Best Splatter Screens for Frying Pan in 2022 | A Complete Buying Guide

Best Splatter Screens

Splatter screen is an essential item in any kitchen, or you will have a stubborn greasy layer on the top of your stove, counter, walls, or other things in the kitchen. Flying splatters of oil and sauces are a common phenomenon, and if not checked, it will keep spreading the mess around your kitchen.

Not just for the cleanliness, splutter screens are essential to keep you protected from painful burnings while cooking or frying. The liquid spreading around can touch your arm, hand, or even face. Not only it will be painful but can leave some permanent marks on the skin as well.

In this article, we will look at some best splutter screens but at first, let’s have a quick look at its buying guide.

Best Splatter Screens for frying pan of 2022

If you are looking for a splatter screen,  we can help. We have chosen the 9 best available options for your convenience. Let’s look at each in detail.

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9. Splatter Screen for Frying Pan

Splatter Screen for Frying Pan


By The Splatter Screen

Here we have a reliable splatter screen for your everyday safety and convenience. The screen has a smart design with a finely woven mesh that won’t let any splutter reach you or cause a mess.

The splatter screen makes your frying process easy and less risky. Even if you are new at cooking, the splatter screen gives a sense of security and lets you work more confidently. Its long handle helps you to place or remove it over the skillet from a distance. So, you can hold it from a safe distance while cooking.

The 13 inches splatter screen is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The premium quality of material used in it is built is rust-proof. That makes it durable for years to come. The best part of this mesh screen is that it is easy to use. You can dump it into a dishwasher for an easy wash, or simply wash it with soap under tap water to remove any grease residues.

However, the only downside we noticed is that this splatter screen suits better to slow heat cooking. If you are cooking on high flame, the heat can make it turn to brown soon. But overall, it’s a cost-effective option that serves the purpose.

8. Calphalon 13″ Stainless Steel Splatter Guard

Calphalon 13" Stainless Steel Splatter Guard


This one is another good option from Calphalon. It’s a sturdy design that does not has a mesh screen. The guard comes with a perforated brushed stainless steel splatter shield that allows the food to cook without steaming.

The splatter screen comes with a decent size that is perfect for placing on your stoves, skillets, or any size of the pan. It provides a shield between you and the spluttering grease. You don’t need to spend hours to clean the surface of stoves and shelves after cooking.

The splatter screen is easy to wash with hand. Though it is not a dishwasher friendly screen, you can easily clean it with your regular dishwashing soap. Make sure you keep it clean, or it can gather grease and food residues to the side.

Unlike some other splatter screens, this one is not coated with something that can melt with heat. It also comes with a long silicone handle that remains cool even when the screen is burning hot. So it’s a great choice, but some customers complain of gathering steam inside while frying.

7. U.S. Kitchen Supply Splatter Screen

U.S. Kitchen Supply Splatter Screen


This one is another good splatter screen that offers great convenience for users. It is crafted with professional-grade stainless steel that keeps it in pristine condition for years to come.

Inside the stainless steel, the screen contains rust-free fine wire mesh screen with a double-thick twill weave. The fine mesh lets the steam out of the pan, allowing you to enjoy deep frying but keep the splutters or food inside.

You no longer need to worry about the flying splutters all around the kitchen that can burn you as well. The 13” screen can easily cover any size of the pan. The fine craftsmanship of its twill weave allows the screen to resist dents and keeps it flat for daily use. The screen features a solid stainless steel handle that is long enough so you can handle it from a safe distance. It is attached to the mesh screen from four points that keep the screen straight and stable while cooking.

You can make use of the mesh for draining or straining pots and pans. Also, you can place a few vegetables over it for some quick steaming. Or use it as a cooling rack for your baked items, Its totally up to you how you make use of this splatter screen in your everyday cooking. The handle does not contain any silicon or another such coating to make it stay cool while cooking. Still, It’s a good splatter screen that worth a try.

6. 11″ Silicone Splatter Screen Pan Cover

11" Silicone Splatter Screen Pan Cover


This one is for those who are looking for a bit advanced version of a splatter screen. Not just a splatter screen, it can be used as a pan cover.

The 11” splatter screen can serve any purpose; whether you want some steam out of your hot food to let it cool down before properly covering, or simply want a guarding shield that protects you and your kitchen from the unleashed splutters, this one works for all.

The splatter screen is made of 100% food-grade silicone and stainless steel. The material used in its built is rust-resistant and won’t change color even with constant use. The screen is sturdy enough to withstand as high as -1040F to 400o F that makes it perfectly safe to be used on stoves.

It features a foldable handle that makes it more convenient to use or store. However there we have some concerns relating to its silicone material. The material can easily peel off with time and does not look very durable. Other than that, it will keep working efficiently.

5. Chefast Splatter Screen Set

Chefast Splatter Screen Set


We have on number five a reliable splatter screen set that comes with a pan scraper, grill scraper, and a handle-holder to make your life easy. The 13 inches screen is suitable for covering any pan or skillet. The fine mesh keeps the spluttering food inside the pan without making you feel conscious of your safety.

When it comes to cleaning, Chefast has thought about everything. The scrappers that come with the splatter screen help you to keep it clean. You can even get rid of nasty residues of grease even from the very fine mesh holes.

The splatter screen is dishwasher friendly, so that makes your job of cleaning even easier. Its affordable price makes it even more ideal for any kitchen. However, the screen is designed for medium to large-sized pans and should not be placed on small-sized pans on gas stoves.

4. UrbanWare Premium 13″ Splatter Screen

UrbanWare Premium 13" Splatter Screen


UrbanWare offers another splatter screen with a very affordable price. This 13” splatter screen is a useful not only for holding grease, but also keeps your sauces in the pan by releasing the steam.

Its long handle makes it perfect for those who like to stay at a safe distance while frying.  The manufacturer also makes sure the handle remains non-slip and gives a good grip.

The silicone coating on the handle keeps it cool to touch and rule out any possibility of an accidental burn. Its inbuilt legs prevent it from ruining your shelf even if you place it on your counter support the finely woven mesh screen. The splatter screen is 100% dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it separately.

The only downside we noticed is that its mesh screen is not made of very fine material. It can get some burn marks after long use. Overall, it is a great splatter screen that serves its purpose well and remains useful for many years.

3. RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel 15-Inch Splatter Screen

RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel 15-Inch Splatter Screen


For those who are looking for a splatter screen for oversized pots and pans, this one is perfect. While all previous options were 13”, this one has 15” diameter that easily fits on large-sized pots. The screen comes with 18/8 double fine stainless steel mesh that makes it durable and also makes it rust-free that certainly makes it more durable.

One of the common problems with splatter screen is that it traps steam inside that does not give perfect frying results. But not with this one. It allows the steam to escape so your food is deep-fried perfectly without getting soggy with steam.

The splatter screen has a long handle that stays cool even when the pan is burning hot inside. However, we noticed a few complaints of mesh not being fine enough. Overall, the product shares a considerable number of positive reviews that makes it more reliable.

2. Bellemain 13″ Splatter Screen with TPR Grip-Tight Handle

Bellemain 13" Splatter Screen with TPR Grip-Tight Handle


Bellemain’s splatter screen is on number two, and it surpassed all previous options when it comes to quality and durability. Still, the splatter screen fits easily in any budget and is very cost-effective. This one is again a 13” mesh screen that fits easily on pots, skillets, and pans we usually use in kitchens.

As for the quality, the splatter screen offers better protection. It comes with 35% more mesh counts that retain about 99% of the liquid or grease inside the pot while cooking. The splatter is made with heavy-duty stainless steel that won’t rust or degrade with time and heat. It is designed with special ultra-reinforced joints that prevent it from breaking or bending.

It also has a long handle that is made of thermoplastic rubber coating. The rubber coating keeps the handle cool when you are at work and rule out the possibility of an accidental burn. A splatter should only protect the grease or other liquid from coming out of the pan while cooking. It should not affect the cooking process at all.

So traping steam inside is a big no. It will not produce your required results when deep-frying. Though this splatter screen comes with a very fine mesh, it does not hold the steam inside at all. It’s a great choice for all those who want a quality product with a durable design.

1. Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan

Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan


Here we have the number one in our list of best splatter screens. The screen rightly shares the best customers reviews due to its durability and utility in everyday cooking.

Grease splatter screen is a full-size screen that has a 15” diameter. The size is good for oversized pots, but you can make use of it on even medium-sized regular kitchen wares. However, we don’t think it will suit smaller pots or pans.

The screen is made of 304 grade of stainless steel and has an extra-fine mesh that holds all the splutters inside the pan. The splatter screen has ergonomic feet that easily fit securely on pots and pans but does not make your counter messy even if you place it on the counter.

Its high-quality TRP handle keeps your hands protected from painful burns. The screen has a durable design that will keep working years. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this screen.

If we look at the price, it is a bit expensive than our previous options. That’s because of its premium quality material and design. It can withstand high temperature without turning brown from sides like some cheap splatter screens. Overall, it’s the best splatter screen available in the market that keeps your kitchen clean and protects your body from the flying splutters.

How To Choose A Splatter Screen?

Although splatter screens look very simple, but few things should be considered while buying to save you from future trouble.

  • Size of Pots and Pans: Look at the size of pots and pans you use in the kitchen. You need a splatter screen that perfectly covers your pan. Most of the screens have 13” diameter that is perfect for regular pots. But, if you use a large-sized pan, there are others with 15” diameter or so. Make sure you choose the correct size.
  • Material: The material of a splatter screen is very important. You will be placing it on heated pots and pans. So it should be sturdy enough to withstand heat without changing color. If it burns from sides or turns to brown, that means it is not very good quality. Most of the splatter screens are made with stainless steel. But even stainless steel has so much variety. Make sure you choose an industrial-grade heavy-duty stainless steel that won’t change color with heat.
  • Mesh Quality: Mesh count matters a lot. If it comes with wider holes, the splutters can escape the screen, and it fails the purpose. The fine quality mesh will keep the sauce or grease inside the pot. Though a higher mesh count is recommended still, the splatter screen should be able to release all steam from the pan while frying. If steam is trapped inside the splatter screen, it is like a lid on your pan that would moisten your food and will affect your cooking results.
  • Easy to Clean: Splatter screen is usually immersed in grease and liquid after use. Cleaning these screen on time is important, or the grease will settle in its fine mesh and may even block them. So make sure you choose an easy to clean material, and if it is dishwasher friendly, that makes your life a lot easier.
  • Cool Handle: A splatter screen should have a long handle so you can take it off or on from a safe distance. Also, it should be coated with silicone or high-quality TRP, so it stays cool even when placed on hot frying pans or boiling pots.
  • Foldable Handle: Not all splatter screens come with a foldable handle, but some offer a foldable handle. Foldable handle is easy to be placed in the dishwasher. It is also more convenient to store when not in use.
  • Feet: Splatter screen can be messy if you place it on your kitchen counter. The grease or liquid will leave stains on any surface it is placed on. So make sure the screen you choose has feet so it can’t make your counters messy.


Splutter screens are essential in any kitchen. They won’t cost much but makes cooking safer for both adults and teenagers. And the product lasts for many years. If you keep it clean and take some basic care, it will keep serving in your kitchen for many years to come.

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