The Best Suits for Virus Protection in 2022

Virus Protection Suit
Best suit for virus protection

Astronaut has always amazed us in every way possible-right from their intellect and work ethics to their dedication to work and even their dressing styles while traveling to space. Some of us have also requested our parents to get us a similar suit to mimic a real astronaut at home!

In other fields of work too, individuals are forced to wear a suit-in the chemical industries to protect themselves from industrial hazards, a fireman and a bomb detector wear such garments by default to safeguard themselves against explosives, and even doctors wear them occasionally while treating patients during rare circumstances-just like our present situation where the world has fallen flat for fear of the Coronavirus. Read how to protect yourself from COVID-19 at the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) for the updated information.

The latest news even has it that certain people are visiting public places wearing hazmat suits for protecting themselves against the newest Coronavirus pandemic. A hazmat suit is a piece of personal protection equipment consisting of an impermeable garment used as a protective cover against hazardous material. This is a one-of-a-kind suit that paramedics most prefer, individuals in the medical field, firefighters, and workers whose work profile involves the toxic environment. That’s one reason why we have researched the top 10 best suits for virus protection in 2022 for you to choose from. Please check out the reviews and buying guide below.

Top 10 Best Virus Protection Suits That Recommended in 2022

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The information given below would surely help each of you looking out for a virus protection suit to make an informed decision depending on your requirements.

10. SAS Safety 6893 Gen-Nex, All-Purpose Hooded Painter’s Coverall

SAS Safety 6893 Gen-Nex, All-Purpose Hooded Painter’s Coverall


Being in business for more than 30 years, SAS Safety is a recognized brand providing safety products to protect oneself. The 6893 coveralls, a product from the SAS safety house, should be no exception in providing the user with ultimate safety. Gen-Nex coveralls are the highlight of this product as they provide extra protection against particulate matters.

Gen-Nex coveralls come with elastic ankles and wrists besides being provided with a hood too. The suit is a good-quality product that ensures the most valuable living beings’ protection in world-human beings. It is a coverall suit covering the body from head to toe, leaving no space for attack from outside, and is the best suit for virus protection.

Key features
  • Cloth-like fiber material
  • Overall body cover from head to toe along with a hoodie
  • Elastic wrist and ankle coverall
  • Zipper option provided for the entire body-to-toe cover-up
  • Every product from SAS is inspected and tested making them free from defects
  • A painter’s suit, the effectiveness of wearing it against virus attacks is doubtful

8. Lakeland MicroMax NS Microporous General Purpose Disposable Coverall 

Lakeland MicroMax NS Microporous General Purpose Disposable Coverall


The bodysuit is a product from MicroMax NS, a company specializing in producing a range of coveralls and partial body protective accessories at a competitive price that’s an attraction for every buyer. Every fabric here gives a tough fight against all four viral barrier tests in the EN 14126 infectious agent CE EN standard. This microporous general-purpose disposable coverall is no exception as it provides durability, protection, and breathability.

This is a disposable garment material that comes with a hood made of lightweight material that makes it breathable, unlike specific other garments that are heavy and make the user sweat as soon as he/she wears it. The material used is praiseworthy as it meets the American Society for Testing and Materials specification. The NS fabric is a safeguard against various applications right from paint spraying and power washing to wastewater treatment plants and any environment that includes spills and splashes.

Key features
  • Provides all the blood and viral protection that every individual deserves from his/her environment
  • The coverall comes with an attached hood and elastic cuffs that minimize exposure to outside factors.
  • Provides 100% protection against infectious agents as it is certified to the standards of biological/infective agents and is one of the best suits for virus protection
  • A two-piece crotch prevents crotch splitting
  • A three-piece hood enhances safety and comfort
  • A ‘shaped to body’ torso enables maximum movements
  • Widespread complaints regarding size misfits

7. DuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist, Bootie & Hood 

DuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist, Bootie & Hood


Any garment must enhance job performance and should be designed so that it doesn’t restrict the designated job’s performance in any way. Every DuPont Tyvek garment, including the TY122S, is intended to provide the user with the best durability, performance ability, and protection in his/her fieldwork. It is made from high-density polyethylene that safeguards against particles and acting as a barrier against unwanted elements.

The garment made from polyethylene is a unique and non-woven fabric that could emerge only from the house of DuPont. The company has helped improve the HAZMAT category’s safety standards, and one can rest assured that any of its products must be 100% safe to use. The garment has a nylon zipper and has elastic at the waist, sleeves, and leg openings, affirming super grip and zero-entry of hazardous elements.

Key features
  • Excellent barrier protection against hazards
  • A potent combination of protection, durability, and comfort
  • The entire suit is made of high-quality fabric with serged seams, zipper closure, elastic wrists, and hood
  • Attached bootie with a special coating that provides skid-resistance
  • A respirator-fit hood that comes with an elastic covering the face, neck, and chin providing a clear space for a respirator face mask
  • Offers a superb range of movements during field work-lightweight
  • Size misfits
  • Easily tearable

6. DuPont Tyvek 400 TY127S Disposable Protective Coverall

DuPont Tyvek 400 TY127S Disposable Protective Coverall


The protective coverall offers unmatched protection while at your job. It is a great product to use by workers in areas where sewage or toxic materials pose health risks. All the suits look the same from outside, but Tyvek suits are the pest protection garment as it comes with comfortable breathability and safety protection.

The garment comes with multiple interlocking threads sewn around the fabric that makes it stress-resistant and has a comfortable design that offers a range of movements. As the protection comes from the fabric level, no film or laminate erodes quickly while using it.

Key features
  • Long zipper from neck to toe extending up to the chin for complete coverage of the neck
  • Attached respirator-fit hood with elastic around the face opening to hold a respirator face mask
  • Protection build to fabric
  • Durable and comfortable to use
  • It fits smaller than expected and hence, required to buy one size larger than usual.
  • Easy wear out

4. DuPont Tyvek 400 TY122S Disposable Protective Coverall

DuPont Tyvek 400 TY122S Disposable Protective Coverall


DuPont is a company that has been making protective suits for more than 20 years. All of its products, including the Tyvek 400, are a versatile material that is durable yet soft and light. This coverall is suitable for a wide range of jobs, including spray painting to handling lead.

The disposable coverall is durable, comfortable as well as protective. Though permeable to both air and water vapor, it also repels water-based liquids and aerosols. The product does not contain any silicone or fillers and additives as well.

Key features
  • Front zipper closure
  • Serged seams
  • Elastic wrists, ankles, and waist
  • Tyvek FC boots provide skid resistance
  • Shields from hazardous materials and skin irritants
  • Offers an excellent range of movement with the best fit to improve job performance
  • The fabric offers an inherent barrier and its not a laminate that could be ruined
  • Lightweight which is very important and provides protection against light splashes
  • Tears frequently near the crotch
  • Sizing is incorrect

3. SAS Safety 6983 Nylon Cotton Moon Suit Coverall 

SAS Safety 6983 Nylon Cotton Moon Suit Coverall


This lightweight coverall is made from durable nylon in the front and cozy cotton in the back, making it breathable and comfortable. The nylon front coverage keeps it rip-free, while the cotton back helps reuse the coverall as it is washable. This product that comes from the SAS Safety company helps make the workplace a safer place as they protect people with their high-quality fabric and cost-efficient merchandise.

The product comes with a front zipper and an elastic waist that makes it easy to use and remove. It offers top-to-bottom protection as there is a pullover hood, nylon coverage, and velcro wrist and ankle closure. Above all, it is reusable as it is easily washable.

Key features
  • Lightweight with nylon rip-protective front coverage and cotton back coverage
  • Hook and loop ankle closure
  • Zipper front
  • It comes with a hood
  • Chest patch pocket
  • Elastic waist, wrist, and ankles
  • The cool cotton fabric makes it easy to breathe.
  • Velcro ankle closing helps in putting on/removing the suit without removing the shoes.
  • Cost-effective for the quality provided
  • Inappropriate size guide

2. Kleenguard A60 Bloodborne Pathogen and Chemical Protective Coverall Suit Hooded and Booted

Kleenguard A60 Bloodborne Pathogen and Chemical Protective Coverall Suit Hooded and Booted


This product could be one of your best choices as the Kleenguard protective coverall ensures maximum safety and serves the purpose of the dot-it protects those people working in a crime scene cleanup, crime lab, emergency medical response, forensic use, and embalming. They have a clean chit passing the test for body fluids, blood penetration, and bloodborne pathogens, making them a world-class product in the virus protection category.

The coverall comes with a three-layer construction-the outer layer made of durable polypropylene protecting against tear and abrasion; the middle layer consists of a microporous film that protects against liquids, and the seamless front protects exposed parts of the body. It comes in an assortment of sizes with a fine hoodie and booties, making it an attractive buy. It is a guaranteed best suit for virus protection.

Key features
  • Excellent protection against blood-borne pathogens and chemicals
  • Offers freedom of movement with a good fit
  • Three-layer construction fabric protects against abrasion and tear
  • Elastic ankle and wrist coverups
  • 3-layer fabric enhances protection
  • ASTM F1670/F1671 tested for bloodborne pathogens and penetration of blood
  • Flimsy material

1. DuPont TY122S-XL-EACH Disposable Tyvek Coverall Suit 

DuPont TY122S-XL-EACH Disposable Tyvek Coverall Suit


The DuPont Tyvek coverall is designed to work well with gels and heavy-bodied paints with its durable nylon material. The company is a master in manufacturing industry-leading protective gear and costumes, and the TY122S-XL provides an excellent balance of safety and durability.

The TY122S is an extremely versatile garment that can be reused even after abrasions and can stop microporous particles. Its skid-resistant boots, elastic wrists, respirator fit hood, and elastic waist provide the comfort and security needed for work.

Key features
  • Unmatched comfort and durability
  • A zipper front, attached hoodie, and total body coverage (except face) give the user complete protection.
  • The fabric provides inherent barrier protection against hazards
  • Serged seams
  • Limited range of movements
  • Easy tear

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing the Safest Protection Suitable

The primary purpose of any protective suit is to safeguard the individual from chemical and biological hazards. Some fundamental factors to keep in mind before purchasing any protection suit include:

The fabric used must be tough enough to offer protection against hazardous liquid, much better if it is heat-sealed

  • Offer maximum comfort with natural movements possible as this is extremely critical while treating patients or saving lives
  • Should be tested against a range of biological agents
  • Must provide ease of breath
  • Correct fitting suits and accessories, including shoes or gloves, make the user experience more comfortable.
  • High-tear resistant and flexible

Other Important Factors to Consider for Safeguarding Ourselves Against Virus Attacks

Natural calamities, including epidemics and pandemics, are inevitable. All that we can do is take safety measures to avoid becoming victims of it. A virus’s best friend is air as it seems to have a gala time passing over from one individual to another with a simple sneeze, cough, or even breath! It is, therefore, necessary to protect ourselves against virus attacks primarily by taking hygiene measures, the very first of which include washing hands often with soap and water.

Washing your hands every time you sneeze, cough, or touch something is the safest way to protect yourself and others. Protection masks have also become famous these days as people try their best to stay safe from other’s sneezing or coughing by wearing such masks. But the protection and safety offered by these masks entirely depend on their quality and the purpose of use.

Other factors that must be kept in mind include:

  • Avoid eating out
  • Don’t be in close contact with people affected by cold or cough
  • Avoid traveling
  • Avoid visiting public places or large gatherings


Any viral infection is easily spreadable, making it even more crucial to take protective actions to safeguard yourself. Besides following the precautionary measures recommended to keep oneself safe, it is also suggested that people working in close contact with the infected individuals wear protective suits to safeguard themselves. The reviews and buying guide above would give you an idea of the critical points to consider before purchasing any best suit for virus protection. List your fundamental specifications and choose a product that seems to be your best fit.

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