Best Wireless Phone Chargers in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

With wireless phone chargers, you always feel secure in your phone battery and having your phone still charges. Though the technology has been growing slowly, many companies have adopted it as the model of charging their smartphones. As the name states, these chargers don’t use a wired connection.

Instead, they use a transmitter and receiving pads. The receiver is encased in the phone which facilitates smooth charging. Generally, wireless charging use induction technology. This involves the current passes through the two coils to create electromagnetic fields.

Basically, the standard wireless charging technology is Qi. It is used by leading mobile phone manufacturers. Though there are other technologies, getting one which is standardized, makes the best deal. The Qi was developed by Wireless Power Consortium and can charge a phone as far as 40mm.

The fact that only a few smartphones use wireless charging tech, it needs one to be careful when charging. The following compilation contains the top 10 best wireless phone chargers in 2020.

The 10 Best Wireless Phone Chargers in 2020

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10. HOT fire Wireless Charging Kit-Qi Wireless Charger Pad Receiver

HOT fire Wireless Charging Kit-Qi Wireless Charger Pad Receiver

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Technology is getting more and more exciting. Charging a smartphone these days is easy without the need to have tangling wires. One of the best wireless chargers you can get is the one from the HOT fire. It utilizes Qi technology hence ideal for your charging your Apple smartphone.

Unlike other chargers, this enables fast charging. Due to the upgrading, the device provides 5V-2A input and 5V-1A output hence efficient functioning.

Now, utilizing this charger is easy. Whether using it at night, it won’t disrupt you due to extreme light. It has an LED indicator which ensures you know when working properly. Charging involves just removing the back cover and attaching the card to the battery. Safety also is well-taken care.

There are no chances of over/under voltage, short-circuiting and other mishaps. It has protection from power malfunctions which gives your phone the ultimate security. The charging kit is ideal for use in iPhone 5, 6 and 7.

9. MOON Smart Tech Qi iPhone Wireless Charger Set

MOON Smart Tech Qi iPhone Wireless Charger Set

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Giving your smart upgrade the key when it comes to charging and convenience. Now, if you own an iPhone 7/7s plus, 6/6s plus or Samsung galaxy 8, or 7 note, this is your charger. It brings fast charging while eliminating the need to use cables.


Featuring standard Qi technology, it means that it’s safe and only takes 2:55 hours for iPhone 6 and 3:40 hours iPhone 7+. To facilitate fast charging, it boasts double coils. Hence it is ideal for use in homes, offices or traveling.

Well, besides being a charger, this device has an inbuilt battery. As a result, it acts as a power bank when you are outdoor. With the power rating of 2000mAh, it provides a complete charging solution even when you are out of power reach.

Moreover, you can opt to use or not use the USB port to charge. Enhanced with the circuit, under/overcharge protector, it keeps your smartphone safe. The non-slip surface offers a perfect grip when the phone is charging.

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8. Kusda Qi iPhone Wireless Charger Kit

Kusda Qi iPhone Wireless Charger Kit

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There is no need to take chances with your phones by using cheap wireless chargers. The Kusda iPhone wireless charging pad and receiver is all you need. Designed by experts, this kit provides the most efficient charging.

Dedicated to iPhones, the charger is also ideal for use with other brands like Nokia, Samsung among other Qi-enabled phones. If you are charging, the charger gives you a peace of mind. There is no slipping, due to an anti-slip pad. Additionally, the circuit protection protects the phone from power related damages.

With Kusda wireless charging kit, there are no disturbances when sleeping. Featuring a humanized design, it ensures that LED indicator goes off when charging after a few seconds. On the other hand, answering the call is just easy.

Unlike USB charging, this one you just pick without disruption cords. Broad compatibility coupled with high-quality assurance renders Kusda the ultimate choice the kit includes a wireless charging pad and receiver which enjoys a full year warranty.

7. Qi Wireless Charger for iPhones and Android Qi Wireless Charger for iPhones and Android

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Charge your safely and faster minus wires. The Qi wireless charger is here to give you exceptional performance. It is one of the sleekest chargers you can get on the market. Its design ensures proper cradling hence improved safety.

Enjoying Qi technology, it translates to high compatibility. Consequently, it works with a variety of Android-powered phones from Sony, Samsung among others. The docking station allows you to view your phone when charging due to slanted design. So, it is easy to enjoy movies, calls, or texts when the phone is still charging.

When traveling, it is easy to carry this charger. The compact design and lightweight construction make it ideal to carry in your bag. Additionally, the firm grip ensures that the phone can’t fall and also prevents the development of scratches.

Unlike some chargers which come with blinking lights, is exceptional. It is fitted with cool LED indicators which show the charging status or when in standby. For safety, it protects smartphones from under/overcharges and short circuits. CE, RoHS, and FC certify this charger.

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6. ElleSye 3-Coil QI Wireless Charging Stand Pad

ElleSye 3-Coil QI Wireless Charging Stand Pad

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When in need of a universal wireless charger, ElleSye is an excellent bet. It is a product designed to be compatible with a range of devices for fast charging. Unlike others which come with 2 coils, this has 3 coils which improve its ability to provides a large sensing area charging range.

Further, they enable phone charging in any direction, horizontal or vertical. Designed featuring Qi technology, the charger senses Qi-enabled devices automatically. It has a quick response and provides a standard charging speed.

Apart from being fast responding, ElleSye wireless charger has broad compatibility. Its design is aimed at providing charging to Samsung, Google Nexus, Nokia among others. There is no worry about the phone when charging. First, it has rubber feet which ensure it can’t slip. Further, the ability to guard your phone against power mishap renders it a superb product.

Unlike others which charge phones vertically oriented, this has 60 degrees slanting orientation. For the charging status, the charger has an LED indicator.

5. Pleson PLS-WR-C400 Wireless Charger

Pleson PLS-WR-C400 Wireless Charger, Dual coils

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A reliable charger is great for enabling fast charging. Pleson wireless chargers are known to be credible and fast charging. The Pleson PLS-WR-C400 is one of which you can rely on to charge a phone in less than 2:30 hours.

This gives it the ability to deliver 1.4 times than regular wireless chargers. Moreover, with an ability to be compatible with various cases, the device can charge a variety of phones.

There is no need to worry about the charging position. When having a Pleson wireless charger, it gives you the freedom. You can either choose to place the phone horizontally or vertically. The inbuilt protection against over/under charge or short-circuiting brings peace of mind.

Unlike other types, this charger is sleep-friendly as there is disturbing light or beeps. The LED indicator last only for 10 seconds hence ideal even when in your bedroom. Above all, the slanting and slim design give it a pleasing look.

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4. Turbot 3-Coil QI Wireless Charger

Turbot 3-Coil QI Wireless Charger Wireless Charging Phone Stand

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Having a wireless charger eliminates the need to have cables in your bag or drawer. Additionally, this type of charger is stylish and convenient to use. Now, with the Turbot Qi wireless charger, it is possible to charge your smartphone with a peace of mind.


Designed featuring triple coils, they give it hands up than double coil chargers. This is because the charger provides an extended charging range. For better results, it is recommended to use a 2A adapter than from computers. This is because a computer output is between 500-800mA.

The compatibility with this charger is great. It is compatible with almost all Qi-enabled smartphones. So, it gives you the freedom of universal usage. Apart from enhanced performance, the charger boasts an intelligent LED display.

The indicator shows charging status and if the device isn’t fixed properly. The sleek and ergonomic design is superb for the safety of your phone. The angled holder allows the user to use the phone while still charging.

3. Seneo QI Wireless Charger

Seneo Wireless Charger, QI Wireless Charger Stand Pad Fast Charge

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Now, owning a smartphone, you need to treat it with a wireless charger Seneo. It is as sleekly crafted charger which eliminates a netting of cables in your desk. Moreover, it has a fast charging mode which is compatible with Samsung Galaxy 8, 7 and 6, as a result; this ensures that it delivers fast charging. However, for standard devices, it charges at normal speed.

Ergonomically designed, the charger is great. It has a slanted design, which eases calling, messaging and also watching movies as it charges. For the device to charge at a fast speed, it needs QC2.0 or above charging adapters.

Well, when placing your phones on the charging pad, this charger has foreign body detection ability. This means that you can’t miss charging hence eliminating conveniences. It is slim and elegantly built which adds beauty to your bench.

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2. Choetech T511 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Choetech T511 Qi Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W with Anti-Slip Rubber

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Are you tired of wires on your working bench? It’s time to upgrade to a neat and convenient charger. The Cheotech T511 Qi wireless charger is all you need to have. It is among the most popular chargers on the market due to its performance and reliability. Designed to work with Qi-enabled devices, has universal comparability.

So as long as your smartphone is Qi-enabled, it will charge on this charger. However, for it to charge, it needs to have 2Amps AC adapter.

Now, considering the size of this charger, it is a perfect choice even when traveling. Whether using it in your house or car, it occupies a small space. In addition to compactness, it has lightweight which facilitates easy carrying. The fitted LED light indicates when the charger is correctly working. The anti-slip surface ensures that devices don’t slip.

1. Samsung Wireless Fast Charge Stand

Samsung Wireless Fast Charge Stand with AFC Wall Charger

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Samsung is a known global company when it comes to electronics. Now, besides outstanding smartphones, here is a perfect wireless charger. The Samsung fast charge wireless stand is an excellent choice for a wire-free charging.

It is one of the best chargers you can get on the market for your Samsung Galaxy or any other Qi-enabled device. With fast charging ability, it means that getting your battery full takes minimal time. However, the fast charging capability is only for selected phones, the rest will charge at a regular charging pace.

Boasting a sleek construction design, the charger is easy and convenient to use. By being wireless, it means you won’t struggle with wires. Fitted with an LED indicator, this means that it is easy to know when the phone isn’t correctly connected. The device is compact for easy portability and also styled construction.

Factors to Consider when buying a wireless phone charger

  • Charging range: Now, the charging range is critical when it comes to wireless charging pads. With different brands and technology used, the range usually differs. The most common are Qi, which offers up to 40mm charging range.
  • Charging technology: On the market today, we have a variety of charging technologies. We have varieties like Qi and PMA. The only difference between these two is the connection protocol and frequency transmission. For Qi, they use induction technology to charge. On the other hand, the PMA uses resonance charging technologies. Comparing inductive chargers and resonance, there is a slight difference. Resonance based tends to transmit power longer and even over the air.
  • Compatibility: Before buying a wireless charger, it is essential to check compatibility. Nowadays, the circuit producers are designing devices which can be used for both Qi and PMA based chargers. This reduces hassle when you are buying a wireless chargers. Therefore, purchasing a compatible wireless charger is ideal if your phone is only for use with a single technology.


Wireless phone chargers are great if you have a supported device. With their small sizes, and ability to minimize cable usage, renders them the best option.

In general, having these types of chargers keep you ahead of others. They are stylish and high performing. Don’t wait anymore; you can grab yours and charge in style.

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