Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Cleaning Your House in 2020

The Robovac or a Robot vacuum cleaner is arguably the most convenient way to clean your house. The technology is designed for people who don’t enjoy exerting energy to clean as well as for those who don’t have a lot of time doing household chores.

With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can clean an area without having to do anything yourself and save a lot of time and effort on your part. A robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t need any human handling while cleaning. Its brushes spin and clean the corners quickly without any hassle.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners also feature other cleaning options. These cleaning options may vary on every machine so it’s better to know what kind of device you should get. Mopping, vacuuming, and UV sterilization are the main features in robot vacuum cleaners.

However, keep in mind that robot cleaner, at least the ones that are currently available, aren’t built for heavy-duty cleaning.

The Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2020

Listed here are the top robot vacuum cleaners in 2020. All of the recommendations are top-rated and high-quality robot vacuum cleaners. Make sure you read all of them to know which one you should buy.

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Read our detailed reviews of each product below:

11. Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one that offers you a lot of control in the simplest manner. We like its remote control compatibility. This cleaner supports Alexa voice, or you can control it through an app on your smartphone, the choice is yours. Furthermore, the cleaning performance is quite efficient. This robot vacuum cleaner’s Automatic Navigation makes for precise smart mapping, ensuring that it follows a logical cleaning pattern instead of scrubbing certain portions of a surface at random.

You won’t be disappointed by its power either. The features 1500Pa Motor is powerful enough to easily pick up dust, pet hairs, and other dirt particles from rugs, carpets, and hard floors. It’ll even clean under and around the sofas, beds, and other furniture. This is a 3-in-1 cleaner that sweeps, vacuums, and even mops to give you a healthy living environment you deserve.

Key Features

  • Multiple Remote Control compatibility for convenience.
  • Efficient iPNAS Programmed Cleaning System Automatic Navigation for logical cleaning.
  • Powerful 1500Pa Motor for efficient cleaning even when used on rugs and carpets.
  • Reliable Ultrasonic Radar Detection.
  • The double filter ensures no allergens remain in an area.
  • 3-in-1 cleaner for sweeping, mopping (used built-in water tank), and vacuuming.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Easily interchangeable vacuum components. You can opt for the bristle brush for general hair and dust or the vacuum port for larger particles.
  • Three cleaning modes.
  • Automatically docks when low on charge or when waiting for next cleaning session.
  • Need to aware of the water tank because a filled tank may leak a bit and make carpets, rugs, etc. sticky.

10. Pure Clean Smart Robot vacuum cleaner

Pure Clean Smart Robot vacuum cleaner, Automatic robot vacuum cleaner

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With the Pure Clean’s smart robot vacuum cleaner, you can experience stress-free cleaning. Pure Clean’s robot vacuum cleaner clean dust and debris automatically.

This is one of the handiest vacuum cleaners in the market right now. It can clean all the dirt efficiently and is comparatively quicker than upright vacuum cleaners.

Key Features
  • It features a detachable brush and an easy to remove garbage tray.
  • Cleans dirt with 3 cleaning modes.
  • You can schedule 20 to max 90 minutes of cleaning.
  • It is easy to operate. Just use the touch button at the top.
  • It is an easy-to-store robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Works on all types of floor including hardwood, linoleum or tiles.
  • Recharging with its rechargeable battery is easy.
  • It features 0.3 liters of dustbin capacity.

9. Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

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The Neato Botvac is a robot vacuum cleaner that works with Wi-Fi technology. This technology allows you to control your robot vacuum cleaner even when you are not around. You can receive notifications on your smartphone as this robot vacuum cleans. This D-shaped robot vacuum cleaner cleans even the deepest of corners. It also features a long-lasting battery for expanded cleaning sessions.

Key Features
  • The laser mapping technology detects and scans objects while cleaning.
  • It’s ECO, and TURBO cleaning process allows you to clean the rooms as per your need.
  • Easy to start and program because of the detailed user manual.
  • It features voice control which you can use via a smartphone app.
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8. ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

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Mopping and cleaning is not a big deal when you buy the ILIFE V5S. This robot vacuum cleaner is also one of the most high-quality vacuum cleaners out there. It is a powerful machine to mop and clean your home and is also light in weight.

Its new pet hair technology can easily clean pet hairs, debris, and dust. This super stylish robotic vacuum offers mopping, cleaning and sweeping all in one.

Key Features
  • ILIFEv5S is small but is very efficient in cleaning.
  • It cleans even under the furniture and knows where dust is likely to hide.
  • This lightweight robot vacuum cleaner cleans deeply.
  • It can clean all types of floors easily.
  • It also automatically rushes to the dock for charging when it is running out of battery.
  • Long battery life allows this device to clean and mop for 140 minutes continuously.
  • The large wheels allow it to move freely even on hard and broken tiles.
  • It also cleans edges and corners.
  • Easy to schedule a program and can clean your home even when you are not there.
  • It can also spot water on the floor and mop it efficiently.

7. ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robot vacuum cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robot vacuum cleaner

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ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 is the next robot vacuum cleaner on this list. Cleaning dust and pet hairs have been made super easy with this robot vacuum cleaner. This is another high-quality robot vacuum cleaner for efficiently cleaning your house. Its tangle-free suction for dust and debris makes a reliable cleaner. Operating the DEEBOT N78 with its smart programming schedule is easy.

Key Features
  • It offers comfortable cleaning with tangle-free suction for all kinds of flooring.
  • Can provide up to 110 minutes of continuous cleaning.
  • It also features a high filtration process and is ideal for people with asthma.
  • Its smart infra-red sensors prevent it from falling from high places.
  • Comes with 1-year of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It can quickly climb and cross doorsills using its powerful wheels.
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6. ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot vacuum cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot vacuum cleaner

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Another one from the same company, this ECOVACS robot vacuum cleaner is a multi-technology cleaner. This Robot cleaner can not only clean your hard floors but can also mop away water. It is compatible with Alexa voice command.

It consists of 5 stages of cleaning program for easy cleaning. Mopping and drying are two bonus programs of this robot vacuum cleaner. Its V-shaped main brush cleans deeply and can also clean the furniture.

Key Features
  • It features high-efficiency filters for removing dust, debris, and allergens.
  • The large capacity dustbin allows it to clean a large amount of dust.
  • Its robust sensors can detect stairs and edges and thus avoid falling.
  • Can also cross and climb doorsills with its sturdy wheels.
  • Scheduling a cleaning program is easy.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It also features dual side full brushes.
  • Offers 110 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single charge.
  • You can also control it via a smartphone app.

5. Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum Cleaner

Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity + Voice Control

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The Shark ION robot vacuum cleaner comes with all the essential features of a suitable cleaning device. There’s no need for you to be stressed about cleaning the house! Just switch on the Shark ION robot vacuum cleaner and relax. Shark ION features one of the smartest technologies that scans, detects, and cleans dirty floors and carpets easily.

Key Features
  • You can schedule the shark ION robot vacuum cleaner using your android smartphone.
  • It is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
  • Self-cleaning brushes detect pet hairs and debris quickly.
  • Its dual side brushes detect dirt in the corners and clean it.
  • It also detects obstacles and avoids them during the cleaning session.
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4. IRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum cleaner

IRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum cleaner

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IROBOT is one of the most trusted brands of robot vacuum cleaners currently available in the market. This is a fully customized robot vacuum cleaner that effectively cleans your house. You can just start this device to start cleaning immediately, or you can schedule a program for a later cleaning session.

Key Features
  • It automatically adjusts itself according to the kind of floor it’s working on.
  • Its three stages of cleaning process clean even the most stubborn dirt and dust.
  • It charges itself when the power is low.
  • Also compatible with carpets, tile, hardwood or linoleum floors.
  • It automatically detects dirty areas.

3. Eufy RoboVac 11, Self-Charging Robot vacuum cleaner

Eufy RoboVac 11, Self-Charging Robot vacuum cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology

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The Eufy robot vacuum cleaner comes at number 3 on the list because of its innovative features and the ease it provides to the users. This high-quality robot vacuum cleaner allows you to clean dust from some hard-to-reach places. It is easy to start cleaning with the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner; you just need to press a button.

Key Features
  • Its high capacity, long-lasting battery allows it to clean for at least 1.5 hours.
  • It automatically charges itself when it needs to do so to continue cleaning.
  • The side brush, as well as the rolling brush, clean all type of floorings easily.
  • It also features anti-scratch technology to avoid scratches on glass floors.
  • Its powerful detectors scan obstacles and avoid bumping into them.
  • Comes with 12 months of warranty.
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2. ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is another most popular and in-demand robot vacuum cleaner in the market. The ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner can help efficiently clean your home. Also, it can also recharge itself when the battery is low.

The active sensors can detect edges and stairs easily and avoid falling during a cleaning session. You can efficiently operate this robot vacuum cleaner by scheduling the cleaning program.

Key Features
  • It can clean continuously for up to 140 minutes.
  • Its advanced BLDC motor is very quiet and does not disturb you while it’s cleaning the house.
  • You can control the ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner with a super strong remote control.
  • Its two side brushes give deep cleaning.
  • This device is easy to use and maintain.
  • It can also clean under the sofas and beds.
  • You can also schedule this device’s cleaning session even when you are not around.

1. IRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

IRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

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One of the most stylish and robust robot vacuum cleaners, IRobot happens to be one of the best quality vacuum cleaners for cleaning a variety of floors. You can schedule the cleaning program via smartphone. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

This device can easily clean an area through the iAdapt 2.0 technology and visual localization. It also recharges automatically when the power is running low. Take note that this device will get back to completing its cleaning session as soon as it has charged itself. It also comes with an extra side brush and a regular warranty period.

Key Features
  • This robot cleaner is a powerful cleaning machine.
  • It can also quickly clean pet hair with its large and tangle free brushes.
  • You can schedule the IRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner with a mobile app as well.
  • It also features WIFI connectivity.
  • Features a dual-mode virtual wall.
  • It can clean different kinds of floors easily.
  • Can detect places with the most dirt and provide extra cleaning to such specific areas.
  • You can also control this robot vacuum cleaner with your voice.
What to Look for in Robot vacuum cleaners

Before selecting a robot vacuum cleaner, you should be familiar with all of its functions. Below is the list of all the basic factors that make a good robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Noise: No one likes a cleaning device that’s loud. If a robot vacuum cleaner has a decibel level of 70, then you must avoid it. It is recommended that you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner with a dB of 60-65 if you want one that is not too noisy while it cleans around the house or even the office.
  • Programming: If you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time to clean the house, then a robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice for you. Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you must consider its programming schedule. Some robot vacuum cleaners have limited programs. Buy a vacuum that can match your desired cleaning schedules. This way you can program your vacuum to clean your house while you are away.
  • Weight: You should consider purchasing a lightweight robot vacuum cleaner. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are natural to move and operate. Also, you can easily store robot vacuum cleaners as compared to upright vacuums.
  • Washable filters: Vacuum cleaners with washable filters are a good choice if you are allergic to dust. You should clean your vacuum’s filters regularly to avoid any dust particles.
  • Cleaning pet hairs: Cleaning pet hairs with a vacuum that has a small motor may be difficult. You should consider strong and powerful motors for a robot vacuum cleaner if you have pets. It’s better to opt for a device that comes with different pet brush attachments with your vacuum. Vacuums with full brushes and openings are the best for cleaning pet hair efficiently.
  • Powerful sensors: Many robot vacuum cleaners come with active sensors to detect edges and bumps. You must consider good sensors and high-efficiency detection when buying a robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Virtual wall accessory: This is a unique accessory that comes with different robot vacuum cleaners. This virtual wall can help in blocking the areas you don’t want your vacuum to clean.
  • Charging itself: Another important feature you must look for in a robotic vacuum is self-charging. Some of the models come with this technology. The vacuums with this technology can detect charging points when the charging is low and charge itself to continue cleaning after a while.


Summing it up, the recommendations on the list above are the top-rated and high-quality robot vacuum cleaners you can consider purchasing if you need one. Feel free to go through the top 10 best vacuum cleaners in 2020 list again. Also, the buying guide listed above can help you to purchase a reliable robot vacuum cleaner.