The Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards of 2019 – Ultimate Reviews

Wireless mechanical keyboards are in trendy these days. Gone are the times when keyboards came with plenty of bulky wires. Now is the time for wireless and mechanical keyboards. Computers, especially gaming computers all rely on wireless keyboards these days to make surfing and using the net easier.

In the new year 2019, there are a few keyboards that have carved their place into the niche with their incredible performances and outstanding reliability. They are a device worth owning and using, at the least.

Given below is a list of top 10 incredible wireless mechanical keyboards that have changed the face of using the computer. You can see for yourself and decide which one of the following you wish to own. Also, they are ranked as per their performance. And hence, it is nothing but extremely easy for you to judge and decide.

These are the best wireless mechanical keyboards you can buy

Check out the detailed reviews of our top 10 picks for the best Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards in 2019 below:

10. DREVO Joyeuse 96 Key Ultra Thin Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

DREVO Joyeuse 96 Key Ultra Thin Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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This keyboard is backlit with white LED and is made up of aluminium alloy. It is sleek, stylish, elegant and comes with a black switch. This device is a fantastic product in itself. Though small to look at, it is much bigger and better in performance.

The thickness and weight of this keyboard are just proportionate to be able to use well. It is USB wired and also sports Bluetooth 3.0 Dual Mode. Though it is wireless, it can be easily used to switch back and forth from wired to wireless quite simply. It is very convenient to carry around and can be used with any device like your iPad or laptop.

9. Majestouch Convertible 2 Blue switch/US ASCII FKBC104MC/EB2

Majestouch Convertible 2 Blue switch:US ASCII FKBC104MC:EB2

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If you are looking for a quality and long-lasting mechanical keyboard, then this is it for you. This keyboard can withstand plenty of great typing and daily usage and does not wear out easily or quickly.

USB mini-A to USB mini-B can be easily switched back and forth on this keyboard and can be made wireless from wired too. You can even change the layout of the modifier keys with extra handy extractor tools and keys.

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8. USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Linear Action Bluetooth Keyboard

USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Linear Action Bluetooth Keyboard

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You may feel a little skeptical while investing in a product of this type, but it is just the one you need if you are looking to go for a pocket-friendly version. The function keys are easy to deal with and use. This device is easy to clean and maintain and can stay with you for longer than any other wireless keyboard.

The small size of this keyboard makes it difficult to adjust within the first few days of usage, especially for big-handed people, but with practice, you will realize that it is one of the best wireless keyboards you could own.

7. XArmor U9W Nano USB RF 2.4 GHz Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

XArmor U9W Nano USB RF 2.4 GHz Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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The wireless range for this keyboard is quite impressive, and so are its other amazing features. There are LASER etched keys on this device with Cherry MX brown mechanical key switches. This device sports a power cord for little to no battery usage. The wrist pad is complete with a special soft matte finish and is detachable for maximum comfort.

This device is specifically designed to provide the best experience with typing and gaming over the other uses.

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6. LinDon-Tech Bluetooth/Wired Mechanical Keyboard

LinDon-Tech Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth:Wired

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This keyboard comes to compete with a rechargeable battery, custom switches, and medium resistance mechanical keys. The keyboard is synonymous with compact or mini. So, it poses some issue to first-time users like any other mechanical keyboard.

Bluetooth and USB connecting modes are inbuilt for convenient usage.

You can type away for 10 continuous hours on full charge, or keep it standby for 360 hours. The touch typing and backlight features make it an absolute favorite among users. Also, it can be said that the tough and robust body of this product can withstand long typing or gaming hours.

5. DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Mechanical Keyboard 

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Mechanical Keyboard

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This keyboard comes in four colors. Namely: black, blue, brown and red switch. The price of this keyboard is quite reasonable in light of the features that it provides, and is definitely worth the investment of time and money.

  • The lighting effects on this keyboard are over-the-top. There are 7 different colors for 7 different modes.
  • It is best suited for personal as well as professional use and can be subject to long hours of usage without wearing away.

4. Velocifire TKL Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Brown Switches

VELOCIFIRE TKL02 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard

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The backlit feature and different colors of this device make it easy to use in the dark too. This product, given its beneficial features, is highly recommended. It can stay with you for much longer than you can fathom.

  • There is little to no noise emission while using this product.
  • You can control the backlight, the brightness, and also the colors of the backlight.
  • The function keys also sport alternative functions other than their primary ones, which is a great and advantageous feature on a wireless keyboard.

3. CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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As the name says it, this keyboard is only meant for gaming purposes but can be used for typing and programming too. The overall look and fancy keys make it the perfect choice for gaming reasons. It is a must-have for a tech-savvy.

  • The lapboard and the keyboard are completely secured to each other, so the keyboard cannot possibly fall off in any way.
  • The mechanical keys are splendid and work better than your expectations.

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2. Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

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The name is enough to understand that this keyboard is ultra-thin, but high-quality performance is bound to it. The multiple backlight modes can even make programming easy and convenient, in addition to gaming. It is the perfect match for gaming. It features include:

  • The lightweight feature of this keyboard makes sit quite easy to carry around.
  • It has low-profile switches and a compact design
  • The unique ice-blue LED light makes it stand out.

1. ANNE Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard, ANNE Pro Bluetooth 4.0 Wired:Wireless Gaming Keyboard with DIY RGB LED Backlit

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This keyboard is compatible with any PC, iPad or even smartphone. The quality of this device is excellent and is definitely worth your expense and time. It features include:

  • It has an impressive and colorful LED backlighting and dual connectivity.
  • The keyboard is handy and delicate to touch but can be used to type long hours continuously.

Check out more products to buy below:

Factors to Consider When Buying A Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

  • Battery Life: Considering that these keyboards have no physical connectivity, they are powered by batteries that may be built-in or disposable. To ensure that you don’t spend much time on charging, consider keyboards with longer battery life.
  • The Design: The design of a keyboard is an excellent determinant of comfort. Ensure the design you go for offers the best comfort.
  • Illumination: Getting keyboards with backlight characters is an added advantage as you can easily type even at night.
  • The Wireless Range: The wireless range determines the distance that you can use the keyboard away from your device. Therefore, a more comprehensive wireless range is an advantage.
  • Compatibility: The keyboard should be compatible with various operating systems and devices.

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There is no denying the fact that the keyboards mentioned above are the best in the industry. They are of supreme quality and are known to be comfortable and advantageous to use as per all their users. The icing on the cake is that offers the best customer service and after-sales service. Any issue regarding your device will be immediately dealt with.

The prices of these products are quite reasonable and affordable and can be considered even on a budget. The warranty is a year or more than that, and any ill-conduct by the product will be addressed in this period.

The features and specifications provided by each of these products are top-notch and will never fail to amaze you with their expertise.

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