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Best Softest Blanket

Late-night movies during winter, camping, office comfort, and bedroom elegance are some of the reasons necessitating quality and soft blankets. The advantages of these blankets over other regular blankets are mainly related to their incredibly soft feel on the skin, hypoallergenic properties, and super warmth.

These are also, more or less, the factors that one should look out for when purchasing a soft blanket. Durability, elegance, and color variety completes the list of these factors.

Top 10 Best Softest Blankets in 2022 – Bestsellers

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10. Richave Fleece Blanket Twin Size

Best Softest Blanket


Purchase this blanket for your king, twin, and queen size beds, as well as for using on your sofa or when traveling in an airplane/car is the best solution. All those sizes are available, and they all come in lake blue color, among ten other beautiful and fade-resistant colors.

You can machine wash this blanket, and if you carefully follow all the washing instructions, you are assured that this blanket will never fade or stain. It comes out intact when washed in either hot or cold water; dries up pretty fast too.

The blanket is super soft, tender-like, silky, smooth, doesn’t shrink after wash, doesn’t pill up, and despite being thin and lightweight, you will be surprised at how pleasantly warm it is. The packaging is good and in the right size and weight, so if you intend to buy it as a gift, your gift recipient will definitely love it – it’s also delivered in good time too. If you have pets, they will love snuggling in this blanket.

During cold winter nights, this blanket may not be enough to keep you warm; it isn’t thick. Being smooth makes it a bit slippery, so it falls to the floor once now and then. When pets sleep in it, it collects pet fur.

9. Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket

Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket


The incredible softness of this blanket will make you want to sleep and sleep only immediately you jump into bed, even as much as you try to resist. You will get this blanket in four different sizes- queens, kings, throw, and twin- and in ten different colors. Washing it in a machine without adding any bleaching agents and at the right temperature protects it from abrasion, fading, and generally increases its longevity. Its 100% microfiber fabric is shrink resistant and dries up fast.

The blanket is lightweight and conveniently portable, so you will comfortably carry it to use in the office or for camping. It is large enough to for three people sitting at the couch to use it when watching TV during winter nights, but it is a little too thin to keep you warm in bed during such a season.

The blanket is packaged in a beautiful and plush-looking plastic bag with handles, making it a good choice for a birthday or Christmas gift. The bag is also good for storage as you will need minimal spaces to store the blanket during summer. The hem isn’t well folded and stitched, and therefore the chances are that the blanket’s microfiber can shed at the edges and corners with time.

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8. Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket

Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket


Substitute your favorite regular blanket with this toasty, cuddly soft, and lightweight blanket and you will never regret it. Its feel is that of a kitten’s fur or a baby’s face- unbelievably soft. It is comfortable and holds body heat excellently well. It is available in eleven different color choices and all four blanket sizes.

What’s more, even with the near-guarantee durability, you will get a 100% refund if you return this blanket within 30 days of delivery. Due to its incredible softness, excellent feel on the skin, coziness, and lightweight, this blanket is a good option for you if you desire to have a large throw blanket to use as you relax on the couch or in the bed. Being large also means that the blanket stays on the bed and hangs on the two-bed sides pretty well. The fabric used to make this blanket is of the highest quality.
When placing your order, be sure to specify and insist on your color of choice. Otherwise, you might end up getting a color totally different from what you had in mind. The blanket is expensive than it ought to be. Unfortunately, if you don’t like the blanket and wish to return it, you will have to pay a third of its price as return fees.

7. Luxury Collection Ultra Soft Plush Fleece Lightweight Blanket

Luxury Collection Ultra Soft Plush Fleece Lightweight Blanket


There are almost twenty different choices for you for this blanket. Its polyester fabric is easy to wash, doesn’t fade easily, and doesn’t attract human or pet hair. The fiber is also 380 Grams per Square Meter (GSM), approximately 11.21 OZ per square yard, meaning that it’s sturdy and thick enough to protect you from the extreme winter weather.

The dye used in coloring this blanket, on the other hand, is of the best quality and won’t come off even with a vigorous hand or machine wash. It washes & tumbles brilliantly and not even the slightest pilling will occur even after a year of washing. When it comes to softness, this blanket will beat your expectation.

Although it looks expensive, the blanket is fairly cheap and affordable. If you dress up the guest room bed with this blanket, you can be sure of getting endless compliments. The customer service you will get after ordering and receiving this product is simply exceptional.

The blankets tend to be smaller than they should. If yours is a twin size bed, you will have to order for a queen size blanket; otherwise a twin size blanket will not fit well on your bed- king size blanket for a queen size bed and so on.

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6. Chanasya Super Soft Blanket

Chanasya Super Soft Blanket


Are you insomniac? Try this beautiful and luxurious blanket and you will be sure to sleep safe and sound all night long. It is a lightweight and reasonably thick blanket so it will serve you well during winter and won’t be too warm during summer.

The fabric is also hypoallergenic and 100% non-toxic so if you are allergic or any of your family members have sensitive skin, you should consider acquiring this blanket. What’s more, unlike other blankets that smell awfully on arrival, this blanket gets to you clean and ready to use- clean it once and you are good to go. Just like is evident in the display picture, this blanket incredibly cozy, unbelievably soft, warm, and is sturdy enough for added comfort and durability. The stylish fluff and softness are not affected by cold washing nor by low-heat drying.

A unique, elegant design sets this blanket apart from other regular blankets- it blends well with almost all interior home decors and will, therefore, give your bedroom a complete facelift. Use it on a couch and your bedroom turns modern and extremely stylish. If you have a dog whose fur sheds from time to time, then this is the blanket you need to let the pet lie on because it rarely collects pet fur.

The stitching on the edges does not match the overall quality of the blanket- you might be disappointed. The price is also somewhat too high for the quality.

5. Cotton Craft – 100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal Blanket

Cotton Craft - 100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal Blanket


There are seven different colors for this blanket, all of which are elegant and stylish enough to blend well with your interior décor. It’s easy to machine wash and dry, and you will not have to worry about fading or discoloration for as long as you follow the washing instructions.

You can use any of the common fabric softeners to make it even softer and smooth for your skin. Measuring 90” square, this blanket best suits a full size or a queen-size bed; using it on a king size bed will be a bit overreaching.

Its fabric is 100% cotton so you can rest assured that the blanket is durable and that it has micro-small pores that will not allow your body temperature to escape. Cotton is also soft and allows free circulation of air underneath it – good to cover your full body, or for children and elderly people who struggle to breathe under the blankets.

Even after years of use, you will rarely find loose threads hanging on this blanket. It is an all-season blanket so that you will use it all round the year.
Washing the blanket together with clothes of different fabric makes it pill. The length and width could be a disappointment – definitely not the type of blanket to use on a king-size bed.

4. Sherpa Throw Blanket Silver Grey Twin Size Reversible Fuzzy Bed Blankets

Sherpa Throw Blanket Silver Grey Twin Size Reversible Fuzzy Bed Blankets


Do you need a double-layered, thick, and warm yet soft blanket? Try this one out. Its texture for both its Sherpa and flannel sides is classy and awesomely soft- good for winter seasons. The blanket doesn’t hold on to pet fur so, if you are a pet enthusiast, you can be sure that your pet will love the blanket. It is delicate, comfortable, and all-round luxurious.

Made with polyester whose fibers are fine and mild on skin, coupled with the fact that it has hypoallergenic properties, this is your blanket if you are a mother to a toddler. Polyester microfiber is also shrinkage & wrinkling resistant and doesn’t cause static so your blanket will never cause unnecessary nuisance and will be as good as new even after months of use.

The blanket is not big enough for large-size beds. It hangs for only about an inch when used on a queen-sized bed.

3. Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket

Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket


This blanket makes it second on the list because of its classy décor, unbelievable softness, and unmatched luxury. You can use it as a throw blanket on the sofa when watching movies during the cold winter nights, or on the bed all around the year. For both scenarios, the blanket’s stylish fabric and unique colors blend with your bedroom or living room décor to give your home an exotic, modern, and stylish touch.

The high-density microfiber means that the blanket is long-lasting and can withstand gentle machine washing and drying. Its two layers- one is Sherpa & the other is silky fur- are soft and snuggly so sleeping with either side against your skin will make you feel like sleeping for the entire day. This blanket is good to give out as a gift as well- the recipient will live to adore you.

It collects pet hair so you will need to be washing it multiple times in a month. Some products are delivered with yellowish and sometimes orange stains so to be on the safe side, insist on a spotless blanket when making your order.

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2. Utopia Bedding Extra soft Fleece Blanket

 Utopia Bedding Extra soft Fleece Blanket

Spoil yourself with this 100% polyester polar fleece blanket that is soft and well-brushed on either side. You will be able to wash it with ease using a washing machine. If you are gentle enough and you avoid using bleaching agents, this blanket will never fade, shrink, wrinkle, or shred as a result of washing or drying.

There is a wide collection of colors that you can match with your home interior décor. It is lightweight and portable so it can be a good option for outdoor camping, or to spread for your little ones. The delivery is made in a fully protected plastic package, so this can be an excellent gift.

Ironing kills all the blanket’s softness so you should avoid any ironing on it. The devastating this is that if you are dissatisfied with the quality of this blanket, you will be charged about a third of the price as return fees.

1. Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket


Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket


Give your bedroom a royal look with this luxurious blanket. It is fade and wrinkle-resistant, does not shed, incredibly soft, and is lightweight making it an ideal choice for use in other places like in flight, when traveling by bus, or when camping.

If you want to make your guest chair in your office modern and extra comfortable, then you can be sure that this blanket will not disappoint you. Being a snuggly fabric, your kids will definitely love cuddling in this blanket. It’s thin, so if you are looking for something warmer, you might be disappointed in the end.


There are the top-rated and bestselling softest blankets that you should go for it. Always ensure that before making a purchase, you emphasize the quality of the fabric used to make that blanket, how soft it is, and whether or not it has hypoallergenic properties. With that, you will always get the best and softest blanket for your budget. Feel free to take this review article as an authoritative buying guide for you.
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