Top 10 Best Wine Glass Racks in 2020 – Wine Glass Holders

If you are a wine enthusiast, you definitely leave a spot in your kitchen for sturdy, ergonomic, and classy wine glass racks to give your precious wine glasses a safe and neat storage. As the market is brimming with innovative designs and styles, choosing the best wine glass rack to complement your wine collection may not seem to be quite a cinch.

There is a lot to consider. The features and styles vary, so you’ve got to be specific to your preferences when choosing a wine glass rack. But to help you narrow down the choices for this exquisite stemware, we’ve come up with an in-depth review and list for the Top 10 Best Wine Glass Racks in 2020.

If you’re still unsure about your options for wine glass racks, it is essential to determine what you really need, the storage capacity, the installation type, and the durability. And to help you pick the best piece for your kitchen and wine glasses, we’ve rounded up the top-notch choices.

The Top 10 Best Wine Glass Racks in 2020

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10. Wine Glass Rack – Under Cabinet, Counter, Bar or Shelf Stemware Holder

Wine Glass Rack - Under Cabinet, Counter, Bar or Shelf Stemware Holder

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The first entry on our list is the wooden wine glass rack from SmitCo LLC. It is made of raw and natural wood that showcases an elegant and simple design. It isn’t coated with clear sealer or varnish and not even painted with bright shades.

With its long-lasting quality and a stunning finish, you can leave it as is. It is paint-ready, and you can customize and paint it whatever shade you want. As it is proven durable, this hanging rack provides a secure storage for your wine glasses.

When it comes to installation, the manufacturer ensures you get everything done easy-peasy. Detailed instructions and screws are included. There’s also a video tutorial on how to install the rack.

The parts have pre-drilled holes so you can just fill them in with screws. The button caps are also included to cover the screws and keep it sleek and classy.

Key features
  • Made of raw and natural wood; paint-ready
  • Have pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Available in double and single sizes (6 and 12 glasses)
  • Includes screws and button caps
  • Includes detailed instructions and a video to guide you with the installation
  • Very durable

9. Scrollwork Black Metal Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Storage Rack

Scrollwork Black Metal Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Storage Rack

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When kitchen cabinets are not available, or you just prefer to keep your wine glass rack within the reach, the Scrollwork Metal Freestanding tabletop stemware would be a great choice. Apart from its creative and classy design, the hooks and frames are sturdily structured with metal that guarantees durable quality.

As you can see, the hooks are curved to keep the wine glasses secure and neatly stored. No installation needed. You can just place it on the tabletop or kitchen counter and hang your wine glasses upside down.

Key features
  • Tabletop design
  • Made of metal; durable quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides a safe and secure storage for the wine glasses
  • No installation needed
  • Features curved hooks for better storage

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8. Artifact Design Wine Glass Rack

Artifact Design Wine Glass Rack

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The Artifact Design wine glass rack showcases an elegant design with its sturdy wood material in the chestnut finish. But if you want to go gray, natural and black, there are other colors available.

The structure and design give off a stylish vibe in your kitchen or bar while saving a lot of space. You can hang all the wine glasses in this rack while keeping them from damages or cracks.

The installation’s no trouble. You can actually install it under your kitchen cabinet in just 5 minutes or less! Artifact Design crafted it with easy-to-glide rails or spaces where you can just slide all the glasses in easily while keeping them intact. You can choose between 6 or 12-glass capacity.

Key features
  • Made of sturdy wood material
  • Available in natural, black, gray, and chestnut
  • Easy to install
  • Can easily slide the glasses in
  • Available in single or double capacity ( 6 or 12 glasses)
  • Space-saving design

7. J.K. Adams Ash Wood Stemware Rack

J.K. Adams Ash Wood Stemware Rack, 25-inches by 10-inches, 18 Glass Capacity

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If you often host an event in your home with all the wine and drinks, you might need more than just a double or single capacity wine glass rack. If you ran out of options, you could consider the 18-glass capacity from J.K Adams. This one’s made of ash wood crafted with a natural finish.

The intricate edges and holes provide an ample space for the wine glasses. J.K Adams ensures long-lasting quality which is why a lot of consumers take this stemware as a stunning piece in their kitchen.

When it comes to the installation, it’s inevitably easy. As it is quite bigger than the usual designs, you can have it done in 10 minutes or less. This would definitely go well with your wooden cabinets or wine racks!

Key features
  • Features 18-glass capacity (also available in 15 and 24-glass capacity)
  • Easy to install; can be mounted in or under the kitchen cabinets
  • Showcases a wooden design
  • Made of ash wood with a natural finish
  • Durable quality
  • Keeps the wine glasses intact

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6. Rev-A-Shelf 3150-11ORB – 11 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder

Rev-A-Shelf 3150-11ORB - 11 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder

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When you don’t need a bigger capacity to fill in, this wine glass rack from Rev-a-Shelf might suffice. If you have three wine glasses or two, you can start out with this elegant piece. It comes with an adjustable mounting plate that makes the installation much easier. Whether you have a frame or frameless kitchen cabinet, this will work. With just only 2 screws, you’ll get our own wine glass rack in no time.

Another impressive feature is the heavy gauge wire construction that ensures the durability of the rack. It gives you a sense of relief somehow knowing your precious wine glass collection has a secure spot in your kitchen for better storage. Not only does it excel in function, the oil rubbed bronze color also gives off a classy style that can easily complement with your kitchen interior or wine cabinets and holders.

Key features
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with an adjustable mounting plate for easy and quick set-up
  • Provides a secure storage for three wine glasses
  • Features a heavy gauge wire construction for durability
  • Elegant design

5. DecoBros 2PK Single Rail Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder

DecoBros 2PK Single Rail Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder, Chrome

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If you want to keep a high-quality stemware for your wine glasses, the Decobros 2PK single rail offers a snug fit. The chrome finish gives a touch of elegance that embellishes your kitchen cabinets and interiors. It holds 6 glasses but 3 glasses per row. With the gauge steel as the prime material, it ensures excellent quality and durability for many years to come.

With its standard size, it can fit perfectly in most kitchen cabinets. The screws are also included so you won’t have to worry about the installation. And if you need more spaces for your wine glasses, you can set up more rows side by side.

Key features
  • Chrome finish
  • Made of heavy-duty gauge steel for durability
  • Easy to install
  • Elegant design
  • Durable quality
  • Available in single and double size

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4. Fox Run 5025 Wine Glass Holder Rack

Fox Run 5025 Wine Glass Holder Rack, Wood

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The Fox RUn 5025 offers sizes for 6 and 8 glasses to give your wine glasses a neat and secure storage. As it fits in most kitchen cabinets, installation is not a problem. The mounting screws are all included. It is made of natural hardwood that you can easily mount under the cabinets or under the shelves.

Fox Run intricately crafted this rack with ample spaces to hold the wine glasses perfectly. Not does it only function to keep your glasses organized but also adorns your kitchen cabinets and other stemwares with a classy touch!

Key features
  • It can easily be mounted under kitchen cabinets or shelves
  • Provides ample spaces that hold the glasses perfectly
  • Easy to install
  • Includes mounting screws
  • Made of natural hardwood
  • Elegant and simple design

3. Useful. UH-A103 Under Cabinet Stemware Rack Hold up to 18 Wine Glasses

Useful. UH-A103 Under Cabinet Stemware Rack Hold up to 18 Wine Glasses

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If you’re looking for the latest addition to your stemware, the Useful Stemware Rack can be the most fitting. This is very ideal for those who have 10 or more wine glasses to keep away. This one can hold up to 18 wine glasses; an elegant and roomy space for all your precious pieces.

It showcases a chrome finish which makes it even more elegant and sleek. With its simple and ergonomic design, you can easily glide and slide your glasses in without breaking or damaging them. Plus, the frames and the overall structure are quite durable to store all the wine glasses securely.

Key features
  • Chrome finish
  • Can hold 18 wine glasses
  • Durable quality
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted under the kitchen cabinets or shelves

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2. Organize It All Large Chrome Stemware Holder

Organize It All Large Chrome Stemware Holder

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Organize It All will definitely keep your wine glasses organized while keeping your fragile pieces safe and secure. With its wide openings and tight spaces in between, this rack ensures a sturdy structure to keep your glasses neatly and securely stored. You can easily put all the glasses in without damaging or breaking them.

Regarding the installation, all you need are a few screws and Organize It All has already included them in the set. You can mount them under your kitchen cabinets or under the shelves if you have one right in your very own bar. You can also set it up alongside your wine collection for a classy touch.

Key features
  • Large chrome stemware that can hold 12 glasses
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted under the kitchen cabinets or shelves
  • Classy and ergonomic design
  • Provides a secure and safe storage for your wine glasses
  • Sturdy quality
  • Made of stainless steel

1. DecoBros Under Cabinet Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder

DecoBros Under Cabinet Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder, Chrome

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Another entry from DecoBros gets the first spot on our list. Besides the high ratings and positive feedback from a lot of consumers, this wine glass rack is considered as one of the best-sellers you can find on the market today.

This piece features an elegant and sleek design that you can match up with your wine holders and kitchen or bar interiors. As it is made of sturdy gauge steel, your wine glasses will surely get a secure storage.

It comes in three rows where you can place 6 to 9 wine glasses. It showcases a standard size to make sure it can fit in most storage or kitchen cabinets. The installation is also not a problem as the mounting screws are already included.

With its ergonomic structure, the wine glasses are easy to hang, easy to take out but keeps them well intact when keeping them away for storage. With its excellent quality, this one’s definitely worth a try!

Key features
  • Can hold 6 to 9 wine glasses
  • Easy to install
  • Made of sturdy gauge steel
  • Mounting screws included
  • Provides a secure storage for the wine glasses
  • Ergonomic and elegant design
  • Can fit in most kitchen cabinets

How to Choose the Best Wine Glass Rack

  • DURABILITY: As wine glasses are fragile, determining the durability of the rack or holder is very important. You can check the material if it is sturdy or flimsy. Some stemwares are made of wood or stainless steel for better durability. Whether it is mounted under the cabinet or placed on the countertop or table, make sure it can hold the wine glasses very well and keep them intact.
  • STYLE & DESIGN: There a lot of styles and designs to choose from. You can definitely opt for a wine glass rack that would complement your interior, bar display, and wine holders. Manufacturers innovatively crafted these racks with minimal designs to showcase simplicity and elegance. You can also choose from the materials used like metal, wood, stainless steel and gauge steel.
  • INSTALLATION: You can choose between the mounted type and the tabletop design. Most of these wine glass racks are designed to be mounted or installed under kitchen cabinets. As it does not consume a spot on the table, bar, or countertop, it showcases a space-saving design. The tabletop design, on the other hand, would be an ideal option for those who don’t have kitchen cabinets or don’t have enough space for installation. As no installation is needed, it is much easier to set up and still functions efficiently like any other wine glass rack.
  • CAPACITY: This is another major factor to consider when buying a rack for your wine glasses. You have to determine how many glasses need safe and secure storage. Some stemwares are designed for multiple glasses which usually vary from 1 to 18 glass capacity. Sometimes, these racks can hold more than that. It’s all up to you. You may also consider the space you have in the kitchen or under the kitchen cabinet. Whether the capacity is small or big, make sure you have enough space for installation.


It won’t be clever to just stack all the wine glasses up in one place or in a cabinet. They will be more vulnerable to damages whenever you take them in and out of the shelf or cabinet. That’s why it would be a smart move to invest in a wine glass rack to keep them organized, secure, and free from damages.

As the manufacturers designed them to be mounted under kitchen cabinets and shelves, installation is no trouble. And if you’re planning to get one for your home, you surely can find the best and sturdiest rack for your delicate wine glasses.

Our comprehensive list and reviews have jotted down the best-selling wine glass racks that you can find on the market today. Hope this helps you with your choices!

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