How To Choose Shelf Floor Lamps For Various Corners Of The Room

A standing lamp is a piece of furniture that can produce the light at about 50 percent and can spread it up to seven squares away. The lights of the right quality can make any area comfortable. We can convert any corner of the living space into a fancy storage area by combining the display recess with the independent lights such as the Best Shelf Floor Lamps.

A good floor lamp can provide a natural ambiance that lights up the complete room. The light quality differs like if you are using it in your home office, it offers bright, focused light, whereas when it is used in the bedroom, a soft amber light is offered.

These Shelf Floor Lamps are very versatile in the manner of their storage and their use. Firstly, they get accommodated very quickly in any corner of the house like somewhere around a foyer or behind the sofas. Secondly, they offer multiple shelves, where we can keep any decorative stuff which again improves the overall look of the corner. They provide all new look and atmosphere to the room they are placed in by their appealing looks and the light quality that they illuminate, thereby enhancing your space.

The Components of a Shelf Floor LampBuiltUse
  • Shade
  • Poll/Tube providing the height at which bulb if fixed
  • The adjuster is the swivel component that adjusts the shade direction
  • The break is a component that is responsible for securing and losing the top poll to the bottom poll for adjusting the height of the floor lamps.
  • The Husk is used to attach the pole to the floor lamp base
  • The Base is a component which is heavier and wider than the lamp poll which is used for anchoring the floor lamp to keep it in the proper position.
  • The Shelves are adjusted and fixed within the height of the floor lamp in the measured partition.

Generally, shelf floor lamps are made up of various materials like high-quality espresso finished MDF Woods, metals, stone, paper or ceramics. The bulbs used are usually incandescent, CFL, LED, halogen or Xenon.

It is used to enhance the overall decor of the room and to tie the look of the area together, apart from the main function of providing light.

These are the 10 Best Shelf Floor Lamps for Lightening Your Room in 2020

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If you are looking forward to buying a Shelf Floor Lamp to lighten up your house, we are here to help you with the list of best Shelf Floor Lamps available in the present year. Let’s get started.

10. Artiva USA Shelf Floor Lamps

Artiva USA Shelf Floor Lamps

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Artiva USA offers you sleek and modern ‘Infinity Heart’ 2-light floor lamp. This is a perfect example of modern or contemporary Asian Decor which lights up any corner of the house or office. It has a height of 5 feet, comprises 2 display shelves where you can place any of the fancy decorative stuff, vases or books. It is also a smart outlet compatible. This shelf floor lamp provides for reading or creating a spotlight.

Why Buy This Product

This dual shelf floor lamps, popularly known as Heart Infinity, its shade panel is perfect to add a soft touch to the decor of your home. The small floor print provides an elegant look to the room. The light which it provides is enough for any kind of reading or writing work. Moreover, as it is compatible with all the smart outlets like Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, it can turn the lamp on and off with much ease.

Key Features
  • This shelf floor lamp is made up of MDF woods and has the espresso finish.
  • The height of the floor lamp is 64 inches and is square in shape.
  • The shelf size is 10.25” * 11” * 16”
  • It has a white fabric and the PVC shade is of 8.5” * 13.5”
  • Enabled with Pull Chain On-Off
  • The weight of the lamp is about 11.65 pounds
  • It holds two shelves where you can put any decorative stuff like showpiece or vases.
  • It is compatible with all the smart outlet devices like Google Home assistant, Alexa, Apple Home Kit enabling the lamp on and off.
  • Although both the lamp turns on at the same time, both the lamps have their own off switch.
  • The light of shade is light beige
  • They are highly durable and easy to assemble.
  • Two display shelf is good for enhancing the decor
  • Smart Outlet compatible
  • Provides a contemporary look
  • Light quality is good for reading.
  • Few customers have faced an issue of changing the bulb in the lower section.

9. Albrillo Indoor Shelf Floor Lamp 

Albrillo Indoor Shelf Floor Lamp

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Albrillo has a come up with an elegant floor lamp that casts a soft, warm and ambient glow to the room. Coming with three open box shelf and a height of 63 inches that can be used for the display of any fancy items like photos, vases, books, CDs. It is made up of high-quality wood that makes it durable and sturdy; they are effortless to assemble and can be done within few minutes. It has a pull chain switch to operate.

Why Buy This Product

This product comes with three display shelf and casts very warm and soft glow making you feel relaxed. This art piece can be kept in any corner of the house like a living room, bedroom, reading, activity area or office. The lampshade is hollow and possesses no foul smell of the wood. Also, the bulb can be easily replaced as per lightening needs. The light it imparts is capable enough for creating a relaxing and magical atmosphere which can charge you up.

Key Features
  • The Product is made up of high-quality Asian wood
  • It encompasses three shelf of width 10 * 10 inches and the height between each shelf is about 15 inches
  • The height of the shelf floor lamp is about 63 inches
  • There is single light used i.e. only one lamp.
  • It comes with a hollow lampshade
  • The voltage required is between 110 v -220 v.
  • The wood has no foul smell
  • It weighs 12.35 pounds
  • Is used for lightening along with enhancing the decor by placing the display items
  • It comprises a Pull Chain switch style
  • The bulbs used are LED.
  • High quality Asian wood which ensures sturdiness and high durability
  • Installation is very easy.
  • The light is very pleasant.
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • The three display shelf can be used to place photo frames, vase, vines, books, and many such things.
  • Few customers felt the piece is wobbly.
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8. Kira Home Revel Toro Floor Lamp With Shelf

Kira Home Revel Toro Floor Lamp With Shelf

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Kira Homes provides a very sleek and unique contemporary wooden floor lamp. Manufactured in California, this piece is enhanced with a linen shade and operates with a pull chain. It has the finishing of black wood and holds a white shade of poly/cotton. It features three shelves that can be used to showcase any of your fancy display collection or your prized position. The floor lamp encompasses a 23W Warm white energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Bulb.

Why Buy This Product

Made up of a high-quality wood, it guarantees the longer life and sturdiness. The style is modern, and the shape is rectangle which is different than the regular square shape. There is no particular one bulb type that can be used here; it can use Incandescent, LED and CFL. The appearance is very appealing with the black and white off shades color which emits a very energetic, warm, cozy and ambient light that can take away all your tiredness and can make you relaxed.

Key Features
  • Constructed in modern style with high-quality wood
  • It comes in black and off white shades
  • The shade is 5” * 8.5” * 8.5” in size
  • The dimension of Floor light is 5” * 10.25” * 10.25”
  • The shape is a rectangle
  • The used for voltage needed is 120 Volts
  • The lampshade is made up of fabric and is white in color
  • The Pull Chain is used as a switch style
  • Various types of bulbs can be used such as LED, Incandescent and CFL
  • The number of the light emitting shelf, i.e. only one lamp is made.
  • It weighs 10 pounds
  • The light emitted is pure white
  • A pure white is emitted which charges up your drained energy and relaxes your soul
  • The three shelf are very useful to keep any prized possession or any display items or even books
  • The colour is very cool and the finishing is of a high quality.
  • There are two plastic ties that keep the cord out of sight.
  • Elegant and Appealing Look
  • Lightweight items should be placed on top shelves with heavy at the bottom.

7. Brightech Charlotte Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Charlotte Shelf Floor Lamp

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Brightech brings a very classy rustic, mid-century modern decor. Standing at a height of 5 feet with the tripod as base, this Charlotte can be placed anywhere either in living space, reading, bedroom, and other such places. It comprises of one shelf which can be used to place any decorative stuff or can hold books. This lamp is made to be compatible with smart outlet devices like AppleKit, Google Home Assistant or Alexa which can turn the light on/off.

Why Buy This Product

The look is very appealing and elegant. The simplicity of the design with the modern look can enhance any corner of your house. Moreover, as it is enabled to work with any of the smart devices like the Alexa, makes it much more comforting to turn the lamp on/off. You can also enhance the lighting effect by using any of the bulbs which will provide you with the automation control. Moreover, the company offers a 20 year long lasting energy saving bulb with a power of 9.5 Watt which has a warm white color, thereby, relaxing your mind and body.

Key Features
  • This floor lamp suits the entire modern and contemporary decor and is made of straight wood lines which are connected with a cylindrical drum shade.
  • The color of the lamp floor is natural wood
  • It has a height of 5 feet
  • The cord length is 10 feet; hence there is no need of extension.
  • There is a shelf which can hold any art piece, prized possession or books.
  • It is compatible with all the smart device outlets like Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and AppleKit.
  • It comes with a 9.5W power LED bulb of 3000k warm white color.
  • The bulb lasts up to 20 years and provides brightness in a rage of 8000 lumens.
  • It weighs 10.2 pounds
  • The voltage required is 110 volts
  • The switch style is Push button
  • Use of natural wood colour provides a very elegant and classy look
  • Being compatible with the smart devices, it is very easy to use
  • The LED bulb that comes along with the lamp provides a very bright and ambient light and has a very long life
  • The assembly section is tricky and needs to be taken care of.
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6. Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

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This Maxwell Drawer floor lamp is a must try if you are looking for something exciting that can add some style and a soft look to the living room or the office. This lamp comes with a shade and three level shelves. The assembling is very easy where the users don’t have to look in the manual can do it within 30 minutes. The height is about 63 inches.

Why Buy This Product

This Japanese style influenced lamp acquires a surface of 10¼ square inches. Though the height can be customized, the space of 8.5-inch height of the shelf is enough to accommodate any books or a big vase. The vertical lamp looks very neat and tidy when placed in the corner of living space or foyer, in the reading area, next to an armchair. The entire three shelves can be used to hold books, artsy stuff which enhances overall the look of the lamp.

Key Features
  • The lamp floor height is 72 inches
  • It weighs about 18.6 pounds, and the color is classic black
  • The required voltage is 110 volts
  • The bulb used is LED and has 9.50-watt power
  • There are three shelves in the lamp, each placed at the height of 8.5 inches.
  • The lamp has a creamy white shade
  • The lamp shade is very thick and robust which prevents any glare and diffuses a soft light.
  • The switch style is Pull chain.
  • You can use a bulb of warm white light, between 2500k – 3500k in order to have a warm ambience.
  • Has a slender and delicate look

A pleasant and warm light is guaranteed with its thick shade

  • Ideal for modern or traditional decor
  • Coming with three shelves enables it to provide space for other decorative stuff and items.
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is compatible with all the smart device outlets.
  • This shelf floor light is not recommended in a kid’s room.

5. Light Accents Shelf Floor Lamp 

Light Accents Shelf Floor Lamp

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If you are looking for a lamp for your living space or the dining area that imparts a bright illumination, then the 3- leveled shelf wood floor lamp from Light Accents is an excellent option. This 3–tiered edifice is made up of wood and comprises a white linen neutral shade. The tall and rectangular shape posses a very classy and contemporary look that is perfect for modern home decor. It stands at the height of 63 inches.

Why Buy This Product

The simple yet elegant appearance is the must go. The light emitted from the white linen shade is very illuminating which turns the atmosphere very warm and bright. This sturdy piece painted with a clean black finish offers the up/down illumination making use of a 100 watt LED/CFL bulb. This can be placed to provide additional lights to the areas like living space, dining area, and office which require more lighting than what is provided by a solo desk lamp.

Key Features
  • Made up of sturdy wood
  • It stands at the height of 63 inches
  • It comprises 3-shelf and comes with a clean black finish
  • The lamp shade is neutral white linen shade
  • The floor lamp offers ambient illumination
  • It is easy to assemble
  • This lamp switch is on/off rocker switch
  • A light bulb or CFL/LED of 100 watts is used
  • It weighs 9.8 pounds
  • Dimension is 10.2 * 10.2 * 58 inches
  • Is highly durable and sturdy
  • The 3-shelf can be used to play display items or books
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It offers a very contemporary look to the modern decor
  • Cannot be placed in kids room and care should be taken with kids around.
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4. Wellmet Tripod Shelf Floor Lamp

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Extremely rich look that is appealing to the eyes. This 2 in 1 stylish lamp end table collaboration can lighten up any corner of your house. It perfectly suits the contemporary, modern or casual home decor. It can be placed anywhere like compact corners or in living areas behind the sofa, chair or beds. This lamp is placed on a strong and large wood finished end table which has space enough to place countless things like the laptops, magazines and display items.

Why Buy This Product

The dual feature of the lamp floor is a unique pattern when compared to other floor lamps. The lamp is made to reside on an end table. The light imparted is very warm. The end table is strong enough to hold almost anything and has a USB charging station assembled to it that can charge the phone, tablets, table fans or any such small electronic devices. Moreover, a shelf is also provided which can hold magazine or books. Having a height of 61 inches, the installation is very quick and easy.

Key Features
  • Has 2 in 1 functionality of lamp with an end table and 1-shelf.
  • The end table has two USB (5V 2.1A) charging facility which can charge the phone, table fans and almost all small electronic device
  • It has a height of 61 inches
  • Made from Iron Wood Fabric
  • The weight is 14.25 pounds
  • The voltage required is 110 V
  • The switch style is Pull Chain
  • The height of end table from the floor is 23” and is 17.7” wide
  • The bulb used is of 60 watt
  • There is a single shelf below the end table used to store books.
  • The lamp has a smooth Teflon White Finish which is really very appealing to the eyes.
  • Magnificent look
  • The end table with the USB charging facility as well as one shelf is very useful
  • The light imparted from the Teflon white finish shade is very warm and it can be placed in living, reading or bedroom area.
  • None

3. Brightech Maxwell Charging Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Maxwell Charging Shelf Floor Lamp

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The lamp floor from Brightech Maxwell is a very sophisticated piece that enhances any area of the house like living room, guest room, bedroom with a bright and accent light. This is a very ideal option when you are short on the space which can sit atop a book shelf and it would not be wrong to say that it is spot on addition to any tiny room. Standing at a height of 63 inches, this piece comprises of two USB Ports for charging.

Why Buy This Product

First and foremost reason is the elegant look of the product. It is open at the top and with the off white lamp shade. It comprises of three wooden shelves of 10 ¼ inches which can hold items like smart compatible outlets, TV Remote, Phone or any display items. This charging USB ports can be used to charge laptop, tablets, iPads, and phones. Moreover, it is compatible with smart devices like Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Key Features
  • It has a height of 63 inches
  • Comprise of 3-shelf of 10¼ inches wide
  • The color of the light emitted is warm white
  • The power is 9.5 watts
  • The dimension is 63” * 10.25” * 10.25”
  • It weighs 13.34 pounds
  • Comprises 2 USB ports that can charge laptop and phone
  • Enables easy charging as it comes with two USB ports
  • Has 3-shelf that can hold any display or artsy item
  • Compatible with smart outlet devices
  • The design is very dignified and graceful.
  • None

2. Brightech Madison Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Madison Shelf Floor Lamp

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This is the perfect table from Madison if you are looking for a stable and reliable floor table lamp. The coordination between the table and lamp is perfect that provides a stylish and elegant look along with the storage shelf. It has a traditional shade which offers two colors, where, one is a creamy white that provides a soft and calm atmosphere, and the other is the black and white that imparts a modern appearance.

Why Buy This Product

The base is made up of black wood which is two-tiered. Anything can be kept on the shelf along with the open surface areas on the end table. It comprises of 2 USB ports that can charge anything anytime where the lamp is used or not. It is perfect for holding space in your reading area or the bedroom. The height of the table is 4.7 feet and is square in shape with dimension 14” * 14”.

Key Features
  • It has 2 ports for USB charging
  • The bulb used is of 9.5 W power
  • This lamp has two shelves for storage and also the open surface of the end table can be used to store anything
  • The wooden table is solid
  • It is ideal for both modern and traditional look
  • USB and smart device outlets comprised
  • It comes with a LED bulb, and the price is reasonable
  • The space acquired is more as compared to other lamps

1. Brightech Maxwell Modern Shelf Floor Lamp 

Brightech Maxwell Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

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This 2-in-1 Asian wooden floor lamp stands out in our list. It emits an ambient glow which imparts a soft and warm touch to the decor. This floor lamp is tall and it has 3 tiered shelves which can be used to store anything. It is smart and compatible with all smart outlet devices like Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and AppleKit. This is perfect to be kept in an office, meditating area, massage or spas, dorm room, bedroom, foyer which means almost everywhere.

Why Buy This Product

There are several points which excite us to opt for this product definitely. First is the rich and appealing look of the floor lamp. Compatibility with the smart outlets enables easy to turn on/off. The 3-shelf provides a good storage area. It provides off white shade which imparts brightness and is open at the top filters the light into the diffused glow.

Key Features
  • Made up of Asian Wood
  • Compatible with smart outlet devices
  • An off white shade light is emitted which makes the atmosphere warm
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere
  • Comprised of USB Ports that charges anything
  • Rich and splendor look
  • Multiple storage areas
  • Charging capability
  • Smart device compatibility.
  • No disadvantages found

How To Choose Shelf Floor Lamps For Various Corners Of The Room

The first and foremost thing to take care of when buying the shelf floor lamps is color temperature and the correct amount of brightness. Let us study which type is best suited for different rooms:

  • Reading Corner: This is the area where you would love to get lost in the books. This area would require the floor lamp that offers enough light to read all the minutely printed letters. Enhancing the corner with the bright and cozy light, it should make the area motivating to read. Light of color light yellow (2700K) or white (4000k) would do the wonders.
  • Living Area: The heart of any house, living hall always appears inviting where the complete family and friends, all love to spend the time with each other. Everyone’s taste differs about how they want the look and feel of the living room. We should make use of shelf floor lamps that radiate an energetic and dazzling feel in the atmosphere. Also, we can think about the lamps that make the environment of the room warm and intimate.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is your personal space where you love to relax and have the sound peaceful sleep. A warm, homey and intimate atmosphere is what you might be looking for. Hence avoid purchasing any shelf floor lamps of high intensity and cool colors, the reason being that such colors produce the hormones that keep the mind active and alert, thereby, killing your peaceful sleep.
  • Activity Corner: These are the corners that are used for performing any creative activities like crafting, painting, hand embroidery, and many more. These activities require you to look at all the minute details clearly.  This area needs a light that doubles up our creativity and allows us to focus on the work.

Looking at the type of work done in this area, the lights of either cool white color or crisp cool white color with the tint of blue color are recommended as this is equivalent to the daylight of a bright sunny day.


This ends our list of the best Shelf Floor Lamps available in the market in the current year and hope, and you found it useful. This review is purely based on the research and the inputs of the customers who have used these Floor Lamps. As you will study about every shelf floor lamp, you would get a clear picture of the floor lamp you want to purchase based on your requirements.

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