Best Wireless Digital Multimeters in 2022 | A Comparison & Reviews

Wireless Digital Multimeters

Wireless digital multimeters are essential for anyone interested in troubleshooting and repairing electronics. These devices have an array of functions. For instance, you can use them to test or measure voltage, resistance, amperage, and continuity in electronic devices.

The wireless digital multimeters are popular as they are versatile. For electricians, hobbyists and engineers looking for a more portable all-in-one diagnostic device, look no further.

With so many electronics in the market, repair and maintenance are only expected. You need the best diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and repair electronic devices. A wireless digital multimeter is one such tool. Versatile, accurate, portable, and easy to use; this gadget is a must-have for any serious electrician.

Finding the best wireless digital multimeter for you can be challenging, owing to the countless varieties available today. It takes an experienced buyer or seasoned electrician to identify the best. However, if you are a novice electrician just starting out, things might be a little bit more complicated. Even so, you have no reason to worry. You are not alone. We are here for you.

In this review, we have highlighted some of the best wireless digital multimeters, a couple of pros, and other relevant product info. We hope you find the shopping guide helpful in finding a product that suits you. That being said, let’s dive straight in.

Top 10 Best Wireless Digital Multimeters in 2022

10. CHBC DC 500V wireless digital multimeter

CHBC DC 500V wireless digital multimeter


It comes with an integrated hall sensor for non-contact current detection. That is safer and more reliable compared to contact sensors. It also provides a wireless data transmission from the detection module and the display. That makes for enhanced display precision and minimal interference. With this wireless digital multimeter, you get to track a whole range of parameters simultaneously. Voltage, current, power, capacitance, resistance, temperature, and runtime are but a few.

The device is equipped with a double relay interface for separate monitoring of charge and discharge values. So you will be able to track values of charge overvoltage, discharge Undervoltage, charge overcurrent, and discharge overcurrent protection. The kit also has a memory that captures and saves important values like Ampere Hours and Watt Hours. These are made available during the next session when power connectivity is restored.

  • Integrated memory function records Amperage and Wattage values during power interruptions.
  • Double relay interface for separate charge and discharge management.
  • Measures and displays temperature, charge capacity, voltage, and current values.
  • Hall sensor for non-contact current detection.
  • Wireless data transmission minimizes interference.
  • None

9. Yeeco 80V 100A wireless digital multimeter

Yeeco 80V 100A wireless digital multimeter


It comes with a crisp clear LCD display for convenient tracking of voltage, current, resistance, temperature, continuity, and other measurable variables. Also included in the design are 2 relay connecting ports. These are for overvoltage, Undervoltage, and overcurrent protection. Yeeco multimeter has an inbuilt hall sensor for non-current detections.

The hall sensor provides an additional layer of safety against electric shock. Like most top brands, this wireless digital multimeter has a memory function. The feature comes in handy when the kit is powered off at breaking point.

Essential parameters like amperage and wattage will automatically be saved so you can access them during the next session. With up to 18 functions, this is one of the best multimeters in the market with high-level accuracy guaranteed. Moreover, it has a set of four 2-pin wires for connecting the relay and external power supply.

  • Inbuilt USB 2.0 ports and four 2-pin wires
  • Temperature sensor
  • Hall sensor for non-current detection.
  • 2 reserved relay connecting ports
  • 4 inch LCD display.
  • Not identified

8. Fieldpiece LT17AW digital multimeter transmitter

Fieldpiece LT17AW digital multimeter transmitter


Works with all Fieldpiece accessories. It supports wireless connectivity or you can choose to connect manually. The digital transmitter measures an array of variables. Some of these include capacitance, current (max 400A ac), continuity indicator, temperature, and micro-amps DC. The flame rectification test is also possible with this multimeter.

Fieldpiece LT17AW comes with a range of cool features that add to its efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. Some of these include the Tilt Stand, Magnetic Hanger, Blue backlit LCD, and detachable probe tips. The unit is compact and portable. Its rugged ABS case with rubber boot minimizes slip during handling. An integrated auto power-off function shuts off the unit whenever it is left idle for a while.

  • Rugged ABS case with a rubber boot for convenient grip.
  • Tilt stand and magnetic hanger for the best view
  • Bright blue backlit LCD for reading measured variables.
  • Auto shut off function.
  • Measures capacitance, temperature, micro-amps DC, continuity, voltage, amperage, etc.
  • It can be used wirelessly or with test leads.
  • Not identified

7. Wingoneer wireless digital DC voltmeter ammeter multimeter

Wingoneer wireless digital DC voltmeter ammeter multimeter


It is rated at 80V 100A. The multi-functional panel meter comes with a 2.4” clear LCD display. That allows for easy reading of measured variables. The Wingoneer multimeter can be used to measure voltage, current, frequency, continuity, temperature, etc.

It is equipped with an inbuilt relay that protects the kit from overvoltage, overcurrent, and Undervoltage. You can buy with peace of mind knowing that the multimeter won’t malfunction anytime soon.

The wireless digital multimeter also supports none current detection, thanks to the hall sensor. That implies you can still capture accurate values of some variables even when the kit is technically off. Even with the leads on, the voltmeter ammeter remains safe, convenient and reliable.

In the event of a power cut, the multimeter has a memory function that records essential parameters like Amperage and Wattage. That makes for an easy start when connectivity is restored. You get an easy time starting from where you left. What’s more, this wireless digital multimeter has a USB 2.0 interface and temperature sensor on the testing panel.

  • Integrated temperature sensor and USB 2.0 interface
  • 18-function multimeter
  • Memory function saves amperage and wattage during a power outage.
  • Hall sensor for non-current detection.
  • 2 relay connecting ports for overcurrent and overvoltage protection.
  • 4 inch LCD display for tracking all the measured parameters.
  • Measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, etc.
  • Not identified

6. BSIDE Dual display digital multimeter

BSIDE Dual display digital multimeter


One of my favorite wireless digital multimeters. It features an integrated speaker for enjoying your favorite music while troubleshooting and repairing electronics. After all, fixing equipment doesn’t have to be boring.

BSIDE Dual display digital multimeter is compact and as such, won’t take much space on your working table. Besides, its wireless thus adding to the tidiness of your working area. You won’t have to deal with countless cables crisscrossing your work station.

Its EBTN LCD display ensured crisp results for the best reading experience. This is further improved by the dual-screen design. Besides other functions like measuring voltage, current, frequency, capacitance, and frequency, this multimeter also has an alarm clock feature. That makes for convenient timing of whatever you want to. One last thing, the multimeter is powered by 2 pieces of rechargeable 18650 batteries.

  • Powered by rechargeable 18650 batteries
  • Integrated alarm clock and speaker
  • Dual HD EBTN LCD display for easy reading.
  • Hall sensor for non-current detection
  • Compact multimeter takes the least space on your working table.
  • Not identified

5. Vionmeter Bluetooth smart digital multimeter

Vionmeter Bluetooth smart digital multimeter


Vionmeter is not your ordinary digital multimeter. It comes with a Vion app that you can readily download from the Google play store of the Apple App Store. It has a pair of wireless probes for convenient testing of measurable electronic parameters.

The app provides a range of functions and features. Some of these include a manual screen, automatic screen, data/ transmission, and online purchase. It supports automatic detection, measurement, and diagnosis of AC/DC voltage and resistance.

The app supports multilingual display along with voice guidance. The digital multimeter also supports automatic data saving and transmission. All this is made possible, thanks to the Vion App.

  • Inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • 1-year warranty
  • Automatic data storage and transmission
  • Multilingual display and voice support
  • Automatic detection, measurement, and diagnosis of AC/DC voltage and resistance.
  • Dedicated Vion mobile app
  • Not identified

4. Owon B41T digital multimeter with Bluetooth

Owon B41T digital multimeter with Bluetooth


Owon B41T allows for the monitoring of multiple devices. To be exact, this is a 3 in 1 digital gauge. It provides unmatched convenience and simplicity during use. Besides working as a multimeter, this device also works as a datalogger.

It also features an offline record function. Meaning you can use it even during power cuts. Another impressive feature of Owon B41T digital multimeter is the Bluetooth functionality. This allows for convenient use via a dedicated mobile app. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 version.

Also included is the smart voice reading function. You won’t have to check the screen for the measured variables. The multimeter comes with a smart power off option for extended battery life. What’s more, it supports True RMS values and has a record period of up to 168 hours.

  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • Smart power off option for extended battery life
  • Offline recording function
  • Supports True RMS values
  • Recording period of 168 hours
  • Recording length of 10000 points
  • Functions as a digital multimeter, datalogger, and temperature meter.
  • Not identified

3. Air Eonewireless Bluetooth Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter

Air Eonewireless Bluetooth Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter


Compact and portable digital multimeter. It also doubles as an oscilloscope, ohmmeter, and a frequency meter. The 4 in 1 multimeter supports a one-handed operation and one-button automatic oscillation for unmatched convenience during use.

It is designed for 20 MHz analog bandwidth and supports 4000 automatic ranges. With this digital multimeter, you get to read and save up to 100 waveform sets. Plus, it also supports True RMS high precision sine wave signals.

The design is also great, perfectly suited to last. It has a matte body, a silicone button, it is fully sealed and waterproof to protect its electronic circuitry. Furthermore, the kit features an anti-fall holster and comes with a bracket for convenient 45-degree positioning.

  • Storage coefficient and panel calibration technology
  • Measures a wide range of variables: resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, temperature, frequency, continuity, etc.
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime 24/7 tech support
  • Durable design featuring a matte body, fully sealed structure, and an anti-fall holster
  • Has a bracket for convenient 45-degree positioning.
  • The 4-in-1 wireless digital multimeter also doubles as ohmmeter, frequency meter, and oscilloscope.
  • Supports True RMS high precision sine waveform.
  • Not identified

2. Yeeco LCD wireless digital Multimeter

Yeeco LCD wireless digital Multimeter


A multifunctional digital panel meter with the capacity to measure a range of variables. Some of these include voltage, current, capacity, wattage, time, etc. Its circuitry is best suited for DC voltage in the range of 0-100V, amperage of 0-30A, power of 0-200Kw, and wattage of 0-400KWh. Its backlight color LCD display allows for easy reading of values.

An inbuilt relay system protects against excess current and voltage. Yeeco multimeter supports wireless transmission. That reduces wire clutter on your working table. Besides, it features a handy bracket for inclining the multimeter for easy reading.

Furthermore, the multimeter comes in a fully sealed watertight design. You won’t have to worry about water or moisture damaging the system electronics. It supports both wireless and manual connections.

  • Backlit color LCD display for easy reading of values
  • A built-in relay protects against excess current and voltage.
  • Measures voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, etc.
  • It is a compact, waterproof, and fall-proof wireless digital multimeter.
  • Wireless channel setting range: A-Z
  • Wireless connectivity range: 10m
  • Not identified

1. Fluke 3000 FC Wireless digital multimeter

Fluke 3000 FC Wireless digital multimeter


It comes with a Fluke Connect mobile app for monitoring of test values from the convenience of your smartphone. The kit supports both AC and DC voltage measurements to a max of 1000V. Moreover, it also measures AC and DC current to a max resolution of 0.01 mA.

The wireless digital multimeter can be used to measure continuity, resistance, capacitance, frequency, among other parameters. Fluke 3000 FC is equipped with all the features needed to troubleshoot and repair electrical appliances.

In addition, it’s independently and professionally tested for safety and suitability of use in CAT IV 600V/ CAT III 1000V environments. The multimeter has a 0.09% basic accuracy and a bright LCD display with a capacity to show up to 3 secondary measurements from remote modules. Lastly, the kit supports manual and automatic ranging.

  • Supports 6000 count resolution
  • It has manual or automatic ranging capability.
  • 09% basic accuracy
  • True RMS voltage and current measurements
  • It is independently tested for safety in CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V environments.
  • Measures continuity, resistance, capacitance, voltage, current, etc.
  • Not identified

What to Consider When Shopping for Wireless Digital Multimeters

With so many digital multimeters in the market, finding your ideal fit can be quite daunting. These electronic diagnostic kits differ in a whole range of features. You might want to compare the product specs along with other elements. Below, we have highlighted some of the things to check out when shopping for the best wireless digital multimeters.

  • Affordability: Everyone wants the best quality product at a reasonable price. However, with so many products with different price tags, finding the best can be challenging. In such instances, check the product features and then choose the best price deals.
  • LCD Display: Backlit LCD displays make for easy reading of variables from the screen. Wireless digital multimeters have different modes and types of displays. However, I recommend LCD displays because they make for crisp detailing of test results. Such displays allow you to get your readings even in brightly lit surroundings.
  • Measured Variables: This has to do with the number of parameters the multimeter can measure. Some of the common ones include capacitance, resistance, voltage, current, frequency, and temperature. Be sure to check that your choice multimeter supports the particular variables of interest. Find the details from the user manual.
  • Inbuilt Relay: You don’t want your expensive diagnostic kit to be damaged by voltage or current spikes—that where a relay comes in handy. An inbuilt relay protects your digital multimeter from negative overcurrent (NCP), forward overcurrent (OCP), overvoltage (OVP), and Undervoltage (LVP). Before checking out, confirm that your select wireless digital multimeter has an integrated relay.
  • Supported Waveforms: Some multimeter support up to 100 waveforms, True RMS high precision sine wave included. These come in handy for oscilloscopes. If that’s something you are interested in, then choose brands that support it.
  • Warranty: Products with a warranty can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer for free. Depending on the provisions of the coverage, you might also get full or partial refunds upon product return. Whenever possible, choose products with a warranty.
  • Multilingual Support: Some brands and models of digital multimeters support different languages. That’s to say; the results are availed in your preferred language like English, Chinese, Russian, etc. On the other hand, some have fixed languages. With such, you won’t have the luxury of changing to a preferred language. Look out for such subtle but crucial details before placing your order.
  • Voice Support: Some people prefer multimeters with voice support. Such brands and models read out the measured values so you don’t have to check the screen. This is invaluable, more so for anyone with eyesight issues. If you’d love a multimeter with voice support, check the product specs and user manual to confirm the same before placing your order.


That is it for this round-up of the best wireless digital multimeters. Our compilation included top brands and models recommended by experts. Use our shopping guide to find a digital multimeter that suits you best. Take the guesswork out of your shopping!

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