The Best Window Air Conditioners in 2023 | Window-Mounted AC Units

The Window Air conditioners do not only beat the heat but also provide much cleaner air to breathe. It circulates and filtrates the air and removes all toxic pollutants from outside, making it much more breathable for you and the whole family.

Window air conditioners are the best fit for small or medium spaces. They create a bit of turbulence; however, they are energetically inexpensive. We do thorough research on these window-mounted AC units based on customer’s reviews and different factors for you.

We have assembled the top 10 best Window Air Conditioners that you can find on the online market for your ease of access. So, without any further Ado, Let’s begin.

Here are the Best Window Air Conditioners for Sale in 2023

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Read more detailed reviews of each product below:

10. LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner


Is your air conditioning solution fitting best to the look, feel, and style of your living room? If not, then the all-new LG LW6017R Window Air Conditioner is an excellent option for you. The sleek design of the product makes it stand out among competitors as it is best suited for rooms up to 260 sq. ft.

The air conditioning device works both ways as it acts as a dehumidifier and a cooling device accordingly. Plus, the air conditioning unit comes with three different fan speeds and is an energy efficient and cost effective solution for customers worldwide

Key Features
  • 6,000 BTU Window Mounted Installation
  • Product Dimensions: 14.4 x 17.3 x 11.1 inches
  • Product Weight: 39.6 pounds
  • Smaller and lighter in size
  • Three cooling speed options
  • Auto cool functionality
  • Energy saver functionality
  • Dehumidification up to 1.8 pints/hour.
  • Function both ways, perform dehumidification for your rooms
  • Comes with variable cooling speeds
  • Cost effective and energy efficient solution
  • Sophisticated design
  • Area coverage is low, only 260 sq. ft. so this device is best for small rooms.

9. Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner


Strict against noise pollution? And are you looking for something that goes best for your bedroom? Then the all-new Haier ESAQ406P Window Air conditioner can create the perfect sound environment and cold within your room.

This device functions at a noise level of 43db which is considerably low as compared to other window ACs on the market. This unit also incorporates a handful number of technical features such as Sleep Mode, dehumidifier functions and includes a fan that works on four different cooling modes.

Key Features
  • 6050 BTU Window-Mounted Installation
  • Product Dimension: 21.2 x 9 x 12.4 inches
  • Product Weight: 55.6 pounds
  • Quite Air conditioner: Functions on 43 decibels.
  • Includes cross flow fan
  • Dual motor design
  • Cooling up to 250 sq. ft.
  • Comes with a fully functional remote
  • Advanced air control & auto-cool
  • energy save mode, dehumidify mode, sleep mode
  • Programmable on/off timer
  • It is a quite unit; you can sleep peacefully.
  • It performs both functionalities; cooling and dehumidification
  • It is an energy-efficient solution.
  • Smoother airflow
  • It comes in variable cooling modes.
  • Expensive
  • Works in one intended position, or compressors lose lubrication, and the device fails.
  • It does not cool below 75-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Cools in the small area
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8. Frigidaire 12,000 BTU 115V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU 115V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner


This through-the-wall air Window air conditioner is a well-designed wall mounted air conditioning unit that is perfect for medium-sized rooms up to 550 sq. ft.

This wall air conditioner comes with a well-designed structure offering useful wall sleeves and includes the standard interior trim kit. The comfort level for the users is one of the most convenient aspects of the device.

It comes with effortless temperature sensing remote controlling devices so users can regulate the temperature within the rooms as per requirement. While the fan speeds are variable and can be set accordingly, the device is seamlessly designed to fit the best of your customer’s individual needs.

Key Features
  • 12,000 BTU Standard Window Installations
  • Through the wall design
  • Product Dimension: 20.5 x 24 x 14.5 inches
  • Product Weight:  73 pounds
  • Universal Interior trim kit
  • Temperature readout display
  • Temperature sensing remote control
  • 4 Way Comfort control design
  • Include wall sleeves
  • It is capable of cooling a room up to 550 Sq. ft.
  • Dehumidification process up to 3.3 pints/hour
  • Ready Select Electronic controls.
  • Gives breezy air
  • Dehumidifies air
  • Perfect interior trim kit
  • Easy Set up
  • The device is a bit noisy.
  • Complaints of rattles and squeaks
  • A little bulky

7. Costway Cold Air Conditioner Window-Mounted Compact

Costway Cold Air Conditioner Window-Mounted Compact


The Costway Cold Air Conditioner is a perfect cooling unit for both home and office use. Its operation is rather quiet, which does not cause hindrance in an important office meeting or your comfort hours at home. With its dual purpose use, it is one of the best window air conditioners available.

Key Features
  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 23.2“L*22”W*18”H
  • Weight: 58Lbs
  • Refrigerating capacity: 8000BTU
  • Refrigerant type: R410A
  • Standard voltage: 115V/60Hz
  • Package includes: 1*air condition 1*remote control 1*instruction
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Mini-compact design and easy operation
  • Low operation noise and low energy consumption
  • 8,000 BTU mini-compact air Conditioner for window-mounted installation
  • Quickly cools a room up to 170 sq. ft with dehumidification up to 1.7 pints per hour
  • 2-way air direction control
  • Temperature can be set from 61℉ to 90℉
  • Features 3 speeds: High, Med, Low
  • 3 modes: Cool, Dry, Fan
  • 1 timer: Can set time from 1 to 24hours
  • Requires regular service and maintenance.
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6. Keystone 5,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Keystone 5,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


The Keystone 5,000 BTU 115V is adequate to cool up to a room of 150 square feet quickly. It comes with an efficient “Follow Me” remote control which offers more temperature and cooling controls to the user.

This air conditioning unit has an energy-saving mode, a programmable 24-hour timer, and a sleep model. This proves to be a cost-effective and user-friendly cooling unit and is one of the best window air conditioners.

Key Features
  • Air CFM (Hi/Med/Lo): 129 / 112 / 100
  • Indoor Noise Level dBA (Hi/Med/Lo): 55 / 52 / 49
  • Outdoor Noise Level dBA (High): 62
  • Cooling Amps: 3.9
  • Cooling Watts: 446
  • Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P
  • Cord Length: 6.4
  • Uses standard 115-volt electrical outlet
  • UL listed
  • Includes remote control and window installation kit
  • Remote requires (2) AAA batteries (included)
  • 5,000 BTU air conditioner for window-mounted installation
  • Cools a room up to 150 sq. ft. with dehumidification up to 1.3 pints per hour
  • Electronic controls with LED display to easily select options with the touch of a button
  • Temperature sensing LCD remote control to control the temperature from across the room
  • Auto-restart saves your settings for when power is restored to the unit
  • Adjustable 2-way air flow direction allows you to easily control the direction of the cool air
  • 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds for cooling flexibility
  • Programmable 24-hour on/off timer cools on your schedule
  • Inappropriate drainage system

5. Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 Btu 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 Btu 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


Presenting you an aura of coolness and serenity, the whirlpool air conditioner cools the room real quick in the hottest weathers. It is effortless to install and operate and can cool a room at 700 square feet. It comes with a programmable 24 hour on/off timer.

The cooling time can easily be customized to the user’s comfort whenever he/she gets home. There are 3 convenient cooling speeds and modes of eco and sleep, to offer the desired flexibility and control.

  • Energy star compliant: 11.9 EER
  • 15, 000 BTU air conditioner for window-mounted installation
  • 4.9-Ft. Lcdi power cord with 3-prong grounded plug uses 115V electrical outlet
  • Cools a room up to 700 sq. Ft. With up to 3.52 pints per hour dehumidification
  • Remote control with LCD display allows you to control the Unit from across the room
  • Comparatively expensive than other brands
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4. LG LW1216ER Window-Mounted AIR Conditioner

LG LW1216ER Window-Mounted AIR Conditioner


With 3 different cooling and fan speeds to choose from, you can get the kind of cooling which you want. Moreover, it can propel the air in 4 different directions.

As a result, it becomes much easier for you to cool the room in every direction. It can be easily controlled with the help of a remote control. In case of a power failure, it will restart automatically when power resumes. This is an added advantage.

The filter of the window air conditioner can be cleaned quite easily. This will ensure that you are able to get back maximum cooling once again quite easily. All of these factors combined, make it one of the best window air conditioners which you can try out. The installation, however, is a bit difficult

  • 3 different cooling speeds
  • Cooling in 4 different directions
  • Auto restart on power failure
  • Remote-controlled
  • Washable filter
  • Installation could have been easier

3. hOmeLabs Cold Window Air Conditioner 5000 BTU

hOmeLabs Cold Window Air Conditioner 5000 BTU


With 7 different fan speed settings, you will be able to customize the cooling of this window air conditioner quite easily. Also, with a capacity of 5000 Btu, it is the perfect solution for smaller rooms of up to 150 ft.². In addition to that, the window air conditioner comes along with the filter as well as support bracket and even the side panels.

As a result, you will be able to install it quite easily. It comes along with the window seal foam as well. Thus, each and everything you might need for installing the air conditioner is included along with this particular air conditioner.

Also, the filter is pretty easy to clean. As a result, you will be able to rejuvenate the cooling of the air conditioner by cleaning the filter from time to time. In addition to that, it just takes around 10 minutes to cool rooms of up to 150 ft.². Thus, you will be able to get fast cooling at the click of a button.

  • 5000 Btu capacity
  • 7 different fan speed levels
  • Fast cooling
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Comes along with all accessories
  • Easy to instal
  • Not versatile unit as it is used on windows and walls.
  • Cools up only a single room
  • Outlying areas take more time for conditioning.
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2. LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted AIR Conditioner

LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted AIR Conditioner


If you are looking for the perfect air conditioning solution which proficiently performance to cool down room temperatures up to 340 sq. ft. in just a minute, then the 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner manufactured by LG is an optimal solution for you.

This window air conditioning unit can help you save a credible amount of electricity by shaving off your bills with a 12.1 energy efficiency ratio. The device is programmable, remote-controlled.

This device’s most remarkable feature is that it comes with an anti-corrosion coating that acts as the perfect protective shield. This makes the unit last longer when it comes to quality air conditioning for customers worldwide.

Key Features
  • It has an efficiency ratio of 12.1
  • It uses a standard 115V electrical outlet
  • Product Dimension: 19.6(D) x 19.4(W) x 12.4(H) inches
  • The device cools up to 340 sq. ft.
  • Provides dehumidification of up to 2.2 pints/hour
  • It includes a fan with 3 different cooling speeds.
  • It provides cooling flexibility to its users.
  • Product Weight: 32 pounds
  • gold fin anti-corrosion coating
  • Cost effective air-conditioning solution.
  • It cuts down on environmental issues.
  • It gives an efficient performance to customers.
  • Comes with extra side panels
  • It is a device with acceptable noise pollution
  • This device requires an outside support

1. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 5, 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner


Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 is a great and bestselling Window air conditioner that comes with the high capacity cooling unit to quickly cold your room efficiently. If you are not satisfied with the previous models of Frigidaire, then check out this fantastic window-mounted air conditioning unit that perfects to maximize your comfort and at a reasonable price.

With a capacity of 5000 BTU, you can easily cool a room of up to 150 ft.². The dehumidification capacity stands at 1.1 pints per hour. As a result, you will be able to set the ambiance of your room quite easily. There are 2 different cooling levels to choose from. In addition to that, there are 2 different fan speeds which you can set as well.

Thus, you will be able to control the air conditioner quite easily. The EER rating is 11.1. As a result, you can be sure that you will not be consuming a lot of electricity. This is what makes this air conditioner one of the best options. Moreover, it can cool the room quite quickly, which is an added advantage.

The window mounting kit is included along with the air conditioner, making it easier for you to install it. The company could, however, work on the amount of noise generated.

Key Features
  • Cheaper Unit; 5,000 BTU Window-Mounted Installation
  • Two mechanical rotary controls to regulate temperature
  • Windows Mounting Kit Included.
  • Product Dimension: 16-Inches W x 15-1/4-Inches D x 12-Inches H
  • It can cool rooms up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Product Weight: 28.1 pounds
  • Dehumidification up to 1.1 pint
  • 2 cool speeds, 2 fan speeds, 2-way air direction
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 11.1
  • Automated Restart functionality on power failure
  • Can cool room of up to 150 ft.²
  • Dehumidification capacity of 1.1 pint per hour
  • Window mounting kit included
  • Washable mesh filter
  • Slide out access
  • Bacteria reduction cooling
  • Kills unwanted room odors and particles
  • Conserves energy
  • Incapable of cooling up larger rooms
  • Limited cooling settings
  • The noise levels could have been lower

Things to look for while buying the Window Air Conditioner:

There are a few things which will always help you in shortlisting the best air conditioners. These include:

  • The cooling capacity of the air conditioner:

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is measured in British thermal units. They are abbreviated as Btu’s. Generally speaking, any air conditioner with a capacity of 5000 Btu’s will cool a room up to one 50 ft.² in the area. Similarly, you can extrapolate both the figures to determine the capacity of the air conditioner you want to buy.

  • Installation of the air conditioner:

You need to keep in mind that the window air conditioner can be installed on the windows and the walls. You have to look at the type of installation which you need. If you’re planning to install them on the wall, it is a good idea to get the entire installation kit in advance. The installation on the windows is pretty easy. You have to look at the installation type you need and the air conditioner’s compatibility before buying it.

  • Energy efficiency:

These days, there are energy-efficient ratings that are printed on the packaging of the air conditioners. You have to opt for energy-efficient air conditioners. When you opt for energy-efficient air conditioners, the amount of electricity consumed will be on the lower side.

  • Need for maintenance:

Normally, when you’re buying a window air conditioner, it will be lasting for more than 5 years easily. That is why you have to find out about the kind of support and maintenance the company provides. You have to discover that in advance and thereafter you have to think about buying the air conditioner. Thus, when you’re trying to shortlist the window air conditioner, it is important to look into these few points, and thereafter only, you will be able to make a proper decision.


With the rising temperature and global warming around the world, heat and humidity are playing their toll. In some parts of the world, breathing fresh air becomes a difficulty while others heat becomes unbearable. In such harsh conditions, an air conditioning unit is more or less a blessing for the major population.

It is the best solution to purify the air you breathe, get rid of humidity in the air, all that while adjusting your environment promptly so you can have the audacity to enjoy the coolness of the atmosphere.

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