. The charger transmits energy through a coil, and the receiving device in the phone can absorb and store it.

The industry standard for wireless charging is named Qi. It is used by leading mobile phone manufacturers. Though there are other technologies, this technology quickly became a standard and is supported by most modern phones. It was developed by Wireless Power Consortium and can charge a phone as far as 40mm.

More and more smartphones are equipped with this technology, and some experts see the charging cable at the end of its life in the industry.

The 10 Best Wireless Phone Chargers in 2023

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10. NEW: ANTYE Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone 6/6S

ANTYE Qi Wireless Charge


Technology is getting more and more exciting. Charging a smartphone these days is easy without the need to have tangling wires. One of the best wireless chargers you can get for your iPhone 6 and 6S  is the one from the ANTYE. It uses common Qi technology, which is supported by Apple devices.

It comes with an ultra-slim charging base as a charging pad. You can place it anywhere on your desk or nightstand. It has an LED indicator, which ensures you know when working properly. But it will turn off automatically after 40 seconds so you won’t disturb by light while you sleep. For a charge, just place the phone’s back on the pad, and the charging process will start.

There are no chances of over/under voltage, short-circuiting and other mishaps. The charger follows common safety standards and has a 12-month money back guarantee.

9. NEW: APPLUS Wireless Car Charger for iPhones

APPLUS Wireless Car Charger for iPhones


One of the latest wireless chargers for phones in your car comes from APPLUS. Featuring standard Qi technology means that it’s safe and only takes 2:55 hours for a phone to charge fully. To facilitate fast charging, it boasts double coils. It comes with a mount for any type of car and supports iPhones from series 7 to 11 and Samsung models from S8+ to S10.

You just have to insert the mount into the air vents and fix it there. The durable plastic will keep the charger sturdy even in hot conditions. The phone itself is secured with a strong clamp, keeping it in place. A bottom stand protects the phone from sliding down. Even when the road gets a bit bumpy, your phone will be kept safe. The set contains the charging pad, a USB-C cable, the air-vent clip, and a user manual.  Besides Apple and Samsung, it also supports other 4” to 6.5” QI enabled smartphones.

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8. Kusda Qi iPhone Wireless Charger Kit

Kusda Qi iPhone Wireless Charger Kit


There is no need to take chances with your phones by using cheap wireless chargers. The Kusda iPhone wireless charging pad and receiver is all you need. Designed by experts, this kit provides efficient charging.

The device is not just intended for iPhones: the charger is also working with other brands like LG and Samsung if they are using QI-technology.  Due to an anti-slip pad, the phone sits securely on top of the charging pad. Additionally, circuit protection protects the phone from electric damages.

With the Kusda wireless charging kit, there are no disturbances when sleeping. The LED indicator goes off when charging after a few seconds. In case you get an urgent call, you don’t have to worry about a cable; just lift the phone and take the call. The charger comes with a one-year warranty.

7.NEW: Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Pad

Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Pad


One of the advantages of wireless charging with the QI standard is that it works now independent from the operating system.  As long as the technology standard is adapted, you can use a charger with iPhones and Android devices. The Anker PowerWave pad is QI-certified and, therefore, safe for all your smartphones.

Anker is a well-known brand for phone accessories. The company has wireless earphones, power banks, chargers, and other gadgets in their portfolio. Anker frequently gets recommendations from online news outlets like Buzzfeed and iMore for their devices. They test new accessories extensively and offer 18 months warranty period.

The PowerWave pad is suitable for iPhones and AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and Pixel Buds. The new model now also charges iPhone 12 but not with a MagSafe adapter. You can charge your phone even with the cover, as long as it is less than 5mm thick. The pad also supports the overheating feature of AirPods and will stop charging for a few seconds if they raise the alarm.

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6. NEW: ELLESYE 2-coil Wireless Charger

ELLESYE 2-coil Wireless Charger


A more traditional approach to a wireless charger design comes from ELLESYE, but for a good reason. Some people like to have their phone on a stand, for example, using it as an alarm clock on the nightstand. Or you are charging the phone on your desktop, and you want to see incoming notifications.

The ELLESYE standing wireless charger has two coils built-in and therefore offers a wider charging area. The stand itself keeps the phone at a comfortable angle so you can peak on the phone when a message comes in. And with the distributes coils, you can even charge your phone when it’s in landscape mode.

For the charging status, the charger has an LED indicator which goes off after charging is complete. If a device is not supported, a green LED will flash. You don’t have to take our phone out of the case, as longs as it’s not made from metal and less than 4mm thick.

5. NEW: Seneo Wireless Charger Stand Qi Certified

Seneo Wireless Charger Stand Qi Certified


Seneo brings a charger to the market, which is not only Qi-certified but uses their ATB technology and a double coil for fast and reliable charging. The stand is case-friendly and charges your phone through up to 4mm PVC or other plastic material. A green light indicates the beginning of the charging process and will later go off, so it won’t disturb your sleep.

The built-in chip also takes care of the safety, namely the temperature control, input voltage protection, and input current protection. It identifies the phone model and provides the charging power accordingly. Even as a stand, you can place your phone horizontally, and it will still charge properly, thanks to the high-performance coils in the device.

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4.NEW: Hoidokly Wireless Charger for Phone and AirPods

Hoidokly Wireless Charger for Phone and AirPods


For those who are lucky enough to own an iPhone and AirPods, this wireless charger is a perfect solution when the battery is drained. Its most outstanding feature is that it can charge phones and headphones at once. The phone rests on a stand while the AirPods are charging right next to it. Both pads can be separated and use as a stand-alone charger.


Supported are Qi-phones with different power inputs. You can use the 7.5-watt mode for iPhones from 8 plus pro to 11 pro Max, the 10 W fast charge mode for newer Samsung models, and the 5W mode for Huawei 30 up and other Qi-certified phones. While the Apple watch is not supported, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm can be charged on the small pad and Galaxy Buds.

This charger is ideal for both home and office use. It fits well on a nightstand and your work desk. You can still see notifications or watch a movie while the phone is charging. In case you need to take a call or leave the office, just pick it up from the stand.

3. NEW: Yootech Wireless Charger Pad and Stand

Yootech Wireless Charger Pad and Stand


One of the best deals on our list is the Yootech set. If you are undecided if a pad or a stand is best for charging or want to have a charger for the phone at home and one for earphones in the office, this kit is for you. It comes with a pad and a stand, both working independently as a wireless charger for Qi-enabled phones and AirPods.

The pads support both 10 W fast charging and therefore work well with newer Samsung models. They are also compatible with iPhone 11 pro and the new 12 models, including the 12 SE phone. You can even charge AirPods on the pads. Samsung Note 10 and S20 are supported as well.

Regarding safety, the charger set has temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention. The ABS material is fire-resistant, and the set is Qi-certified and UL-certified. You can use the phone with cases, but without one, the charging experience is better.

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2. Choetech T511 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Choetech T511 Qi Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W with Anti-Slip Rubber


Are you tired of wires on your working bench? It’s time to upgrade to a neat and convenient charger. The Cheotech T511 Qi wireless charger is all you need to have. It is among the most popular chargers on the market due to its performance and reliability. Designed to work with Qi-enabled devices, it has universal comparability.

So as long as your smartphone is Qi-enabled, it will charge on this charger. However, for it to charge, it needs to have a 2Amps AC adapter.

Now, considering the size of this charger, it is a perfect choice even when traveling. Whether using it in your house or car, it occupies a small space. The fitted LED light indicates when the charger is correctly working but will switch off when sleeping. The anti-slip surface ensures that devices don’t slip.

1. Samsung Wireless Fast Charge Stand

Samsung Wireless Fast Charge Stand with AFC Wall Charger


Samsung is a known global company when it comes to electronics. Now, besides outstanding smartphones, they also provide necessary accessories. The Samsung fast charge wireless stand is an excellent choice for wire-free charging.

It is one of the best chargers you can get for your Samsung Galaxy but works with other Qi-enabled devices as well. With fast charging ability, it means that getting your battery full takes minimal time. However, the fast charging capability is only for selected Samsung phones; the rest will charge at a regular charging pace.

Boasting a sleek construction design, the charger is easy and convenient to use. Since Samsung makes it, you don’t have to worry about quality and safety. This charger has undergone many tests and has a Qi-certification and a one-year-warranty.

Factors to Consider when buying wireless phone chargers

  • Charging range: Now, the charging range is critical when it comes to wireless charging pads. With different brands and technology used, the range usually differs. The most common are Qi, which offers up to 40mm charging range.
  • Charging technology: We have various charging technologies in the market, for example, Qi and PMA. The only difference between these two is the connection protocol and frequency transmission. For Qi, they use induction technology to charge. On the other hand, the PMA uses resonance charging technologies. Comparing inductive chargers and resonance, there is a slight difference. Resonance based tends to transmit power longer and even over the air.
  • Compatibility: Before buying a wireless charger, it is essential to check compatibility. Nowadays, the circuit producers are designing devices which can be used for both Qi and PMA based chargers. This reduces the hassle when you are buying wireless phone chargers. Therefore, purchasing a compatible wireless charger is ideal if your phone is only used with a single technology.


Wireless phone chargers are great if you have a supported device. Their small sizes, and ability to minimize cable usage, renders them the best option. Make sure the pads support a wide range of charging modes, like fast charging. If you have AirPods, we recommend a device with two pads so that you can charge both gadgets simultaneously. Most major brands nowadays support the Qi standard, so we focussed on chargers with this technology.

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