Where to Buy a Window Squeegee for Home | Reviewed 2020

As you clean your house, you are most likely going to leave behind your windows dusty. Yes, you may want them clean and clear the dirt. If you do not have the right cleaning tools, the cleaning process can be hectic.

In fact, you may require more effort and still end up with fuzzy windows. The inappropriate cleaning tools may leave scratches and abrasions or even discolor the windows. It can be disappointing and shameful especially when you are a person who always has visitors.

To escape from such troubles, you need to get the best window squeegees.  Window squeegees assure you leisurely removing dust, dirt, oil spot and other debris and leave your windows ultra-clean.

Only competent, efficient and reliable window squeegees are capable of achieving the results you desire. However, window squeegees come with different features such as shapes, sizes, functionality, colors.

These are the 10 best window squeegees you can choose in 2021

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10. Jet Clean Pro-All Purpose Window Squeegee

Jet Clean Pro-All Purpose Window Squeegee


By: Jet Clean

Do you always use much effort to clean your windows? And still, have stains on them immediately after cleaning? Then, you need to try Pro-all-purpose window squeegee. It has a larger microfiber washer. That means you will be able to get rid of all dirt, grease, grime or dust as the rubber blade dries the window.

You just adjust and change the squeegees blades as you wish. Its design enables you to clean both flat and curved surfaces. The ergonomic handle minimizes the possibility of fatigue or aches. This squeegee has a curved metal edge. You can use the metal edge as a crapper to remove tough dirt and grime.

Key Features
  • The blades have multiple uses. The blades are ideal for cleaning windows, glass, shower, autos, and mirrors.
  • The long enough handle of the squeegee makes cleaning more comfortable.
  • You can alternatively attach the handle to the Jet Clean Easy Reach Extension Pole for additional reach.

9. Jet Clean Pro Window Cleaning Squeegee

Jet Clean Pro Window Cleaning Squeegee


By: Jet Clean

Jet Clean brings you another professional Pro Window Cleaning kit that serves you to satisfaction. The Pro cleaning kit contains 13.5-inch wide window Squeegee with the scraper, premium grade microfiber, and a power scrub strip. These features make you cleaning time short and perfect.

You can confidently use either of the two tools separately or combine them and use them together and still get the results you desire. When you combine the two tools, you can be sure of removing dirt and stains from your cleaning surface faster than any other cleaning tools.

The ergonomic design of the handle is relatively long to make cleaning more comfortable.  The handle gives you excellent grip unlike other tools that leave you weary and fatigue due to their short length and a weak grip. You can still attach it to the Jet Clean Easy Reach Extension Pole for additional length to reach all the points you need to clean.

Key Features
  • It is sturdy and durable to last for long.
  • The curve shaped scraper holds the rubber blade tightly.  You can be sure of scraping off tough dirt and grime without it damaging.
  • The rubber squeegee blade dries water. The blade is also ideal for applying for grout and adhesives.

8. Unger Professional Squeegee and Window Scrubber

Unger Professional Squeegee and Window Scrubber


By: Unger

The Unger window squeegee is the competent manufacturer in the market currently.  It’s a 2-in-1 professional squeegee and window scrubber. The two tools make cleaning window faster and shiny. The tools are ideal for both residential and commercial use.  You can attach it to a telescopic pole for extended reach of harder to reach surfaces.

Key Features
  • The scrubber sleeve is machine washable
  • The 14-inch rubber squeegee blade assures you the professional cleaning power
  • Its handle is flexible to clean both flat and curved surfaces

7. Libman Window Squeegee

Libman Window Squeegee



The Libman window squeegee has unique features that guarantee you cleaner and shiny window throughout. It has a 9-inch rubber blade for efficient and total cleaning window panes, tiles as well as mirrors without leaving behind greasy patches. The handle features an ergonomic design with a soft and non-slip material that minimizes slippage when wet. The handle has a hole for hanging to store safely while not in use.

Key Features
  • The squeegee has an extra durable construction to ensure it lasts longer.
  • The high-quality rubber blade leaves a streak-free shine surfaces in few wipes.
  • The rubber blade is 9 inches wide and flexible to clean all types of surfaces.

6. Ettore 17012 All-Purpose Squeegees

Ettore 17012 All-Purpose Squeegees


By: Ettore

As the name implies, it is a multi-purpose window squeegee that measures 12 inches wide. This all-purpose squeegee is the most suitable squeegee for cleaning smooth surfaces of glass windows, mirrors and tiles. It is also useful in drying wet surfaces. It has a robust and reliable rubber blade that is non-streak. The aluminum scraper in the squeegee cleanses the windows to perfect.

The handle is durable and flexible. It gives you a comfortable grip with no worry of water sliding. The fact that it is an all-purpose Squeegee makes it economical for everyday use around the house.

Key Features
  • The squeegee is lightweight, and you can use it for long without tiring.
  • It has a compact design and size for convenience usage and storage.
  • The plastic handle is of high impact and fits all reach extension poles.
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5. InterDesign Forma Bathroom Shower Door, Window, and Mirror Squeegee

InterDesign Forma Bathroom Shower Door, Window and Mirror Squeegee


By: InterDesign

InterDesign has a reputable brand known for producing high-quality products, unlike other competitors. It has a high expertise design that assures you best cleaning. The window squeegee keeps your glass windows, mirrors, shower doors, and windows dry and removes all spots and streaks.  It is excellent for both home and commercial purposes.

The 12 inches width of this squeegee features sturdy and soft PVC blades. The blades can efficiently get rid of the dirt, oil stains, foam, water and other unwanted things you may want to be wiped just with minimal efforts.

Key Features
  • The soft handle is durable and study thus you can be sure that it will last for long over many washes
  • The handle has a suction hook that stores the squeegee neatly and safely
  • The squeegee measures 12 inches x 7.7 inches

4. Mallory Bug Sponge Squeegee

Mallory Bug Sponge Squeegee


By: Mallory

Mallory window squeegee is worth a purchase. Mallory WS1524A is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. It is not only for home use but also for industrial purposes. It has a 15-inch handle which is long enough to make it easy reaching high places.

The handle is of chemical resistant material. It can, therefore, stand harsh cleaning detergents and surfaces. Also, it is detachable thus easy to store after use. The squeegee has a nylon net bug sponge that simplifies your cleaning process.

Key Features
  • It has a full soft rubber blade for supper cleaning
  • The squeegee is 8-inches long ideal for heavy duty cleaning.

3. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee



Do you need quick and efficient cleaning of your windows?  Stainless steel squeegee by OXO does that perfectly.  Your cleaning process will be more comfortable and fast in just a few swipes on your windows, tiles and glass surfaces.  The squeegee features a highly flexible handle that is ideal for flat, curved and all-size surfaces.  Besides, the handle is soft and feels smooth to the hand offering you a good grip even when it is wet.

The fact that it is of stainless steel material with a sturdy rubber blade, you can be sure of not buying another squeegee any soon. Once you but this window squeegee you do not have to buy any other cleaning tools. It serves all the cleaning purpose you require.

Key Features
  • The slim profile of the squeegee makes it store neatly with the suction cup
  • The soft handle gives your contoured non-slip grip
  • Measure 10 inches x 1.5 inches x 6 inches

2. Squeegees for Shower, Window and Car Glass

Squeegees for Shower, Window and Car Glass


By: Desired tools

Let your windows shine from now by choosing to use the desired tools’ window Squeegee. It has useful and reliable silicone blades. The blades will remove all dirt and leave no streak marks or produce squeaking noise while in use. The memory foam handle offers you excellent grip that is soft to your hands. The handle provides extra comfort and ergonomics.  It is an all-purpose tool that cleanses house windows, car glass, mirrors, tiles and shower windows.

The squeegee includes a total of 3 dual-edge blades of 8 inches each.  Imagine the edges can last equal to 6 good squeegees. The dual-edge blades are replaceable. The sturdy rubber blade can last for long.

Key Features
  • The package contains; one squeegee and three silicone blades
  • The blades are streak free and squeak-free water control

1. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee



The OXO Good Grips squeegee scoops the top position here. As its name suggests, it is an all-purpose squeegee that serves all your cleaning purposes effectively. It helps you to ease the cleaning of your windows, tile surfaces, bathroom doors, mirrors. It is lightweight and compact, thus increases versatility and efficient cleanup.  The fact that it is lightweight it makes it easier to hook it to a suction hanger cup for safe storage.

The squeegee has a quality rubber blade that removes any unwanted dirt from the surface and gives it that shiny look.  It has an extra flexible handle allows you to use it on all types of surfaces be it flat or curved. The suction hanger cup assures you safe and convenient storage of your squeegee.  Its handle is non-slip, soft and comfortable. You can hold it and clean for long without fatigue.

Key Features
  • The rubber blade is durable, flexible for fast cleaning all types of surfaces
  • The blade is also streak-free drying.
  • OXO Good Grips squeegee has a slim profile and lightweight construction for easy handling.

Factors to consider before buying a window squeegee:

To make the right choice of a window squeegee you need to focus on the following factors before purchasing.

  • The construction Design: Get a window squeegee with an ergonomic design.  Such design will enable you to use it continuously and for long without causing any ache, fatigue or pain on the wrist and fingers. It should have a handle that is easy to hold even when its wet.
  • Rubber blade: A good window squeegee has an efficient rubber blade. The quality of the rubber blade will tell how useful it will work. It should be able to remove all the stains, foam, water, and grease in few swipes.
  • Versatile: The best window squeegee should be able to clean all types of windows. For instance, windows of different sizes, textures, finishes, color. It should quickly clean efficiently.


Window Squeegees are one of the most versatile, reliable and functional window accessories that you should never miss in your home. It makes your cleaning effortless and gives you brand shiny surfaces in just a few simple swipes. They not only help in maintaining the ultimate high level of cleanliness on your window cleaning but also are useful for facilitating other household activities.

However, do not get much overwhelmed by how upper these accessories work and forget that there are factors you need to have in mind every time before buying one. It can hurt when you get an item that disappoints your expectations. Therefore, master the above factor to consider and make the right choice when you in the window squeegee shop.

The above ten best window squeegee 2020 lists prove to be high quality, durable and efficient. Most of them are ideal for both domestic and commercial use. Get any of them and start having extreme short cleaning time with no pains or fatigue. Always remember to make the right choice that suits your needs perfectly. A quality item is worth a penny. Forget about the cheap, poor quality window squeegees.

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