Top 10 Best Stained Glass Window Films in 2021 – Buying Guide

Home décor has been an integral part of everyone’s life. We prefer modernly equipped and economical options for our adobe. When it comes to the embellishment of glass windows, stained glass window film is the best and lucrative option to go for.

These glass films are an economical and simple to use option rather than using real stained glass, enabling you to reconstruct your glasses in moments. If you’re seeking additional retreat, then stained window film can further be printed on windows which are frosted to build higher protection to your house. Stained glass window films can easily be applied by any individual. The entire process can be completed in a very short period of time.

These two films which are frosted window film or transparent window film are frequently utilized as the primary element concerning stained glass prints. These stained glass window prints applied on frosted window films can additionally be connected with patterns.

Therefore, still providing further separation. Both frosted and transparent window films can be applied to the interior windows and outside windows, they are of great quality and can be simply installed, as they are bubble free.

Here are the Top 10 Best-Stained Glass Window Films in 2021

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10. DUOFIRE TWIN PROTECTOR Decorative Film For Stained Glass

DUOFIRE TWIN PROTECTOR Decorative Film For Stained Glass


Privacy can be a reason of concern for many individuals; this product is extremely reliable when it comes to acquiring privacy. Provides you with privacy also enables sunlight to pass through making your house fresher than ever. The application is very easy. Glue or adhesive or any sticky product is not required to install this product. Only water is needed for the simple application. The material used in this product is vinyl, which is extremely durable and lasts for more than 5 years.

Why buy this product:

Duofire Twin Protector stained glass window film is highly recommended for individuals who seek privacy and durability. Application of this product is easy and hassle-free. Longevity of this product is more than 5 years.

The application is easy and can be done just by sprinkling water on it. Contains professional stainless steel film cutter, one roll of window film, one stainless steel ruler. It is a good deal with this number of things. Application of this product is possible anywhere as in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, hotels, classrooms and more.

The material used to make this product is vinyl, which can resist heat and enables UV protection. Enables sunlight to enter only after filtering it and has extreme control of glare.

Key Features
  • Enables sunlight to enter and provides privacy at the same time.
  • Easy and hassle-free application.
  • Free accessories which enable you to apply instantly in minutes.
  • Extremely reliable product, last a very long time.
  • Provides privacy and security, also comes with a very sophisticated design.
  • Easy application and maintenance.
  • Sometimes the application might not stay and come off quicker than usual.
  • Removing these glass films can be problematic at times.

9. Niviy Artsy look Privacy Window Waterproof Covering Brick Stained Glass Window Film

Niviy Artsy look Privacy Window Waterproof Covering Brick Stained Glass Window Film 


NVIY ARTSY stained glass window film here is unique on its own. Contains solar characteristics, which helps to control the house or any place where it is installed from harmful UV rays.

Provides extremely good privacy and can be installed anywhere and everywhere such as in the bathroom, kitchen, shower, bedroom. Any requirement of adhesive or glue to use or apply this product is not necessary. Reusing this product is possible even after opening. Application of this product is easy for any glass surface which is level.

Why buy this product:

Individuals planning to make their house beautiful and artistic should definitely purchase this product. Durability and beauty are the main features of the product, giving the place a completely classy look. Enables sunlight to enter in a very sophisticated manner giving your place an exuberant look.

Application of this product is easy as no glue or adhesive is required. Application of this product can be done in minutes and can be trimmed or cut to fit any window size.

Key Features
  • Beautiful pattern and design.
  • Enables sunlight to enter with protecting you from harmful UV rays.
  • Helps maintain privacy and creates good security.
  • It gives your house a beautiful and classy look.
  • Provides privacy and security.
  • No adhesive or glue needed for the application.
  • Color can be different from the color shown in the picture.
  • The film can appear to be thin for some people and might face difficulties to install.

8. LEMON CLOUD Decorative Privacy Window No Glue Static 3D Films for Glass 

LEMON CLOUD Decorative Privacy Window No Glue Static 3D Films for Glass


Lemon Cloud glass stained films are frosted and can be used to make anywhere and any place more private. Multiple areas can be covered by this product; it can be used for balcony, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and more.

Application and installation of this product are extremely easy as no glue or adhesive is required; it also reusable. As it requires no adhesive when these films are opened absolutely no stain stays behind.

There are various design and pattern options for this particular product. They are also extremely durable made out of vinyl material.

Why buy this product:

Durability and privacy are the two options one should consider first before buying stained glass window films. Beauty is another added benefit delivered by this product.

The product is a visionary retreat to the eyes. Making your house beautiful and sophisticated it might look like a dream. Gives your place a fresh and calm look. You can install this product hassle free and can completely rely on this product’s durability. Adhesive or glue is not required to use this product, making it extremely easy to apply.

Key Features
  • Countless patterns and designs to choose from.
  • The material used to make this product is vinyl, which can face and resists heat and steam.
  • Easy to use and remove. Leaves no stain behind after removal.
  • No glue or adhesive is required.
  • Easy and hassle-free usage.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Might be a problem to stick on glass panes at times.
  • Can fall off if exposed to too much sunlight.

7. Rabbitgoo Pebble burrow Privacy Window Film

Rabbitgoo Pebble burrow Privacy Window Film 


Pebble burrow stained film glass does not require any adhesive and gives your house a very natural and artistic overview. Does not leave any stain behind after it gets removed as there is no glue or adhesive required.

One of the most striking features is that it easier for the sunlight to come in during winters and the resistance of heat during summer. Not only it provides privacy but also allows the light to enter and makes the house look nourished and healthy.

Why buy this product:

Various designs and patterns can be found used in this product. Controls the sunlight during summers and allows the sunlight to enter the house during winters. The unique feature makes it irresistible for people who enjoy winter sunlight.

The application is simple as no adhesive or glue is required. The removal process is also easy and leaves no stain behind. Even after removing the film can be used again very easily.

Key Features
  • Keeps the heat out in summers and brings the heat in during winters.
  • Easy to use, does not require glue or adhesive.
  • It can be easily removed and not leave any stain on the window pane.
  • Blocks excessive heat during summers
  • Brings in more heat during winters.
  • Simple and easy application.
  • Does not provide a lot of privacy, advisable to not use in the bathroom
  • Can peel off soon at times.

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6. Coavas Striped and Tiled Non-Adhesive Window Film 

Coavas Striped and Tiled Non-Adhesive Window Film 


Striped and Tiled window film stained glass provides security and privacy. No glue or adhesive is required. Removal of this product is easy and also can be used after several years of removal if it is kept and maintained properly. This Coavas product can be applied in office, home or bathroom. The privacy level is high for this product. A characteristic, which controls heat and restricts harmful UV rays from entering the house are present in this product.

Why buy this product:

People who need security and style, this product is exactly for them. Privacy and security provided are extremely good. The uniqueness of the product is the characteristic, which helps keep the harmful UV rays away, giving a very different effect on different weathers. Durable and very simple and easy to use. All the features needed in a stained glass window film are available in this product. Restricting glare and heat from coming in through the windows this product makes a mark and also it can be shaped and trimmed according to any size of the window.

Key Features
  • Controls glare and resists heat during extreme weather condition.
  • Extremely simple application and installation.
  • Provides high security and keeps maintaining privacy.
  • Next to impossible to breach privacy when this product has been used.
  • Simple and swift application.
  • Can be reused even after removal.
  • Might be a problem sticking it in the bathroom.
  • Might fall down and require a tape at times to stick it.

5. d-c-fix Fresh tulip Self-Adhesive Privacy Glass Window Film 

d-c-fix Fresh tulip Self-Adhesive Privacy Glass Window Film


Fresh tulip stained glass can easily be applied anywhere and everywhere including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and also in furniture. The application of this stained glass is very simple and can be done extremely quick.

You just need to peel the sticker and stick it on the window. Its simple application has made it extremely popular, which also controls heat and harmful UV rays from entering the house. The film can be removed without any hassle and also it won’t leave any stain behind.

Why buy this product:

Application of this stained glass film is super quick and hassle-free and can be used in any furniture, glass doors, and windows. The material used is vinyl; thus it is durable, and the designs are extremely beautiful and artistic.

Removal of the product can be done without any hassle and also it does not leave any spot or smudge behind. Controls almost all the harmful UV rays and sustains heat for a very long time period. It can be reused even after removing, providing the product is kept securely.

Key Features
  • Extremely durable with beautiful designs.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays and resists heat.
  • Easy installation and simple removal methods.
  • Provides extreme security and privacy.
  • Instant application in minutes.
  • High durability.
  • The color can be different than the pictures.
  • Chances of air bubbles coming can be there.

4. Artscape Magnolia Window Film 

Artscape Magnolia Window Film 


Artscape window films form the vision of stained and etched glass. These light, transparent films give security and also allow natural daylight to enter the place. Fitting these products is simple to any plane glass surface. They do not require adhesives and can be easily removed whenever needed Trimmed and shaped to suit any size glass. The images have a recurrent design and can be used either vertically or horizontally. UV protections are provided by these films and are the ideal embellishing product for windows that need advanced privacy.

Why buy this product:

Artscape, as the name suggests, will help you to look into the windows and disappear into a fantasy world. The designs are beautiful and give the look of the medieval age. Trimming and cutting of this product are possible to fit any window size. The images have a mirror pattern and can be used horizontally and vertically. UV rays are controlled, and it resists sunlight while providing privacy at the very same time. The application is hassle-free and also can be removed at any time when required.

Key Features
  • Protects from UV rays and sunlight.
  • Has a recurring pattern, can be applied vertically or horizontally
  • Provides privacy and security without disabling the light to enter.
  • Beautiful eye-catching pattern.
  • Smooth installation and simple removal.
  • Can be trimmed or cut to acquire a particular shape.
  • The color might come off at times
  • Might block sunlight if used in improper ways.

3. CottonColors Rainbow effect Window Film 3D Static Decorative Self Adhesive 

CottonColors Rainbow effect Window Film 3D Static Decorative Self Adhesive


Rainbow effect stained glass window film helps to save energy because it gives you an extremely controlled temperature by disabling harmful UV rays to enter the house. Protects the house by stopping furniture and paint to fade by reducing the effect of sunlight.

Proves to be very helpful if you want to avoid people taking a sneak peek inside your house. This gives you the real look of frosted glass and is extremely easy to install and fix. It is even easy to remove these films and does not leave behind and stain or spot as it does not use glue or adhesive.

Why buy this product:

Rainbow effect stained glass provides extreme privacy and does not wear or tear very easily. Also separates strong light and protects your furniture and wall paint from fading.

Using this product is easy, installation and removal of these films are extremely simple, it has no bubbles. Enables sunlight to enter without disturbing your privacy. Suits best for any place in the house including shower, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Can also be used on furniture.

Key Features
  • Prohibits furniture and wall paint from fading by restricting harmful UV rays.
  • It looks extremely decorative and artsy when applied on the windows.
  • Quick and easy installation without any trouble.
  • Sometimes might get peeled off from the corners.
  • Not very suitable for small windows.

Not Identified

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2. Rabbitgoo Multicoloured 3D Window Films Privacy Film 

Rabbitgoo Multicoloured 3D Window Films Privacy Film


Multi Coloured window films are easy to apply and require no adhesive or glues. One just needs to peel and stick this to get a wonderful glass window. This window film creates a misty look and sometimes it is difficult to take your eyes off it.

Can be used anywhere including office, drawing room, bathroom, kitchen, and bathroom. High protection and privacy are provided which will make your living disturbance and interference free.

Why buy this product:

The multi-colored window film is very useful and helps provide privacy and security enabling sunlight to pass through. Beautiful and reliable and these create a rainbow effect when sunlight falls on them. They can be used without any bother or trouble.

Being heavily patterned window films they and can be used indoors, window panes, bathroom windows, shower area. The application is easy and possible anywhere providing the surface is a smooth plane. Uses a Vinyl material and is extremely durable. It protects the house from heavy sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Key Features
  • The application is simple and one can install without any trouble.
  • Gives your house a very charming look.
  • Extremely easy to remove and leaves no residue behind.
  • Easy installation and simple removal methods.
  • No glue or adhesive required, simply peel and stick.
  • Can be used anywhere and protects the house from harmful UV rays.
  • Bubbles can form up shortly after application at times.
  • The material can shrink at times.

1. Rabbitgoo Cluttered pattern Decorative Privacy Window Films 

Rabbitgoo Cluttered pattern Decorative Privacy Window Films 


The purpose of maximum windows is to allow a view of the outside and admit light into a building. The objective of stained glass windows, however, is not to enable people to see outside but to improve buildings, restraint light. These window films are extremely beautiful and top the chart of the stained glass window film.

All the feature which a glass window film requires can be found in them. Installations are simple and easy can be removed very easily and leaves no stain behind. Can even be used for sliding doors, large windows, bedrooms and many more.

Why buy this product:

Cluttered pattern window film protects the house from harmful UV rays and also allows sunlight to pass through making your house germ and bacteria free. Extremely easy to install and looks beautiful when installed. Also provides privacy to a certain extent. The simple house will look furnished with this stained glass. Removal of this product is as easy as installation and does not leave any mark or spot behind as no glue is required while installation.

Key Features
  • Extremely durable.
  • Resist heat in summers and retains heat during winters.
  • Does not need any glue or adhesive, extremely easy application.
  • Cost-effective and durable
  • Simple and perfect fit and installation
  • Easy removal and leaves no stain or spot behind.
  • Not recommended for the bathroom.
  • Sometimes falls off and does not stick.


Stained glass window film will surely add an edge to the beauty of the adobe you live in. Anyhow, you can opt for any of these options as they are the best available in the market. Moreover, before buying you should check out reviews provided by various users on Amazon as well.

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