Top 10 Best Throwing Knives in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Ever think how exciting it could be to learn some knife-throwing skills? Whether you are a martial art trainer, or it’s just your hobby, you would need an excellent throwing knife. This is an exciting sport having a long history and is a part of some cultures.

When it comes to buying a throwing knife, you’ll find many options. Here is this article; we will discuss 10 best throwing knives so you could decide wisely.

The Best Throwing Knives in 2022

Let’s begin our list of the best throwing knives in 2022.

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Read more detailed reviews of each product below:

10- TrueStrike Throwing knife set

TrueStrike Throwing knife set


This throwing knife has an overall length of 8 inches and made of stainless steel. Its blade length is 3.5 inches. It is a one-piece knife that is suitable for the beginners and professionals equally. Its sharp tip enables it to penetrate through its target smoothly.

  • Extra solid built and a sharp tip for better penetration
  • Sheath accurately fits the knives
  • Comfortable to hold in your hand
  • Not suitable for kids under age 10

9- Avias Supply 9 Inch 6 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife

Avias Supply 9 Inch 6 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife


When it comes to knife throwing in style, Avias supply is the best to choose. These knives are available in different colors shapes and designs. All of them are sharp enough to penetrate through the target. These knives come with a sheath to store them properly.

  • Glossy polished and sharp tips
  • Available in various patterns
  • Each pack contains 6 knives, so you get plenty of pieces for continuous practice.
  • You need to be précised while throwing them.
  • These knives are lightweight.
  • These can bounce back without piercing the target.

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8- Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife Set


This three-piece throwing knife set offers a firm grip and a smooth release. Made of a single sheet of stainless steel, it comes with a cord-wrapped handle. You can remove the cord if you want to and it will still work perfectly. These knives are lightweight, so you need to throw them accordingly.

  • If thrown properly, the tip will stick to the target with no difficulty
  • The 6.5inches length makes it suitable for the short distance.
  • Affordable and gives value for the money
  • You might not be able to throw it without spinning
  • Available to ship within the US only

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7- Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Paracord

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Paracord


Serious endeavors of throwing knives always select something durable, sturdy and perfectly balanced. Measuring 12 inches in length, this cool steel thrower has a 6.75 inches blade.

Thanks to the black protective coating, this weapon doesn’t get chips, bends, scratches, and dings.

Why go for this?

  • It weighs only 9.7 ounces that makes it more suitable for short distance throws.
  • Can be protected with a durable Cor-Ex sheath
  • You can learn many tricks with its flawless spin
  • Paracord wrapping around handle for better handling

6- Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set


The Perfect Point RC-179 knife set is one of the best sets available for the beginners. RC-179 is a three-piece set that offers a balanced throw each time you use it. It is manufactured with a stainless steel base and measures almost 8 inches.

  • For better protection and transportation, it comes with a nylon sheath.
  • Good value for less money
  • A hole at the end of the knife so you could tie a ribbon on it.
  • Can be used as a survival tool
  • Black color may fade out after long time uses.
  • Can be shipped within the US only

5- Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set


If you are a beginner and want to do more practice, you need to get a set of multiple throwing knives. You won’t need to order knives again and again as we all know that in the beginning, one will definitely lose, break or bend the blades.

So you better get Perfect Point PAK-712-Throwing Knife Set with 12 Knives and a black nylon sheath to store these knives properly. Each knife has a one-piece construction and made of stainless steel.

  • These knives are good for no-spin throwing because of their lightweight and length.
  • Sharp edges to hit the target
  • You get value for a little money.
  • The nylon sheath is a little bit loose for the set. Knives slide around when you close the case. But this is OK because you only want to store them.
  • US shipping only
  • Sharp edges. Not suitable for kids.

4- Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives

Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives


Finding a practical and a safe throwing knife is hard, however, if you buy Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives, you don’t need to worry about anything.

It is made of a single sheet of stainless steel and has dual edged spear point blade. 8-inch blades make this set suitable for professional use.

  • It meets expectations and offers value for the money
  • Great to learn half and full spin tricks
  • It has razor sharp edges and tips to stick to the target firmly
  • Comes with a polyester belt sheath for protection
  • Available within the US only

3- SOG Throwing Knives F041TN

SOG Throwing Knives F041TN


Knife throwing is all about precision, passion, and excitement and all these get doubled when you have an excellent knife set. SOG F041TN is ready to deliver you the best throwing experience as it is a perfect manufacture from all angles.

You get a sturdy tip, the balanced center of gravity and a smooth grip. Its handle is made of glass reinforced nylon which is wrapped with paracord. This paracord reduces vibration and offers easy handling.

  • For such an affordable price, you get a great knife throwing experience.
  • Comes with a nylon sheath for better storage when not in use.
  • The overall length is 10 inches while the blade length is 4.4 inches making it suitable for the beginners.
  • Some people may not like paracord handle

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2- SOG Specialty Knives

SOG Specialty Knives


With a 2.8-inch straight edge, this knife set is made of stainless steel. Weighing only 5.4 ounces each, you can expect durability, sturdiness, and balance each time you use this knife set. If you have started learning knife throwing and wanted to learn ‘no spin’ and ‘quarter spin’ tricks, this knife set is made for you.

  • Made of stainless steel that doesn’t get bend after hitting the target.
  • The ergonomic design offers a firm grip on the handle and smooth release.
  • Good for beginners as provide more control and stability
  • Paracord might get loose

1- Gil Hibben Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set

Gil Hibben Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set


Already got some knife throwing skills? Now you would need the best knife to polish your throwing skills. For this, a great knife is needed, and at that point, you should go for Gil Hibben products. Tanto thrower triple knife set has a durable construction, unique design and offers the perfect balance.

  • It doesn’t get scratches and dents easily. Durability is what you should expect from this knife set.
  • Pointed and a sturdy tip and handle is smooth to release
  • No fracturing point. It hits the target and doesn’t break down.
  • You can select a size from small to large yourself.
  • US shipping only

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Before you make your decision, here are a few points that you should consider.

  1. Material: it should be solid. Usually, it is good to buy a stainless steel throwing knife because it offers durability and easy handling.
  2. Price: Throwing knives are inexpensive. If you are a beginner, you should buy something cheaper, and once you are qualified, you need to buy a well-manufactured piece so you can polish your skills.
  3. Length and weight: This is the most critical part. Knife throwing depends on the length and weight of the knife. Big and heavy throwing knives are good for learning the basic skill, but at the pro level, a small and lightweight knife is mandatory. A heavier knife will have a huge impact, but a lightweight knife will reach to the longer distance when thrown correctly.
  4. Construction: An excellent throwing knife always has a single material construction. This means its blade and handle should be made of one material. It should be not sharp. The maximum length of a throwing knife is 12 inches and the shortest one has a length of 6 inches.


Whether you are new this skill of throwing knives or starting it as a hobby, you need good knives. It is not easy to select the best throwing knives, but we have made this unbiased review article to give you maximum assistance.

Getting a high-quality knife is important for you. A reliable and well-designed knife can offer you the real essence of this sport. Our research shows that products, as mentioned above, are the best throwing knives for beginners and professionals as well.

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