Best Reclining Barber Chairs in 2023 | Useful Tips & Easy Buy

One of the most important parts of any salon is the sitting arrangement, of course, after the barber. Every salon wants to provide a comfortable sitting experience to its clients. Having the best reclining barber chair is important for the client, but the workers also need to have the best angles.

Barber chairs are not for haircuts only. In fact, they are for different things like facials, waxing, and even massages. They are crucial in tattoo parlors. With so many different purposes, there are so many features to look out for.

To help you get the best reclining barber chair, this is your guide. We bring you the best ones in the market. Each of them is in this list keeping in mind all the different features. We checked every one of them with professionals and also with clients.

Admittedly, getting the right chair for your salon or home salon will bring a major change. Check out the top 10 reclining barber chair reviews.

Top 10 Reclining Barber Chairs in 2023

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10. Mefeir Reclining Barber Chair

Mefeir Reclining Barber Chair


The Mefeir reclining barber chair is a great fit in salons. One of the reasons that we recommend it is because of the comfort factor. The thick cushion and headrest in this seat allow your clients to remain comfortable at all angles. In addition, the bright red color, along with the PVC leather material, gives your place more class.

Apart from haircuts, this seat is perfect for massages, facials, and otherwise. The reclining feature mixes with comfort to make something interesting and effective for your clients.  This chair also locks in its place so it does not maneuver and bother your client.

This reclining barber chair has many different features. The heavy-duty hydraulic pump allows variation of height for all types of customers. In fact, you can easily load up to 440 lbs on this chair. An additional footrest with wheels ensures a better and more comfortable position for the client. It is also easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Easy to clean material
  • Footrest
  • Hydraulic press adjustable height
  • 440 lb load capacity
  • 135-degree recline
  • Material is not breathable
  • Installation is hefty

9. Merax Reclining Barber Chair

Merax Reclining Barber Chair


The Merax Reclining Barber Chair is one of a kind. One of the reasons that we love it and recommend it is because of its simplicity. The simple yet effective design will give your salon an oomph factor. The minimalistic approach will definitely make even a small room look bigger.

This reclining barber chair does not lack any features. It has everything to fulfill the job and also provide comfort. This traditional-looking chair has strong support at the bottom to keep it in place. This chair is the complete package for conventionally smaller salons.

One of the Key Features of this reclining barber chair is that it is an effortless design. However, it reclines at 160 degrees. The base is heavy to keep the chair stable and safe. There is also an adjustable footrest with this chair. The headrest is also adjustable and comfortable for all body types.

  • Adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • High-density foam
  • Waterproof, stain-proof design
  • Needs help to assemble
  • No wheels

8. Danyel Reclining Barber Chair

Danyel Reclining Barber Chair


The Danyel Reclining Barber Chair is one of a kind. It is great for small spaces or even home salons. However, this reclining barber chair is perfect for more than just haircuts. It is perfect for facials and other treatments that require relaxation.

The high density allows for more comfort for your clients. This seat is also relatively light in weight. It weighs roughly 60 lbs. this thin the reason why it does not have wheels, but it does not create a nuisance.  The setup is also easy for this chair. Overall, this chair is the perfect match for small salons but also well-established ones.

The Danyel Reclining Barber Chair has a simple and effective design. Since it is not very bulky, it is suitable for home salons or start-up salons. The adjustable headrest allows all kinds of people on this chair. Moreover, the hydraulic pump helps easily adjust the height.

  • Hydraulic press adjustment
  • Headrest adjustable
  • Big rubber base for sturdiness
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Seat is slippery
  • No padding on armrests

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7. Artist Hand Reclining Barber Chair

Artist Hand Reclining Barber Chair


At first glance, you can probably see why to recommend this reclining barber chair. This barber chair is all-purpose with many different features. One of the best reasons to love this is because of comfort. The salons need a comfortable chair, and this chair gives that. The high-density foam and all-over padding give a lazy boy chair look.

With over 440 lbs of capacity, it is perfect for people with all weights. In fact, it is also great because the headrest and height are adjustable according to the height.

The Artist Hand reclining barber chair adjusts height and the headrest. It is padded all over to allow maximum comfort. The ergonomic design ensures that it is especially for salons. There is also a padded shin rest with a footrest. Moreover, there is a lock on the reclining position for less wobbling.

  • ­up to 145-degree recline
  • Pump height adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Overall padded
  • Lengthy installation
  • Very heavy to move around

6. LCL Beauty Reclining Barber Chair

LCL Beauty Reclining Barber Chair


One of the reasons why we love the LC beauty reclining barber chair is because it’s unique. If you look at it, you will think that this is a simple-looking barber chair. However, when the features unfold, it becomes hard to look away. This chair works well in home salons as well as professional salons.

One of the reasons why I recommend this chair strongly is because of the convenience of use. The hydraulic system allows easy adjustment of height. Moreover, the seat is extra wide to accommodate all kinds of clients.

Apart from the simplicity of this chair, there are several other features. The reclining position comes with a lock so that your clients do not have to suffer. Apart from height adjustment, you can adjust the headrest too. It is easy to take out as well if need be.

  • Reclining position locks
  • Height and headrest easy adjustment
  • Wide seat
  • Round and stable base
  • Armrest not padded
  • Hard to move around

5. Artist Hand Heavy-Duty Reclining Barber Chair

Artist Hand Heavy-Duty Reclining Barber Chair


This is another chair by Artist Hand that we think is great. It has many features which are why we recommend it. However, it is not only confined to barbers only. The features in the chair accommodate tattoo shops and salons too.

High-density sponge padding gives this chair a sense of unique comfort, which is unbeatable in all aspects. Another reason why we find this chair one of the best is because of maintenance. This chair is effortless to clean and sanitize after every use. The PU leather allows this to be possible.

Apart from comfort, this chair has many different features. It is big and strong to accommodate all kinds of people. It swivels at 360 degrees and reclines at 135 degrees. The base and frame are heavy to ensure that there is no instability when someone is sitting.

  • ­­High-density sponge
  • Adaptable to heights
  • Back support
  • Swivel and reclining
  • Very heavy
  • Slightly difficult to install

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4. Barber Pub Reclining Barber Chair

Barber Pub Reclining Barber Chair


There is no doubt that the first impression of this chair wins hearts. This is the top reason why we recommend this reclining barber chair. It has a unique and stylish design. It easily makes its place in any room and stands out on its own as well.

However, the makers made sure that the features were not left behind. We love this chair is the level of comfort in the unique design that this chair brings out. This vintage-looking chair works for both children and adults!

Apart from looking great, there is a lot in this chair too. The foam is memory foam which ensures ergonomic comfort for everyone. Its heavy-duty construction allows 700 lbs of load capacity easily. The hydraulic height adjustments allow up to 6.3 inches of change. The 360-degree swivel and 135-degree recline are the cherry on top.

  • Memory foam comfort
  • Drastic height adjustments
  • Adjustable footrest
  • 700 lbs load capacity
  • Headrest not adjustable
  • Too heavy to move

3. Artist Hand Barber Chair

Artist Hand Barber Chair


This is the third Artist Hand Barber chair that we love. Just like the others, this reclining barber chair overflows with features. However, the reason we recommend this one is because of the build. Unlike others, this one is less bulky and more confined towards salons. The comfort level is one of the reasons why we recommend this chair.

The foam is a high-density sponge which makes it very comfortable. The top is PU leather which is easy to clean and maintain. It comes in a yellow and brown color to fit all kinds of ambiances.

This reclining barber chair adjusts height up to 5 inches. The easy-to-function hydraulic press helps ensure ease. The seat reclines up to 135 degrees. The seat is also wide to ensure maximum comfort. The loading capacity of this seat is up to 440 lbs.

  • Reclining with lock
  • Heavy frame for stability
  • Wide seat
  • Drastic adjustable height
  • Footrest is wobbly
  • Difficult to out together

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2. Paddie Barber Chair

Paddie Barber Chair


One of the reasons that we recommend the Paddie Barber Chair is because of its adaptability. All the features have the power to accommodate all types of customers. For example, the high-density sponge ensures comfort for all body types. It is not too firm or not too soft. The whole chair is padded with this sponge, including the shin guard.

The headrest is adjustable along with the height. In fact, the footrest is also adjustable in this chair. The chair easily takes up to 440 lbs of load. Even the armrest is ergonomic to ensure comfort. This is the reason we are sold to the idea of this chair.

One of the best things about this chair is the construction. The solid construction allows the chair to remain stable no matter how much load. In addition, the hydraulic press allows easy adjustment of the chair in any position. This chair is also easy to manage as its water and stain-proof.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Ergonomic in all areas
  • High-density sponge
  • Reclining and swivel
  • Does not lock in position
  • Not easy assembly

1. Barber Pub Reclining Barber Chair

Barber Pub Reclining Barber Chair


Another Barber Pub barber chair is on our list. This time we recommend it because of the amazing design. It is aesthetically very pleasing. The modern design brings about a pop of style in your salon or home salon.

Moreover, This chair is perfect for all kinds of salons. It is heavy-duty but also very feasible to use at home. The minimalistic design makes it that way. It does not lack features at all. It has a sturdy and heavy base which makes it stable for all kinds of loads.

The modern design has many different features. The height and headrest are all adjustable. The chair reclines at up to 130 degrees and swivels at 360 degrees. The wide seat with high-density foam gives a lot of comfort. The new style design is a T-shape footrest for comfort and stability.

  • Up to 330 lbs load
  • Modern style seat
  • High-density comfortable foam
  • T-shape footrest
  • No padding on the armrest
  • No recline lock


After looking at all the different reclining barber chairs, we have the best one. For us, the best one is the Barber Pub Reclining Barber Chair. One of the best reasons is that it brings about a change in any room. It is a vintage style, but it has so many different features. It ensures comfort yet ease for the worker.

However, you may think differently. Every salon worker works especially and has different requirements. According to that, which one do you think suits your needs the best?

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