Top 10 Best Snow Shovels In 2018

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If you are someone that spends a considerable time removing snow during the harsh winter, then you need to own a good snow shovel to make your life a lot easier. While it may seem that picking out a shovel for snow is really easy and doesn’t need any consideration, this isn’t entirely true. With a bit of research and looking around, you can buy such a snow shovel which gets your job done easily and in less time.

The weight of snow adds up pretty quickly, because of which, shoveling puts a lot of strain on the body. Furthermore, a majority of the people aren’t used to aggressive shoveling which can often lead to catastrophic results. Shoveling is not only aggressive but is also a repetitive motion which you don’t normally do throughout the year. So, the arms and the back aren’t too prepared for the sudden exertion.

When you make an informed decision, you can’t only save yourself from the pain, but you also won’t have to make second trips to the store to purchase a replacement after a few days. Whether you need to clear the driveway, shovel the sidewalks, or dig out your car, with a simple yet effective solution, you can solve a major problem with a good snow shovel.

Best Snow Shovels in 2018

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Snow Shovels of 2018, currently available for purchase. Go over the list and see which snow shovel you’d like to purchase.

Take a look for more details on each product!

10. ORIENTOOLS Aluminum Utility Shovel

ORIENTOOLS 32-Inch Aluminum Utility Shovel

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Orienttools has produced a feature-rich and multi-purpose shovel which is a must for every household. It features a telescopic handle. The handle is adjustable and comes with 3 sections with the length extending from 26 inches to up to 32 inches. Due to this, this shovel can be used for a number of different occasions.

This shovel has a 3-piece collapsible design with which you can disassemble it into 3 parts so that you can carry it or store it away. Due to the collapsible design, this shovel saves the space of your garage or car trunk. Not only can this product be used as a snow shovel, but it can also be used for shoveling grain, gravel, and soil.

Key Features & Benefits

  • It has a patented unique design.
  • It’s the ideal accessory for snowmobile, truck, and car.
  • The telescopic handle comes with a snap lock and can be adjusted from 26 to 32 inches.
  • The 3-piece construction is easy to disassemble for easy carrying or storage.
  • It has a sturdy and lightweight aluminum body and can handle a load of up to 70 lbs.

9. Rugg PathMaster Pro Lite-Wate Poly Snow Shovel

Rugg PathMaster Pro Lite-Wate Poly Snow Shovel

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The Rugg snow shovel from the Path Master line of shovels come with rugged steel handles coated with a comfortable poly coating that offers a secure and comfortable grip. This snow shovel is fitted with a combo head which functions as a regular snow shovel. Meanwhile, the curved top helps to push the snow as well.

The 18-inch heavy-duty poly head is sturdy and won’t crack even in the coldest temperature. It features a metal wear strip along the shovel head’s front edge. It’s lightweight and has a heavy-duty aluminum handle which makes it easy to push the wet snow easily. Moreover, it has a D-grip handle with a cushion for the other hand.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight yet extremely durable.
  • The poly head functions both as a pusher and shovel.
  • It comes with a no-hassle 10-year warranty.
  • Heavy duty aluminum handle.

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8. KYLIN Snow Removal Tools

KYLIN Snow Removal Tools

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Another great option to get rid of snow is the removal-assisting tools by Kylin which also include a great snow shovel. This shovel has a wide and solid poly blade and can work for all kinds of snow. The set not only includes a snow pusher which comes with a 24-inch head, but it also comes with a scraper that measures 7-inches by 6-inches.

The snow pusher has a D-grip handle and measures a total of 55 inches in length. Meanwhile, the flooring scraper has a forged and tempered head and features a 48-inch handle made of ash wood. It’s a versatile snow shovel, sure to make things easier for you.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The D-grip handle is ergonomic and promises a better holding experience.
  • The shovel offers great work efficiency.
  • The scraper with the ash wood handle gives flexibility as well as comfort.
  • It’s very easy to use.

7. Bigfoot Mega Combination Poly Snow Shovel

Bigfoot Mega Combination Poly Snow Shovel

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Another great option is this snow shovel. It features a unique blade which combines a pusher snow shovel as well as a scoop in one, thus resulting in a design which allows the user not only to lift but also roll the snow away. Meanwhile, the raised sides make a deep scoop so that you can throw more snow.

This shovel has a rolled back design that allows minimal pushing for small patches of snow so that you don’t have to lift. All the features are paired with an ergonomic grip, leading to an all-round, superior shovel that provides a balance of cost, weight, and strength.

Key Features & Benefits

  • This product features a wide, spacious shovel.
  • It has a hybrid blade design of a pusher, scoop, and shovel in one.
  • The handle is super durable and is guaranteed for life.
  • The lightweight poly construction ensures that snow doesn’t stick.

6. Snow Joe Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel

Snow Joe Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel

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With snow comes other debris as well which is why this snow shovel can be a must-have purchase for many. This snow shovel features an innovative feature; the twist-n-lock telescoping pole which can be easily and quickly adjusted from 6.2 feet to up to 21 feet. Therefore, you can enjoy a greater overhead reach to safely and quickly lighten the load.

With a weight of 5.7 lbs., this snow shovel is quite lightweight. Moreover, the Roofer Joe snow shovel is easy to handle and is quite durable, sure to last you a very long time. This snow shovel also has an oversized aluminum blade rake head which allows the maximum cleaning power.

Key Features & Benefits

  • It’s ideal for removing wet leaves, debris, and snow from the roofs without having to climb up.
  • The twist-n-lock pole can be lengthened to allow an extended reach.
  • Features an ultra-lightweight collection making the shovel easy to handle.
  • The oversized rake head measuring 6 inches by 25 inches allows maximum clearing.
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5. Snow Wolf Fixed Frame Non-folding Wheeled Snow Shovel

Snow Wolf Fixed Frame Non-folding Wheeled Snow Shovel

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The non-folding snow shovel appears to be a cross between a shovel and a bicycle. It functions like a manual plow that offers a mechanical advantage. It’s constructed of polypropylene and steel and weighs only 24 pounds. Meanwhile, the handle can be adjusted to two different heights, thus catering to more people. The design is also such that it reduces the risk of heart and back strain.

This snow shovel is designed such that the additional leverage multiplies the effort. The user has to plow and fill the shovel and then press the handle downward. As a result, the wheel will bounce and release, thus tossing away the snow with ease. The wheel comes with a 2-year warranty while the shovel blade has a warranty of one-year.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The wheel can be removed for easy storage.
  • Features steel parts that are sturdy.
  • The steel handle and body are coated with black powder.
  • The blade and wheel are made using polypropylene.
  • Replacement parts can be purchased from the manufacturer.

4. Garant Nordic Poly Blade Snow Pusher

Garant Nordic Poly Blade Snow Pusher

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Another great snow shovel that you can consider purchasing for winter is this one by Garant. The Nordic Poly snow pusher uses an all-purpose tool which can be used to push away light snow from large areas. It’s particularly ideal for clearing the snow away from your paving stone or asphalt driveway as this snow shovel will get the work done without damaging the surface.

Furthermore, this snow shovel comes with a D-grip to provide comfort and ease of use. It’s most suitable for those who wish to buy a shovel that promises excellent quality but doesn’t cost too much. The blade of this shovel is made of polyethylene and is sure to last you a while.

Key Features & Benefits

  • This snow shovel has a blade measuring 26-inches.
  • The blade is made of polyethylene.
  • Wide blade is perfect for pushing away light snow from huge areas.
  • The blade won’t chip or damage the surface you’re working on.

3. THE SNOWPLOW Snow Pusher


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This shovel by Snowplow is another reliable snow shovel for places with tough winters. This snow shovel has a top-quality construction and features a self-sharpening and high wearing UHWM polyethylene blade that promises to last for multiple years even in abusive environments. The extra-long handle is made of fiberglass and has a D-grip which provides comfort to the user.

The blade of this snow shovel is provided support with the USA patented Tuffbrace. It features a bolt-together construction, thus allowing all the parts to be easily replaced and assembled when needed. It’s also very easy to store and carry around. You should be done with shoveling away all of the snow in no time!

Key Features & Benefits

  • The UHWM poly blade measures 24-inches wide.
  • Snow shovel has an ergonomic fiberglass handle with D-style grip.
  • All the parts are replaceable.
  • It has a bolt-together construction.

2. AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

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Be prepared to toss snow out of the way easily with this convenient and feature-rich AAA snow shovel. It’s available in three bright colors; blue, red, and yellow so that it is easy to spot them. It has a perfect size and can be used for a variety of purposes.

This snow shovel can be easily disassembled into three pieces so that they can be easily stored or carried along. Once disassembled, this snow shovel can easily fit your SUV, car trunk, or even your backpack! These shovels are made of high-quality aluminum and are durable and lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy to disassemble into three pieces.
  • Once assembled, the height can be adjusted from 25 to 32 inches.
  • Features a high-quality aluminum construction.
  • Weighs only 1.3 pounds, making it easy to work with.

1. Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo

Suncast Snow Shovel:Pusher Combo

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Coming to the very top and best on our list, we have this snow shovel and pusher combo by Suncast makes for a unique product. It features an ergonomic bent handle which is designed to reduce the back strain users experience when shoveling snow away. No more back pains, anymore!

The blade measures 18 inches and is made of resin. This shovel is further reinforced with a wear strip made of galvanized steel. Furthermore, this snow shovel measures 52 ½ inches in length. The narrow blade of the shovel lets you clear out swaths while the slightly scooped shape of the shovel allows you to lift the shovel without straining your back or arms. Sounds great, right?

Key Features & Benefits

  • It weighs only 4.2 pounds.
  • The poly blade features a wear strip made of galvanized steel.
  • The steel core handle is ergonomic and is poly-coated.
  • This snow shovel boasts a solid construction.

What to Look for in Snow Shovels – Buying guide

  • Style: There are three main styles of snow shovels. These include pushers, shovels, and combos.
    • ‘Pushers’ are designed with blades that usually measure more than two feet wide. These aren’t designed for tossing or scooping and appear more like snow plows placed at the end of a stick. Such kinds of shovels are suitable for lighter and drier snow that a person can easily push away.
    • ‘Shovels’ are basically a flat blade placed on a stick. The flat blade is in line with the shaft which means that the design is not so good for pushing the snow.
    • ‘Combos,’ out of the three main kinds, are the most versatile since they provide the benefits of the other two but without the drawbacks. These can be used to push, toss, and scoop snow, thus making it suitable for all purposes.
  • Material: Since shoveling involves repetitive motion, it is ideal to choose the lightest scoop. In a majority of the cases, the lightest material is polyethylene. Not only are such shovels lightweight, but they also come with built-in flexibility that can withstand the sharp impacts made on uneven pavement.
  • Wear strip: The purpose of the wear strip is to protect the leading edge of the scoop. Again, plastic is the best option for wear strips. These are a little rounded at the edge so that the shovel can slide over uneven surfaces easily without jamming up. Moreover, wear strips add durability to the shovel and are also soft enough to use on stone walkways and decks without worrying about damaging the surface.

Wrapping It Up

Have another look at this list of Top 10 best Snow Shovels of 2018 that we’ve made for you and compare the functions and features of each snow shovel. You should also keep the buyer’s guide in mind to help you choose the snow shovel which suits your preferences and needs the best.

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