Best Telescope Camera Adapters in 2023: A Complete Guide

Best Telescope Camera Adapter

The smartphone is increasingly replacing the camera. The build-in lenses and software are getting better and better, but they fail in one point: telescope features. Even with digital zoom, a smartphone doesn’t even come close to a telelens. Until now. Because recently, more and more telescope camera adapters came to the market and turned your smartphone into a full camera device. Furthermore, many of those adapters can be used with small cameras, particularly those with a fixed lens.

Since those adapters are quite small, they are not as expensive as lenses for DLSR cameras. Plus, you can take the pocket and mount it easily to the smartphone lens when needed. If you ever tried to take a picture of the fool moon with your phone aline, then try again with the telescope camera adapter, and you will see the difference. We looked for some of the best telescope camera adapters on the market and compiled a list of reviews for you.

These are the 10 Best Telescope Camera Adapters in 2023

Now it’s time for us to reveal more detailed reviews on each product. Take a look below:

10. NEW: Selvim Phone Camera Lens Phone Kit

Selvim Phone Camera Lens Phone Kit


If you want to enhance your photography skills but don’t want to spend too much money on a DLSR and lenses, start with a lens kit for your smartphone. The Selvom kit is a great entry-level kit with several lenses. The most impressive is the telescope adapter, which enhances the picture by a factor of 22.

The use is very easy; you need to mount it on a clip and then fix the clamp on your phone. Those adapters work like a lens for professional use, yo; you even move the ring to adjust the focus. We recommend using a tripod when doing telephotography to avoid shaky pictures. This kit also includes an impressive fisheye lens, wide-angle, and a 25x macro lens. It fits on iPhones, Samsung, and many other models.

9. Universal Telescope Camera By TheCoolCube

Universal Telescope Camera By TheCoolCube


One of the biggest reasons why telescope camera adapters have become a rage today is because photographers and bloggers don’t have to invest in pricey digital cameras to get crisp, beautiful photos.

TheCoolCube offers this clip-on telescope that you can easily mount on your smartphone to get an optical zoom of 8 times enlargement while taking photos. This model is compatible with almost all smartphone brands, transforming your simple phone into a semi-professional digital camera, providing high-quality images and videos.

Its small size makes it a convenient travel buddy, and with its 65 degrees angle of view, your outdoor shoots will no longer be the same.

This product’s engineering and design make it ideal even for professional photographers, and high-quality materials ensure its longevity. We recommend to mount it directly to the phone’s lens, without a cover. 

8. NEW: Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit with Tripod

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit with Tripod


Have you ever had the situation while on vacation trying to capture an animal in the wild, but your smartphone only delivered a blurry mess? Next time you go on a photo safari, take this lens kit with you, and you are covered. It contains a whole set of lenses, including a 20x telephoto lens. This kit supports all smartphones with a camera not more than 3 cm from the edge. You can conveniently clip it on the phone; no other installation is required.

Whan we liked was that the kit included a tripod. Whether you use the telelens adapter or the macro, in both cases, you get much better pictures when mounted than holding the phone in your hand. The adapters come with a manual ring to adjust the focus, just like a professional lens works. The great advantage is that the kit fits in your pocket. It contains a fisheye lens, a 0.63 wide-angle lens starburst and a mosaic lens for special effects, and a 25x macro lens. Because of multi-layer coating lens optical glasses, the lens quality is very impressive, and your pictures will look like made with a pro camera.

KNGUVTH 5 in 1 Telescope Camera Adapter Set


If you boast of steady hands, this telephoto lens by KNGUVTH is an appropriate piece of equipment for capturing impressive telescopic images. The camera lens comes with 12X magnification that makes it ideal for sports shots and nature photography, and amateur astronomy. You also get a wide-angle and macro and a fisheye-macro lens in this set.

The product is compatible with almost all smartphone brands, tablets, and even computers. It comes with 12 months warranty. The detachable clip is part of its sturdy design that allows the camera to attach to the device without causing any damage to the phone. An interesting feature of this product is the option of manual focusing that helps you achieve clearer images.

However, there are times when the lens tends to distort straight lines. It has a highly reasonable telescope camera that is ideal for bird watching, sporting events, camping, concerts, and even traveling to any outdoor shooting location. The macro is great for capturing small things. 

6. NEW: Super Telephoto Zoom by CNMF

Super Telephoto Zoom by CNMF


CNMF offers a powerful and efficient telephoto adapter for your smartphone on the top end of those accessories. If you are a passionate bird watcher, this is a must-have tool. The telescope camera adapter has an impressive 10-300x40mm lens, which was unthinkable for phones just a few years ago. The lens is made from titanium alloy, and high-quality glasses reduce blur and distortion.

You also get a small tripod made for this telescope, so you don’t have to worry about a shaky hand when discovering a rare bird species. The BAK4 prism ensures the best clarity and light. Furthermore, you can also use the lens as a standalone monocular. If you are hunting, trekking, or on a photo safari, check the environment with the monocular first. When you discover something worth capturing, you can simply mount it to your smartphone, adjust the tripod, and take the shot.

The mini tripod (retractable) that comes with this product will ensure added stability as you hone your photography skills. Its portable and compact design will make this camera your best friend during your outdoor travels.

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While it does deliver high-resolution photos, the telescope camera adapter can be tricky when adjusting the focus because of its small size.  The accessory can be used with most modern smartphones.

5.  NEW: ViewPoint Phone Camera Lens with Remote

ViewPoint Phone Camera Lens with Remote


When going on a photo tour with a smartphone, even a tripod cannot ensure a steady camera all the time. That’s when a remote control comes in handy. This kit includes a small Bluetooth remote you can use to take a picture with the 16X Zoom lens telescope without even touching the camera. This feature is very helpful when capturing objects which are far away or night shots. The kits also have a macro lens, where the remote is useful as well.

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The lens is mounted with a soft rubber and aluminum clip, ensuring that your phone will not have a scratch or residue from the glue. Furthermore, a tripod is included in the set, plus a fisheye lens with a 198-degree angle. The lenses work with Android and iPhone; just make sure you use the right camera lens on your phone. The distance from the edge to the lens can be adjusted.

4. NEW: Phone Camera Telescope Adapter 20x Zoom

Phone Camera Telescope Adapter 20x Zoom


This telescope camera lens can be the right guide for improving your skills in photography. It is extremely reasonably-priced and does a great job for the passionate phone photographer. The 20x telescope lens fits both Android and iOS phones, and you can even use it as a monocular. 

It has a manual focal ring you can turn to fine-tune the picture, much more accurate than the phone’s autofocus feature. To get the best result, take the case off your phone and make sure the lens sits perfectly on the lens. You can capture objects up to 200m without using digital zoom. As always, a tripod is recommended when taking photos with a telescope lens.

3. NEW: Vankey Cellphone Telescope Adapter Mount

Vankey Cellphone Telescope Adapter Mount


Birdwatching gets better with this mount for monoculars and spotting scopes.  You can use it in two ways: as a monitor mount when you want to better picture the birds or objects or take pictures through your scope. This adapter is a high-quality mount that fits most scopes, monoculars, and binoculars since it has an adjustable grip. You can even mount it to a microscope.

The body is made from durable PA plastic; screws are designed for heavy use. The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty. Please note that this is the mount; no lens or scope is included. It works with nearly every smartphone on the market.

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#2. The Universal Lens By Shopping_Shop2000

The Universal Lens By Shopping_Shop2000


For those that enjoy photography, this Universal lens by Shopping_Shop2000 is worth your time. The camera’s lightweight and compact design makes it easily compatible with almost all smartphone types (Android or iOS).

Highly portable, you can make it your travel partner while shooting for many outdoor and indoor projects. It works well in various environments, thanks to a high-durability design.

An impressive focus of this camera allows you to magnify objects by up to 10 times. However, the focusing is manual instead of automatic. You can research outdoors or birdwatch with ease using this camera.

Although some may complain about the product’s flimsy design, it is a convenient camera lens adapter with high durability that offers an exclusive zooming option for capturing breath-taking images.

1. NEW: Apexel High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens

Apexel High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens


The Apexel telescope camera adapter is just 8 inches long, a fraction of a professional telelenses length for a DLSR camera. And yet, most of the time, you won’t see a difference in the photo.  Whether you want to shoot at a sports event, a car race, or in nature, this lens will bring magnificent results. It magnifies the objects by a factor of 36, and because of the high-quality glass used, the lens provides HD quality.

It comes with a tripod, so you don’t have to worry about shaky shots (we strongly recommend using this accessory). With wide legs, the tripod provides a sturdy base. It is made of durable plastic. The lens is equipped with screw fitting so that you can adjust the mont according to your specific model. It works with both Android and iOS phones.


While the choice rests with you, there are 3 important factors to consider when you go telescope camera adapter shopping- zoom factor, material, and extras. We like the kits since you get more for nearly the same price range. But if you need just a telescopic camera adapter, go for the best ones.

Each of these models’ quality design makes them highly durable and functional, both outdoors and indoors. Make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for before you start shopping.

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