10 Best Waterproof Shoes for Men in 2023 – The Ultimate Reviews

Mens Waterproof Shoes

With unpredictable weather conditions, it’s a great idea to think of ways through which you can keep your feet dry and cool, especially during wet or rainy weather. Waterproof shoes are an excellent choice for men to keep their walking smoothly even during the raining or water roads.

Think about it; do you want to be the best quality shoes who has to deal with drenched feet in the rain?

Similarly, you also wouldn’t want to test the durability of your favorite pair of shoes when the roads are full of water. Thus; it is time for you to invest in a new, great pair of waterproof shoes.

List of the 10 Best Waterproof Shoes for Men in 2023

All of the shoes mentioned in this list are innovative and have such features that make them unique from the other footwear currently available. Read more detailed reviews of each product below:

10. Hi-Tec Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Hi-Tec Men's Waterproof Hiking Shoes


The first one on the list are these waterproof hiking boots that change the way you view the outdoors. These shoes provide an innovative outlook on the outdoor lifestyle and provide comfort when you go for adventurous outings.

These shoes are perfect for campfires, bouldering, and trailblazing, thus making them the ideal hiking partner.

Hi-Tec’s waterproof shoes for men are 100% waterproof so that your feet remain completely dry. The boots have stylish suede while the uppers are made using nylon mesh, which is breathable to keep your feet cool.

Moreover, the EVA midsole is impact absorbent while the carbon rubber outsole provides non-marking and multi-directional traction. Padded collar and tongue provide additional comfort.

  • These shoes are of high quality.
  • They provide exceptional comfort.
  • These shoes might make some noise when walking through wet terrain.

9. KINGSHOW Men’s Water Resistance Shoes

KINGSHOW Men's Water Resistance Shoes


As winter approaches, it is the time that you buy waterproof winter shoes to ensure that your feet remain dry in cold and wet winter conditions. Made of genuine upper leather, these shoes are not only waterproof but are also slip and oil resistant as well.

Since these shoes have been particularly designed for wet and cold outdoor conditions, they come with waterproof protection, microfiber, as well as heat reflective lining to maximize comfort and warmth throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the rubber outsole is durable and comfortable, enabling you to continue with your activities without any problem!

  • The arch support is quite commendable.
  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • These shoes feel warm to your feet.
  • Ordering the right size might be a bit problematic.
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8. New Balance Minimus Golf Shoe

New Balance Minimus Golf Shoe


The next pair of waterproof shoes for men on this list are these golf shoes by New Balance with which you can enjoy playing golf without worrying about getting your feet wet. These low-profile golf shoes have a no-sew, water-resistant FantomFit upper which provides a great fit and excellent lightweight support.

These shoes feature a microfiber leather upper along with ultralight FantomFit support. Moreover, these shoes also have a flexible endurance outsole which is spike-less and is made using a rubber.

Meanwhile, the insole is made using an ortholite material which offers exceptional comfort, support, and ground contact throughout your game.

  • These are minimalist shoes which are ideal for playing golf.
  • Comparatively comfortable than most golf shoes.
  • These are light in weight and fit quite well.
  • The heel can feel a bit stiff to some.

7. Keen Men’s Traveler Shoe

Keen Men's Traveler Shoe


Apart from being waterproof, these shoes are ultra-versatile and very comfortable. These shoes had been designed keeping in mind long adventures.

These shoes are American built using only the most excellent material from all over the world. Because of its versatility, it is the ideal pair of shoes for traveling.

The sole of these shoes is made using rubber while the lining is made using breathable leather to keep your feet cool. The shoes also feature a Cleansport NXT to facilitate natural odor control.

Moreover, the synthetic upper is water-resistant while the outsole made of rubber provides high traction. The mesh lining is hydrophobic and keeps the water out.

  • The versatility of these waterproof shoes for men is impressive.
  • These shoes are comfortable to wear.
  • They fit very well.
  • The sizing is not standardized so getting the size right might be a problem.
  • The toe box might be too wide for some.
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6. Nevados Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Nevados Men's Waterproof Hiking Shoe


The Nevados waterproof shoes for men are, perhaps, one of the greatest hiking waterproof footwear available in the market. While the sole is made using rubber, these waterproof shoes are made using supportive synthetic overlays, protective toe rand, and breathable mesh; making them a worthy purchase!

The shoes feature a padded collar and tongue to provide extra comfort while the lace-up closure promises an adjustable and secure fit. This pair of shoes also features a traction outsole along with a breathable textile lining to keep the feet warm. Other features include a cushioned EVA footbed and a reliable rubber outsole.

  • Considering the price, these shoes provide a good value.
  • The shoes are very comfortable and fit well.
  • Breaking in these shoes is very easy.
  • These might feel a bit bulkier and heavier for some wearers.
  • They can be a bit narrow, when it comes to fitting, for some.
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4. Servus Waterproof Work Shoes

Servus Waterproof Work Shoes


With these waterproof working shoes by Servus, you can stay protected and dry while you do your job. These shoes are made using a special blend of compounds that are 100% waterproof as well as chemical and oil resistant and provide exceptional durability and comfort.

Pulling these boots on or taking them off is also effortless and quick thanks to the nylon liner. To provide the users with additional traction, these waterproof shoes have a raised center on the outsole while the outer area is made using a hard compound to provide long and high-abrasive wear. The contoured EVA insole and the flexible upper provide comfort even if they are worn for a long time!

  • Apart from being waterproof, these shoes are also quite comfortable and lightweight.
  • They are made using good quality materials.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.
  • The arch support might not be great for some.
  • The width might be a little tight for some people.

3. Irish Setter Waterproof Shoes for Men

Irish Setter Waterproof Shoes for Men


The waterproof shoes for Men by Irish Setter are made using a composite sole material which significantly lowers the weight of these hunting shoes. It is about 40% lighter than the traditional hunting footwear.

Apart from having all the features of a hunting boot, these shoes also have the dexterity that athletic shoes have, thus making them ideal for hunting and other activities.

Since these shoes also offer athletic manoeuvrability, they provide exceptional traction and balance. Other features include Realtree Xtra camouflage, ScentBan scent control, and UltraDry waterproofing system. Moreover, the RPM composite technology used in these shoes reduces the weight without compromising on durability or comfort.

  • They are comfortable as well as very light.
  • The waterproof nature of this footwear is quite commendable.
  • The front part can be a bit tight for some sizes.
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2. Columbia Men’s Newton Waterproof Shoes for Men

Columbia Men's Newton Waterproof Shoes for Men


The all-over, rich leather provides a premium feel to the listed supportive and waterproof hiking footwear. The waterproof seals coupled with the Newton ridge helps fight the wet weather while allowing the feet to remain cool. The sole is made using rubber, and the shoes are made using mesh, metal hardware, PU coated leather, and suede.

This pair of waterproof shoes for men features a shank beneath the arch while provides support, stability, and flexibility when you need it. Moreover, the Omni grip outsole made using rubber features strong-gripped and rugged traction to evacuate the mud. The lightweight tech-lite midsole provides high energy return, superior cushioning, and long-lasting comfort.

  • They are lightweight.
  • They provide great versatility.
  • These are high-quality shoes available at a reasonable price.
  • Finding the exact size for some might be difficult for some.

1. Skechers Waterproof Shoes for Men

Skechers Waterproof Shoes for Men


The last pair of waterproof shoes for men on the list is this ankle-length footwear by Skechers. With these waterproof offering by Skechers, you can enjoy your daily grind without worrying about destroying your feet.

These rough and tough waterproof shoes can handle anything and are quite comfortable, thus making them perfect for many activities.

These shoes are made using genuine leather while the sole is made using a rubber. These shoes have a lace-up front while the padded collar provides additional comfort. The insole is also lightly padded, and the wide fit features make these a decent and worthy purchase!

  • These shoes hold up quite well.
  • They are very good looking and fit well.
  • The traction these shoes provide is great.
  • The upper part can be a little tight.

5. Timberland Waterproof Shoes for Men

Timberland Waterproof Shoes for Men


The next one on the list are these waterproof shoes for men by Timberland. These shoes never fail to keep the feet dry while the rubber outsole offers excellent traction to help you focus on your trail. By wearing this waterproof footwear, you will surely have a nice outdoor experience because your feet will stay dry, cool, and comfortable!

With these shoes, you can also enjoy longer wearing performance and improved traction. These shoes feature a dual-density, removable EVA footbed which not only provides comfort but is also perforated to provide extra air circulation.

The shoes are made using full-grain, premium leather upper to provide durability, comfort, and resistance to abrasion.

The seam-sealed waterproof construction keeps the feet dry in all weathers. For the comfort of the rear foot, the shoes also feature an external heel covering.

  • These shoes are well built.
  • They are durable and can hold up quite well against the weather.
  • After a while, they become end up becoming water-resistant instead of staying waterproof.
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Waterproof Shoes for Men Buying Guide

When picking out a pair of waterproof shoes for men, you need to pick carefully. So, when looking at different pairs, do take these factors written below into consideration.

  1. Liner: During wet weather conditions, having a waterproof liner is quite helpful. Not only should the liner be resistant to getting soaked, but it should also be breathable so that moisture can easily escape.
  2. Midsole: You can’t really see the midsole; however, it is a vital part of waterproof shoes for men. You should know that the midsole is present between the remaining boot and the outsole. The midsole absorbs shocks and offers flexibility while walking. If you want shoes for light walking or easy routes, then flexible midsoles would be ideal for you. However, if your route is demanding and uneven, then you should choose a rigid midsole.
  3. Upper: The upper is the top part of the waterproof shoes for men we’ll be mentioning in the list below. The shoes you choose should have an upper that provides enough support to the foot and the ankle. The upper should be breathable apart from being waterproof, and it should protect your feet from various elements. The footwear you choose should ideally be made using leather or synthetic material that’s durable.
  4. Outsole: This is the part of the footwear which is in direct contact with the ground while walking. The tread is present on the outsole which depends on the chosen brand and the type of shoes you buy such as hiking shoes, work shoes, or walking shoes. When purchasing waterproof shoes for men, you must first think of the tread so that you can buy them accordingly. Take note that on muddy grounds, a deep tread is more suitable while for dry and rocky terrain, a shallow tread would be ideal.


Do go through this list of the top waterproof shoes for men in 2023 once more so that you can finalize a pair you want to buy. All of the waterproof shoes for men mentioned in the list above are the best ones available on the market as they are stylish, completely waterproof, and provide exceptional durability and comfort.

Lastly, make sure that you keep the factors mentioned in the buyer’s guide while searching for a pair to buy.

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