The Best Trench Coats for Women in 2023 | A Complete Review

Trench coats are never out of fashion. They provide a protective layering when you are out in public, keeps you warm and comfortable, and gives you a fashionable look.

A trench coat is a staple dress that all of us have in our wardrobe. Its use is extensive; whether you are going for shopping, on a date, to any party or practically anywhere, they look good on everything and anything. A wide variety of trench coats are available in the market. We have designed this article to recommend the top ten best trench coats in the market.

List of the Top Trench Coat for Women in 2023

Here we have selected ten best trench coats for your convenience. They all come in different styles and colors. Choose one that suits your fashion sense the most.

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10. Amazon Brand – Lark & Ro Women’s Lightweight Trench Coat

Amazon Brand - Lark & Ro Women's Lightweight Trench Coat


One of the best options on our top list, we have this Amazon Brand. The classic style trench coat serves great for those looking for some covering and comfort. The coat is made of 100% polyester that works well in summers but may seem overheated in summers. The fabric made this coat a choice, especially if you are expecting a lot of rains and need a well-designed coat to outwit the weather’s whims.

The coat looks stylish and functions great in all types of seasons. It looks great no matter you are going to a workplace, shopping, or to a bar. It is made of premium quality fiber that is crafted into a fabric. Not only it looks great but gives a flattering look. Its light size and wrinkle-free fabric make it ideal for travel as well.

The classic look of this trench coat is given a modern touch with a notched color, side seam pockets, and a back vent. The design looks both stylish and functional for cold or rainy days.

There is a little limitation of color choice. The coat comes in black color, and no other options are available, so if you are not a black lover, then this one is probably not for you. The coat is available in a wide range of colors. Overall, it’s a good option but a bit expensive than some of the other good choices on our list.

Make sure you choose the right size, or it will look flabby as it already has a loose style.  Also, the manufacturers allow only hand wash which is a bit disappointing.

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9. Sebby Collection Women’s Soft Shell Trench Coat

Sebby Collection Women's Soft Shell Trench Coat


The Sebby Collection stands for comfort and luxury. This trench coat lives up to the expectations. This one is also made of 100% polyester that has a slight glow. The light-weight coat is easy to carry. It has a modern look. The double-breasted design is enhanced with metal buttons that look stylish and hold.

The trench coat looks stylish with its comfortable stretch knit panels that fit all sizes and gives a slimming effect. The coat is both wind and water-resistant. It will protect you from those sudden downpours that may ruin your expensive clothes. The coat can be conveniently washed in a washing machine. You don’t have to press its wrinkle-free fabric at all.

The trench coat offers a wide waist belt that would make you look slimmer and trendy. The interior and pockets give a warm and cozy feel for those evening out in the cold. The coat has a simple design. It features a back vent that makes it comfortable while sitting, driving, or walking.

The best part is that it comes with a detachable hood. You can make use of it in extreme weather conditions. The coat comes in two color options. Overall, it’s a combination of style and elegance. It is also a little on the expensive side.

8. London Fog Women’s Midi-Length Trench Coat

London Fog Women's Midi-Length Trench Coat


Here is another stylish option for those who are looking for a midi-length trench coat. Though it is not very long but covers you well from the front and back with its mid-length. The coat is made of 100% polyester and has a button closure. The button closure gives a simple yet elegant look to this trench coat.

The coat features logo buttons with metal trim that adds to its grace. It has shoulder epaulets that give it a classic look as well. It has slanted welt pockets that are both functional and cozy, keeping your hands warm in the cold.

The sleeve straps look great and at the same time, allow you to adjust them so that you have a perfect fit. The coat is offered in both black and stone colors. The coat has extra cloth in the back and a fitted style from the waist that does not make the coat tight and at the same time allows you to move in the coat comfortably. It can be easily washed at home in a washing machine.

The downside we can mention is that it does not come with a hood. It also does not has a lining underneath. It also seems bigger than the mentioned sizes, so make sure you choose the exact size after going through all measurements.

Overall, it’s a great option that is expensive than our last two options but provides the good value of your money.

7. Romwe Women’s Trench Pea Coat Cardigan

Romwe Women's Trench Pea Coat Cardigan


This one is for those who are looking for an affordable option and want something different than a typical trench coat. The cardigan styled trench coat comes in the open front design. It has a knee-length design that looks fashionable.

The coat is made of a slightly rough material that is part of its modern casual design. It has long-fitted sleaves that come with hems after optimized. You can easily make it fit according to the size of your wrist and make it look both fit and trendy.

Its stylish design makes this coat suitable for wearing on any occasion. Whether you are going to college, job, party or wedding or for any important appointments, it suits your all daily wears. You got a belt to tie from the waist that makes it suitable for formal occasions. It looks beautiful and trendy when opened.

The coat has a simple design; there are no buttons, cuffs, epaulets, only a waterfall collar. It has a minimalist design and looks more elegant and attractive. If we look at the price, then it is the cheapest option on our list so far. It does not have the same classic look, as well. Overall, it’s a good option for those who want a trendy look and are bored with regular trench coats.

6. NOBLEMOON Women’s Lapel Trench Coat

NOBLEMOON Women's Lapel Trench Coat


On number sixth, we have this Nobemoon’s trench coat that is available in so many vibrant and soft colors. It is available in 18 different colors, so you have more variety here in terms of color collection.

It’s a lightweight trench coat that is made of 95% polyester and rest goes with spandex. It’s a soft suede material that looks like leather though it is not leather. The use of spandex makes it a bit stretchy so that it fits easily and gives a slimming effect. The warm and stylish trench coat is suitable for all seasons. It will work fine in spring, summer or winter.

The elegant look makes it suitable for office, vacation, picnics, party, club, date, weekend, shopping or almost any occasion. You get a variety not only in colors but in style too. Not all colors have a similar style; some of the options have different styles; like classic open front design, casual trench coat style or tied belt design.

You can wear a trench coat over leggings, jeans, a mini-skirt, or flare trousers. It looks equally dashing on everything you wear. You can open it for a more casual look, or keep it belted for a more formal look. It features buckles on sleeves that help you fold down the sleeves according to your length of arms.

The price of this trench coat is very affordable. The downside we can mention is that you should not put it in the washer with your other laundry. It requires hand wash which is a bit inconvenient for many of us.

5. BB Dakota Women’s Trench Coat

BB Dakota Women's Trench Coat


This trench coat by BB Dakota is a great option for those who don’t want a polyester coat. This one is made of lyocell. It’s a lightweight fabric that is soft on touch and a good substitute for cotton and silk. It glows and feels very comfortable and lightweight. The coat has a simple design, without any belts, cuffs, or buttons, only a simple tie closure. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and shiny fabric.

The coat looks good and feels very soft, but it may not be a great option for wearing everywhere. It is perfect for formal occasions, parties, or for wearing on a date. It may not be very practical to wear while traveling.

You cannot wash it with hands or in a washing machine. It needs to be dry cleaned from time to time to stay in a pristine condition. No more colors are available; it comes in only birch color. It is an expensive option that you might want to buy for special occasions.

4. ForeMode Women’s Double Breasted Mid-Length Trench Coat

ForeMode Women's Double Breasted Mid-Length Trench Coat


On number four, we have another classic trench coat that gives a more formal look. The beige khaki trench coat comes in one color. The coat is made of the polyester shell fabric. The fabric is breathable and waterproof at the same time.

The thigh-high trench coats have fully lined designs that keep you protected in rain or wind. It has a double-breasted design, and a front storm flap enhances its beauty.

There are two pockets on each side for warming your hands. You can also keep your essentials like cards or some cash in pockets. The coat has a detachable belt that gives you a slimmer look. If you are a bit on the bulky side, you can go without a belt as well. It has a loop on sleeves that allow you to adjust the fitting of sleeves according to the size of your arm.

This one is also very reasonably priced. The only downside we can mention is that it is a bit small for its size. Otherwise its an elegant looking trench coat that is a great choice for spring, autumn, or winter. It may seem uncomfortable in summers.

3. chouyatou Women’s Mid-Long Wool Blend Coat

chouyatou Women's Mid-Long Wool Blend Coat


This one is a long coat that is made of 80% polyester. It’s a wool blend that feels soft in touch. The coat comes with a lining and is comfortable to wear.
Its simple look has elegance, and it is designed to keep you warm and in winter with its wool blend. The coat has a classic lapel design that looks both stylish and graceful. It’s long sleeves fully covers your arms. There are two pockets at the waist side.

The coat comes in mid-length that covers you well in extreme weather conditions. It is reasonably priced and is very affordable. The coat is available in six beautiful colors. The downside we can mention is its bit flat look. It does not have a slimming effect, but it is an overcoat and designed for winter, so maybe they leave room for sweaters or other heavy clothing underneath.

Though the coat is warm, it may not be warm enough for very extreme weather. The coat is very affordable and fits in a low budget easily. Make sure you choose the right size for a perfect look.

2. Zeagoo Thick Wool Trench Coat Jacket

Zeagoo Thick Wool Trench Coat Jacket


On number two we have a very stylish trench coat. It looks super trendy and is the most fashionable trench coat on our list. Though it is a trench coat, it has very useful as well. This coat jacket is designed with classic coat fabric that is wrinkle-free, and you can make use of it in your daily routine for going anywhere. The coat has impeccable tailoring both inside and out. The coat is neither too heavy nor too light. It will keep you warm, but at the same time, it is not very heavy to make you feel uncomfortable.

The trench coat is double-breasted and has side pockets. It features a faux-collar as well that makes it look very trendy. It has a slim fit design, and with its detachable belt, you can make it fit around your waist perfectly. The coat can be washed with hands in cold water. It is available in nine vibrant colors. It’s a great option for those who want to stay comfortable and look great at the same time.

1. NANJUN Women’s Double Breasted Trench Coat

NANJUN Women's Double Breasted Trench Coat


On top of the list, we have this trench coat that is a combination of comfort and style. Its superior quality, elegance of design, and affordable price make it the best option if you are looking for a trench coat.

The coat has a double-breasted buttoned closure that keeps the wind out. It’s a good fit if you choose the right size and suitable for wearing in spring and autumn. The coat is softly tailored and gives a slim look; it is perfect for layering. It has a waist tightening design with big lapels that gives it a classic look. The sleek coat has a slim waist with flare swings that looks versatile and fashionable. The coat features intricate details that give it a very refined and distinctive style. It’s a clever combination of classic and contemporary trench coats.

The superior quality gives this coat durability for long use. The coat stays wrinkle-free and shining even after daily use. It’s a great choice and is available in different colors.

Buying Guide for Trench Coats for Women in 2023

Let’s take a quick look at its buying guide.

  • Style:  A range of variety is available. From the classic style trench coats with epaulets and cuffs to the contemporary modern look, you will surely find one that suits your style and fashion sense. An excellent choice is a blend of something classic and modern. They look great, works on all occasions, and make you look chic and stylish. So choosing a style depends on personal preference.
  • Color: They come in all possible colors that you can think of. However, the choice of color is not what every brand can offer. Some brands that offer the same style in different colors. But some of them have limited options in colors. So, if you are looking for a particular color make sure the brand you choose has it.
  • Design: Again, the design depends on your personal choice. You can choose belted, buttoned, lapels or collars as per your requirement.
  • Fabric: If you are looking for a warm coat, then make sure it is neither too light nor too heavy. Too heavy will be uncomfortable for you to carry, and too light may not be as warm as you want. Most of the trench coats come in a polyester fabric that provides good cover from all weather conditions. They add a little bit of other material like cotton, wool or spandex for giving it more functionality. If you are looking for one in winter, then make sure it has a blend of wool so that the coat feels cozy and warm from inside.
  • Weather conditions: If you are living in a very cold place, make sure the coat provides you with good protection against extreme weather conditions.
  • Length: Trench coat comes in different lengths. They come in mid-thigh, knee-length, full length, or short length. Choose one that better suits your dress sense.
  • Durability: Trench coats are something that you are going to use almost daily. So, make sure you invest in a durable one, or it won’t handle the wear and tear of time. You don’t have to buy the most expensive one but make sure you find one at a reasonable price and good quality.


We recommend you to choose the right ones that fit your requirement and look. The above-mentioned trench coats are all the best options from our expert selection. Please feel free to go through our list and buy the right coats to enjoy your winter with friends or family. Best of luck!

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