Best Travel Shoes for Men in 2020 – Men’s Shoes for Traveling

Before every man set his foot on a new trail and embark on a journey, high-quality and heavy-duty shoes come first on the list. If they aren’t the first, these travel shoes are definitely among the essentials that can never be crossed out.

As men also have their own sense of fashion and at the same time, standards for durability, choosing the best travel shoes for men may not be as easy as a breeze.

Best Travel Shoes for Men in 2020

The size, the comfort, and material are the major factors to consider when buying travel shoes. As men have their own adventurous tracks and travel stories to unfold, it is always highly significant to choose the most compatible and sturdiest pair for every kind of travel.

And to help you narrow down your choices to only the best shoes on the market, we will help you out with our Top 10 Best Travel Shoes for Men in 2020.

List of the Top 10 Best Travel Shoes for Men in 2020

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10. Feetmat Men’s Athletic Shoes Ultra Lightweight

Feetmat Men's Athletic Shoes Ultra Lightweight

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It is easier to stroll around the city when you have lightweight shoes on. If you’re just going to visit places in the city for a casual walk, the Feetmat ultra-lightweight athletic shoes are a great pair to try. Because it feels light as the feather, it gets more comfortable as you walk.

Some consumers even say that they didn’t get home with aching feet wearing these. Structured as athletic shoes, you can also wear them for running, weight training, boating, cycling, and other sports activities.

It is designed with a slip-on ankle so you can wear them on and off easily. The rubber soles, outsoles, and insoles are wear-resistant for long-lasting performance. It is also crafted with durable tongue and heels to keep your feet protected at all times. It also enhances the comfort that won’t give you sore feet after a long walk!

Key features
  • Wear-resistant design; wear-resistant rubber soles, outsoles, and insoles
  • Designed with durable tongue and heels for better comfort
  • Slip-on ankle design
  • Upper part made of breathable mesh to help your feet breathe
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Perfect for sports activities and casual walking
  • Available in many colors and sizes

9. Teva Men’s Hudson Sandal

Teva Men's Hudson Sandal

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Teva Hudson sandals are the perfect choice for those who are not usually into tight-fitting or closed shoes. The structure and strap design let your feet breathe while providing a perfect and secure fit. As it is made of leather and textile, it ensures a long-lasting quality that will take you on different trails for many years to come! The style and design support outdoor activities and adventures may it be by the river, out in the canyons, or across trails in nature.

If you don’t really need a strong arch support, the Teva Hudson sandals will work for you. They are flat and comfortable. The padding on the rear of the footbed makes it even more comfortable to wear.

The rubber soles also enhance the durability. And with its neutral colors and subtle details, you can match it with your outdoor and casual outfit.

Key features
  • Made of leather and textile
  • Crafted with rubber soles for added durability
  • Has padding on the footbed for better comfort
  • Crafted with durable straps for a secure and perfect fit
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Perfect for outdoor activities

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8. keezmz Men’s Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers

keezmz Men's Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers

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Another lightweight travel shoes on our list are the Keezmz sneakers. If you’re feeling a little sporty for your travel adventures, this pair’s definitely a must-try. With its lightweight feature, walking on feels very comfortable.

Although it is extremely light, the materials used for the structure are heavy-duty to ensure durable quality and exceptional performance. It is slip-resistant and breathable. You won’t have to worry about all the sweat and odor.

The outsoles are made of high elastic MD that makes it resistant to tear and deformity. The structure makes it even more versatile and applicable for many types of activities.

You can use it for sports, running, or just a casual walk. Whether you use it indoors, outdoors, or terrains that aren’t too rough or rocky, the Keezmz sneakers will keep you on your pace!

Key features
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made of high elastic outsoles that make it versatile and durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Does not easily tear or deform
  • Perfect for outdoors or indoors and terrains that aren’t too rough or rocky

7. Merrell Men’s Moab FST Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab FST Hiking Shoe

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Are you going for an adventure and venture the mountains and rocky terrains? These hiking shoes from Merrell must be the one you need. As these are solely designed for hiking, Merrell ensures a durable and heavy-duty quality that will resist slips, tears, and other environmental elements on your way to the mountains and rough terrains. They are made of mesh and TPU upper, and Vibram soles that provide excellent traction on different surface conditions.

The collar and tongue are crafted with pads for extra comfort. If you wear them with socks on, they’ll provide better support and comfort when you walk and reach for the hiking spots. With its breathable mesh lining, the shoes deliver ample ventilation that lets your feet breathe, free from sweat and odor.

Key features
  • Solely designed for hiking
  • Made of heavy-duty materials that can resist slips, tears, and other environmental elements
  • Perfect for rough and rocky terrains
  • Made of mesh and TPU upper
  • Crafted with Vibram soles for excellent traction
  • Breathable
  • Pads and tongue designed with pads for added comfort

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6. ATIKA Men’s Sports Sandals Trail Outdoor Water Shoes

ATIKA Men's Sports Sandals Trail Outdoor Water Shoes

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If you’re caught between sandals and closed-toe outdoor shoes, this one from Atika might come first on your list. It displays a heavy-duty structure that seems to be an exceptional hybrid between sandals and sneakers.

It is designed with Eva midsoles for superior cushioning, multi-directional outsoles for excellent grip or traction on wet and dry surfaces, and foot imprint molding for better fit and support.

Atika also emphasizes its 3-layer protection that consists of inner layer upper for ventilation, mid hybrid shell for superior protection, and outer rubber guard that serves as a shield against the harsh surfaces and terrains.

As you can see, the loop lacing system allows you to adjust the fit without any hassle. And to make sure you feel comfortable at all times, Atika tailored it with soft lining. They are not too bulky but take note that it feels a little narrow. So, if you want a little loose, you can opt for a bigger size.

Key features
  • Designed for outdoor trails
  • Offers 3-layer protection that provides ventilation, superior protection, and shield against harsh terrains and surfaces
  • Has a loop lacing system for easy adjustment
  • Tailored with soft lining for added comfort
  • Designed with multi-directional soles for excellent grip or traction

5. Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Dreamcity Men's Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

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The Dreamcity men’s water shoes are the ideal pair you can wear on slippery and watery conditions. If you travel to places with this kind of surface, an ordinary pair of shoes might not suffice. Hence, Dreamcity makes sure you can enjoy even the muddiest and wettest places you’d visit. The brand designed it with water grip outsole to withstand slippery and wet conditions.

To make sure you feel comfortable, cool and dry at all times, Dreamcity crafted it with ComfoDry sockliner for a superior cushioning performance.

The breathable and durable air mesh upper also provides proper ventilation for your feet. And because it is exceptionally lightweight due to the midsoles, you can rely on the excellent bounce-back and traction.

Key features
  • Designed with water grip outsole for slippery and wet conditions
  • Made of the solyte midsole for that makes it lightweight
  • Provides proper ventilation, quick drying, and cooler feeling
  • Offers excellent bounce-back and durability
  • Made of rubber sole
  • Perfect for slippery and wet terrains

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4. Teva Men’s Omnium Sandal

Teva Men's Omnium Sandal

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Teva has a wide selection of sandals for men, and one of the durable sandals you can try for your outdoor trip is the Omnium Teva sandals. This can be your perfect gear for your adventurous travels like canoeing, river rafting, hiking, and trekking on wet and dry surfaces. It is made of textile and synthetic with a spider rubber outsole for reinforced durability and excellent traction against different surface conditions.

Teva innovatively designed it with an enclosed toe box for superior protection. And if you want to adjust the fit, the pull-cord lacing system allows you so. It also enhances the stability so it won’t feel loose on your feet when you walk, climb, or run.

The brand also provides premium protection with the quick-drying upper that is treated with an antimicrobial solution. It prevents the growth of bacteria and odor.

There’s also a Shocpad in the heel cup that distributes the stress of impact on the footbed. Hence, a superior comfort, support, and grip.

Key features
  • Enclosed toe box for added protection
  • Treated with antimicrobial solution to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Has pull-cord lacing system that easily adjusts the fit
  • Designed with spider rubber outsoles for excellent durability
  • Designed with Shocpad in the heel cup that distributes impact; better support and grip
  • Perfect for wet and dry surface conditions

3. Merrell Men’s Moab Edge Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab Edge Hiking Shoe

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The Merrell men’s moab edge is another pair you can consider for your next hiking adventure. As Merrell is known for their stunning collection of outdoor shoes, the Moab Edge is definitely another shoe masterpiece that will keep your drive beaming! These are made of Vibram soles that provide excellent grip and traction. They give you an exceptional support when you climb or walk on rough and rocky terrains without slipping or falling.

This one’s designed with a lace-up system that allows you to adjust the fit according to your preference. The lining and the tongue are both made of mesh that enhances breathability so you can keep your feet dry and cool at all times. And since Merrell wants you to benefit from the superior comfort, it is designed with extra room on the toe box and soft footbed that can prevent blisters and soreness.

Key features
  • Made of Vibram soles for excellent grip and traction
  • Lace-up hiking shoe
  • Perfect for hiking, rough and rocky terrains
  • Has a breathable mesh lining
  • Treated with odor control to keep your feet fresh
  • Comfortable to wear

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2. CAMEL Leather Sandals for Men Strap Athletic Shoes

CAMEL Leather Sandals for Men Strap Athletic Shoes

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Do you prefer genuine leather sandals for your next adventurous travels? This leather sandals from Camel must be the one you’re looking for. Apart from its stylish design, the heavy-duty and high-quality genuine leather makes it stand out among the other sandals. It has a cushioned footbed that provides all-day comfort and support.

To make sure you won’t slip, Camel designed it with double PU sole that absorbs shock and evenly distributes it. The outsole has tread patterns that offer excellent grip and traction whenever you’re off-road.

For better and adjustable fit, the straps are ergonomic hook-and-loop design. Adjustments are easy that gives you the ideal fit. As it is open-toe, your feet can breathe and can prevent soreness and blisters.

Key features
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Cushioned footbed for added comfort
  • Hook-and-loop straps; easy to adjust according to the preferred fit
  • Designed with PU soles that absorbs shock
  • Offers excellent grip and traction
  • Designed for outdoor use; rough or off-road terrains

1. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

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The top travel shoes on our list are from one of the most popular shoe brands worldwide, Skechers. This one’s a slip-on walking shoe that provides superior comfort with its cushioned footbed.

Some consumers even described as bedroom slippers due to their incredible comfort and flexibility. You can walk on it for hours, and you’ll still get home happy without the aching feet.

It is very lightweight, and with its mesh upper and full-length goga mat insole, this slip-on shoe becomes another definition of superb comfort. The traction is crafted with circular tread patterns that keeps the grip firm and strong.

So, when you feel like walking around the city or strolling indoors, these Skechers slip-on shoes might be your best bet!

Key features
  • Very lightweight
  • Designed with goga mat insole for added comfort
  • Extremely comfortable; has cushioned footbed
  • Crafted with tread pattern soles for strong grip and traction
  • Perfect for walking flat and dry terrains and indoor strolling
  • Easy to wear
  • Flexible

How to Choose the Best Travel Shoes for Men

  • COMFORT: Men have their standards and preferences when it comes to comfort. And if you’re one of those who takes different trails and terrains, regardless of the style and type of shoes you’re wearing, comfort is definitely a must. You’ll enjoy your travels the most when you have comfortable shoes to wear. Men belong to a different range of sizes. As they usually have wider and bigger feet, a huge lineup of shoes is designed with broader toe boxes, wider collars or toplines for superior comfort.
  • There are also shoes that are tailored with cushioning to provide extra comfort. For the selection of rubber shoes and sneakers, the options are overwhelming, but the comfort depends on the structure including the outsoles, insoles, tongue, collar, and how you wear it with the socks on.
  • KNOW YOUR SIZE: The sizes for men are quite different from women’s. Whether you buy them online or in a physical store, these shoes are organized by size. Size charts are also always available to help you get the perfect fit. They also provide the measurements by size. So, if you’re a bit unsure about your size, it is important to measure your foot first to prevent comfort issues.
    In a physical store, you can just try it on and check if it fits well and feels comfortable. However, you should be more careful when buying shoes online. As there’s no chance to try them on, identifying your accurate measurements is very important.
  • DETERMINE YOUR NEEDS: To save budget and effort, some just settle for one pair of shoes for all the activities. However, they might wear out over time, and you might not get the comfort you need. It’ll cost you more in the long run. But if you want to indulge in the superior comfort and benefits, you should choose and purchase a pair of travel shoes for every travel, activity, or sport. The shoes you choose for a wet and slippery terrain may not be suitable for a rough and rocky road. If you’re going hiking, trekking, running, or just casual walking, find the ones that are suitable for these kinds of activities.
  • STYLE: The style is all up to you. Unlike the selection for women, men’s shoes don’t usually exhibit bright colors or busy prints. There are minimal designs, subtle details, and masculine colors that will match your style preferences. There is a vast selection of sandals, sneakers, rubber shoes, trekking and hiking shoes, loafers, oxfords, boots, and a lot more.


Have you found the travel shoes for your next adventures? If you haven’t yet, our list and reviews of the best travel shoes for men will definitely help you out.

You can find the best-selling and highest-rating travel shoes with superb features, excellent support and durability, and superior comfort. It also includes the designs for every particular activity and styles that will suit your style preferences.

Before purchasing, it is a must to consider the size, material, comfort, and durability. As long as these major factors are considered, and you’ve determined your needs, the styles and designs of your choice will go next.