Best Tactical Backpacks for Camping & Outdoor Adventures in 2023

While Tactical backpacks are designed mainly for military use, they are also practical to use for other activities. If you are looking forward to a thrilling adventure in the jungle or want to survive a combat zone, these backpacks are a must-have. Unlike the regular bags, these tactical backpacks come with unquestionable durability and high functionality. So, besides military use, these bags are also ideal for people who enjoy rugged camping or hiking experiences.

Featuring brilliant quality, these backpacks are also a perfect pick for people looking for a functional daypack to keep their items protected from elements. These backpacks are made from high water resistant materials to ensure that your supplies, gear and other things stay dry. The robust construction also ensures heightened protection. What’s more, these bags come with multiple compartments to ensure your items are well organized.

Similar to other bags, Tactical backpacks come in various designs, construction materials, and features. Therefore, before settling on the best model, it is crucial to pick a model that makes your journeying thrilling. In this post, we sorted out the best models from the multitudinous products on the market today.

Top 10 Best Tactical Backpacks in 2023

Here’s our list of the best tactical backpacks in 2023:

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10. PANS Military Expandable Travel Backpack Tactical

PANS Military Expandable Travel Backpack Tactical


When planning a hiking or camping tour, then you need a high-quality tactical backpack that assists you to carry everything you need? The PANS military tactical pack has an expandable capacity that expands from 39L to 64L. This makes it an ideal choice for short treks to extended camping trips. To make organizing your stuff more manageable, this model comes with four compartments. This includes; the front compartment, middle main compartment as well as side pockets.

Regardless of where you want to visit, this backpack aims at enabling the carry their activity without challenges. It is crafted from sturdy, water-resistant materials for enhanced durability. Notably, this unit also includes a Molle system in the front. This feature enables you to add a pouch or a mountaineering hook that you can use to hang small items. Moreover, the bag integrates two walkie-talkie pouches, so you don’t have to worry about losing your partner when navigating the jungle.

  • Comes with heavy-duty zippers and tabs
  • Expandable main compartment
  • Available in various colors
  • Multiple compartments for easy organization
  • When loaded fully, the backpack may feel unwieldy

9. Gearrific Tactical Backpack

Gearrific Tactical Backpack


This is not a regular tactical bag; instead, a complete bundle that includes everything you need for camping, mission, hiking and other strenuous outdoor activities. This is a military grade survival backpack that comes with a decent 40L capacity. It a practical solution that comes with custom selected features. These features are crucial especially if you are caught in the wilderness for a prolonged period. Coming with 25 emergency survival items, this is the ultimate survival backpack.

Featuring a main compartment that extends to 40L capacity, this tough and versatile backpack lets you tackle the wilderness for up to 3 days. Best of all, it is also collapsible to 22L capacity. This makes it a perfect choice for people looking for a daypack or commuter bag. As you would expect, this bag comes with multiple compartments for easy organization, a well-padded back, and straps for heightened comfort.

  • Complete bundle including a complete survival kit
  • Made from tough waterproof materials
  • Expandable capacity to 40L
  • Multi-use, ideal as a tactical as well as everyday use backpack
  • A bit expensive
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8. REEBOW TACTICAL Military Tactical Backpack

 REEBOW TACTICAL Military Tactical Backpack


The REEBOW TACTICAL military backpack will make most users’ question why other tactical backpacks have to be so costly. From outdoors activities, everyday use, to warzones, this professionally designed backpack offers you with Special Forces grade performance. With a 34L capacity, this compact backpack helps you carry supplies for 1-2 days excursions. It is made from tough 1000D fabric that is tough to keep your items safe from harsh weather and environment. For enhanced durability, the backpack is double stitched and fitted with high-end zippers.

What makes this backpack interesting to use is the integrated hydration compartment. Unlike other bags where you need to stop and remove the water bottle, this bag has a convenient pipe that hangs from the shoulder straps. Additionally, this bag comes with well-padded straps and breathable back for enhanced comfort, especially when trekking for long distances.

  • Has a bottle holder on both sides
  • Comes with a MOLLE system
  • Crafted from 1000D fabric
  • Comfortable padding back area
  • For some, the 35L capacity may not be adequate

7. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack


Boasting of an intelligent design, the REEBOW GEAR is a high-performance backpack designed for combat as well as tackling a tough outdoor activity. Thanks to high-density construction materials, this backpack has high scores in ruggedness aspect. Coming with a 35L capacity, this might not be the largest backpack out there, but it serves your needs. To expand on the capacity, this bag includes MOLLE webbing throughout. This enables you to add extra tactical pouches or gear.

In terms of constructions, the bag offers unrivaled performance, especially when considering its price tag. Besides having been crafted from 600D fabric, it is double stitched and fitted with high-end zippers for increased durability. Similarly, your comfort is never compromised. This is made possible by the ergonomic back and shoulder straps that are not only well padded but also breathable.

  • Keeps you hydrated with its 2.5L hydration bladder
  • Heavy-duty fabric that is water and tear resistant
  • Included MOLLE system for additional storage
  • Ergonomic design for increased comfort
  • Shoulder straps feel a bit uncomfortable when carrying a heavy load for long distance
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6. Overmont Multifunctional Tactical travel backpack

 Overmont Multifunctional Tactical travel backpack


Contrary to what most people believe, the finest things in life don’t have to be sophisticated. Designed with simplicity in mind the Overmount backpack is a multifunctional bag that serves various purposes incredibly well. Whether you are looking for a tactical travel backpack or a large daypack for school or work, this is an excellent choice. It comes with multiple compartments that let you carry everything you need. The main compartment is spacious to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, books, clothes and other necessities. Users also appreciate the many inner pockets that allow for easy organization and accessibility of your stuff.

Different from a regular backpack, this backpack is also crafted from terylene oxford fabric, making it three times stronger. Another notable feature included in this backpack is the pressure decreasing straps. Equipped with S-shaped straps with high-density foam padding, this backpack will not bog you down even when carrying heavy items. More importantly, the simple yet impressive appearance looks beautiful for both men and women.

  • Simple yet practical design
  • Multiple use thanks to the large capacity main compartment
  • Heavy-duty construction materials
  • Comes with both back straps and shoulder straps
  • Available in only one color choice

5. Orca Tactical Military Molle Backpack

Orca Tactical Military Molle Backpack


If you are planning a short trip for 1-2 days in the jungle or wilderness, you don’t need something that will bog you down. This practical backpack comes with a decent 34L capacity to help you only what you need. Designed with four compartments, two main compartments for holding the bulkier stuff and two compartments at the front for holding smaller items, organizing your items has never been easier. It doesn’t stop here; the main compartments also include zippered and mesh pockets for simple accessibility while the elastic band holds your clothes compactly.

Durability matters when it comes to the selection of the ideal tactical backpack. Orca tactical understands this and leaves nothing to chance. Besides creating the bag from sturdy 600D fabric, it is coated from the inside to ensure water resistance. Additionally, all the stress points are double stitched for optimal performance. What’s more, this backpack includes a functional MOLLE system that enables you to hang extra accessories.

  • Breathable and well-padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort
  • Double stitched seams for heightened durability
  • Integrates a functional Molle system on the side
  • Has an adjustable waist belt
  • Ideal for short excursions
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4. Mardingtop 25L/28L/35L Tactical Backpacks

Mardingtop 25L/28L/35L Tactical Backpacks


While this model doesn’t come from a popular brand, it offers a solid service that most users will appreciate. One notable feature is that it comes in three capacities. The 25L is a nice selection for individuals looking for an everyday backpack or one-day hiking bag. 35L capacity is the largest model making it a practical choice for 2-3 camping adventures. On the other hand, the 28L capacity backpack is the best balance for those looking for a model they can use for daily activity as well as outdoor activities. Quality remains the same despite the capacity you choose. Each of these backpacks is made from 600D polyester materials and fitted with a heavy-duty YKK zipper.

Hydration is paramount especially when you are thinking of tackling a harsh environment. With a 2.5Lhydration compartment, this assault pack ensures that you remain hydrated all the way. To boost your comfort, this bag has a well-padded back and shoulder straps. This is not all, it also includes a waist belt for a snuggle fit. Interestingly, the backpack features four Molle Hooks underneath that helps you strap additional items.

  • Decent main compartment with internal pockets
  • A Multipurpose design makes it practical to use for various occasions
  • Water resistant and scratchproof materials
  • Multiple compartments allow for easy organization
  • Some find the 28L capacity too small

3. 5.11 RUSH12 Tactical Assault Backpack

5.11 RUSH12 Tactical Assault Backpack


The 5.11 RUSH12 is a badass assault backpack making it indispensable models for serious individuals who would want to get nothing short of the best. This 24L assault daypack is functional and versatile for work, schools, as well as outdoor adventure. The main compartment is large enough to carry your supplies for a day. Users also appreciate the solid front and side pockets with convenient pull-tabs. This means even if you live in cold areas, you don’t need to remove the cloves to open the bag.

The backpack feels compact thanks to the compression straps. Thanks to the ergonomic shoulder straps and back, this bag also feels comfortable even when commuting for long distances. The bag also includes a decent hydration pocket that allows for easy access to water. Users also appreciate the fleece-lined pocket that lets you keep your valuables safe and protected. What’s more, this backpack has a water-resistant coat that ensures that your contents stay dry.

  • Uniquely styled Yoke straps for enhanced comfort
  • Made from tear and water resistant 1050D Nylon construction materials
  • Includes a rear hydration compartment
  • Features a Molle web platform
  • Best for daily or overnight camping only

2. 5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack

5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack


Most outdoor lovers are synonymous with the 5.11 tactical brands. Over time this brand has been on the market, it has received a good reception thanks to their exceptional construction. The RUSH72 brings unbeatable balance between capacity and durability. Coming with a decent 55L capacity, this bag is large to carry all the gear and supplies you need for a three-day mission. Similar to other models from this manufacturer, this backpack is crafted from tough 1050D nylon fabric. Featuring a military style, it includes multiple compartments that let you keep all your stuff organized.

The practical design will fulfill all your needs beautifully. It comes with enough Molle webbing to enable you to attach extra items for easy accessibility or extra storage. While it is rather large, this model also doubles as a practical everyday backpack to help you get your emergency supplies wherever you need them. However it worth noting that this backpack doesn’t come cheap. However, don’t let the high price discourage you. If you are looking for something that offers reliable service for many years, this backpack will suit your needs perfectly.

  • Multiple use backpacks built to withstand hard use
  • Well padded and ergonomically designed shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Impressive capacity, 55L enables you to carry all the supplies you need
  • Multiple compartments for easy organization
  • Expensive

1. SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack


Named in honor of US Special Ops who did exceptionally well in the Vietnam War, SOG tactical backpacks never disappoints when it comes to performance. Therefore, whether you are commuting to work, school or thinking of enjoying your time in the outdoor, SOG Ninja Day pack got your back. Featuring multiple compartments and Molle webbing to let you attach extra items, this is an indispensable backpack for any adventures.

Thanks to the Ergonomic back design and Yoke styled straps; this bag rests comfortably on your bag. The straps not only allow for even weight distribution but also are also easy to adjust for a snug fit. Not impressive enough? Well, the exceptional features do not stop here. This backpack also comes with a breathable back that boosts your comfort over long hauls. Some of the other features that you will love in this model include a top carry handle, Molle system as well as side compression straps.

  • Excellent water repellency
  • Practical design makes it ideal for various applications
  • Yoke styled straps for enhanced comfort
  • Double stitched seams
  • Daypack, not suitable for camping trips

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tactical Backpacks

Remember, Tactical packs come with numerous features. However, these features are subjective. For you to find a model that meets your needs, go for a model that includes the following features.

  • MOLLE System: MOLLE, which stands for Lightweight load carrying equipment. This system is usually characterized by high durability nylon straps that are attached on the exterior part of the backpack. This system lets you attach extra items for additional storage or easy accessibility.
  • Multi-compartments: The more the compartments are in a backpack, the better the organization. Ensure you pick a model with at least four compartments. Preferably, the bag should have at least two main compartments, front compartment as well as side pockets.
  • Hydration Pack: Another crucial feature you should look for is the hydration pack. Backpacks that includes this feature has the hydration pipe hanging over the straps. This ensures that you don’t have to stop to get your water bottle. Rather you can conveniently access the water while on the move.
  • Construction material: Construction materials are also something that you should emphasize on. Remember, you need a backpack that withstands repeated use in a tough environment. Besides ensuring the bag is made from heavy-duty fabric, go for models with double stitching to ensure durability.


There are numerous advantages of a tactical backpack over a regular bag. First, these backpacks remain relevant day in, day out. Whether you love hiking or you are into military services, these backpacks will offer reliable services. While there are many models on the market, we have reviewed the top selling and best-rated models to assist you to make an informed decision. Therefore, you simply need to go through the above models and pick a model that fits your needs. All the best!

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