What to Look for When Buying a Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2022

Waterproof fitness trackers

Fitness and sleep tracers have revolutionized the manner in which individuals monitor their health on a daily basis. They are not only designed to handle more abuse than a typical smartwatch but also enables that you get the best physical output. This is because Fitness trackers have the capability of tracking metrics that your smartwatch cannot. If you are a swimmer or love taking part in various water activities such as boating or kayaking, and you would want to improve your stroke and achieve faster lap times, then you need a waterproof fitness tracker.

With the best waterproof fitness trackers, you will accurately monitor your daily activities easily. These smart gadgets will help you track your heart rate, sleep quality, the distance covered, calories burnt and much more. In a bid to assist you in narrowing down your choice, we will showcase the best models available on the market and explain what makes them stand out. At the end of our post, we have also provided with a buying guide that enables you to get exactly what you need.

The Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers You Can Buy in 2022

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10. BONNIEWAN Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

BONNIEWAN Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor


The BONNIEWAN is an indispensable fitness tracker for swimmers. Designed to assist these athletes in improving their game, it provides real-time to track as well as coaching. We love its compact, lightweight design that feels comfortable on your hand. Unlike the clunky models, this unit comes with enhanced features that ensure that you don’t miss anything that ensures your wellbeing. The unit comes with three customizable clock faces, sleep monitors, four-sport mode heart rate motors as well as temperature display.

More to this, this is a stylish and fashionable fitness tracker that you will love wearing every day. Above all this unit is all omnipotence in life as it, s also equipped with real-time blood pressure monitoring in daily activities, the blood oxygen content as well as calories burnt. Other notable features that come with this unit includes the impressive waterproof performance, bright color display as well as intuitive controls

 Key features and Benefits

  • Helps monitor Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen and Blood Pressure for a safe workout
  • Great waterproof protection IP67 makes it ideal for swimmers
  • Compatible with Android and iOS phones
  • Comes with a lithium polymer battery that works continuously for up to seven days without recharging

9. Teslasz Fitness Tracker

Teslasz Fitness Tracker


Your bracelets do not need to be monotonous any longer. The Teslasz Fitness tracker prides itself as one of the few models where fashion and health coexist. Wear this gadget on your ankles or wrists, and it will do accurate tracking all the time. Interestingly, this model offers you with all the features that you will find on other higher models but at a fraction of their price. Therefore if you are low on funds but you would still want to get a competent fitness tracker this model beats others easily.

We love the stunning simplistic design that features just a small screen that displays time and remaining charge that is fitted with a rubber strap. That’s it; it doesn’t have fancy dials, screens, or buttons. It also comes with a lightweight design making it feel light on your wrist, enhancing your flexibility. While its design is simple, it doesn’t limit its performance. it will let you track the calorie burnt, monitor sleep, measure the distance covered and makes a good alarm clock and pedometer. Above all, this unit comes in multiple colors allowing you to choose the model that suits your needs best.

  Key features and Benefits

  • Compatible with your Smartphone, you simply need to download the Very Fit App from Apple store and Google play store
  • Boasts of exceptional features such as anti-lost and Phone finder
  • Helps you calculate the calories burnt and monitor your sleep
  • The waterproof design allowing you to use it when swimming as well as taking part in other water-related activity

8. Willful Fitness Tracker Waterproof

Willful Fitness Tracker Waterproof


The willful Fitness tracker is a cut above the rest when it comes to quality, performance, and convenience. This fitness tracker will make a decent choice for people who prefer a sleek, bracelet styled fitness tracker. It boasts of its featherweight and adjustable design that offers a perfect fit when you are running or swimming. Featuring the latest HR sensor, this gadget will also offer accurate heart rate monitoring.

Similarly, this smart gadget also automatically detects and monitors your sleep, boosting your health. Thanks to its superior waterproof performance, this model from the Willful brand can be used for diving or swimming. As this is not enough, this tracker also ensures that you will never miss any important call, message and social media chats as it pushes this notification on display even if your phone is not with you.

 Key features and Benefits

  • GPS connectivity allows you to see the route and distance covered in the app
  • Impressive heart rate monitor and sleep monitor boost your health
  • Best in class IP68 Waterproof performance and slim cool design
  • Impressive notification system ensures that you never miss a call or important messages/emails

7. HuaWise Waterproof Fitness Tracker


The HuaWise Fitness Tracker showcases a simple and sleek design, making it a great choice for every minimalist. It comes with an ordinary watch look plus a simpler and easy to navigate convenience. Despite having a plain design, this gadget comes with all the essential features that help you reach your goals when swimming and performing other outdoor activities. With this fitness tracker, you will get accurate sports data and all day long activities including the calories consumption, steps, distance as well as various sports modes.

By combining the traditional wrist strap with smart Bluetooth support, the user will not only get a simple to wear fitness tracker but also a compatible gadget with their Smartphones. The gadget will also track your heart rate and analyze your sleep quality helping you cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Above all, this unit is fitted with a high-quality rechargeable battery that reaches full charge in only two hours and has a runtime of up to ten days.

Key features and Benefits

  • Features a fashionable design combined with advanced features that offer unbeatable functionality
  • Makes a great day tracker that tracks the calories, distance, active time and steps on a daily basis
  • The dustproof, waterproof and sweat-proof design makes it easy to wear all the time
  • Accurate sleep and heart rate monitoring ensures that you reach your health goals
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6. MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker


The MorePro waterproof health tracker is designed to suit the needs of individuals who love to run outdoors. It features an impressive waterproof performance allowing you to take part in water-related activities such as swimming, kayaking and more. Featuring a lightweight wristband design, wearing it is simple and feels comfortable, boosting your flexibility. With this model, you can train intensively like a professional athlete thanks to the 24 automatic monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure.

Moreover, this fitness tracker will track all your daily movement including strength-training activities, running, calories burnt, and distance. To motivate you to reach your goals, this gadget buzzes after every 30 minutes of inactivity. The unit also comes with easy to setup app that makes it easy to personalize. When it comes to the App, it’s not just there to compete with other products on the market. In fact, the App shoes comprehensive data on the current day and historical data enabling you to understand your fitness level and set a goal to improve.

Key features and Benefits

  • Comes with a decently sized HD display with bright colors
  • Auto sleep monitor and dynamic heart rate monitor ensures that you are aware of your physical fitness the whole day
  • Acts as a great female physiological reminder that tracks your period and pregnancy
  • Versatile fitness tracker with a smart design that is fashionable

5. DAWO Waterproof Fitness Tracker

DAWO Waterproof Fitness Tracker


This fitness tracker from DAWO comes at a stellar price but do not compromise when it comes to quality. The fitness tracker comes with all the latest features that you will find in models that are more expensive. This will include things such as real-time heart monitoring as well as activity tracker that tracks various activities including, running, biking and more. It records activities such as steps, heart rate, and blood pressure as well s calories burnt accurately.

With this model, you will also get to enjoy the convenience of monitoring your sleep. This will ensure that you get a good night sleep every day, boosting your health. In addition, this is a waterproof smart bracelet, so you don’t have to remove it when bathing, swimming, or washing your hands. In the same breath, this is a lifesaver or women as it helps them manage their health during the physiological period by offering menstrual, ovulation management and pregnancy reminder.

Key features and Benefits

  • Offers real-time monitoring of the heart rate and measurement of blood pressure, giving you a better idea of your current fitness level
  • Tracks and records all day activities including distance, steps, and calories burnt
  • Monitors your sleep automatically and reports your sleep quality
  • Impressive waterproof performance allows you to wear the tracker when swimming or taking a shower

4. TEMEXE Fitness Tracker with Color Display

TEMEXE Fitness Tracker with Color Display


Are you looking for an easy to wear, slim and versatile fitness tracker fitted with the latest technology? Well, if this is the case, the TEMEXE fitness tracker will not disappoint you. Besides its exquisite design, this gadget is smartly engineered with stunning features that let you monitor your health and performance. First, this unit comes with a real-time heart rate monitor that ensures that you do not go overboard when exercising. Secondly, it comes with a sleep monitor that automatically monitor sleep duration and consistency.

Surprisingly, this activity tracker comes with extensive tracking sensors and technology, especially when considering its size. By connecting it to the WearFit App, which is compatible with Apple and Android phones, you will get a detailed health status analysis including your calories burned, distance and steps. Additionally, this smart device vibrates to notify you whenever you receive calls, message, email or web chat from your social media. This means that you don’t have to worry about missing on everything that matters even if your phone is out of sight.

Key features and Benefits

  • No need to worry about missing calls or messages that matters even when your phone is out of sight
  • IP67 Waterproof you can wash your hands swim or take a shower without having to remove it
  • Long Battery Life that lasts up to seven days in a single charge
  • Synchronize all the data Via Bluetooth to the WearFit app that allows comparing the data and adjusts your fitness program to meet your goals.
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3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR


LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR is excellent health assistance for people with an active lifestyle. Different from other models on the market, this gadget boasts of a touchscreen display and a quick interface that boosts the user’s convenience. It is fitted with superior features and latest technologies that enable you to track your daily activities such as the steps, heart rate, calories, and sleep quality. Another feature that makes it a cut above the rest is the waterproof performance that allows you to use it when swimming or taking part in other water activities.

With this fitness gadget, you can be sure that you will never miss any important calls and text messages as it sends you reminders and notifications from your phone. When it comes to charging, this model comes with an inbuilt USB plug that allows for easy charging without having to look for a cable. Moreover, the battery offers an impressive runtime of up to seven days.

Key features and Benefits

  • Inbuilt charging USB play and decent battery life of up to seven days
  • Intuitive HR Monitoring that lets you see your heart rate at a glance
  • Extensive tracking of up to 14 exercises including hiking, running and ridding
  • Connects to the GPS of your phone and displays the run statistics and map of your post workout

2. LETSCOM IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker


This is another high-end fitness tracker from LETSCOM that comes with a fashionable and stylish. It will let you enjoy the double benefits of heart rate and fitness monitoring. Dissimilar to the cheaply made activity trackers, this unit boasts of the best IP68 waterproof performance that allows you to swim, dive, and take part in other water activities such as kayaking without having to worry about damaging your tracker.

The gadget also offers a personalized cardio fitness score that offers a better and clear understanding of your fitness level. This means that you will have an easier time tracing all your daily activities including total calories burnt, distance covered, steps, and the number of minutes that you were active. What ’s more, this unit is connected to a GPS that offers you with real-time statistics like the distance and pace right on your arm.

 Key features and Benefits

  • Best in class waterproof IP68 allows you to take part in all water activities without any worries
  • Features an idle feature that reminds you to keep moving when you remain at the same place for too long
  • Comes with a fitness app that gives you tips to improve your workout
  • Syncs automatically with your Android, iPhone, and Windows Smartphones using Bluetooth technology

1. Ulvench Fitness Tracker

Ulvench Fitness Tracker


If you are looking for the best fitness tracker that comes with minimalist design and innovative notification system, the Ulvench fitness tracker is worth checking out. Boasting of amazing waterproof function this versatile tracker can be used when swimming and convenient to use throughout your workouts as you don’t have to worry about sweat damaging it.

This unit also lets you enjoy the double benefits of convenience plus ensuring that your health is at top notch as it offers you with a heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. This smart gadget will also allow you to track your daily activity better including the distance, steps, calorie consumption better. It also includes a GPS functionality that lets enables you to see the route and find your way. Moreover, this unit also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a week without need of recharging.

  Key features and Benefits

  • Comes with a 2-hour heart rate monitor that assists you to adjust your workout to suit your health
  • IP67 waterproof performance makes this fitness tracker ideal to use when swimming or diving
  • Long battery life up to seven days and reaches full charge in one hour
  • Impressive performance allowing it to track all crucial milestones daily
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Factors to Consider When Buying a Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Purchasing the best waterproof fitness tracker is overly a personal choice. This means that there is no suit all gadgets. Therefore, the first step is to think of exactly what you need. However, regardless of the features that you need, the below tips should help you make an informed decision.

  • Comfort

This is a no-brainer; you should always go for a fitness tracker that is comfortable to wear. Ensure that the wristband is customizable so that it securely wraps around your wrist. Additionally, it should also have a lightweight design and feel comfortable on your wrist

  • Battery life and charging

Fitness trackers come with varying battery life. We have some that last for a couple of days while others may last for a month and upwards on a single charge. While this is a stark contrast to devices such as Smartwatches or Smartphones that you charge on a daily basis, getting a model that last for at least a week will make it easier to use it on a daily basis.

  • Style

Besides ensuring that the unit that you pick has the best overall quality, you should also check the style. Luckily, the fitness trackers come with various designs that meet your needs. We have models that look like ordinary watches and others come in slim designs making them smart wristbands.

  • Compatibility, Bluetooth and Apps

Besides, you would also want to make sure that you select a fitness tracker that works with your devices. By going for the models with Bluetooth technology, you can get messages and call notifications even when your phone is out of sight. Besides, APP compatible gadgets will enable you to get a detailed comparison of your workout allowing you to fine-tune the workout to meet your health goals.


We hope that after going through the above reviews and a buying guide of the best waterproof fitness tracker, it will be easy for you down your choice. The list contains only the best models that offer superior features to ensure the best performance. Choose any, and you are guaranteed to get the best deal out there without having to spend a lot of time and energy going through hundreds of models available on the market. Happy shopping!

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