Best Waterproof Camera Cases in 2023

Waterproof Camera Case

Digital cameras are getting better and better in resolution and features and a huge price tag. From Four-Thirds to DLSRs, those cameras are valuable items you want to handle with care. While a camera bag is one kind of protection,  waterproof camera cases are other important accessories. Those cases have a wide range of applications, from simply protecting the camera against rain all the way to underwater photography.

While there are options for a camera’s specific model, you can also use bags and cases with a universal fit. The biggest advantage is that they can be used for different cameras and you don’t have to change the bag or case when you get a new digital camera for travel or work.

How to protect your camera against water and moisture?

Cases and bags are the best protection, as long as they fit and can be tightly sealed. You want more than just a big zipper bag for your camera. Protection is one thing, but still getting clear shots another. That’s why we researched waterproof camera cases that are easy to use and deliver a high level of protection.

The Best Waterproof Camera Cases in 2023

Our selection of cameras is based on reviews of photographers. We selected those camera bags and cases that are good for everyday use and bring value to the camera. Our criteria for waterproof camera cases where how tight they are, lens protection, and how clear it is and how easy to use the bag or case is.

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10. NEW: IDS DSLR Universal  Waterproof Camera Bag

IDS DSLR Universal  Waterproof Camera Bag


It is not only snow and water which can damage your precious cameras. There is also dust and dirt, even if you don’t see it sometimes. This IDS bag is simple to use in bad weather and hazardous working conditions. It is a universal fit for most DLSR and some mirrorless cameras.

Dimensions are 10.63 x 6.69 x 1.57 inches, so check before purchase. We liked the strap on top so you can carry the camera and the bag around the neck. The transparent plastic parts are clear enough to see the screen and to touch it. The material around the lens is a bit softer, so you can adjust your zoom manually if you want. The lens cap is clear too and doesn’t scratch easily.

9. Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multipurpose Zipper Pouch

Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multipurpose Zipper Pouch


The latest Waterproof Multipurpose Zipper Pouch from the house of Lewis N. Clark definitely is made for smaller pocket and point and shoot cameras. This makes it a perfect travel companion. Since those digital cameras don’t have a long lens, nearly every model fit into this bag.

The Zipper Pouchlab was tested for waterproofing. It is a perfect camera cover for preventing damage from water and submersible up to 9ft (3m). Just zip it and then roll the sleeve. The little strap makes it convenient to carry around.

8. Goliton® Waterproof DSLR Camera Accessories Bag Pack Case

Goliton® Waterproof DSLR Camera Accessories Bag Pack Case for Canon 5d Nikon D7000


Do you own a Canon 5d or a Nikon D7000? Then the  Goliton® is a good option for water protection. With 7.28×3.07×6.14 inch, it fits both models well, even when used with a zoom lens. Just be aware of the maximum lens length of 6.14 inches (when extended).

The camera cover is made of high-quality TPU material, and it can be used up to 10m underwater. So whether you are a traveler, swimmer, diver, or hiker,  your camera is literally covered. Just let the camera slip in the bag, make sure the lens sits tight, and then close the zipper and seal on top. A neck strap is also provided, something waterproof camera cases always should have.

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7. NEW: Bingo Camera Housing for Rain, Dust and Snow (DLSR)

Bingo Camera Housing for Rain, Dust and Snow (DLSR)


This bag from Bingo is made from soft German TPU and makes a solid impression. It fits most DLSR cameras and those with lenses, in particular zoom lenses. The soft material around the lens can stretch when expanding the lens. It makes it also easy to adjust the lens rings.

This waterproof camera case is tight up to 20 meters and provides drop resistance protection. The strap is very well attached, so the camera isn’t top-heavy, something we miss in other models. Your camera is also protected against dust, so when working near construction sites or traveling in the desert, just keep the camera inside, and you are safe.

6. NEW: ZONMAN Waterproof Underwater Camera Case

ZONMAN Waterproof Underwater Camera Case


Zonman brought 100% waterproof camera cases on the market which is safe to use up to 16ft or 4.5 m underwater. This means you can take your camera into the swimming pool and capture your kid’s first swimming lessons or when having fun with your friends. Even snorkeling expeditions are fine, so using the bag when in snow or walking through the rain.

The manufacturer used high-quality polycarbonate, PMMA, PVC, and ABS for the bag, and it fits most standard DLSR and mirrorless cameras. For easy setup, start first with the lens and then let the camera slip in. Seal the bag on top and close the clips.

5. NEW: Tteoobl Waterproof Camera Case for DSLR Cameras

Tteoobl Waterproof Camera Case for DSLR Cameras


Being a popular brand of camera covers, Tteoobl has launched some new and updated products in this segment. Ones are those universal waterproof camera cases for DLSRs and cameras with similar dimensions. The lens diameter in front is 3.1 inches, which should be large enough for most standard lenses.

The bag can even hold a small camera strap inside, so you don’t have to remove it before using the protective casing. You can dive in water up to 20 m depth, and since it keeps some air in the bag, it will just float on the surface if you lost it. We recommend the blue model for easy spotting, but it is also available in black, and you can choose between M and L size.

4. Tteoobl Universal Waterproof Camera Bag

Tteoobl Universal Waterproof Camera Bag


Those waterproof camera cases are made for larger cameras and bigger lenses. With dimensions of a maximum length of the lens 5.51 inch (it is suitable for 4.33 inch-5.91 inch lenses and a maximum diameter of 3.94 inches, you can even use some bigger zooms and tele lenses.  You can choose between transparent, green, and black colors.

What we like is that it comes with separates screen protectors inside and outside. These rings not only secure the lens cap but also protect the lens from bumps. The manufacturer states that it’s safe to use up to 65ft water depth.

3. Zonman Universal Waterproof Camera Bag

Zonman Universal Waterproof Camera Bag


Zonman has different products when you are looking for waterproof camera cases. This model is a universal fit for most DLSR cameras, easy to use, and recommended for all outdoor activities. The pouch bag is safe up to 16ft into the water. It will float up to the surface when you lose it. The neck strap is attached to the top of the bag, which keeps it quite stable.

Since the camera is sealed off in the bag, you can take the set out in dusty conditions or when it’s snowing. The camera gab is also good protection against rain. A thunderstorm is no challenge for this camera pouch.

2. DiCAPac WP610 Waterproof Camera Case

DiCAPac WP610 Waterproof Camera Case


When it comes to a trusted brand of camera covers, DiCAPac is definitely a winner. The WP610 Waterproof Camera Case from DiCAPac is number 2 on our list, and we are confident that you will appreciate this recommendation.

The WP610 is tested and guaranteed for underwater performance for up to 30 ft (10m) depth. Another feature worth mentioning is the UV coated polycarbonate lens which also resists scratches. The roll & double Velcro and the additional zipper are closing the bag very tight. Please note that the bag is intended for smaller digital cameras and have a bit of space for a built-in zoom to come out.

1. DiCAPac WP-S10 DSLR Waterproof Camera Cases

DiCAPac WP-S10 DSLR Waterproof Camera Cases


For those looking for a professional waterproof camera bag, the DiCAPac WP-S10 is our recommendation. Its made of thick PVC plastic and is robust in any condition. Even a bump here and there won’t hurt the camera

This cover easily holds DSLR camera models with 2.0-5.9″ lenses. This all-purpose sand-proof, snowproof, dustproof, fog proof, and waterproof case is a great accessory to your camera, and you will always take it with you.


Even with camera models being water-resistant, a good camera bag or case is always better protection. When looking for the best product, check what camera model you have and the dimensions, including the lenses. The bags we reviewed are waterproof even underwater, but they are clearly not extended for dee diving. However, you can dip in the pool and do some snorkeling in the seat without having your camera compromised. Waterproof camera cases. Also, protect against dust and sand.

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