Top 10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2023 – Excellent Comfort & Support

Sitting all day in front of the computer, working on your desk can be pretty exhausting. You may experience neck and back pain or sore legs and feet. There is only so much time to take a walk and only so much space to stretch your legs. But help is on the way, in the form of under desk foot rests. You may have recognized that foot rests are actually resting your legs and feet when traveling in an airplane on a long haul flight. This is possible in your office as well.

Aside from maximizing your legroom and making it comfortable, these under desk footrests render excellent comfort and support for your back. They also improve your balance, allowing you to sit and work with ease, even for lengthy periods.

If you wish to elevate your feet and back comfort, we’ll help you out with our in-depth buying guide and reviews of the best rests for your feet.

These are the 10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests on 2020

10. Wood Foot Stool Under Desk Foot Rest

Gutupet, Ergonomic Wood Foot Stool Under Desk Foot Rest


If you’re looking for a sturdy support for your feet, this wood under desk footrest from Gutupet might be the ideal design for you. Derived from natural pinewood, it is a comfortable and natural support for your feet and legs. Since it is made from real wood, it stays steady even when you get nervous and stretch or kick your legs.

The height of this foot rest is well calculated to elevate your feet just the right amount. It is light enough to be stored after work and easy to clean. Don’t worry if you come to the office in winter or after some heavy rain: the surface of the Gutupet foot rest is waterproof and won’t get soaked.

Key Features
  • Provides stable feet support and optimum elevation
  • Gives therapeutic relief for the feet and legs
  • Promotes better leg clearance
  • Offers good building quality that can last for years
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9. Eureka Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest with Massage Surface

Eureka Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest with Massage Surface


You may not get the Eureka-Moment, but at least the Eureka-relief with this well-designed footrest. It is adjustable, so you can bring it in a position that is just perfect for you. Also, the ergonomic design and the little plastic nipples give your feet a little massage. This increased blood circulation, which is important when working long office hours. Eureka lets you adjust it in seconds if you want to optimize the height for custom support and comfort. Cramps and swollen legs may soon be a thing of the past.

The non-skid surface and bottom prevent the footrest from slipping and moving. Even on tiles, the footrest stays where you place it, including the time you use the massage for your feet’s soles. The whole foot rest is easy to clean and made from durable plastic. It can last quite a while without breaking or cracking. If not needed, it can be stored away easily.

Key Features
  • Offers custom comfort and support with its adjustable angle
  • Relieves leg and foot cramps
  • Promotes better blood circulation and comfort with the massagers
  • Has non-skid surface and bottom to prevent slippage

8. Office Ottoman Under Desk Non-Slip Footrest Foam Cushion

Office Ottoman Under Desk Non-Slip Footrest Foam Cushion


For cushy but stable support, this footrest foam from Office Ottoman could be the solution for your aching feet. Contrary to the usual under desk footrest, this item highlights its foam material.  Streamlined with hypoallergenic foam, the half-cylinder design treats your foot with pleasurable comfort for lengthy periods.

Besides the quick relief, it can also improve blood circulation and reduce the pressure around your feet and legs. In this way, you can focus on your task and wrap it up with productivity.

Whether you’re sitting in your office working for multiple hours or on your favorite chair at home, you can take delight in the cushy support with bare feet and let them relax.  It has a tread pattern that also keeps the footrest from slipping or sliding under your feet. You can keep your shoes on or off when using it; the cover is washable. The best resting experience is with your bare feet when you wiggle them a bit from time to time to get the blood flowing again.

Key Features
  • Provides soft and cushy support for the feet
  • Has ample height that provides better leg clearance to prevent knee-knocking
  • Provides pleasurable comfort for legs and feet for lengthy periods
  • Promotes blood circulation and reduces cramps

7. COZYDOC Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball

COZYDOC Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball


Another option you can consider to manage the pain around your feet and legs is this ergonomic soft footrest from Cozydoc. Designed with supportive high-rebound foam, it lends optimum cushioning for your feet. A good help to reduce pain and tension. If you’re struggling with back problems, the angled half-moon structure can also provide relief for your lower back.

While it provides exceptional comfort, this under desk footrest also helps relieve tension and pain symptoms. The designated height brings a balanced leg clearance. Your posture improves, and the balance while sitting gets better. The under desk foot rest comes with a small spiked ball for a foot massage. While playing with it on the foot rest, the blood circulation gets stimulated.

Key Features
  • Lends optimum cushioning and support for the feet
  • Helps reduce pain and tension around your foot
  • Corrects position and balance while sitting
  • Provides therapeutic relief for foot-related and back problems

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6. Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest

Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest


The highlight of this Mind Reader footrest is the adjustable height that allows you to modify the elevation according to your preferred angle. Whatever your height is, this under desk footrest can adjust according to how tall or short you are. This way, it allows you to indulge in comfort and support when sitting for long periods.

Another helpful feature of this item is the small beads that serve as a massager and hence allow you to relieve the tension and pressure around your feet as you work. And to make sure it won’t slip under your feet, you can keep this footrest locked in its place with the non-skid bottom. But if you wish to move it seamlessly as you rest your feet, it has wheels that allow you to do so.

Key Features
  • Has massage beads that massage your feet to relieve tension and pain
  • Features adjustable height for optimum elevation and support
  • Designed with wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Provides a comfortable and cozy platform for your feet

5. NEW: Ameriergo Adjustable Foot Rest

NEW: Ameriergo Adjustable Foot Rest


As you get through a tiresome day working at your desk, this soft and cozy foot cushion can relieve the tension and cumbersome pain on your feet. Although soft, it has a durable foam material that brings resilient support and optimum height to ease pain and foot strain. The height can be adjusted with an extension.

You can remove the cover by using the zipper and put it in the washing machine for cleaning. You can also use it in two ways: As a rest with the rounded part on top or as an exercising rest, with your feet on the flat part and balancing them. This will decrease tension and increase blood flow.

Key Features
  • Provides relief for legs, back, and foot with its soft and cozy foam
  • Has smooth fabric that renders soothing relaxation for the feet
  • Can alleviate lower back pain and foot strain
  • Promotes active sitting when you flip the foam upside down to rock your feet

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4. HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk

HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk


Wrapping up the day without aching feet calls for a cozy footrest, and this one from Hokeki might be your ideal pick. Whether you’re working for long periods at your desk or just sitting on your favorite chair for soothing relaxation. You can slip this footrest right under your desk and let your feet be pampered with ultimate comfort and support.

Designed with ample height, this handy accessory relieves your feet and reduces fatigue that you’ve probably been experiencing due to long periods of sitting. It also promotes better blood circulation and minimizes soreness in your legs, back, and feet. Crafted with massage beads at the bottom, it doesn’t slip easily while in use. It is light and easy to move.

Key Features
  • Made of soft but durable foam that keeps your feet essentially elevated and supported
  • Light and easy to move
  • Promotes blood circulation and reduces fatigue
  • Reduces soreness on your back, legs, and around the foot

3. Everlasting Comfort 100% Memory Foam Foot Rest for Under Desk

Everlasting Comfort 100% Memory Foam Foot Rest for Under Desk


Everlasting Comfort offers superb comfort with its memory foam material, which provides pressure-relieving benefits and reduces pain. Therefore, this footrest is designed to keep your feet relaxed and well-supported while sitting all day at your desk. It features a special ergonomic design that corresponds to the shape of your foot.

Another advantage of memory foam is its temperature sensitivity. While it renders exceptional comfort and support, it responds to your body’s heat or temperature to mold perfectly to the contours of your foot. In this case, the memory foam and teardrop design help relieve the symptoms of foot-related issues such as plantar fasciitis. It also alleviates soreness in the feet and legs.

Key Features
  • Made of memory foam that relieves pressure on the foot and legs
  • Corresponds to the shape of your foot for custom comfort
  • Can relieve symptoms of the plantar fascia and other foot-related issues
  • Keeps your feet well-supported and relaxed for long periods

2. ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk


For everyday comfort that your feet can take delight in, Ergofoam offers superb quality and support that’ll keep your feet pain-free. Despite hours of sitting and working at your desk, you can treat your feet, legs, and back with comfort.  Besides the shape and design, the smooth and soft texture gives your feet proper relaxation.

Streamlined with an appropriate height, you can raise your feet and legs in a comfortable position while sitting. It also lends firm support for your lumbar and back, allowing you to indulge in great comfort. Working on your desk with optimum support and comfort isn’t that exhausting anymore – at least for feet and legs.

Key Features
  • Has a soft and smooth texture for a relaxing and comfortable feel
  • Reduces pain in your feet and legs
  • Lends firm support for lumbar and back
  • Has optimum elevation that helps reduce tension on your feet

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1. AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest


The AmazonBasics under desk footrest tilts according to your preferred angle. It moves when you move your feet, or you can also make use of this feature to keep your feet active while sitting. You can tilt the platform back and forth to exercise your feet and, therefore, promote better blood circulation.

Another helpful feature is the beads, which deliver a massage effect to your feet, whether they’re bare or socked. As it improves blood circulation, it also helps reduce soreness in your feet and legs. And because it has rubber caps at the bottom, it doesn’t slip even if you use it and move your feet back and forth.

Check the Key Features
  • Offers custom comfort and support with a free-floating platform
  • Allows you to adjust the footrest with your preferred angle
  • Promotes active sitting as you tilt the platform back and forth
  • Provides massaging effect for better blood circulation and comfortable support

How to Choose the Best Under Desk Foot Rest


When you’re looking for a good design for an under-desk footrest, comfort and support are the highlighted features. Therefore, you need to make sure you get all the comfort and support you need for your feet and legs. Consider the size, height or thickness, durability, and material as they all make up the properties for comfort and support quality.

You can look for free-floating platforms or multi-position designs that feature back-and-forth positioning or tilting. This reduces physical stress, promotes better circulation, and also stabilizes the pressure on your feet. Hence, it keeps you comfortable all day while in a sitting position.

You can consider footrests that feature massage surfaces or non-skid surface with massagers. With those features, you can keep your feet elevated while indulging in therapeutic relief from the massager.

If possible, you may rest your feet on the under desk rest while in a sitting position to see if the comfort and support are adequate. If you’re browsing your choices online, you may check the product details as well as the customer reviews for additional information.


These under desk footrests are designed to elevate your feet at an optimum height. The correct positioning helps minimize soreness on your feet and legs and reduce pain in your back and neck.

Apart from these benefits, proper elevation also improves circulation, posture, and balance. Hence, you should also consider the under desk footrest’s height and determine whether it is just right for your comfort needs.


If you’re going to invest in additional equipment or accessory in your office, it should have a quality that won’t easily wear out over time. Besides the ergonomic design, scratch-resistant and durable rubber materials enhance the footrest quality, making it reliable for many years of use.

Some designs, however, are made of durable foam that renders additional comfort while supporting and elevating your feet. You may consider the fabric to make sure it won’t tear apart easily and can be cleaned.

Many footrests are also crafted with non-skid surface and bottom to keep it from moving or sliding while in use. If it is a free-floating platform, you may check the tilting mechanism and make sure it moves seamlessly according to your preferred angle.


Since it’ll be placed on the floor most of the time and is designed to support your feet, you need to check if it needs cleaning now and then. It is pretty much exposed to most dirt and dust in your room or office, so it’ll be more convenient if the material is easy to clean or wash.

Final Thoughts

Pampering your feet while working is probably one of the best things to do throughout a tiring day. That’s why it’s no surprise that under desk foot rests have become an ideal tool for many workers. Those who have been struggling with soreness in their feet, legs and back due to long periods of sitting and working at their desk appreciate those helpers.

To help you find the ultimate relief for your feet and overall comfort that you can indulge in, mentioned above are the best under desk footrests you can find on the market. You may have jotted down your favorites, but besides the top ten list, we’ve got a detailed guide that will help you find a worthwhile purchase. I hope this helps!

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