Top 10 Best Shuffleboard Tables in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Shuffleboard Table

If you are looking for the best shuffleboard tables in 2022, you are in the right place. We have captured all the vital details you might need when you go shopping for a quality table. When you ultimately come to think of a better way of leveraging the attendant rewards of the shuffleboard game, it is about time you got your hands on the very best shuffleboard table.

If you want to have some enjoyable time with family and friends, there’s no better way to get entertained than playing shuffleboard. This is more so when you are sick and tired of watching television or just sitting down reading novels.

The 10 Best Shuffleboard Tables in 2022

The following editorial picks are carefully selected from among the best to constitute our top 10 best shuffleboard tables in 2022.

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Read our detailed reviews below:

10. The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table


The Playcraft Woodbridge is a delicate mix of excellent quality and affordability. It comes with a Satin Polyurethane coated playing surface. This makes the solid hardwood surface very smooth and ideal for gaming. Its longevity is guaranteed by a one-piece cradle that is designed sturdy and stable. Hardwood corners and micro-lam plywood all double up to give the one-piece cradle increased stability.

The cradle is supported by double-paneled pedestal legs. The legs also feature 6″ levers for easy leveling in uneven terrains. The interior floor and walls of the cradle have a unique color-coordinated carpet finish.

Key Features
  • It features a very smooth satin polyurethane-coated hardwood surface for gaming.
  • For stability of the cradle, a pair of double paneled pedestal legs is in place.
  • Its interior and floor are finished neatly with some color coordinated carpet.
  • Varieties differ by length; 1-2-3 or 1-2-3-4 ft.
  • Very durable due to the high-quality materials of design.
  • It has a fairly smooth satin polyurethane surface for an easy control during the game.
  • Shuffleboard tables come in different varieties. This provides you a wide range of options to select from.
  • Not identified.

9. Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard Table


Sleek and glossy, the playing surface of this shuffleboard table is nicely coated with polyurethane. The coating ensures the surface is very smooth and ideal for gaming. The coat also improves the durability of the playing surface.

It is designed with top quality materials for enhanced beauty and professional grade performance. It comes complete with leg levers that help improve its stability on uneven surfaces. The levers together with the cradles weight ensure the stability of this shuffleboard table. It comes with a traditional bronze cabinet hinges and a dark cherry laminate for a very classic and antique outlook.

Key Features
  • This shuffleboard table comes with vintage bronze hinges that enhance its overall outlook.
  • It comes with in-built climatic adjusters for optimum experience while gaming.
  • This table has independent leg levers to assist with keeping the playing surface level even on rough surfaces.
  • It has pedestal-style legs that support the cradle. In some varieties, the legs act as the cabinet.
  • It is compact in design making it ideal for small spaces. It can, therefore, fit comfortably in your home’s game room.
  • Its set of independent levers comes in handy when setting the shuffleboard table in uneven terrains
  • Its antique hinges combine with the dark cherry laminate for a very classic outlook.
  • Has in-built climatic adjusters for quality performance.
  • Not identified

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8. The Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

The Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table


Complete with vertical stave butcher blocks and polyurethane coated playfield, this shuffleboard table comes with everything that defines elegance. It also has double paneled legs for stability. Levers ensure that it can be set on almost any surface, rough or smooth.

It consists of a hardwood veneer cabinet. The high-quality hardwood is durable and stylish for a quality performance. A couple of playing equipment and a leg cabinet storage are included. It requires some light assembly upon delivery to get it set and ready for use.

Key Features
  • Has independent levers on the legs for easy leveling on uneven ground.
  • The playing surface is covered in polyurethane to give it a smooth frictionless surface for the best performance.
  • It comes with deluxe hardwood scorers.
  • Has carpeted gutters with solid hardwood corners that feature rail caps
  • It comes with a variable score monitoring equipment. This one helps you keep track of the scores during the game.
  • It comes with an additional storage capacity
  • It has climatic adjusters to help in predicting the environmental conditions with precision.
  • Is glossy and elegant in the interior.
  • It requires assembly upon delivery.

7. Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table


This one features a cradle stained in a rich espresso with clear maple accents. Honey finishes as well a cherry variety are also available. The cradle of this shuffleboard table features careful and intricate detailing of hardwood applique. It is carved from solid hardwood and also spots a horseshoe end.

It comes with leg panels that vary in length; 9, 12, 14, and 16. It also includes climatic adjusters which are very handy in predicting weather conditions. Its playfield is coated with lacquer for a smooth and frictionless flow of the game. The butcher-block playing field is given up to 10 rounds of the lacquer coat for a very attractive appearance.
It is supplied together with playing equipment and requires assembly immediately upon delivery. It also comes with a vertical Stave Butcher Block.

Key Features
  • It comes with a set of authentic abacus scorers.
  • Its weather adjusters make it easy to predict weather conditions.
  • The butcher-block playing field is 1.75 inches thick for strength and durability. The field is also coated with 10 layers of lacquer for a smooth and glossy appearance.
  • The cradle feature rich espresso staining with some touch of maple accent.
  • It is very beautiful and classic. This is because it is designed from high-quality materials.
  • Allows for easy prediction of likely weather conditions using the weather adjusters.
  • It is very entertaining and engaging because of the dynamic design graphics and the smooth playing field.
  • Pricey
  • Needs to be assembled first after delivery.

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6. Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard game

Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard game


If you are looking for a top quality shuffleboard table that is also very durable, the Carrom 650.01 is worth considering. It has a 0.75” thick frame made of hardwood, for longevity. Something so cool about this action-packed board is that it comes pre-assembled so that upon delivery you can get started.

You want to play indoors or outdoors; the Carrom fits everywhere. It comes ready set with four pairs of roller-bearing pucks for easy control. It also provides the users with long-board or court versions of the shuffleboard game.
This shuffleboard table has very beautiful printed graphics done using permanent ink markers.

Key Features
  • Comes with a solid 0.75-inch thick frame.
  • Has up to eight roller bearing pucks
  • It has very beautiful wear resistant graphics
  • Provided 2 versions of the Carrom shuffleboard game; the Longboard and the court versions.
  • It is made of high-quality hardwood for extreme durability.
  • Absolutely no need for assembly. It comes set and ready for action.
  • It is affordable
  • This shuffleboard table is very lightweight for enhanced portability
  • It’s simple and very basic in design making it less appropriate for very competitive gaming.

5. The MD Sports 8’ Poly-Coated Surface Shuffleboard Table

The MD Sports 8’ Poly-Coated Surface Shuffleboard Table


If you are looking for an exciting indoor pass time companion for your family, the MD Sports Shuffleboard is worthy of consideration. Its outer coat is resistant to fraying and dampness. This guarantees longevity and quality performance. For an enhanced even and smooth surface, this shuffleboard table is coated with ethylene acetate.

Its pedestal legs feature some classy and independent levelers. These make it easy to play comfortably on rough surfaces. Its cabinet is black in color and also includes pucks and a number of other accessories.

Key Features
  • It has a paper laminate that also spots some poly-coating with printing.
  • Its cabinet has pucks and other accessories that come to aid during the play.
  • It has an EVA bumper playfield that is poly-coated giving it that very cutely smooth texture for an unrivaled gaming experience.
  • It has two pairs of very sturdy pedestal legs for stability. The legs also have levelers for easy adjustments in uneven terrains.
  • It comes with a compact and lustrous design, a perfect fit for your room or basement.
  • It is black and glossy in appearance, a beautiful addition to your game room or backyard.
  • It has adjustable leg levelers for excellent stability. With the levelers in place, it is effortless to play this game on uneven surfaces.
  • No need for prior assembly.
  • It’s is not the best shuffleboard table for professionals because it lacks a number of vital features.

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4. The Hathaway Avenger Shuffleboard Table

The Hathaway Avenger Shuffleboard Table


If you are limited on space but are still interested in high-quality Shuffleboard table, the Hathaway avenger is your best bet. It is built compactly to save on space and still provide quality entertainment.
It has very sturdy legs that also feature adjustable levelers. These levelers ensure the best performance on uneven surfaces without compromising on the quality of gaming. It comes with wax and table brush for easy maintenance.

Key Features
  • This shuffleboard table comes with a full set of necessary accessories; a shuffleboard wax and brush for regular maintenance, 2 pairs of red and blue pucks each.
  • It is built from top quality hardwood for extreme durability and strength
  • It has a poly sealed surface featuring some antique Venetian red carpeting for a quality gaming experience.
  • This table has a 180-day warranty coverage. During this period, you can have fixes and replacements all done by the manufacturer for free.
  • This shuffleboard table is glossy black in color.
  • It is very durable
  • Offers unparalleled gaming experience
  • It is compact and trimly designed to take up a very small space in your game room.
  • Not identified

3. The Fairview Game Rooms 12 Foot Shuffleboard Game Table

The Fairview Game Rooms 12 Foot Shuffleboard Game Table


Simplicity in design and a rich array of features make the Fairview shuffleboard table the pro’s favorite. It is best for home settings and even social settings like clubhouses. The interior compartments of its cabinet feature multicore constructions that are spread out in 5 layers. The layers are then coated with polyurethane for durability.

The exterior portion of the cabinet is curved our of maple veneer, a substance known for longevity and a very shiny outlook. It has a butcher block constructed playfield that is smoothened for the best gaming experience. The butcher block construction also minimizes twisting and warping of the table over time.

For high precision leveling, this table comes with leg levelers that are coated with chrome. Leveling enhances stability and improves performance in any kind of terrain; smooth or rough. One of the legs has an accessory door for storing sand or wax that are all used in the maintenance of the table. The accessory door is also used to store pucks.

Key Features
  • It comes complete with four pairs of pucks, sand or wax.
  • One of the pedestal legs has a storage cabinet.
  • The playfield is made of butcher construction that helps minimize warping and bowing.
  • Its pedestal legs have accessory doors for storing plucks and other necessary accessories.
  • This shuffleboard table comes with a built-in accessory storage in one of the pedestal legs.
  • This table comes with chrome leg levelers for a comfortable and uninterrupted play in uneven terrains.
  • It is compact in design and occupies small spaces. It can, therefore, be used even in home settings and clubhouse settings
  • Very expensive

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2. The Playcraft Extera 12’ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

The Playcraft Extera 12’ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table


If you love competitive gaming outdoors, you certainly will like this one in particular. It is purposely designed largely to suit outdoor use. Upon delivery, the assembly process is very easy and direct.

This dynamic shuffleboard table has a smooth butcher block surface that is coated with polyurethane. This makes the surface frictionless and smooth for an exceptional gaming experience.

Key Features
  • It has wax that is used for maintenance.
  • Comes with climatic adjusters that makes it easy to predict weather conditions.
  • It has adjustable leg levelers that make it easy to play on rough terrains.
  • The playfield is built of butcher block constructions that prevent bowing and twisting.
  • Very easy to assemble upon delivery.
  • It is ideal for outdoor competitions.
  • Can be easily maintained with frequent brushing and waxing.
  • It is not fit for indoor use due to its very large size

1. Blue Wave FamilyPoolFun 14 Foot Shuffleboard Table

Family Pool Fun 14” Shuffleboard Table


Perfectly built with a walnut or rich cherry finish, the Family Pool Fun shuffleboard table is packed with high-quality features that make it the very best. Its playing surface has a thin layer of polyurethane coating on a hardwood butcher blocks for enhanced durability.

It has integrated climatic adjusters for better weather prediction. This helps protect this executive table from humping in very humid weather or dishing in very dry weather.
This one even has a pair or wooden scoring abacus units to help keep track of scores during the game.

Key Features
  • Has wooden abacuses for keeping track of scores
  • Has climatic adjusters to predict the weather
  • Comes with leg levelers that help keep the playfield level no matter the terrain.
  • It is uniquely designed to accommodate competitive play outdoors.
  • Its leg levelers make it easy to play even in rough terrains.
  • Its abacus scoring system makes it fit for very competitive gaming.
  • Very expensive


These are some of the best shuffleboard tables available in the market. To buy any of these editorial picks from Amazon, just tap on the links provided below each product.

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