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You are a weightlifter and would love to protect your hands from painful blisters and wrist injuries? All you need are the weighted gloves. When you ultimately decide to pump up your muscles, it is proper to have the right accessories to get the job done. It would help if you had weighted gloves to cushion your hand and boost your confidence at the gym.

In this article, we have provided you with some invaluable and detailed info to help you buy weighted gloves that will serve you right. These are some of the best-known bodybuilding and exercise gloves you need to get ripped.

The 10 Best Weighted Gloves in 2022

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10. Evo 2 Weighted Gloves with Integrated Wrist Support

Evo 2 Weighted Gloves with Integrated Wrist Support


Comfortable and durable, these weighted gloves are designed for the best weightlifting performance. They have anti-slip gel dots on the palm for that perfect grip during workouts. Its support is further enhanced by the Velcro and integrated wrist wraps, and heavy form paddings.

Product features

  • These gloves are designed with the Snug and Comfortable 3-D unisex fit system. This ensures they fit the users perfectly.
  • They have a new generation industrial strength Velcro and integrated wrist wraps. These elements ensure optimum support during workouts.
  • They feature gel-printed palms. This helps minimize injuries due to bar slip.
  • These weighted gloves are very durable and comfortable, thanks to their high-quality design materials.
  • The palm area features high-density foams for enhanced protection during weightlifting.
  • Wider than ordinary double wrist wraps for enhanced wrist protection and enhanced protection.
  • Retractable plastic hooks for appropriate storage. These weighted gloves also have pull-off tapes on the underside and upper side for easy removal and wearing.
  • They also come with flexible rubber molder knuckles for the protection of your knuckles and fingers.

  • Designed safe, convenient, and comfortable for use by men and women alike.
  • Minimize slippages and related gym injuries
  • Come with plastic hooks for easy and convenient storage.

  • Their ventilation is not the best.

9. Valeo Competition Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves

Valeo Competition Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves


If you want comfort from sturdy and durable weighted gloves, the Valeo competition gloves are your best bet. With a breathable nylon mesh for their back cover, these gloves are well ventilated. Their durability is ensured by a double layer of pure genuine leather. It lasts longer than you can imagine.

What’s more? The palm section has a neatly sewn double layer of genuine leather. This ensures quality grip and minimizes slip. It also protects your palm from blisters. In addition, it comes with wrist wraps that help enhance your wrist stability during lifting.

For easy removal and wearing of these gloves, they feature hook and loop closure taps. They are also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning with soap and water.

Product features

  • It comes with hook and loop closure taps for easy wearing and removal. Also, the back has a nylon mesh for adequate ventilation.
  • Have a double layer of genuine leather palm area. This is reinforced by a neat machine stitch for improved grip and stability during exercise.
  • Its wrist wraps ensure enhanced stability on the hand.

  • Very durable because of the genuine leather design.
  • It has a nylon mesh on the back section for improved ventilation during exercise.
  • Comfy on the hand because of the padded leather.
  • Very easy to put on and remove from the hand because of its hook and loop closure taps.

  • They are highly-priced.

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8. GoFit Diamond-Tac Weighted Gloves

GoFit Diamond-Tac Weighted Gloves


You want a mix of durability and comfort in a glove, get all that with the GoFit Diamond-Tac weighted gloves. These are very interactive on the bar, thanks to their lightweight nature and thin palm area. In addition, it has Diamond-Tac on the palm for enhanced grip and minimal fatigue during exercise.

It comes with terry cloth on the back section. This makes it easy to wipe sweat without having to remove a glove. It is made of synthetic leather for durability and its characteristic glistening appearance.

It is among a few gloves that come with an accompanying 12-week workout program on a CD. This is useful, especially if you are new in the gym and would love to follow a strict schedule.

Product features

  • It comes with a rubber pull tap for an even better fit on the hand.
  • It has pull and tap buttons for easy removal and wearing.
  • For superior flexibility and fitting, these weighted gloves come with a two-way stretch top.
  • Its neoprene knuckle panel enhances the protection of the fingers and further improves flexibility.
  • Its synthetic leather palm ensures minimal abrasion during workouts.
  • The thumb and forefinger have a reinforced canvas. This improves gripping power and limits slip.

  • Flexible and durable because of a synthetic leather design.
  • Have a rubber pull tap for easy wearing and removal.
  • Have a knuckle panel for enhanced protection of your fingers and limit abrasion.
  • The thumb and fingers have reinforced canvas for improved grip.

  • It has inferior ventilation; lacks breathable nylon mesh fabric.
  • Made of synthetic leather and hence not very durable.

7. Steel Sweat Weighted Gloves

Steel Sweat Weighted Gloves


If you seek some fine quality weightlifting gloves, you need to check out the Steel Sweat weighted gloves. They are specially designed with high-quality wrist wrap support. This supports and protects your wrist from abrasion and other related injuries.

They have an excellent ventilation system courtesy of the revolutionary CoolWeave technology. This improves grip and ensures your palms do not soak up in a sweat. Its palm area is well padded with foam with some grip dots to improve grasp and eliminate the risk of slip. It is very durable and tough. Its leather design is carefully sewn with intricate patterns and a breathable mesh for improved ventilation.

Product features

  • The CoolWeave high-performance materials are ideal for improved ventilation and stability.
  • Snug-fitting gloves are designed to adjust readily to the shape and size of your hands. The gloves can also be hand washed with soap and water.
  • This weighted glove features pull taps on the thumb and fingers for comfortable wearing and getting off. They also feature anatomically padded palms for improved grip.
  • They are very affordable and also have a 100% money-back guarantee. That is to say, if not satisfied, you can return these weighted gloves and get a refund.

  • Very durable. They are designed from high-quality materials for longevity.
  • CoolWeave high-performance materials help improve ventilation and grip on the bar.
  • It can be easily maintained with a simple hand wash with soap and water.
  • Affordable

  • Because of their extra padded palm area, these weighted gloves may come out as being too bulky for some users.

6. RIM Sports Premium Weight Lifting Gloves

RIM Sports Premium Weight Lifting Gloves


These weighted gloves have a very thick wrist padding for adequate wrist support during workouts. They are built lightweight for easy flexibility and comfort. In addition, they feature a nylon mesh on the back for ventilation. This ensures you do not soak the gloves with sweat and compromise on grip and stability.

They are designed with high-quality material for extreme durability and versatility. In addition, they have hook and loop taps for easy wearing and removal.

Product features

  • Durable because of design from high-quality materials.
  • Their fabric is breathable, thus facilitates adequate ventilation. This optimizes comfort and performance at the gym because your hand is not soaked in sweat. It also limits accidents due to slippages of the metal bar during lifting.

  • They are very durable.
  • Made from breathable fabric that allows for improved ventilation.
  • Affordable
  • Have thick padding on the palm area to help minimize abrasions during exercise without compromising your touch and feel of the bar.
  • They are built strong to withstand rigorous workout sessions.

  • They are not very stable on the hand and therefore require constant adjustments during workouts.

5. ACHIEVE FIT weight lifting gloves

ACHIEVE FIT weight lifting gloves


The Achieve Fit weighted glove is certainly a very great addition to your workout kit. It has fairly extended wrist wraps for good wrist support. They are well padded to minimize the stress that fingers and palms normally contend with at the gym. You want something so easy to wear and remove; these never disappoint.

If you love style and fashion in a workout glove, these are very attractive. Their breathable rear allows for adequate ventilation, which then improves grip, comfort, and flexibility.

Product features

  • Their lack of inside padding provides a firm grip on the bar. This also improves your comfort, flexibility, and control at the gym.
  • Very attractive and durable. They combine style and quality materials to make very executive-weighted gloves. In addition, the genuine leather palms make these gloves very durable.
  • Money-back guarantee. These executive weighted gloves come with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee for any unhappy user.
  • They have breathable fabric to facilitate ventilation. What’s more- this improves your comfort, flexibility, and control at the gym.

  • Extended wrist wraps for additional wrist support.
  • Genuine leather design for durability, attractiveness, and style.
  • The breathable fabric improves grip and control while lifting bars.

  • Pricey

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4. Harbinger Pro Wrist Wraps Weighted Gloves with Vented Cushioned Leather Palm

Harbinger Pro Wrist Wraps Weighted Gloves


These weighted gloves are designed with the pro gymnast’s needs in mind. They feature a three-way protection system to guarantee the user optimum performance and maximum protection. In addition, its open-cell foam and pure leather design make them the ultimate body builder’s gloves.

With these gloves, pressure areas such as fingers and palms are well protected. This is ensured by the open-cell foam protection system. You still get a good feel of the bar during workouts with these weighted gloves.

Product features

  • It features a wrist wrap design that is patented. This design is so unique. It guarantees maximum protection and support during rigorous exercises. In fact, this weighted glove has one of the most powerful wrist support systems ever built.
  • It has one of the best ventilation, comfort, and flexibility provisions. The heavy-duty stretch panels provide for these at the back of the hand.
  • To minimize the abrasion of hands on the metal bar, these weighted gloves have a double layer of leather surrounded by resilient foam. The leather is of a reversed top grain type for optimum grip on the bar. As such, it also helps minimize slip.
  • The inside of your thumb has an additional layer of protection, a cushion, and a second layer of leather. This provision ensures unparalleled safety for your thumb.

  • Extremely durable. This is ensured by the layer of leather and the foam lining.
  • Its fabric is very flexible and well ventilated. This makes these gloves very convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Comes with a patented wrist wrap design for enhanced protection and an abrasion-resistant layer of leather.

  • Very pricey.
  • It does not have straps for easy removal after workouts.

3. Trideer weight lifting gloves

Trideer weight lifting gloves


These feature silica gel palms for an even better grip on the metal bar. The silica gel also improves ventilation by absorbing sweat, so your palms are ever dry during a workout. In addition, they are built from tough stuff for enhanced durability and protection from bruises and other workout-related injuries.

It has an 18-inch wrist wrap for better wrist support and protection. The fabric is also breathable for improved ventilation so that your palms are always in tip-top condition for control and flexibility while on the bar.

Product features

  • Wide wrist wraps for better protection and support of wrists.
  • Breathable fabric for improved ventilation.
  • Have a 12- month warranty cover. During this period, you can get a replacement.

  • Has a warranty cover
  • Better ventilation
  • Has improved wrist support and protection.

  • Pricier than most other weighted gloves

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2. Trideer Weighted Gloves

Trideer Weighted Gloves


These gloves are made from special microfiber material. This ensures durability and improved grip on the bar. They come in different sizes and are unisex; for both men and women. For quality flexibility, the gloves are designed lightweight and thin in the palm area.

They have a nylon mesh at the back. This makes ventilation very adequate so that you do not soak up in your own sweat during exercise. In addition, this improves comfort, confidence, and grip on the bar.

Product features

  • Has silica gel palm section for improved grip and minimize slip and related injuries.
  • It comes with high-quality Velcro straps for quality fit and improved wrist protection. The straps also make the gloves very easy to wear and remove from the hand at the end of your workout.
  • Its microfiber material is lightweight for improved flexibility and comfort at the gym.
  • Has breathable mesh at the back. This improves ventilation, thus keeping your palms dry and hence improving grip and stability.
  • Has a 12-month warranty cover. During this period, you can get a replacement.

  • Has silica gel on the palm section for improved grip and limit slip during workouts.
  • Designed from lightweight microfiber material for better flexibility and durability.
  • Its breathable mesh facilitates adequate ventilation.

  • The palm surface gets slippery over time.

1. Fit Active Sports New Ventilated Weighted Gloves

Harbinger Pro Wrist Wraps Weighted Gloves with Vented Cushioned Leather Palm


These deliver full palm protection and also have built-in wrist wraps. Their palm area features silicon printed neoprene for improved grip and comfort. This material also improves the durability and quality of these gloves.

The fabric of the gloves is breathable and water-resistant. This keeps your palms dry thought your workout session for optimum performance.

Product features

  • It protects your entire palm. These gloves are made of silicon printed neoprene for adequate protection of your palm, fingers, and thumb.
  • Extremely durable because of the silicon printed neoprene material that is known for its longevity.
  • Have built-in wrist wraps for improved control and wrist protection.

  • Very durable.
  • The breathable fabric improves ventilation.
  • They have silicon printed neoprene palms for better grip.

  • Have no warranty coverage.

These are some of the latest, best quality weighted gloves in the market. Follow the link below for each of the products to purchase from Amazon.

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