Top 10 Best Tree Swings in 2020 – Ultimate Choice for Kids

Some memories are hard to erase. Having a quality outdoor tree swing make your kids remember his/her childhood. I doubt the video games will do. For the video games, newer and better versions keep emerging, burying the older versions making them hard to remember. However, while the modern swings may be advanced, your kids will never forget the time they shared with you or their childhood friends.

Unlike the old models of the tree swing that could lead to fatal injuries, the modern tree swings come with various safety features that ensures the best performance without risk of accidents. We also love their ergonomic and aesthetically appealing designs that give your yard an impressive look.

Best Tree Swings in 2020 – Ultimate Choice for Kids

In this article, we have researched at the top best tree swings that will bring you the fun and comfort you need in your yard. We have also listed the factors you need to consider before selecting the ultimate choice that will serve your needs.

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10. CO-Z 40″ Large Saucer Swing Outdoor Tree Swing

CO-Z 40 Large Saucer Swing Outdoor Tree Swing

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Children and adults will love swinging in this tree swing. It comes with a unique sauce that brings you a thrill that you will love. Thanks to the large sitting area, you can sit in various positions around the seat.

The swing comes with a coated steel tubes and sturdy materials that are strong making it durable and adults alike. We also love the soft texture that allows you and the kids to have a perfect spot for you to relax.

The seat is constructed using sturdy textile fabric that allows it to withstand rain as well as the strong UV rays from the sun. You do not need to bring it inside every time your kid is done swinging. Also, this unit is equipped with adjustable PE ropes that allow you to set it at your desired height.

Key Features
  • Sturdy construction for durable
  • Comes with adjustable ropes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aesthetically appealing design

9. Joychoic Extra Large 40” Diameter Tree Swing

Joychoic Extra Large 40'' Diameter Tree Swing

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Boasting of superior construction and aesthetically appealing design, this swing will be the main talk of your neighborhood. It is incredibly sturdy having the ability of holds both adults and kids. This makes it a perfect place for the kids and neighbors to spend unlimited hours swinging and spinning. This is more just a normal swing. We love the solid seat that is not only sturdy but also comfortable allowing you to relax and hang out in style.

This is a perfect choice for individuals looking for a fun way to get their children to get off their computers and TV. The set is simple to assemble as you can hang it between two trees or replace an old swing set. Typically, the installation will not take more than 15 minutes.

Key Features
  • Large sitting area
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple installation
  • Spin with 360° Swing Swivel

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8. M & M Sales Enterprises Web Outdoor Swing

M & M Sales Enterprises Web Outdoor Swing

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It is time to soar, swing and spins in this outdoor swing from the M&M sales enterprises. The swing comes with a woven platform that is large enough for several kids to share.

The unit is also perfect for teens and adults looking for an exciting way to unwind and pass a lazy afternoon. The sitting platform is made if superior materials that not only offer you a   comfortable place to sit but also unrivaled strength when it comes to stability.

Another feature that makes this swing stand out is that it comes preassembled. This saves you a lot of time and effort in assembling of the swing. It comes with adjustable hanging ropes that you simply need to install in a pre-existing old swing or between two trees.

Besides offering your kids with lots of fun, these swings will offer you therapeutic benefits including sensory integration, body awareness, as well as a balance of skills.

Key Features
  • Sturdy construction
  • Large sitting area
  • Easy to adjusts
  • Breathable materials

7. Blue island Tree Swing

Blue island Tree Swing

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The blue Island tree swing is designed to inspire the kids to leave their video games and television and have fun in the outdoors. The swings are handcrafted with the finest materials to ensure high performance and durable. They come with a sturdy frame, and a large cozy seating is that allows your kids to relax and have fun.

Additionally, the set also comes with a hanging set that allows you to use it in your tree house or in a pre-existing hanging frame. The unit is sturdy and will accommodate children as young as 2 years all the way to adults. Another feature that makes this unit stand out is the lightweight construction that makes swinging enjoyable.

Key Features
  • Unique and safe design
  • Simple assembly
  • Large and durable
  • Comfy and accommodates more than one child

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6. Sorbus Spinner Swing

Sorbus Spinner Swing

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You can have unlimited adventures and fun with this swing. It features a net fitting area, which allows you to feel the cool breeze while ensuring that your safety is safeguarded. The seat features a spacious area where you can ride smoothly. The seat is large to accommodate more than two kids.

We love the sturdy suspension that will not only ensure that the swing is in place but also gives plenty of room where your child can climb inside and bounce,  spin and twist. Inside the swing is large that an adult can join in and enjoy the precious moments with their young ones.

The swing also comes with a sturdy frame and suspension ropes that ensure maximum protection, and the rope is adjustable allowing you to set your preferred height. They are also compatible with various hanging points including the preexisting hanging frame or between two trees. To ensure that your kid is safe, kids below the age of eight years require parent’s supervision.

Key Features
  • The simple assembly allows you to hang it within minutes
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Cozy seating
  • Portable allowing for easy transportation

5. Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

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If you are looking for the fun outdoor activity to bring everyone outside, you should consider purchasing this swing. It is designed to help your whole family spend the time together as they exercise without really knowing it. Your kids will never get enough of it.

It boasts of a versatile and universal design that allows you to install it within minutes. This makes it a perfect addition to your tree house, jungle gym, as well as a playground.

The set takes pride in the large platform seat that will accommodate more than two kids. It is also a decent choice for adults as well as teens. The swing doesn’t require special assembly and fits into an existing old swing or between two trees. Also, the set comes with an adjustable rope length that allows you to set your desired height.

Key Features
  • High-quality construction
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is safe your kids
  • Withstands up to 200lbs

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4. Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

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If you are a parent, you probably know how hard it is to get your kid out to play. The computer games and movies take most of their time, leaving very little for them to explore the outdoors. Besides making them socially inactive, this may also lead to overweight due to lack of exercise.

You can make all this go away by purchasing this exciting swing set. The set is designed with durable materials that allow your kid to share it with another child in your neighborhood. You can also join in the fun and share enjoyable moments with your kid.

To ensure your safety and that of your kids, the set also comes with a durable frame and hanging ropes. The seat feels comfortable allowing you to have unlimited fun. Besides being great for your child, this unit is also a cool place for an adult to relax and unwind as they read a novel or simply reflect on the future.

Key Features
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Large and comfortable seating area
  • Budget-friendly

3. Royal Oak Giant 40″ Saucer Tree Swing in Elite Blue

Royal Oak Giant 40 Saucer Tree Swing in Elite Blue

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You do not need to settle for cheaply made and boring tree swings when you can impress your kids with this saucer tree swing. This model comes with eight removable Velcro flags that make each season special.

We also love the sturdy construction that will never buckle regardless of the weather condition. This ensures a long lasting service that you will love. Thanks to the sturdy construction, this unit comes with a weather resistant materials built to withstand repeated outdoor use.

You are provided with the saucer swing, the suspension ropes, as well as all the other tools that you need for installation. Also, thanks to its incredibly simple design you can install it in a minute and start having the fun you deserve.

Key Features
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Comes with adjustable ropes
  • Durable and usable all year round
  • Weather resistant

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2. Trailblaze Tree Swing

Trailblaze Tree Swing

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Don’t let all your child’s memory go to drain. While the best video games keep them entertained, children who spend most of their time in the outdoors tend to forget their childhood.

This tree swing allows the child to remember his childhood and exercise at the same time. It comes with a decent design that will enable them to spend endless hours having fun with their friends, brothers/sister, and even yourself.

The set comes in a large seating area where two or more kids can share. The seat is comfortable and durable. Unlike other models, this unit is incredibly durable and affordable too. This makes it a perfect choice for all!

Key Features
  • Large seating area
  • Helps your kid exercise
  • Safe, solid and durable
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage

1. SUMMERSDREAM Blue Disk Seat Swing Monkey

SUMMERSDREAM Blue Disk Seat Swing Monkey

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The summers are a great time to enjoy the outdoors. However, it doesn’t mean that we need to take long and expensive trips to keep the kids entertained. You can now add more fun and excitement to your home by purchasing this swing.

It comes with a well-padded seat and durable nylon rope that gives you the fun you need. The swing is available in various colors allowing you to find the model that goes with your style.

It is a great choice for your children as it helps them exercise, build self-confidence, and develop the imagination. The swing is crafted from high-quality materials ensuring optimal comfort and safety. Besides,   its unique design enables you to hang it almost anywhere.

Key Features
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Comfortable and weather-resistant construction
  • Innovative design and comes in different colors

Features to consider when getting the best tree swings

As you probably know, we have a variety of tree swings on the market. The tips below will help you distinguish between an inferior product and a model that gives you the performance you need.

  • The dimension of the swing

When looking for the best tree swing, start by looking at the free fall and falling space area. You will get this information on the section indicating the required space on the product description. This will help you to determine whether the space you have (especially if you want to replace an existing model) is enough. Besides, this also determined the overall installation costs.

  • Seat type

Another thing to determine is the seat type. The seat type will depend on the user age and special requirements. For young kids, seats with a larger seating area and extra padding make them more comfortable. Additionally, models with a large seating area are also a perfect choice for adults.

  • Safety features

You also need to look at the safety feature. Some high-end models come with special safety features such as anti-wrap bearing on the crossbeam. This will ensure that the swing and chains are not wrapped around them. You should also ensure that the suspension is sturdy to prevent any accidents.

  • Construction Material

The construction materials will play a significant role when it comes to the service you require. It goes without saying sturdy materials tend to last for longer and provide a service that you can depend on. For this reason, you should always go for the models with a sturdy frame, preferably metallic. The seat should also be constructed using soft, yet sturdy materials.


The best tree swings will not only allow your children to have fun but also play a major role when it comes to helping them exercise. Besides keeping the children entertained, these swings are great for adults to relax and unwind.

All the above models will offer you the performance you need. However, before you settle on the best model, you should go through the tips listed above and choose the model that suits your needs. Besides, making an in-depth comparison helps you get exactly what you need. All the best!

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